Thursday, November 18, 2021

Book Spotlight: The Silicon Gambit (An Amy Radigan Thriller) by Isabella Steel



In Washington, D. C., embattled President Colin Rockwell is faced with the consequences of his sloppy personal life, indifferent attitude, and general incompetence in office. His serial philandering has exposed not only his lack of character but that he has become a threat to national security and creating problems in the international arena.

Amy Radigan, a young and ambitious San Diego reporter, comes across a packet from a whistle-blower in the cold letter file. As she sinks her teeth into the story, she discovers a massive cover-up regarding the San Onofre Nuclear Generation station. The deeper into the investigation she gets, the higher in government, ultimately reaching Vice President.

As she, and security specialist John Randall, uncover the truth of what happened, an attempt is made on the lives of Amy Radigan and her girlfriend. As Amy Radigan and her friends battle against government officials and become swept up in international intrigue, will her race to expose the truth come in time to save them all?

This extraordinary political thriller will keep the reader on the edge of their seat from beginning to end.
The Clancy-esque novel is full of political intrigue and suspense. The Silicon Gambit will leave the reader excited and unsettled.


Isabella Steel lives near San Diego, California with her wife and dogs. An avid gardener, she raises roses and koi in her backyard.

Her novel Ghost Witch left readers terrified & guarding their children.

Critics and readers agree. Steel is a master world builder. The characters and settings come alive and enable total escapism. Highly recommended!

She has also published two political thrillers set in San Diego, a science fiction novel, and an epic fantasy.

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The Silicon Gambit (An Amy Radigan Thriller) by Isabella Steel 
What I really like about this story is about a reporter that unearths a huge breakthrough as to why there is nuclear waste in the Pacific Ocean near San Diego.
It is also about so many others who at times the story is their own. Stories do collide and they are all encompassed into just one story after all. Lots of gems in this book!
There is so much action, fast paced at times and I had a hard time putting it down to do my chores and work. Did take several days, didn't want to miss a word.
There were new words for me also that I enjoy finding out about. Love all the new locations in this story. Besides the San Diego location there is also DC and other states and countries.
Quinn has his own story with his investigative samples of water.  First Lady also has scenes and little does she realize that the attempts on a life may have been for her or the VP.
Like hearing both sides of the story and this book has that also. How things are done behind the scenes that come to furition later, sometimes sooner than you realize.
There are guns and tragedies, death, romantic affairs and love.
Characters are strong and brave and caring and got your six. So many emotions are displayed throughout the book: nursing wounds, caring for human life, fear, scared for your life and others and many forms of love.
I really feel this book would be good for a man or woman because there are so many aspects of it that each can relate to.
Very interesting story, love how it ends with promise of another in the works: Revenge is Reason Enough.
Twists turns and peoples names I recognize making it very plausible to me that this could really happen, those in government, high positions and other country interferences in the scheme of things.  Love high tech and how things are made with latest technology.
Details are so well described, love to see this a s amovie, would be awesome.
First time reading this author and can't wait to read more.
I received this review copy from the author via LinkedIN and this is my honest opinion.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Book Review: Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan


Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan
Tyler helps the family at the ski lodge where he teaches others how to ski. He's back never to professionally ski again after the accident.
He has a teen daughter and I really like the time they spend together and how he steps up to the plate to get her female needs. She spends a lot of time at her grandparents, learning how to cook and bake.
Brennan is there at the lodge helping the family.  She watches the final race he took for the very first time only...
She is forced to lvie with Tyler and his daughter at their cabin as they rented her cabin to tourists. There is a huge snowstorm that brings everybody to the mountain.
She started dating to get her mother off her back.  They were brought up as next door neighbors and always spending time at his family lodge helping out.
Others try to push them together to no avail. This could be the Christmas it works.
He finally tells her of the calls he gets and how hard it really is to not go and ski with them. He's drinking to help get over the pains.
Jessica wow is she a great skier, his daughter and she wants them to get together.
Love how they celebrate with Chrstmas. Normal traditions of the celebration.
She needs to be honest with him as he's been with her.  Things heat up as he confesses to her about how he feels.
Things get intimate and close. Love how bullies are handled in this story.
Secrets are found out and everybody hears about what's going on....
You wonder if they will ever become a couple...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Book Review: The Crusader's Bride by Claire Delacroix



The Crusader's Bride by Claire Delacroix
Love the time frame 1100's and with a Templar knight.
Like how we are taught about Gaston and his life with the Templars.
He's determined now that his older brother is dead that he needs a wife and son and he searches and finds a widow that will suit his needs.
They are both a bit hestiant with love making but scenes are described in detail. Love the march, hwo is on it and those hidden on the journey.
When it comes time to battle Gaston sends the others to the fort and when he knows they will be protected he is able to talk to the leader. Never expectd what happened next.
Totally love the underground tunnels to the sea where he hopes to board the ship the others are on...
Nobody can believe he is not dead...their journey continues through more obstacles and fights.
Yasmine patches him up well enough and he returns to fighting and sticking up for the pilgrimage.
Major kidnapping and burning and you wonder how Yasmine is able to escape...Love when they finally reach her parents home and how they get along with one another.
Hope to read more from this series as I know a few of the characters already.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Book Review: Atlas Loved by W.M. Angel


Atlas Loved by W.M. Angel
Book starts out with authors acknowledgements and thanks to others who helped him along the way.
Short intro about the author and conversation he had with another writer.
Story starts out with John talking to a therapist about his issues.
John was in a santorium and we find out a lot about his problems.
Recalls France and his visit there and who he met with and other relations.
Infidelity, drug/alcohol abuse that depresses him but others keep him afloat.
Like the relationship between Rosie, a stage singer and John, an author.  Like how they were brought together from a very young age to live at the mansion in NY.
Things spiral out of control for Rosie and John is there to take her and her lover back to the states where they are able to find peace and calm.
Things again are brough to the surface and the couple break it off and such sadness, depression and what's going through everybodys lifes.
So much depression just when you thought thngs were going good...
Ends with about the author.
Recieved this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Book Review: Montana Cowboy Miracle (Wyatt Brothers of Montana Book 4) by Jane Porter



Montana Cowboy Miracle (Wyatt Brothers of Montana Book 4) by Jane Porter
Book starts out with Cade and he's having dinner with his boss Dot. They live on the ranch and he's the manager. He's being told he has to leave for when her family come to stay for several weeks during the Christmas holidays.
He knows how the family is and now they will try to get money out of her and make her change the will.  Past years they have valued the painting and other artifacts around the house.
He knows he has a few things he can work on, finding his sister and figure out who his father is. His DNA test shows he's related a rodeo cowboy so he's going to pursue that lead.
Cade doesn't like all the hoopla about decorating for Christmas but has helped Dot over the years with no complaints.
Story also follows MerriBee who is a death doula. I found this profession fascinating and didn't know it existed. Know about hospice but this career is a bit more. She's there at the end for many others and takes the month of December off to concentrate on her Christma house. Many others come to wish on the fence and admire all the lights and decorations.
She also rents out rooms and there is a mixup when Cade comes to town as the place he wanted was filled up so he ends up at her house. He can't stand all the merriment and finds another local B&B the next day. 
He still helps her with the display she puts out and modifies the stand for the night. She takes in contributions to put baskets together for others less fortunate in town.
Love how she has just everything all set up in her garage with who is getting what.  Others in town are so giving.
Problem is she  falls on a patch of ice and injures her foot so she needs others to do everything for her. Cade moves back in while he pursues finding his relatives and leads to find his sister.
He is also in touch with the hands at the ranch daily and is ready to head back if they need him.
So much goes wrong for all of them in their pursuits .... it's the holiday season....
love how it all wraps up, so magical.
I received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Books read Nov 9

Spouse in the House: Rearranging Our Attitudes to Make Room for Each Other by Cynthia Ruchti and Becky Melby
Wanted to read this book as my spouse had been let go, they eliminated his position, back in January.  He'd been with the company for 27 years.
Not going to retire til he's 66 1/3 so that leaves about a year left. After collecting unemployment and trying to keep up to date on computer things, that was his job, he got bored.
Tried getting him hobbies and he did enjoy a few but he will save them for when he does retire. We got a lot accomplished in the house while he was home, cleaning out things.
This book will be right up my alley as I've been there, survived it and no T shirt.
Book starts with praise from others and table of contents.
Story starts where the authors have alternating chances to state their facts. Sometimes you just have to laugh, if you've been there before.
There are a lot of side-notes that I found very helpful along the way. A lot of comprising and trying not to step on each others toes.
I was lucky my spouse did go back to his old job-they renamed it something different and only out of work for 4 1/2 months. Now we know what to expect when he does retire.
Like conversations in the book also so you can see the other side of things.
What I found most helpful was inspirational charts at the very end. Never put things in columns before but it was so clear to actually see the words there.
Book ends with acknowledgements, a louse of a spouse, unsafe place and where to get help. This was eye opening for those who need it and for those of us who don't we may know others who can use this information.
Bible passages are included as well. Like questions at the end helping your spouse find his place in the house you are also living in.
Resources and notes are also included at the end.
Other works by the authors are listed.  Very worthwhile book. So glad I got to read it.
Won this book in a contest and this is my honest opinion.

When Angels Sing: A Christmas Story by Turk Pipkin
 Story starts out with Michael and his family on their way to their grandparents house for Christmas.
Some similiar to trips we made every year when we were so much younger.
Special times especially when brother David and Michael would sing under the window and the rest of the family would open windows to hear them and join in.
One tragic moment ended Christmas for Michael. David had saved him by pushing him out of the frozen water but was not able to save himself.
Years later we find Michael and his family moving into a new house where the whole neighborhood dresses up their lawns for a lighthshow where others drive their cars through every year.
Michael's son David is on his way to join the grandparents for Thanksgiving and they will all drive him back home for the holidays.
Tragic accident aoccurs with blue spruce Christmas trees, one of my favorite, and Christmas is no longer for David. Only Michael is the one who can pull out from his grief to aid David to live with the hurt.
Love when they are able to celebrate the holiday together again. So magical and meaningful.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

A Blue and Gray Christmas(Ladies of Covington #9) by Joan Medlicott
Have read the rest of the series and hadn't known about this book. What a treasure.
The women live at the farmhouse, and the worker in the orchard found an old box buried and brought it to them.
Letters from soldiers: one from south and one from north. They read and figure out the soldiers did not return home after being rescued and taken care of. They worked on the woman's farm and took care of her.
They each had married and started a family, one had a family back home but he just wanted them to forget about him and never wrote to them. The letters they had written were not mailed.
The women put the pieces together and with help from Milo they trace back to the ancestors and decide they need to hae a celebration at Christmas with all the families there.
They track them down and what an extravanganza it is. Love catching up with medical things with the women, their careers and their love lfies as only 2 live at the farmhouse but the women see each other very often.
Story also follows the paster who wants to marry a young woman and her child. She is getting a divorce form her husband who lives in Inda and she must explain to her family.
Feel like I hit the jackpot with this book because there are two stories in the same town being told.
I will now track down other works by this author to be sure i've not missed any more of her works.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Daughters of Copper Woman by Anne Cameron
About a society of women who live on an island. There are visitors to the island and some women give birth but they are brave and strong as there are no men around.
the Spanish conquistadors visit and other seamen. Daily life is explained as the women's hormones. Very spirtual and creepy at times.
 I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Making Waves on The Aegean by Jori Aguilar Sams


Making Waves on The Aegean by  Jori Aguilar Sams
I fell in love with this book for so many reasons: water, history, love and relationships, new words, religion and travel.
1. It's about the water, sea, sailing, mountains
2. It's about history of the area, in a fun way
3. Love stories and relationships
4. New words I learned along the way
5. Religion and beliefs of others, NOT forced on you or any pressure.
6. Travel, the sites, smells, sounds and colors are included.
Starts out with Jordan and she's aboard the schooner and we find out how she got there, the decisions and the things she gave up.
It's a volunteer position for several months as they prepare the schooner for the group of people who will come to learn about sailing.
She has no idea how to do much of the work she is told to do. She is not given instructions in how to do the work so she gets by and sometimes a lending hand from others helps the task get done.
Love the teamwork of the people where they all pitch in so everybody gets to relax at the end of the day.
She just is not getting along with Chip, the captain and she has no idea why. She is always given the most difficult tasks, the smelliest and he expects her to clean yards of rope with a toothbrush.
Others also see how she is treated and they know it's not fair.
Love how they all talk to one another, so many common interests. She is injured and knows she should have at least an x-ray done but no time off or money as she's not being paid at all.
She also does not get the sleep she needs, if she does have the time she can't sleep.
This is such an awesome tale and I hated to see it end as they all learn how to sail the schooner. Love the references to 'green lights' as things go smooth for once.
Love the descriptive details of the scenes, never knew there were THAT many shades of blue to describe the water. Sounds so peaceful and so beautiful.
Author makes you feel as if you are there with them and can feel the waves rocking the boat.  She is able to meet with so many others who sometimes give her advice, some give her money, some food, and some just want to be her friend.
Throughout her whole life she doesn't feel treasured or good enough,  and when she's just had the absolute enough of the mental abuse she has a decision to make, stay or get off the next stop.
Love how it ends with hopes of another story to follow where this one leaves off.
What a gem of a story, this book earns my best for the month when it's published, it's just so wicked good. There is something in here for everybody on so many levels.
I received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.