Sunday, July 26, 2009

moms birthday party, hats

while at moms

75th birthday

party i was able to make some hats for the
soliders angels project. i think in total
i got 6 made. also talked to one aunt while there
and she wanted the pattern for newborn hats we
make for hospital. she gave me her email and i
sent her off a note last night. also told her of the
2 hospitals that i know of that want them. talked of
the other many charities i knit for.

i like how the homespun yarn is like self striping. i never realized that.

Friday, July 24, 2009

cushion covers for pillow forms, soldiers angels project

bight oranges, shows
cowboy hat, ropes and
cowboy theme

this one
is for halloween
dark background with
halloween themes moons and owls.

this one
is all about
dogs. the different varieties.

this one
has shiny blue
background with white clouds and yellow moons.

this shows yarn susan dropped off. she wants me to make hats for soldiers and sailors. it's all bulky weight yarn. bag to the right is just misfit ww yarns. bag in the back is bulky weight but has a lot of white, maybe slipper socks or hats, she's gonna check her guidelines to see what i can make that they will accept. i also had 3 hats done for her and soap/shampoo samples for the troops from our hotel stays this summer.

Monday, July 20, 2009

craft show on the island

strange flower mom found in her garden.

we figure it was a bulb plant. also in one of the geranium hanging baskets was a bird nest. we started pulling out the weeds and that's when she found the nest along with eggs. she put them back in and will keep an eye on it.

eddie's pumpkin,

only 100 pounds.

should be close to

1000 pounds by

time of judging and picking.

house took 4 years

to build. i's on the

edge of a cliff.

for the most part the weekend on the island was great. the transportation gettting to and leaving the island leaves something to be desired in the middle of summer-using the winter ferry. what was to be a 20 min ride ended up being close to 2 hours travel with the wait time.

the craft show : with only 5 vendors there was slim pickings. not many brought money to buy things, they were more interested in yard sale items, vs brand new handmade items.

i did sell the pig and monkey child hats, a pair of fun fur flip lops and an infant knit hat, scarf and mittens set.
lot of people but the had too many other activities planned for that day.
blueberry picking was at 9am-start of craft show and south end had a bbq at 11am for anybody who wanted to go. craft show ran from 9-11 and with ferry problems they had to run 2 boats per scheduled run.
new project i plan to start today will be the snsettter fish. we put up mms sunsetter on sunday and she hung the cloth fish from the edges. i figure with the plastic bags i have, bright orange, yellow, blue and green i can make a pretty neat looking fish to hand along with its fin. gonna be fun to do this and probably won't take too long.
can't wait for susan to bring yarn over to me for soldiers hats.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

coat sweater

lion brand waterford jacket. this knit coat is done in one piece and uses the woolease thick and quick yarn. my friend in st. louis actually knit it. we'd get on the phone daily for 1/2-2 hours and go row by row so we'd both be on the same row going in the same direction. it was the only way she could get this done as she got so confused at the neck, when you had to bind off stitches but in another section add stitches. whew it's done. short for me but versatile for the fall. when i got the coat i had to sew up all the seams. was easy going from right front at knee to end of the sleeve. i also had to do the 8 rows of ribbing garter rows on each sleeve.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

knit pineapple and diamond afghan

garden update

pineapple section

diamonds section, its seed stitch

Friday, July 3, 2009

child hat, daisy and sunflower

knit daisy hat

for the craft show in a few weeks.

knit sunflower hat

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

books i'm reading july

x follow the stars home by luann rice
x the beach house by jane green - newly converted beach house on nantucket. a bunch of different people come for the summer.
x the geometery of sisters by luanne rice located in newport, more like de la salle academy in ewport.
x montana man by barbara delinsky
x land of enchantmnt by jante dailey
x lone calder star by janet dailey
x beach girls by luanne rice
x the perfect summer by luanne rice
x summer light by luanne rice
x what matters most by luanne rice
x dance with me by luanne rice
x a man to call my own by johanna lindsay
x dream country by luanne rice
3 harlequin romance novels
x second chance by jane green
x to have and to hold by jane green
x high country bride by linda lael miller
x eric clapton by eric clapton
x angels all over town by luanne rice
x passing through paradise by susan wiggs - newport, a house being restored, murder mystery
x green calder grass by janet dailey
x cloud nine by luanne rice
x summers child by luanne rice
x twilight whispers by barbara delinsky
x homeplace by anne siddons
x edge of winter by luanne rice=about RI, middletown sachueset point