Friday, January 22, 2010

glossary and sample pictures of knit stitches

jan 23 1145am

been busy the past month scanning in very important documets and all the photos i have collected over 50 years. im done with my photos and want to borrow some of moms then i'll be done with that.

but in the meantime i've been taking pics of the sample work of various stitches. not sure how to send them to 'castingoff' so will post them here and hope Nicole will grab them to post at her site.

this is ribbing, known as k1p1.

co 20 sts
row 1: k1, p1 repeat across
row 2: k1, p1, repeat across
repeat the last 2 rows til desired length

stockinette stitch

co 20 sts
row 1: k all stitches
row 2: p all stitches
repeat rows 1-2 til desired length

garter stitch

co 20 sts
row 1: k every stitch
row 2: k every stitch
repeat rows 1-2 til desired length

american moss stitch:

co 20 sts
row 1, 2: k1 p1 rep to end
row 3, 4: p1, k1 rep to end
rep rows 1-4 til desired length

twisted stitch ribbing
co 20 sts

row 1, k1 tbl, p1, rep to end
rep row 1 til desired length

cable stitch

co 21 sts
row 1: p1, k4, rep across, end with p1
row 2: k1, p4, rep across, end with k1

row 3: p1, take 2 and hold in front, k2, k2 from holder, rep to end, p1
row 4: same as row 2
rep these 4 rows til desired length

blackberry stitch

co 20 multiple of 4 st
row 1: right side: p across
row 2: p3 tog, k1p1k1 in next st, rep to end
row 3: p

row 4: k1p1k1 in next st, p3tog, rep to end
rep row 1-4 til desired length