Monday, March 31, 2014

Books read March 31

Tequila Assassin: Malinalli Way by Greg Prosmushkin
Details are so descriptive I can picture the scenes that are laid out in front of us.
Like a book that makes me think and actually look up things talked about that I need to understand more about.
Like this book for the action, the drug and war scenes and how it all comes into play.
Enjoy all the travel and places that are local as I learn about them as I will probably not ever visit them.
I rarely read a book written by a man as I mostly read romance books so the point of view is refreshing.
When Jack Fleming gets caught doing a job the tables turn on him and he has a choice which he decides to join their forces to rid the cartel of the world.
Like how conversations go sometimes in a foreign language but the meaning in English is also given not leaving me out in the dark. Love hearing of the technology of how they are able to track him as he does his jobs.
When he is captured and brutally tortured there are glimpses back to when he was saved fighting in the war. Very strong swearing but it's needed for the story to place you there.
Love the plan of how to turn the 'event' around and who he encounters to help him-kinda like the A Team TV show, I love it when a plan comes together... So fascinating learning about all the internal workings of all the agencies and groups.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

 On The Outside by Diana Green
This book is about Orla and how Wendell has followed her around. They are able to escape capture but when confronted she phases into a creature that kills the ones that are after her.
They are able to spend a night around a fire where another takes care of them by feeding them and protecting them but the next day they all travel for their rations. This book reminds me of survival skills that we see on a TV show called Revolution.
A struggle occurs and she has to phase out of harms way and then she meets up with a band of smugglers. They take her in and she agrees to help serve them and they teach her everything she needs to know to further her skills. There are many
who she takes a romantic look at and she wonders where it will lead her....then she learns a secret and she gets to choose her future.
Enjoyed this book for a few things. It is very short by my standards and I like a little more character interaction but it's a good starting point. Bit of romance and sex at the very end.
I'd enjoy reading the next book if this was to be a series as there is potential for that. Found a few missing words in various spots and punctuation that needs to be corrected but a copy editor could correct these easily.
I received this book from Prism Awards in exchange for my honest review. 

The Devil in Midwinter by Elise Forier Edie
Loved the story mixed in with Mexican legends and how it relates to what Esmeralda Ulloa experiences when she starts seeing the man all in black. Similar descriptions were taught to her in her dreams, some she remembers, some she can't.
Justin Coulter owns an apple orchard and was interviewed by her and her boss Annie who runs the small town local paper. Esme is the photographer and he turns the camera on her. She sets up an appointment with her uncle and they both get along like old time friends.
There are many clues along the way and loved hearing all of the ones about the apples. Things get strange when her uncle trashes her house looking for it, but nobody knows what 'it' is....
Annie helps her with lost memories and the Christian legends come into play also....  Heirloom trees fascinated ame immensely.  Bit of light romance towards the end.
When her family is stolen she has a few choices but which will she choose? Found a few missing words in various spots in this book that a copy editor could correct easily.
I received this book from Prism Awards in exchange for my honest review.
I only read the first book in this trilogy as that was all that was required.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Books read March 30

Home Remedies from Weeds and Wild Flowers (Herbal Medicine from Your Garden or Windowsill)
Interesting learning about how weeds and wild flowers, etc are used and how and why. This book is full of so much useful information I found it hard to absorb it in one sitting.
Each comes with a colorful picture along with it's Latin name and how large the plant might get.  Where to grow, how and when. Uses for the plant are discussed.
Also has a very expansive index of remedies for ailments and what plants derivatives might lead to a cure.

History Lover's Cookbook
Wanted this book for not only the old time recipes but the stories that accompany them as well.
Love the history of how this book was created and the fact that some recipes don't use a measuring cup.
Cornbread variations would be my favorite. Loved the stories about the war and such things as blackberry leaf picking.
Story of the quince was appreciated as my father grew them in his orchard. Hope to see ice cutting done this upcoming winter if the temperature is right. Apple fritters would be another favorite to try.
History of cakes, pound cake and gingerbread was something that surprised me with all the details from so long ago.

How To Make Homemade Bread
I have made bread and now use the bread machine as it's so much easier and faster.
Starts out with not only useful tips but information on how to be a successful bread maker. Discusses the ingedients and utensils.
Very detailed instructions on how to make a recipe. There are no pictures and there are no nutritional information.
Some of the book is letters from others on suggestions and tips and answers.
90 minute rolls sound like one we'd try because we can use the margerine that is in our diet and half the dough could be used for cinnamon rolls.
Hawaiian sweet bread is almost the equivalent of our homemade Portuguese bread that is flavorful but quite the process to produce and this recipe is made quickly and is easy.
Wheat bread machine recipe=what a surprise! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Spontaneous Family Games: 28 Prop-Free Games to Play with Your Kids on the Spur of the Moment (for Adults Playing with Kids from 5 to 11+)
Thought this would make a good book to have read upon arriving at a family vacation where we are all unplugged from the net.
Like how this book is laid out. First it tells the name of the game, what it entails, how it came about and instructions on how to play it. Love the ABC family the best.
So many variations and nothing is needed to play these games=maybe a coin or button.
Treasure hunter would be a great one and you do need paper and a pen. Really good ideas for games and many we have played as children.
Love ending part where it gets kids to talk about themselves or their day and allows them to open up.

Room to Play: A Children's Book about Decluttering
Wanted to read this book because my grandson has a hard time getting rid of his infant toys and he's 8 years old. Since the move he has gotten better with the tactics of he can get one new toy if he gets rid of 2.
Many examples illustrated drawings of what most kids houses look like.
Starts with simple things like shoes and clothes that no longer fit-get rid of them.
Love the idea of the 3 stacks: toss, keep and donate.

Dogs And Puppies - Interactive Game Book - Activity Quiz Book for Children
Illustrated very colorful interactive children's book about dogs and puppies. It shows a picture of one and then gives you 3 options to choose the right answer. There are pages in case you guess wrong. When you do guess right it moves to the explanation of the dog and then moves onto the next picture.
Works best on the touchable screen such as a tablet-not just the computer kindle app. Lots of pictures and information about them.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Books read March 29

Slow Cooker Wanderlust: 101 Adventurous and Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes from Around the World by Sally Viviani.
Like how this book has featured each grouping of countries with the foods that are readily available.
Book opens up with the author explaining about why she wanted to share her love of her hobbies with others.
We are also given information about slow cooking process of preparing a meal.
Each recipe starts out with a short paragraph about the dish, serving size and the ingredient list, very easy to follow instructions on how to mix the ingredients and cook. Also which I found useful was other sides that you could include along with the meal.
I find that some parts of the ingredients could be omitted to provide an even healthier meal (especially for the diet we are on) but you'd lose some of the taste. Really appreciated that fresh herbs and spices and vegetables are used.
No pictures and no nutritional information. Combination of flavors really hits a high spot for me in this book.
Fruity beef casserole sounds like one we'd enjoy having.  Can't wait to try this one along with a few others that really stuck out as flavorful and colorful.
I received this book from the author and publisher in exchange for my honest review.
I would give this  a 5 rating if it had pictures of each recipe and the nutritional information


Crochet by DK Publishing
101 projects on 320 pages
Thought this was going to be another typical crochet manual. but I was wrong.
A book for beginner and expert crocheter. It starts out with choosing the right yarn and hook for the project.
Basics are taught with words and pictures and sometimes charts and graphs. As you progress other techniques are
taught but what I really loved about this book is the stitch glossary-where it shows a little sample of a stitch pattern along with instructions.
Embellishments are also shown in the same manner with written instruction in how to make them.
Finishing techniques are taught as the project calls for them. From babies to adults and house and home items to make, this book has a bit of everything and then some.
Basics of granny squares and all the other shapes are included and charted.
Love all the stuffed toys as I knit for a local nursing home that has a holiday bazaar each year with little items as this and slippers.
Glossary and index and so many things to make on my list.
I received this book from Edelweiss by Penguin Group (USA) exchange for my honest review.

Camping Recipes: Foil Packet Cooking
Figure this would also be good for just a grill BBQ grill. Very useful tips on cooking with foil and how to place certain food in the packet.
Love the chart of cooking temperatures of the meat inside the packets. Takes all the guess work out of how hot things have to be.
Colorful pictures of each step by step instructions explained.  No pictures of the finished product or nutritional information.
Foil steak supper would be my favorite to try.  So many combinations and suggestions for spices. 
Lots of different main meats for meals along with breakfast and desserts and miscellaneous dishes to make. Authors other works are highlighted at the end..

Dessert Skewers - The Ultimate Recipe Guide
Book intrigued me with the topic of discussion.  There are no pictures and no nutritional information as these could probably be considered a treat for twice a year.
Very descriptive when it comes to prep and cook time. Very detailed directions on how to make the recipes and cook them. My favorite would be the grilled marshmallow and brownie one as there are only 3 ingredients and could be ready in 20 mins.
Offer of other free ebooks is included at the end.

Monsters A to Z
Illustrated children's book about the alphabet. Each letter has a picture of a monster starting with the letter with a page about what the monster does and sometimes why this monster reminded the writer of them.
Jingrel I liked the best because of the shiny trinkets connection.
Quite unique shapes for the monsters. Author's other works are highlighted at the end of the book.

Meet The Brachiosaurus: Fun Facts & Cool Pictures (Meet The Dinosaurs)  Fun Facts & Cool Pictures
Illustrated colorful children's book about the Brachiosaurus dinosaur. This book is filled with a lot of facts. Starts out with how to properly say the word.
States the things that are the same with other dinosaurs and a bunch more that make them unique to other groups.
Interesting facts about what they eat and where they traveled to over time from things left on earth to trace them.
Chapters start out with a question and the section answers it with a bunch of facts that are interesting to learn about.
Their babies and the movies and internet games they appeared in are also discussed.

Children's colorful illustrated book about the things to try to get to sleep. Their grandmother had told them to try to count sheep. They had tossed and turned and moved the pillow around.
He started counting them as they crossed the bridge in the sky til one green one stopped...He helps them cross and they help him...
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Quilts my mom has made

A few are ones that I have made but the majority are ones she did from a kit or designed herself. Her favorite combination of colors is yellow and blue together. If you got or bought-she didn't sell many, of her quilts chances are they had a yellow/blue square in there.  I know when she left us she was working on several and I hope to finish them up someday if they are given to me.
Besides her quilting not many knew of all her volunteer work over the years: warm up America, caps to the capital, Newport Hospital, Navy Marine Relief Corps,  Lucy's Hearth Woman's Shelter, Potter Animal shelter and other animal shelters across the bay,  Forest Farm Nursing Home, Sweaters for Africa, St. Michaels in Bristol making prayer shawls to name a few. She received many awards and accolades over the years. Always loved helping others and traveling to new places.

She liked the 'just me' design the best.

Joan and Gail July 25, 2009 Moms 75th birthday party

Gail's quilt she made

Family signed album squares

Just Me Quilts

Christmas Peppermint Candy Quilt

Wing and a Prayer

Display at  Portsmouth Town Hall, she made center Prudence Island Lighthouse square

Prudence Island Light house square

Quillows for Lucy's Heath Woman's Shelter

  PI Quilt given to Patrick Kennedy for his help

Billie Jean Rice's quilt Mom finished

cathedral window-all hand sewn

crochet Christmas stocking that she'd make for all the grandchildren.

Hundreds more toppers and thousands of potholders over the years that she'd sell at the Prudence Island Craft show in the summer and sometimes in the fall.