Friday, July 31, 2015

Books read July 2015

A Vintage Year by Kate Preston
Cover fascinated me enough to want to read this book. Love nature and growing things and story line sounded good also.  Starts out with two women who are into wine and they want to bid on the case but lose to Harris Tucker, the tennis player.  His accountant comes up with a scheme to teach Harris a lesson and he ends up working at the vineyard and a date with Cassie.
Laughed at the idea of spending a week at the farm. Love all the chores and jobs needing to be done, and during what seasons and that he is a city boy and has NO clue.
 Harris has a deal that he will lose his wine if he doesn't show up for work. If he does show up Laura will owe him one of her bottles.
Harris helps out a lot at the ranch/farm/vineyard and falls into many scams that really lighten things up when matters are dire. Laura is now divorced and living back home with her two kids. Other family members are around to help her bring the kids to and from school but some days
she allows Harris to pick them up.....He finds he is the charm that will draw the crowds to tour the vineyard and they use him among his other duties. Love how the date turns out-didn't see that coming.
Best part for me was learning more about the grapes, growing them, all terms and the biodynamic parts of farming. 
We learn of Laura's past and how she loved Harris, he had been her tennis teacher....she knows what her priorities are....
Others realize how much Harris is worth to their business and the job offers come in, a lot more money than working at the farm...
Love how the siblings work together and keep the secret from their father....conflicts arise from all corners and tempers flare.
It would be a miracle if Laura and Harris could ever have a relationship....
Love how you picture the story going and you are wrong at every turn. So many obstacles, funny at times...twists and turns and an all-around good read.
Best part for me was learning more of the vineyard and its operations. Felt like I was there, with very detailed descriptions. Also that I went on vacation for the festivals and fun nights out.
Handful of characters whose lives are intertwined and they work together...even the townsfolk for a better town.  Can’t wait to read more from this author!
I received this book from Story Cartel via the author in exchange for my honest review.

Winter Gardening for Beginners 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Planning, Planting & Growing Your Winter Flowers and Vegetables (Companion Gardening, ... Gardening, Gardening, Raised Bed Gardening)
So many helpful suggestions when it comes to the crops in the garden, but also flowers and trees.
Love categories of what can withstand the colder weather.  Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

DIY Lemon: How to Clean, Improve Your Health, Rejuvenate your Skin, and Lose Weight
Useful information on how to use lemons to clean grime and grease in your house along with killing weeds outside your house.
Also many ways for your own health to thrive with the use of lemons.

DIY Pantry- Your Comprehensive Guide to Hydrogen Peroxide, Lemon, Baking Soda, and Aromatherapy
This book not only includes the full lemon version but also baking soda and vinegar sections along with Aromatherapy.
Love all the suggestions and how they can help with a cleaner wash and less stains to a nicer cleaner house.
Recipes for natural cleaners is included, what a treasure, no chemicals.

Thank You Notes: Templates and Tips for Easy & Heartfelt Letters of Gratitude (Everything Invitation)
I am forever needing and sending these out and thought I should be able to make them myself.
This booklet is made for the bride and groom and how to express thankful notes to those attending and to the special guests.
Thought these notes would be for any occasion but with the wording they can be made useable.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Kids Book: Jinx Gets A Birthday Surprise (Kids Picture Book and Dog Book for Kids) Kids Book About Animals (Books For Kids Series Book 3)
Story of a puppy and it's his birthday. His mommy and daddy were going to get him a big surprise. When he wakes up on his special day
he searches all over the house for them and is sad there is no sign of them. He takes a nap waiting for them to return....
What a surprise it is! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Ultimate Chicken Cookbook: 365 Chicken Recipes with All in One Chicken Cookbook
As we consume much more chicken I'm always looking for new ideas of how to present it and what to combine.
Cookbook with no nutritional information. No pictures but tons of recipes. A few I want to try. some have a large list of ingredients.
I don't want to spend that much time preparing the meal in the hot kitchen.
Wish there had been categories to choose from.

Amazing Lemonade Recipes To Thirst For!: A Cookbook to Unleash the Powerful Health Benefits of Lemons to Your Diet in a Refreshing Way
42 ways to use lemons and why they are good and add healthy benefits to your diet.
Few colorful pictures. Recipes do not include nutrtional information. Link at the end to author's other works.

Sweet Dreams, Little Pup (A Little Pup Book)
Colorful children's book about a pup who gets all ready for bed but has a hard time falling asleep.
He tries many things....he imagines other places he'd travel to....other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Found text hard to read with dark background color.

Brave Like a Bee (Bedtime Stories for Children, Bedtime Stories for Kids, Children's Books Ages 3 - 5)
Illustrated colorful children's story about a bee that lands on the pig. The bee explains the other animals he has helped along the way.
Some were scared of the water and to swim til they talked to the bee.  Monkey also got over his fears. Pig wanted to play his musical instruments and with the bee's help he may be able to do it.
Free bonus book available, sign up at the link.

Bad as she wants to be by Thea Devine
Won this book in a contest from the author and finally sat down to read it.
What made me want to read this was the town of Bar Harbor, Maine which we'e spent many a day visiting over the years.
Starts out with an upscale woman who takes it upon herself to drown so she'll get the attention from a guy, Dax. Problem is another girl swims to her rescue and the only thing the woman can do is draw her into her circle of friends for the summer.
Years later as the girl is about to leave Maine for a job in NYC and the woman and her reunite, moving in together.  The woman manipulates the girl into doing things on the sexual side. I've read a lot of books not sure if the scenes are true or if these places really exist.
I've not crossed them in my life but things get out of hand and are on the wild side. When they find no fun they head to France for the weekend. A tragedy occurs when things aren't going the way the woman wants them to go thus leaving her fortune to the girl.
So much manipulation and glad to find out who was spreading the rumors and lies and how. Book wasn't really what I thought I'd be but liked the travel. Don't care for dishonesty and manipulation of events. Way too many sex scenes but it all goes along with the plot.
I received this book from winning a contest the author ran.

Casserole Recipes: Bake Until Bubbly- Amazing Casserole Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner. (Simple Casserole Recipe Series)
Tips for baking casseroles and then the recipes  Colorful photos along with time to prepare and servings along with list of ingredients and instructions  on how to put the casserole together for baking.
No nutritional information. Lots of recipes and especially the different categories to choose from.
Fish casseroles would be my favorite to try.

Life on the Farm (Kids Books and Children's Books - Bedtime Stories For Kids - Free Stories)
Rhyming, colorful children's book about a farm. Starts out with the rooster crowing, horse neighing, and the others chime in also.
Lots of animals and they are seen all together when it's time to eat. What a collection.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Crochet: Summer Shells and Star Stitch Dress Ensemble. Crochet a Cute Summer Set with a Matching Dress, Jacket, Hat, and Sandals
Starts out with stitches that are going to be used and explains and shows you how to make them.
There are a few patterns for a child hat, shirt and top. Love the star stitch and think I could make a shawl for a wedding we are going to next week.
Don't know the area or what to expect for weather and figure with AC on it might be a bit chilly at night.
Other useful information about the pattern, sketch, sizing and other guidelines are included.

ABC Animals - A Beautiful Rhyming Alphabet Book (Kids Books and Children's Books - Bedtime Stories For Kids - Free Stories)
Colorful children's book showing the alphabet using animals as each letter and stating something about the animal.
Quite uncommon animals really make this a nice read. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

MEDITERRANEAN DIET RECIPES: The Mediterranean Diet Recipes For Weight Loss | The Amazing and Easy to Follow 30 Diet Recipes
We mostly eat a Med diet and love to learn new ways to prepare a meal. Love that this has all the nutritional information we need for each recipe.
even breaks up the 4 basic fats as some is good fat to have.  Variations and what else to serve with the meal are an added bonus.
So many choices to select, they all sound good. No photos.
Diet Med cookbook is also available and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Fast and Easy Clean Eating Cookbook: Ultimate fast and delicious Clean Eating Recipes! (Clean Eating Made Simple Book 5)
Starts out with why you should eat clean and the benefits and the basics of what you will need and what to avoid.
Recipes and other tips for the 3 basic meals. Some photos but no nutritional information.
other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

DIY Holiday Gifts: How To Make DIY Holiday Gifts That Friends And Family Guaranteed To Love (Christmas Gifts - Hanukkah - Kwanza - Holiday Gifts)
 Lots of gift ideas for everybody. Easy to put together and one receiving the gift will be happy it was home made and they mean a lot more than store bought gifts.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Mason Jar Gifts from the Heart: Easy and Fun, Homemade Gifts for Every Occasion (DIY Gifts & Projects
Cute ideas for making a homemade gift where the recipient actually makes the cookies or other food themselves.
Decorating the labels and tags also are explained along with supplies you will need and how to prepare everything.
Color photos throughout the book.

Cookies 101: The Finest Quick and Easy Delicious Cookie Recipes In The World
Love to bake and so I thought I'd check this book out. No pictures and no nutritional information.
Starts out with name, yield, ingredients, how to mix and bake and store the cookies.
Recipes are divided up into categorizes: Italian, American, French, and German. Although just a handful from each category they are good ones!

Knitting for Beginners: 7 Simple Steps for Learning How to Knit and Create Easy to Make Knitting Patterns That Look Amazing! (Knitting - Knitting for Beginners ... Patterns - Knitting Patterns - Knit
Love knitting books but this one left me wanting more, diagrams, pictures and more. It has the basic information just not displayed colorfully.
Tells you how to cast on various ways but is confusing if you've never tried to knit. Diagrams would've helped a lot here.
Basics of knitting, increasing, decreasing and how to end instructions are all here.
A few patterns at the end.

How To Fly For Free: The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Flight Prices, Navigating To ANYWHERE For Less & Flying For Free (Travel Book 1)
Discusses the various frequent flyer programs and how to accumulate points with other purchases to make your flying trips, free or very low cost.
What to watch out for by signing up for all the new credit cards-your credit score could be at risk.
How to take a different flight to get to a longer distance away airport for the miles.
Sounds a bit risky to me, taxes and the fine print. be careful.

Fun Lunch Box Recipes for Kids: Nutritious and Healthy Lunchbox Cookbook for School Meals & Snacks
Always on the lookout for new things for my grandson to try. I figure if he can help make it he'd enjoy eating it more.
He probably go for the waffle sandwiches or he might try putting ice cream in the center.,...
Pinwheel bites would be my selection, yumm Really enjoyed the variety, so much to choose from and easy to make.

Pete the Penguin
Colorful children's book about Pete the penguin and he can't decide what he wants to be when he grows up.
Story goes through many options of careers and how they would dress.  Cute story.

101 French Toast Delights: French Toast Recipes (101 Recipes Series Book 4)
Love making our own french toast and thought this book would have more of  a variety of tried and trued recipes for us to try.
Starts out with the history of the food and then how to make the perfect french toast.
Few colorful photos. Great ingredients and methods of how to prepare and then baking on the stove.
Oven baked is another healthy alternative. So many flavorful combinations to try!

Baking Without Bothering: Muffins and More! by Rachel Wizenfeld
Colorful book showing what muffins are and how to make them fast, without really measuring and by using baking mixes.
What to avoid so they will not fail.   Thought this was going to be just another cookbook but it's not. Shows you how to make the baking mix yourself
and then what wet ingredients to add. The really good thing is I would be able to use canola oil and liquid eggs in the recipes. Love the combinations of food-really appealing.
Yumm carrot cake muffins would be a big hit with me....
Each recipe has a color photo and also tells you an alternate way rather than using baking mix. How to add frosting and any other added tips you need for specific recipes due to their ingredients.
How to mix and bake are also included. A chewsletter you can sign up for gives you many other recipe options. 
Will be trying recipes out this week, especially zucchini as they are being harvested now.

Scandalize me by Caitlin Crews
This book came in a package for reading another authors work. This is part of the 5th avenue series.
A large vendetta and Zoe Brooks wants justice for the one that is no longer. She talks to a handful and knows exactly who they have to target.
A lot of ghosts and pain suffered over the years and we realize she means business. Can she pull it off? LOTS of hot steamy sex and I felt most of the book was about that and not the plot.
Excerpt for the next in the series is included at the end.

Next Time Lucky Lessons of a Matchmaker by Siggy Buckley
Won this book in a contest and tried 3 + times to get into reading this. Thought I'd like to find out how the dating online services work-not that I'm in the market for them.
Just like to understand why others turn to the service and pay money. The book is based out of Ireland and I had a problem with the slang as it's not explained and there seems to be more of a sex scene then a relationship bond. Gonna pass on reading this one.

String of Pearls by Lydia Moen
Love pearls and wanted to find out about them in this book.
Starts out in a small community alongside a lake where there is a car accident. A man has run into a woman along the side of the road.
There are 3 women who bond together to form the cord. Some are married with traveling husbands, one is a widow and another is going through coping with her husbands medical problems.
Love how the book got its title and what the pearls represent. Like how the groups of people lean on one another they become to familiar to one another that they can just walk into each others houses and help where needed.
They are all involved in charity and volunteer work to help others.  Good to see how people handle the tough stuff relying on God and praying. Seems to work better when they do it as a group.
So many bad things happen and the combine forces to overcome them while going about their daily lives. Hard decisions for some to make and all lend a hand. Can't wait to read the next in this series.
I received this book from (Book Club Network) in exchange for my honest review.

The Wheels on the race car by Alexander  Zane
Cute little children's audio story in synch with the wheels on the bus. This story tells of race day and the actual race
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner
Have enjoyed the author's other works and I bought the paperback and will listen to this on tape.
Alternating chapters of a Philadelphia housewife and her daughter's point of view in her own chapters.
Canny writes of her life, fantasies and knits at her daughters Joy dance lessons. She finds the story of her life from her mother.
Peter, her husband wants more kids. Such a diversified set of characters between the age groups and life styles.
Teen years are hard for the new generation and new rules.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner
Gold digger India snares billionaire Marcus Croft. They hire Prestine Jewels to carry the eggs for a child.
They each have goals and things don't go as planned. Lot of controversy surrounding surrogate mothers, who the eggs really belong to, etc.
Jewels lives with her parents and siblings and knows the 20K would come in handy to help her father-one last attempt.
So much controversy as things don't go planned or who actually does own the eggs, and the child they produce?
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Little Bits of Karma by Laura Simmons
Wanted to read this book for a few reasons, the front cover is breathtaking and the subject interests me.
Love the very beginning where the character list is and who they represent in prior centuries. The book, to me, is like 2 novels in one.
There is the present story of Holly and her love interest, her work interest and her exercise interests. Once she gets the cards read for her and learns more about past lives she dwells into finding out more.
The past centuries are fascinating to me as they are the same present day characters but in a new light. Just when you think you know how the story will go a tragedy occurs or a medical emergence.
Quite coincidence about but magical on many counts. Great story and love all the detailed explanations of what things really mean.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Robert B. Parker's Kickback
Love the series as it's based out of Boston area towns. This one is about a teen boy who sets up a Twitter account for the high school principle and then the cops arrest him.
His mother sways Spenser to take the case and she becomes his secretary. There are said the kid also has terrorism threats, etc.
He questions the kids to help find proof that the kid shouldn't be in jail. Problem is the judge is one to think it's their parents that are to blame for not raising them right and that sending them off to jail will be the best thing for them.
Love how up to date this book is (Molly drug, etc) like how he unearths the corruption in the court system when he is just trying to find the answers to why the kids are not granted one call to a lawyer.
Alternating chapters from Dylan and his problems in juvy prison. Fast paced as clues arise and they travel to get more information.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device). 

Thanksgiving Day by Rockwell
Always enjoyed holidays books. This audio children's book is about the festivities of the holiday.
Discrepancy of where the holiday was first celebrated: Jamestown or Phymouth.  Story tells of the Indians who welcomed the Pilgrims when they arrived at Plymouth Rock.
Talk of the foods for the first celebration. Indians taught them how to hunt and grow the local crops.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device). 

In dubious Battle by John Steinbeck
1936 original about labor strikes and how the workers during the Depression years in CA. Jim Nolan, the leader as he strives to find his identity.
Includes the authors writing throughout his life. Starts out when they gather to pick the apples and there is talk of them striking. They band together and come up with white clothes to help with the birthing of a baby.
As long as they all feel like they contributed they are as one.  They strive for hope, better life, etc. The men talk to others who work in another farm and they talk of the barricades the authorities will put up as their wages go down.
Details of what is to come as they vacant a farm and things heat up. Love references to the Grapes of Wrath during this book. Love the story of how those who've gone before us have fought for their rights to make our lives easier today.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device). 

The Lobster Kings by Alesi Zentner
Wanted to read this book for the pleasure of learning about the lobster industry. Just recently there was 3 fires on commercial boats and to me it was a message that they must stop lobstering...
This boat is about an island off Maine and how a family runs the lobstering business. Royalty on the island, Loosewood Island.
Love Irish tales concerning lobster, so funny! Starts with Cordelia and she's just 3 years old and hooks her fathers lip when they are out fishing. Her younger brother is born and like the other kids they don't like being on the water, only Cordelia likes it.
Journals written of the family history attract journalists who want to come to the island to interview the family....
As years go by Scott also joins her on the boat and she sees the mistakes Scott had made lessons learned when on the boat...
Tragedy occurs and years later her friends try to explain what really happened. Her father confronts her on the day of the funeral. Liked hearing of her relationship with her sisters over the years.
War comes to the rival islands as we learn what the paintings mean.  Loved hearing of the lobster co op.  Like all the references to the paintings and what they represent.
When drugs come to the island the residents band together and fight them....deaths and births life goes on...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device). 

The Bookseller by Cynthia Swansen
1960's Denver and Kitty Miller runs a bookstore. She has dreams at night that make her think her choices should've been different.
She was to meet Lauris and they talked on the phone but he never showed up and died of a heart attack.
Book starts out with Katherine and she's awoken from her husband to take care of the sick child Missy.
She is able to travel between the two lives and she strives to help others with books and reading.
Katherine tries to figure out what year she goes back in time and forward, the intervals etc as she quizzes the children.
She recalls her life with her best girlfriend and they own the book store. She is in a marriage with Lauris and 3 kids but her parents have died. She goes back and forth into her old life and can't put the pieces together.
She gets down to the exact minute her whole life changed and she talks to Freida about it all. We find out all the missing pieces of what happened as the book goes on..
Confusing at times til you realize what's going on.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
Audio children's book about a tree that loves a little boy. He loves to climb and jump into the leaves and sleep in the shade.
As the boy grows older the tree gets lonely. He only wants money. but the tree has a solution.
Tree has a solution to him wanting a house and family. He then wants a boat....
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Panther by Nelson DeMille
600+ pages, but I have read the author's other works and know it will be worth it.
Kate Mayfield and husband John Corey have agreed to an assignment in Yemen.  They are to work with a small team to investigate The Cole bombing, they are out for the mastermind behind it all.
Liked hearing of how John accumulates the background on where he's going and what to expect with the travel and restrictions. They are not given much to go on when they arrive.
Chapters also from the panther's side of the story and what he achieves for his country.
Interesting following the story and the capture and how he can perceive danger and seek out other routes to take. They have become the hunted rather than hunting for the panther.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device)also purchased a hardbound copy.

The Duckling gets a cookie by Moe Wilis
Audio children's book about a pigeon and he's angry that the duckling gets a cookie by asking nicely.
Pigeon asks for a lot of things and he never gets them. The duckling explains how he can get a cookie himself.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Buddy and the Bunny and don't play with your food by Bob Shea
Audio children's book about Fuzzy the monster and he wants to eat the bunny. Problem is the bunny has other plans
Book tells you about other things the bunny does. Buddy realizes at the end why he shouldn't eat the bunny.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Pete the cat, too cool for school by Kimberly and James Dean
Audio children's book Pete the cat. He has many choices of what to wear to school to be the cool guy.
He asks others for their advice and they tell him their favorites. Silly tale and then after school he decides on what his favorites are...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Sophie the Daredevil by Laura Bergen
Audio children's book about Sophia who has tried to live up to her name. She needs a lot of courage
and she's sure she's found it as a daredevil is not afraid of anything. Jack offers her a drink that doesn't look so good and she accepts the dare.
Books follows other dares that kids give her.
Other books in the Sophie series are highlighted.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy
1874 Wessex
I had seen this movie in the late 60's with my grandparents. Had no idea what it was about but it's a classic. I also ordered the paperback a few months ago and haven't gtten to it. But now I have it on audio so I hope I enjoy it.
Quite a different type of book subject from what I'm used to reading. Love all the descriptive details, makes me feel as if I am there.
Sexual scenes.  Basheba Everdeen  entices 3 men in her village.
A farmer Gabriel Oak falls in love with her but she is not in love with him.  Liked hearing of the sheep and their routines and when Gabriel realizes something is amiss.
Love hearing of the bartering to get a shepherd's hook. He finds her in a nearby town where she's become a farm owner via her uncle. She's so head strong.
Soldier Frank Troy needs to have the marriage bands announced....
Landowner William Baldwill-it's rumored he was jilted at the alter and that's effected him in later years...
Baldwill wants to marry her but again she's not in love with him. Love the chat about molting and shearing of the wool from the sheep.
Like legacy of pocket watch!
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Bad Boys by Margie Palatini
children's audio b book about a few wolves who try to hang out with the sheep.
They have avoided the cops so far. The perfect hideout.   They try to become Little Bo Beep who's gone lost. The sheep allow them to roam with them.
They don't sound the same bleeps as the other sheep. They also have bigger's sheep shearing days!
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Island Magic by Lori Pace
Sounds like a good read and I do live on an island and enjoy hearing how others live.
Vanessa goes to the island where there is a house she's inherited.  The SC house needs care, as does the donkey. She seeks out the vet who she takes up with.
Enjoy hearing of the location as it's a new one to me. Like that she takes up the fight for growth on the island.  Small town gas station/convenience store owner Luke Johnson talks to her of her aunt and good memories.
Vet Taylor Bowdin takes time to help her care for the donkey, fix her roof and take her around the island introducing her to others. She is there to hopefully get a job as she is also financially helping her mother and sister who's in college.
She's in the advertising field and finds she can help the islanders from growth that will be detrimental to the island.
She becomes friends with Grace and knows she can help her and her boys while she works in Atlanta. She had hoped Taylor would ask her to stay there, with him...He finds out about her new job and jumps to conclusions and Grace sets him set...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Naked ! by Michael Ian Black
Children's audio book comes with a bonus page. Silly story of why he likes to be without clothes when he finds something else he likes better.
Goes through different pages of doing things while he's naked.  Til he discovers he is cold...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Pickle Patch Bathtub
Children's audio book about  how the children have grown so much they no longer fit in the farm tub.  Their dad is saving for a new tractor. Mom says no they need money for other things.
Kids go through Sears catalog and find a new tub for $9.25. They figure if they save all their money they'd have enough to buy it. They can also enter contests.
One contest is to grow pickles. Like poem for growing pickles, never heard that one! Month by month we are updated on the progress. Will they ever have enough money for the new tub. Story of why this book was written is included.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Radiant Angel by Nelson DeMille
Love the authors other works and this is a continuation of John Corey's new career. He is paired with Tess Farraday as they tail the Russian diplomats onto Hampton Shores, NY.
Love how the tells his stories and how he infiltrates them as waiters at a party in the mansion. He notes so many clues as he finds some leave on the yacht.
Story also follows the Russians who are being followed.  Such explicit details as they carry out their mission. Every thing has been thought about and the plan is in action.
Love all the technical terms and new words and how it all goes, not planned as they wanted it to go. Among the mayhem with the threat of nuclear war blowing up NYC on sept 12, there is also marital problems that will probably continue in the next book.
Like meaning  of the title all the action and adventure.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Age defying Diet outsmart your metabolism to lose weight... by Carolyn Apovian
Starts out with discussion of metabolism and hormones and how they can work together to help you gain weight. By changing diet you can lose weight.
Plan starts out with smoothies, detoxing and having not only a good healthy vegetable fruit diet but have enough energy to exercise.
Interesting information about medicine and hormones vs men and women. Strengthen training I was most interested in and there are a variety of them available.
Recipes for smoothies and soups are included.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The quilt maker's gift 
Audio children's book about a woman who was a quilter. She made the prettiest ones of all.
Blue came from the ocean, white from snow, green/purple from flowers, other colors from sunsets.
Magic in her fingers....others say the quilts came from angels when they fell off their shoulders...
she also brought them to the homeless and she'd start a new one the next day.  King is greedy not only having his birthday 2x a year but he wants everybody's gifts.
He wants to smile, he looks for a special item...she gives him a selection and choices....
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Bored No More, a children's book about creativity
Children's book with drawings. The brother and sister have played with all their toys, blocks and have read all their books. they are BORED.
Mother asks the brother to take out the trash and he can't get there fast enough-it's something to do. He notices the recycling bin and asks to remove a few items from it.
He hurries upstairs where he gets his sister interested and with their imagination they are able to create something that will keep them busy for months and never be bored again.
Also love how they work together. More works by the author and bonus pages to print are included at the end.

Smart Macros: 52 Superfoods That Will Change Your Life
Very factual book about the food we eat and how it helps our body and what parts and how. Love that I can just click on a particular food to find out about it.
Knew about many of these but not all of them. Can't wait to try them also. Each food has a beautiful photo along with quick facts that include origin, season, and what traits/vitamins it will give you. also the nutritional information on each so you can see for yourself the fat, calories, protein, etc for each item.
Gonna keep this book around as a good reference book.

Elizabeth's Constellation Quilt by Olivia Fu
Wanted to read this children's book because it's about quilts and I will be starting one myself next week and always looking for new ideas. Also has just started to actually see stars in the sky as I'm blind but have had a few operations recently.
Each quilt does tell a story and this one holds more meaning. Starts out with the family, a father is a sailor and the parents try to teach the daughter about navigating by the stars.
She can't seem to get a handle on it til her mother makes her a quilt out of the constellations. Then the images come clear to her. Problem is her father was sending her postcards from his various locations
for work til they stopped one day. She hires a captain and she searches via the route her father took from the star configurations in hopes of finding his last destination...
Loved the story and the brilliant colors.  A few pages were hard to read because the colors blended into the pictures or background color. Super story!
I received this book from Library Thing in exchange for my honest review.

My Secret Language
Colorful Children's story about Ruthy and how she gets bored and cries. Her parents take her to the amusement park and she loves it, but...
she wanted the heart balloon, NOW and got angry when they didn't get it for her and she cries.   Even her tears and pillow and dog want her to stop.
One morning her mother takes care of the problem....they try things her way til she realizes....
love the ending when they all realize it's ok to have tears..
Free gift from the author and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

San Diego from A to Z: An Alphabetical Guide (Alphabet City Guides Book 2)

Tired of the same old guidebooks? Learn where to go and what to do from a local!

This alphabetical city guide looks at San Diego - and tourism - from a whole new angle, letting readers browse the city at their own pace.

Learn about...
* Local favorites
* Tourist attractions
* Cultural oddities
* And enjoy unique trivia you just won't get from the other guys!

˃˃˃ For visitors AND residents
Whether you're a first-time visitor or a life-long resident, San Diego from A to Z will surprise and delight you with plenty of facts, figures and personal experiences from author Laura Roberts.

Explore alphabetically as you tour America's Finest City, starting at the Birch Aquarium and ending with Spanish phrases that begin with the letter Z.

˃˃˃ Jam-packed with commentary
Learn more about San Diego landmarks, eateries, bars, museums, bookstores, neighborhoods, cultural oddities and much more.

A must-have for the discerning traveler or seasoned flâneur.

Find out what you've been missing in San Diego and order your copy today.

Author Bio:

Laura Roberts writes about sex, travel, writing, and ninjas - though not necessarily in that order.

As the author of the "V for Vixen" sex column, Laura began her career chronicling Montrealers' sexcapades, which are collected together in her book of essays, The Vixen Files. Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, she's also penned Confessions of a 3-Day Novelist, Ninjas of the 512, parts one and two of her serial novel, Naked Montreal, and a wide assortment of erotic Quickies.

Laura is also the founding editor of the literary magazine Black Heart, the San Diego chapter leader for the Nonfiction Authors Association, and offers affordable indie editing services through her company Laura Roberts Creative Services. In her free time, she leg-presses sumo wrestlers while sipping her morning coffee, and enjoys the music of experimental and electronic artists. She lives in an Apocalypse-proof bunker in sunny SoCal with her artist husband and their literary kitties, and can be found online at

My Review:

 San Diego from A to Z: An Alphabetical Guide (Alphabet City Guides Book 2) by Laura Roberts
This book sounded interesting to me as we do travel a bit and like to see the sights and explore new horizons.
Starts out with words from the author, why she wanted to write this type of a book.
Right from the start by visiting the aquarium the author explains all the extra things you could do, wow why don't the aquariums we've visited around the US have these events?
Talk about 'hands on' that's what we do like to do. Even though we are in our 60's we can do things 40 year olds can do and we do like to bring the grandkids and their parents on some of our adventures.
Monthly calendar will come in handy when you need just one more thing to do that will connect you to the area as it will be in season. 
Such facts about the next thing to do, the park and facts tell you it's even bigger than it's counterpart East coast-Central Park. So many things to do there and love that it also gives you the location, street wise and fees for entrance.
And some things also show a colorful photo along with giving the photographer credit. Such a wealth of knowledge to have even when you do visit, to be sure to check out gift shops, other events planned, etc.
I wonder how many days it will take us to complete seeing the whole book of places one must go see. Besides being outdoors, walking, photographing fun spots, hands-on, nature, new things  we like lighthouses and this book has them also!
Even a section for those to let their hair loose and walk on the wild side. Other freebies and features are also available and the other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Something for everybody at any age. Enjoyed this book and hope other cities will have their own travel guide by this author. She seems to know the hidden gems and where to find them when traveling.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

The Lives Between Us by Theresa Rizzo
Have read the author's other works and know I am going to enjoy this read also. It's about some medical breakthroughs that my daughter had worked for a company waiting for FDA approval to be part of the stem cell research-that is one reason I wanted to read this book.
Skylar Kendal is a reporter and likes to do research, especially for her niece who needs a stem cell operation but no labs have the bone marrow nor do any match. Skye blames it on Hastings who is a Senator for the state and he's against stem cell research. She knows she has to reach him and persuade him to change his mind.
Faith and Peter have the cure for Niki but it's not in time and now a medical emergency has brought on seizures to Faith and she has to deliver the infants then... The Senator asks Mark to distract Skye and keep her off his back and Mark and Skye hit it off...
Mark and Skye help with the twins, never knew what kangarrooing was. Loved hearing all about the house Noelle and Ed and Jeff live in-very detailed descriptions as if I was there seeing it myself. Understand now why the Senator takes the position he does on stem cell.
Loved the travel to and during CO. Love it when I learn new words and have to look them up.
After the tragic accident they all bond together more to help with the surgeries and recovery. Technical terms and jargon leave me a bit confused as there are many aspects of stem cells that I never understood.
Still book continues with the personal side of the event.  When the story is leaked out from an unknown source she is blamed for ruining the senator's family and career and you wonder if they will ever figure out who really did leak the story.
Fast paced and lots of action and adventure, travel, mystery, learning new things wrapped inside a family story. Exc read!
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.