Sunday, November 22, 2009

more yarn

while shopping and getting the oil changed in the car we stopped in at joanns in north dartmouth, ma. they had pound of love for $2 off, so i picked up a white and a blue skein for under $10. just want it on hand just in case thought of making vinnie a scarf with puppet hands at the ends.

Friday, November 20, 2009

new yarn

caron yarn had a mail in rebate to get this yarn. i had to send the receipt and 6 labels from simply soft yarn. they sent me this sunset colored yarn. made in turkey, 3 oz, 75% microdenier acrylic, 25% merino wool. it's very soft and such a pretty color

Sunday, November 15, 2009

early grandkids xmas gifts

made this camo ski mask for my youngest grandson, couldn't find anything on the net so i made up the design myself. i also made one for my oldest grandson.
heard washington state got a lot of snow this last weekend, not sure if it was in their area. but it's coming soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009

jaunts around town

in our travel today i was able to get a set of booties done for the hospital. we frst worked outside, me in my flower garden and greg in the vegetable garden. then into the car and we went to 40 steps in newport. then to purgatory chasm, then onto sachusett wldlife refugee and saw cliffs at bird sanctuary and then onto lawton valley. some places i had never been to, othes it's been years since i was there last. refugee has a map an showed an aquarium just down the road at 3rd beach, gosh i didnt know that!

contssts is one contest that is giving away yarn,super colors

Monday, November 2, 2009

progress on sweater and backing up info

this lightweight self striping yarn that i've made into a vneck sweater is not finished yet. kept putting it off for the orders that came in and items to knit for laura-still no yarn.
notice how front match exactly. that took a bit of trial and error with the 2nd skein of yarn.

and here are the sleeves.well the stitches came off the needle but those will be easy to pick up. i don't write down patterns but i'll be able to figure it out as i go along. these are to be just covering the elbows.

this is my latest project that's taken a lot of time. i firuged if we had a fire i would not have time to grab all the pictures and albums in the house so i want them in this portable hard drive, that i can put into our fire proof safe. i've been putting all our pictures from cd and dvds on it, patterns, databases, cookbooks i made for nana and just all kinds of text files. ieven have dvd's of trips we took out west. then i can get rid of the vcr tapes and cd's, etc that's just lying around cluttereing the house. also i can scan in the kids old photo albums and put them onto this hard drive. it's so small it does fit in the palm of my hand. if i need another 500gid hd i can get em for $100 each now.


this is the old stretched out

irish fisherman hat that matches

gregs sweater. so i took it all apart
and with the same yarn

made this one and it fits him nice and tight.

this is the multi colored blue afghan-an order i got from the blind magazine.

hats for local hospital

some hats for susan