Saturday, September 27, 2008

jaunts around town

left here to do a few errands, stopped at ac moore and got some yarn on sale at 50% off, could only get one. but i had hubby buy me a set o bamboo circular needles (usual price of 9.99) for only 4.50

went to michales after that for 20% off total order and got a few skeins of yarn. my granddaughter wanted a blue scarf and a purple hat so got simply soft and will mix and match for mittens, scarf and leg warmers.

then onto walmart to find anything on sale, they had simply soft 2 for $5 but only one skein left so i left it there, tiny portion of the store had yarn. like 1/18th of an aisle.

ac moore had most yarn selection from many different brands, also a table set up about crochet things, i couldnt get close enough to see what demo was about.
working on the elephant afghan now. takes forever with double strand of yarn

sweater, pouch

this was a sailboat sweater i redid the whole thing for my friend as she had all the wrong ribbings.

these are pictures of a pouch i made for the new camera lense.

and the knit picks site has my latest things completed, i was NOT the designer, just the sample knitter.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

jaunts around town, charity projects

after getting car inspected we went to hospital to turn in hats and booties i had made, got this new yarn to make hats with for the month of september.

this blue layette is done using tlc yarn for navy relief.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

fruit caps, knit

cupcake hats

fruit caps, knit

3 corner jester hats, 2 different views

pumpkin hats 2 different views

baby laeytte, knit and fruit caps

thi sis the knit baby layette i made for my nephews new baby. they are having the shower in october on the long weekend and i plan to be at our craft show on the island.

also made a blanket to go with it.

this is one view of the knit apple hat for my grandson.

here is the top view.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

todays projects

my grandson loves wearing

hats around the house so

here is the devil one to

add to his collection.

this is the knit irish

fisherman pocket

scarf for the craft show. its almost done.

this crochet afghan was made by my moms grandmother.

that's the only history i have of it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the island, quilters and charity work

jaunt to the island

joanns quilt of the year 2007, my mom is just now finishing this one up as she didn't have all the blocks. its called paisley garden. very fallish colors. looks really really nice

went to the island and attended the quilters club meeting.

a woman by the name of billiejean rice started this quilt but passed away. her husband donated all her quilting to the quilting club and they just recently completed this quilt and all agreed to give it to one of her relatives as she's dying of pancreatic cancer. it will be very much appreciated.

this shows bluework quilting. the seashells on this quilt are exquisite and i'd love to have one of these for myself, LOL

this is one quilt that each member took a square home with them and quilted it and added the center of their own design. it will go to a veteran or his family.

this wool was donated by a shop in RI and we were to make things for children of afghanastan. i made mittens. the white is a helmet liner for the troops--that's another charity but the wool was donated to make it.

these two pictures show the progress of the pumpkins in my moms neighbors yard, his name is eddie and they grow to be about one thousand pounds each year. he covers them with quilts and afghans.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

seashells, crochet, child sweater

white sand dollar

child varigaed pullover sweater

daughter got the yarn for me at her local dollar store for $1. it's a 12 oz skein

jaunts around town, wrap around sweater, other projects

started out at the dollar store and no yarn there.
then onto walmart and there is no more fabric but one quarter of an aisle that has homespun yarn, needles, crochet cotton and not much more. (very disappointing that they took this and other depts out to make room for more food turning this into a super walmart.) typical how just like walmart to put all other local stores out of business and then remove what got them there.

now i am forced to 95% order online - thank you walmart.

one more time with the wrap around sweater.

heres one view of the back of the sweater showing the detailed neck area.

also not shown here i did pockets that i can sew into the seams (one for each side) a bit different shape than the first wrap around sweaer.

two fronts of the sweater. thought what i'd do this time is instead of making the sleeves i would sew shoulder and side seams (to a point) where then i can pick up the 85 ss and work sleeve downward with decreases the reverse of the original upward increasing rows.

left a message on a free recycle in my local area and my mom in law went to pick up this bag of yarn in june for me, as it's just a block from where she lives. i just now got the yarn as my MIL fell and broke her shoulder and went through multiple surgeries and stays at a local center where she had rehab. she's now back home and on the mend faster. hope to be able to reteach her how to knit and give her afew more tips with her crocheting.

my grandson loves hats, wears them around the house all day long so i thought i'd make him one where the tassles stick out at the top edges.

baby hats for local hospial made from the recycling yarn.

hats, and booties for local hospial, made from recycleing yarn

will keep you updated on the sweater project.