Wednesday, July 30, 2008

chairty, hospital, knit

charity hospital booties and hats. got hats done in a day

charity afghan, crochet

afghan: all i had to do was assemble the squares. they are made out of cotton yarn. should be big enough for a twin size bed for lucys hearth, the local womans shelter.

also finished the other project for knit picks and started on some other crochet sea shells for the next craft show in october.

Monday, July 21, 2008

flowers, craft show

our trip to prudence where my mom lives:

big condo from weyhauser building on mainland. penthouse goes for 10million, it's sold.

my first gladioli this summer. its so tall and straight. gotta remember to chop stem down after it turns yellow so nutrients have made it back into bulb for next year.

big yacht docked at harbor

moms strange yellow flowers

craft show went well, $37 and table cost $20, even the lady selling blueberries, jam and pie/cake didnt sell out this year. we sold minimal items and hope october show has a lot better turnout. it was over 90 with 85% humidity. we were dripping wet just after seting up the table. the things that did sell were: crocheted sea shells, knit/crochet facecloths (4 of them) 4 pairs of socks made with self striping yarns, pillows showing lighthouses on them (quilted), light blue baby sailboat sweater, from debbie macombers site and one seashell pencil holder. surprised funfur flipflops didn even get but a glance from one person. moms bulky weigh aran coat swater (woman actually tried it on!) quilted poholders sold but they always do. my portfolio was on top of 2 afghans and one woman looked through it as she knows i do some work for knit picks. actually working on last of their projects and should have that done this week. one half of it is done allready. we were exhausted by saturday afternoon and had greg put AC on for when we got home. unloaded truck on sunday it was just that hot. took our nightly walk and got some good pictures of scenery.
watched postman saturday night and saw dam in washington that we travel near on our way to mt. rainier.
relaxing weekend after the craft show was over and done with. we had left coasters and hair scrunchies at other house or those mighve sold. put them in spare bedroom til then so we wont forget to bring them. dropping down to one table in october. so only half the items will come with us. some wanted to see hat/scarf/mittens sets so we need to get a few of them made up also.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

child afghans all done, other projects

my rendition of the various noah's arks on the net.

main afghan is crochetted in ripple effect. all items are crochetted and attached after.

yo yo animals, a cat with whiskers and a sheep.

knit fish afghan, very coloful for a child.

next one i think i'd make gil/fin be 3d.

working on seashells now for craft show.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

updaes on projects

saw a website and it was using yo yo's. very cute animals, just by looking at them i figured i could recreate a few of them, as i have the right colors of yarn.

the picture above shows a sheep and a cat, i added the whiskers for the cat.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


whew got the knitpicks sweater done now to block it. Will point to a picture once it's in their catalog. 12 days to make this 42 1/2" fair isle sweater. Had to take 3 days off due to eye doctor and tests.

Now to ifnish up the noahs ark afghan, irish fisherman afghan and one more market bag for the craft show in july. always working on hospital booties (they are great for in the car).

and yet another wrap around sweater in that dark red color again. although i didn't care for the larger size of the first one i made i would consider taking it apart again (i think this would be #9 time) and reusing the yarn for something else.

hoping to get more work from the yarn companies this summer as they prepare for winter catalogs and outwerwear. Also have been in contact with 2 other woman about charity knitting. one is they want to sell the layettes I make, first she says they are exactly what she's looking for (price range also i guess) and next i send her a picture and she says they are too dainy. but its now 2+ people. so the details are continually changing so that set up the red flag to hold off. even though i'd want to get $17 she'd probably sell them for $40 and keep the profit. other woman wants o start up a charity to supply stillborn and sudden death newborns in the hospital with a layette of sorts. My mom has done some work with this type of organization before but in quilting that can easily be adapted to knit/crochet. she's working on getting the charity status. i hink then yarn companies would donate some yarn for her to get going. we'll keep an eye out on this one.

last item was about a designer that wants to only spend her time doing that and thus needs model kniters. think i turned her off by telling her i was blind.