Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

kids hat, Hallowen candy corn

Halloween candy corn had for kids, crochetted
next will be christmas candy corn hat (white, green and red) which i will try in knit pattern.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

kids snowman hat

suzes site had main pattern, i knitted the main hat part by picking up the crochet stitches.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kids cherry hat

Kids knit cherry hat

projects completed, flowers

about 3 dozen different color roses. had to use my survey points so got a $25 certificate and these cost me $7

and i finished kids frog hat and slipper socks

new kids hats and tools

started on the frog kids hat last night. figured out about the heel and its working out fine now. got frog hat done and one slipper sock. then went to find some tools ii've never used but knew i had.

eyeball pompoms frog sock frog hat

found the stitch markers

this is what i normally use:

and pom pom maker. went online to figure out how to use it. after making one my husband said why not try to put black yarn in there too so you wont have to sew on a button after. that worked fine by working black first, then putting white yarn over it for the eye.

then major trimming as i didn't want it as big as it came out. i know i do have other size pom pom makers, just haven't found them yet.

want to start on snowman hat also today, thought with styrofoam spheres i have it might work out just fine-haven't even read the instructions on that yet.
sent duck hat to my grandson and they should get it tomorrow, can't wait to watch them open it via web camera.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

kids duck hat

wiggly eyes and both slipper sox completed. mailing it to my grandson today, he's gonna love it. heard from another person that i had sold a cupcake hat to and the parents can't get him to take the hat off. just like my grandson he wears all his hats all the time inside the house.

kids hats

ok hat done using simply soft brites yellow yarn. its SO much different than caron worsted weight.

have wiggly eyes that i will probably put on as this will go to my grandson and he wont put things in his mouth anymore.

webbed slipper. i don't do socks well and really need to practice.
did i tell you what my problem was with the first one i made? brought the pattern to my friends house this past weekend and she pointed out how she interpreted the german womans directions. to begin with i was seeing the word 'rnd' (round) but it was really ndl (needle). that made a whole different stitch count, etc. still the idrections are a bit lacky when it comes to gettting her point across. they just aren't the english way you find in magazines. i got spoiled.

Friday, January 2, 2009

knit duck hat progress

knit duck hat, they had it shown in white with a yellow bill. i created this using a yellow and orange for the bill which i think is more like what my grandson is gonna associate a duck color with.

they also have web feet socks which i've not started on yet. the frog hat looks good too, can't wait to start that.