Monday, March 31, 2008

knit afghan

teddy bear afghans
my blind friend knitting the main part of the afghans. i then did all the detailing work for her.
also worked on hospital booties

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


these are various views of the crocuses that have come out this spring, it's very early for this here on east coast. when the sun is not shining the buds close right up.

contest, books

entered a contest from debiie macomber site.

listening to a book on tape called: The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs

craft show items, barbie outfits

covered clothes hangers for craft show.

barbie skirt and clam digging set (rake, clams, basket)

trivet / coaster for craft show in july.

hospital booties, prayer shawls

hopsital booties

assorted prayer shawls

mor eshawls, currently working on purple/pink one.

prayer shawl, barbie clothes

barbie a line skirt

graduation cap, gown and diploma

mulit color prayer shawl

prayer shawls

assorted prayer shawls.

braided shawl

stack of irish lace popcorn squares for a shawl, blue plush knit shawl

prayer shawls, hat, knit

multicolored hat to go with ponchos, the lady never paid for the order of the 5 ponchos and hat sets, nor rest of her order.

blue red heart plush prayer shawl.

red heart plush bamboo lace stitch prayer shawl

jaunt around town, finished projects, new projects

gray shawl, blue shawl, red plush shawl, white braided cable shawl.

braided cable worked sideways on a prayer shawl.

coaster/trivet's for craft show

covered coat hangers for craft show in july.

irish lace popcorn squares to make into a shawl. blue one under is done using knit st every row, using red heart plush.

different view of the stack.

hat to go with poncho's.

multi color shawl

blue plush shawl

red using bamboo lace stitch

The one thing i dont like about the knit meter is it resets to 0 at start of a new month.

been REAL busy with prayer shawls lately.

Barbie doll clothes

packaged up for the craft show.

A line skirt.

barbie graduation cap and gown and diploma

prayer shawls

hospital booties, dropped off 17 on saturday.

prayer shawls

multi colored one in pastels came out a lot better than what i thought. currently working on pink/purple one.

book: The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs, found this book on tape online for free. so far it's really good.

Monday, March 10, 2008

prayer shawl, knit, crochet irish lace square, knit hat

this shawl was done using bamboo stitch.
the simply soft from caron made it turn out really nice.

this plush yarn from lion brand using k3, p3 pattern just one skein was enough for a prayer shawl due to the elasiticity of the yarn and pattern.

to left is a shawl using moss stripe pattern. the offwhite yarn is for more irish lace squares and i decided the hat that would match the poncho needed to be a smaller size, so ill redo that. This should keep me busy for a few days.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

jaunts around town

in our jaunts around town today we went to the dollar store, ocean state job lots=where i bought the plush yarn, 3 of each for $2 each. and worked on the booties for the hospital while in the car. went to get a lottery ticket and also to the grocery store for bread and english muffins.

Friday, March 7, 2008

contest, pattern, knit, prayer shawl, flowers, seashells enter a square for the chance to win. i won't show the one i'm submitting but i've sent an email to them allready.

this is a knit prayer shawl using bamboo sample from Granny's Garret in Austria. There were many different stitch patterns there that I thought would make a good shawl.
notice i have two landlines, even though it's not a lacy pattern if you do miss a yo here and there the whole thing gets messed up.

spring has arrived in RI. it's way early LOL Some parts of TN are getting snow today, it could be us but storm goes the northern most route for past week or we'd have 3 feet of snow now.

More flowers to come, can't wait to see the tiger lilly tulips.

sea shell pencil holders. these are fun to make, even getting the shells on the beaches. the problem was what to use for the putty stuff. some stuff i had bought never hardened. this stuff does and i do have spray to use to keep it shiny. hope it doesn't discolor and turn yellow. We got reservations to goto the island for the 15th.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

new and ongoing projects, charity, knit, crochet

ongoing projects: crochet contest, hospital charity booties, more patterns to check out, another prayer shawl (maybe using one of the new stitches) a cockatoo bird to put on an afghan: note fluffly yarn to bottom right and feathery type yarn that will go on top. bird shape itself is to left of all that.

finished knit prayer shawl, ripple pattern

. this is the back of the shawl.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

prayer shawl, knit, crochet, charity

3 prayer shawls, one on bottom is knit every row. next one is a crochetted one (my own pattern of 3 dc clusters), and next is knit ripple.