Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Books read June 2015

The Taming of the Bachelor by Jane Porter
Story follows Dillion Sheenan and he was a cofounder of Tutro Co. He had a choice, the company or his family and he slected his family. Years later the company needs him again and he's decided to head to Austin, TX to rejoin the company now that the management is under idfferent people.
Paige Jolfe is a local diner owner with 2 children and her spouse Lewis died in an avalanche climbing Mt. Everest. She lives closeby Lewis family now so the kids can grow up around them and learn what their father was all about.
The bachelor auction found Paige decked out in her finest and Dillion had taken over the bar for the night. They meet after for some food and talking about their pasts. She doesn't want to start anything with him but is attracted to him, as he's leaving on Tuesday.
He doesn't want to dwell on her spouse and he is attracted to her. Love hearing of the scenery around town and nearby places.  She is almost 40 and he's in his early 30's and wants no family just yet. He thinks she is the right person for him....
Maybe he can help her get her faith back and things will get better ...she's been content to just have essential things, nothing for herself, but she wants him one night before he leaves.....sometimes things just don't work out. 
With her house problems and now her son he knows he really needs to be there with her to get over the hurdles... she pays him a surprise visit in TX!!!! Liked reading the other brothers stories and can't wait to read more. Loved the travel and the community and what they do together to make it a success.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review

About the book:
BLUEPRINTS is the story of two strong women: Caroline MacAfee, a skilled carpenter, and her daughter Jamie, a talented architect. Caroline and Jamie are not only mother and daughter but best friends and also colleagues. Together they’ve grown a popular home makeover show “Gut It!” with Caroline at the helm as host and Jamie as the consulting architect. Broadcast on local public television in Boston, the show has not only made Caroline a beloved local celebrity, but promotes the family owned business, MacAfee Homes.

The day after her 56th birthday, Caroline is told the network wants Jamie to replace her as the host on Gut It!, thinking a twenty-something host would attract a younger audience. Caroline feels betrayed and blindsided, and the resulting rift couldn’t come at a worse time. For Jamie, life changes overnight when, soon after learning of the host shift, her father and his new wife die in a car accident that orphans their two-year-old son. Accustomed to a packed work calendar and an immaculate home, she is now grappling with a toddler who misses his parents, a fiancĂ© who doesn’t want the child, and a staggering new attraction. To top it off, she is faced with a work challenge that, if botched, could undermine the future of MacAfee Homes, Gut It!, and most importantly, her relationship with her mother. 

For Caroline, hosting Gut It! is part of her identity. Facing its loss, she feels betrayed by her daughter and old in the eyes of the world. And then there’s Dean, a long-time friend, whose efforts to seduce her awaken desires that have been dormant for so long that she feels foreign to herself. Both Jamie and Caroline are forced to reconcile their long held beliefs about themselves, their visions for the future, and how they relate to each other. 


Blueprints by Barbara Delinsky
Wanted to read this book because it's about architecture and building-something I admire others doing and enjoy the outcomes: I enjoy seeing things from a different angle than some.
Also the author's previous works speak for themselves and I know I will get a great read from this book.
Book starts out with Jamie MacAfee and she's just wrapped up the Gut It! show that she's involved in with her family business.
She is the designer/architect of the redone houses, her mom is the carpenter and the host and her father runs the business as his father will be retiring and her soon to be husband is the company lawyer.
Problem is her father has just told her the GM wants her to be the host for the next season which would mean they don't want her mother around.
Her parents are divorced and she tries to please them both. The building competition is also at her heels, the Barth Brothers.
Tragedy happens and now she has more on her plate than before...Love the fact that many generations of the family are followed in this book and real up to date problems
and the discussions with the older crowd. Love how strong both Caroline and Jamie really are in how they handle details in their lives.
Love picking up a book and learning, career of the women, words I've never heard that I do look up myself, what bands on the rings mean as I have  a necklace made out of the same three.
It's all the little things and the big things together that when they combine forces can achieve so much more. Love bonds of mother/daughter as their situations change through the book. Hot steamy sex scenes.
I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review.

 About the author:
Barbara Delinsky is a New York Times bestselling author with more than thirty million copies of her books in print. She has been published in twenty-eight languages worldwide. A lifelong New Englander, Delinsky earned a B.A. in psychology at Tufts University and an M.A. in sociology at Boston College. She lives in Needham, Massachusetts.

Quick and Easy Grilling Recipes
Lots of tips about what to use for tools when grilling. Broken up then into sections of types of food to be cooked on the grill.
Quite a variety of just chicken recipes. No pictures and no nutritional information but you can probably substitute healthier ingredients and get the same effect.
Fish section is my favorite, lots of ideas there. Handy tips for vegetables. We just bought a vegetable basket for this purpose.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Pest Control for Organic Gardening: Natural Methods for Pest and Disease Control for a Healthy Garden
Tells of the pests that could get into your garden and how to organically get rid of them without using harmful chemicals.
Bonus for me reading this is the section on composting as this year we've expanded that portion in our yard.

DIY Household hacks: Make your life way easier, save your time, money and effort ( Household DIY, Do It Yourself, DIY, DIY projects, diy household hacks, ... Hacks, DIY, Everyday Hacks Book 1) by Alice Stone
Colorful pictures for some of the decorating ideas are included. Great read if you need to really get organized and get things in order.

27 Paper Flower Crafts: You Can Use For Decorations, Card Accents, Scrapbooking, & Much More!
Great book for making flowers out of paper and other materials. No pictures but has very detailed instructions step by step along with list of materials you will need.
Lots of variety. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Children's Books: I LOVE MY DAD (Bedtime Story, Illustrated Picture Book, About Father's Love, Beginner Readers, Ages 3-5, 6-8): (Bedtime stories books ... stories children's book collection)
Ebook comes with clickable free gift. Colorful children's book about a boy and his dad. Perfect for Father's day to have your child read this book to his dad. I've read other works by teh author: I love my mom  so know this will be another great book to cherish.
Starts out with Jimmy being too small to ride the bigger boys bikes and he feels sad but he climbs on one of the bikes to show them that he can do everything they can.
He ends up crashing and finds a mud puddle. When his dad sees him he tries to cheer him up and is able to do that.  Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
 His dad thinks he may be ready for a two wheeler....Great bonding book! 

Gardening Box Set #10: Container Gardening For Beginners & Greenhouse Gardening for Beginners & Winter Gardening for Beginners (Winter gardening, greenhouse ... gardening, gardening, garden beds)   Greenhouse and container gardening also has a big section.
Especially wanted to read this because of the raised bed gardening. Like the sections and how they cater to specific things. List of easy vegetables to grow and how much fertilizer they need was most important for me. I thought I was giving my beets enough. Companion crops and what to plant near one another is  helpful information also.
Section on making body lotions was not for me but like the flower gardening also.  Also previews of other booklets available: walking your way to weight loss. and many other booklets available.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Garden Box Set #1: Raised Bed Gardening For Beginners + Vegetable Gardening For Beginners + Companion Gardening For Beginners + Greenhouse Gardening for ... Gardening in Pots, Gardening for Beginners)
is contained inside the #10 boxed set.

Organizing: The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Home and Keeping it Clean (Organizing, Home Organization, Clean House)
Book explains why you should keep your house organized and look at it from a visitor's point of view.
Get rid of the clutter and stick to basic things to help achieve a house that will look clean-as there won't be much around.
Few pictures and step by step instructions.

Children's book: Zigi the Alien and the Stinky Socks. Bedtime story for kids, Kids fantasy book, Early readers, Beautiful picture book for kids. 'Zigi the Alien' series, book #1.
Free clickable gift is included. This colorful children's book is about Zigi, the alien. The aliens on their planet do not wear shoes or socks so Zigi takes all the stinky socks he can find.
He finds socks near a man sleeping in his house, at the beach and then gets it big with the shoe store.
Story continues on showing us where else he was able to find more stinky socks.  Moral of the story is to keep your socks on...
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Pie Cookbook: 23 Delicious Savory Pie Recipes From Best Chefs of France (Pie Cookbook, Pie Recipes, Baking Dishes, French Recipes, Savory)
Recipe book about pies but no photos and no nutritional information available. Seems as if some of the ingredients could be substituted for a healthier pie.
Combination of ingredients sound appealing. Very detailed directions on how to make and cook the pie, along with tips.
Comes with excerpt for gluten free diet along with other works by the author.

 Children's Book:The Bear Who Loved Chocolate (funny bedtime story collection)
Colorful children's illustrated story of a young bear that only eats chocolate. Problem is one day he realizes there is no chocolate in the house and he's sad.
His mother has lots of other food but it's not what he wants. He notices the kids in the woods have a big chocolate bar and he wants it. Problem is, he scares them.
He got very sick after eating all their chocolate and knows his mother is right...
Other works by the author are clickable along with a free gift.

Clean Eating: Amazingly Delicious Recipes To Jump Start Your Weight Loss, Increase Energy and Feel Great! (Clean Food Diet Book 1)
We have adopted a Mediterranean type of eating habit now and this book endorses that style as everything is fresh. We have just started planting our crops in the garden and I am interested in learning more.
Different food groups are discussed with sub categories of what food is better for different parts of your body and health.
Also a section on what to avoid: processed foods, sugars, etc.
Comes with recipes and no pictures but has nutritional information so you can see for yourself how healthy it really is.
Other works by the author are offered at Amazon via a link. Love this book as it also contains all the meals needed for a full week!

Children's Book : Nuts about Nuts (Nutrildren - Nutrition for Children 1)  by Shir Guez
Have read the author's other works and have enjoyed the reads and really looking forward to this as it's about nuts and we know how nutritious they are in our daily lives.
Book talks about nuts, how we can make them healthy and how they are made unhealthy with processes before we buy them. Lots of healthy information along the way about sun, sleep, eating right, etc.
Very colorful photos help get the point across.  Not only photos about one of 10 nuts but other facts, nutritional information, how many to eat, fun facts and which state tree nut, and which day is celebrated for the nut.
Recipe links when you sign up for the author's newsletter.

Trash To Treasure: 30 Crafts That Takes Old Junk & Turns It Into Usable Stuff You Will Love!
Book starts out with recycling furniture to make it into other useful items around the house.
No pictures but lots of uses for old broken things. Drawers and dressers and then they move onto old clothing. Turning sweaters into mittens would be a super idea!
30 different ideas in total. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

The Best Chocolate-Balls Ever- Children's Book with Recipe: How to build a parent-child relations (When We Cook Together 1)
Have read the author's other works and have enjoyed the books.  Link to get free activity sheets and you are also encouraged to leave a review.
Love the cover and the story line as it's about a boy and he loves cooking with his mom.  Some consider cooking a girls thing and am glad to see the field is now open to boys as well.
They do make some of the best cooks!  Jacob loves it when his mom help shim stir by holding his hand while stirring and just giving him a hug. It's important to be able to count to follow the recipe.
They use a recipe for chocolate balls and have to count out all the ingredients. They also have many choices as to what to use as they can be made different each time.
A section for the parents is included along with early learning tips.  Recipe and utensil guide are shown with drawings and how much of each to use.
Also written words for the diagrams are included.  Other works by the author are highlighted at the end. Love there are many ways a child can make these depending on how much education and learning they have accomplished.

The boy who stopped the world from crying by Christopher Johnson
Colorful children's book that starts out with many free things at the beginning by visiting the authors website.
Walt is very curious and he finds out things from adults by asking questions. Love the parts about using wind and sun power to generate devices.
That night he leaves his tv screen on and computer and he starts to dream. It's not a happy dream and he realizes he can help save the world by taking care of things and recycling.
He is able to get help from adults and he teaches others what they can do.

Race You: and other stories for young readers by Sally Gould
Story of two brothers and one is always saying 'race you' while the other says 'beat you' and the race is on. Problem is one jumped off the trampoline and broke his leg.
That meant he couldn't do many chores and get paid to do his chores for 8 weeks. But other fun things happen...
Another story in the book finds Sam in trouble. He didn't mean for the teacher to fall down but now he's gonna be in trouble for sure...
Another story is about Zach and Levi and the new boy Ben who runs faster than anybody. He gets many award stickers from his teacher but Zach wants to be the state champ...
Other works are highlighted at the end with a bit about them.

Children's Book: Our New Couch (Bed Time Story, Imaginative and Fun, Ages 3-7)
Free clickable link to coloring pages is included. Colorful children's illustrated book about how the family gets a new couch. But it has an attitude.
The couch has ideas that nobody should sit on it and dumps them out of the seats.
One of the children has an idea....

The Aloha Quilt
Have liked this series book after book. Love how the quilts tell the story.
This one starts out with Sylvia, the owner who is sending Bonnie on her vacation and to Clare who runs a quilt shop on the island.
Bonnie is divorcing Craig after he had found another online.  He now wants to drag things out with hopes she'll give up her portion of the money they made from his estate furniture antique sale.
They have planned to open a new quilt camp like the one Sylvia runs in PA. The inn is not a quilt camp yet and she hopes with Bonnie's consulting she can persuade her to stay on after the winter months to help run the quilt camp.
Liked hearing the differences from Hawaiian quilts and USA quilts. Like Irish fisherman designs no two are the same, just like Hawaiian quilt patterns. Each quilt is made with the one who's getting it specially for them only.
Liked the party around Halloween and how it's celebrated in Hawaii. Lots of political discussions with those who live there....
She has a choice to make and she needs to keep him from changing the quilt camp.... She feels betrayed that they won't stand up with her to save her shares in the company. The male music player tries to show her new sights that'd be good for the campers
and take her mind off her problems. Turmoil and attacks, can she and others survive them.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Upcycling Crafts: 35 Fantastic Ideas That Takes Old Clothes To Modern Fashion Accessories, Home Decorations, & More!
Interesting usage of old things that can be made into new things.  Mittens from an old sweater seems so easy to make and practical.
Cliuckable bonus gift and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Four Fantastic Surprise Endings for Children 3-6 (Four Fantastic Bedtime Stories Book 4)
This collection of stories includes froggie, robot, eggtastic and little chick. I have read other works by the author and find
the books to be colorful children's stories. Other works by the author are also highlighted at the end.

Kids Books: Emma Wants to be a Grown- Up: (Beginner Readers Children's Books) (Kids Books) (Bedtime stories) Picture Books Series for Kids Ages 2 4 8 (Early/ ... Readers Children's Books Collection Book 3) 
Colorful children's book about Emma who declares one morning she's an adult. She knows they use pc's, talk on the phone, bake cakes without help and so much more.
None of it is interesting to her. She packed up all her toys because adults don't play with them....or watch cartoons or play outside.  She has second thoughts about really being an adult...

Play Dirty by Sandra Brown
Griff was back from prison, he had thrown a football game that he played in for the mob.
Story also follows a couple who wants to pay him to impregnate his wife so they can have a child.
Once he's back in society others from his past find him and that puts his work in jeopardy and in harms way.
He goes back to reconnect with the coach and his wife who had rescued him when his mother left him when he was a teen. They had moved him into their house and treated him like their son.
Author describes scenes and feelings to make you feel like you are there yourself. Story entwines with others he's resumed contact with. Problem is those who want him to be stopped and taking it out on them.
Liked to hear of the couples airline company among others as they redo the whole thing from the bottom up.
Tense scenes as the detective has a vendetta against Griff and wants to see him on death row... Sex scenes.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Dream Country by Luanne Rice
Have loved the authors other works
Jeweler maker Daisy Tucker flies to the west to find her daughter, Sage at her husbands ranch. Her 3yr old son Jake had walked away one year and left them all devastated.
Her creations after the American Indian society have brought others love. Love what each piece represents to the one receiving the jewelry.
The detectives come and ask questions about Sage to try to figure out where she could've gone to...then find the positive pregnancy test strip...
Chapters from James side of the story in Wyoming and his father and the ranch, he tries to keep busy because he still hears his 3 yr old crying, 13 years later...
Chapters from Sage and her boyfriend Ben's story along the way as they travel to her fathers ranch. She still thinks of her twin brother Jake who had just wandered away.
We find out how Daisy and James met and their early life along with Sage's journey across the country to the ranch....interesting to find out what they symbols represent.
As Daisy travels to Wyoming to be there when Sage gets there she reunites with the family... Hot steamy sex scenes.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Sonoma Rose
This part of the quilt series is about Rosa in CA and she's had enough abuse and she and the children are fleeing along with John's strongbox. Her husband did not like her parents and they were not allowed at family events.
She grabs the family quilts and photos and she knows John will follow her to the mesa, but he doesn't know of the caves...Her childhood friend Lars  might be able to help save her and the children.  Lots of secrets as to who the father is of the children but he just wants to protect her.
Chapters go back in time to when they first met, who she selected for her spouse, etc With chapters of present time we are able to follow her life after she's left with help to tend to her children so they won't be so sick..
Love the travel and how she seeks out doctors to help the kids. Like that he stands by her and that others are trying to shut down the moonshiners.
Liked hearing of the process of wine from grapes.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Absolute Power by David Balducci
Book summary interested me and I rarely read this type of book but like to switch things up every now and then.
Luther has broken into houses and had served his time. Once he gets out he does it again a place where he was in before, with others.....
Interesting to learn of all the devices and technology for home security, but it's no barrier to Luther. he was there to get the diamond necklace but he found the mirror glass that looked into her bedroom.
Story also follows Jack, a lawyer and his fiance, Jennifer.  Political groupies and the president is the one who takes care of the whores that run to him. Problem is this time things didn't go as planned. His body guards did come to his aide.
They weren't the only ones to see the scene or the actions as they happened....the president is a married man and the woman was married, but not to him.
Story follows those in charge as they try the case and the proceedings that happen...Luther has taken it upon himself to gather the evidence and given it to another who, after his death will mail the items to his lawyer.
A lot of people are put in harms way....lots of action and adventure.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Night Gardening by E.L. Swann

Cambridge, MA-Maggie Wells is recovering from a stroke, she's a widow. Her garden has gone by the wayside.
Tristan Mallory, the landscape architect gardens next door, during the light of the moon.  His clients are rich women who have something in mind but want the famous gardens recreated in their backyards.
The Steins have hired him and he would be able to use his heavy equipment and blue slate he transports to this area.
Alternating chapters from each.  He discovers her through the cracked wall and proceeds to help her with the physical therapy as he uncovers her sexuality. Turmoil comes in the form of her son who tries to take over her financial world...
Loved all the Latin names and their combined forces to create what was once at her garden.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

 The Monster That Ate Our Keys
Colorful children's book about a monster. Starts out with Dad and his regular routine but he needs his car keys and he can't find them.
The boy thinks he sees a blight flash of orange...they look all over for the missing keys. While collecting change in the couch he finds the culprit and his dad comes to help.
They corner him in the bathroom...they each come up with a different idea that might work....
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Illustrated colorful children's rhyming book about a little bird that gets lost.
Starts out counting the three baby birds in the nest but we learn there should be four.
Mother and Father come to feed the birds and they think they are hiding one bird...
Everyone is looking for the little lost bird, where could he be?
I received this book from Library Thing via the author in exchange for my honest review.

Eat Like A Farm Girl; 3 Ingredient Plant Based Recipes
This ebook sounded interesting to me because it's all plant based which means I can grow it myself.
We have recently adopted a Mediterranean diet due to health reasons and really like to find new vegetables to experiment with and combine with what we already eat.
This book starts out with why the author wrote it and their life up to an adult and what they had done along the way as far as farm life.
So much about the food that is raised. Vegetable cakes sound interesting.  Love the section about the pantry and what you should have on hand. Lots of combinations of food along the way.
Recipes include some with photos that make me feel hungry they look so good. Very easy instructions and ingredient list. No nutritional information but it's all fresh vegetables.
Big section on just kale foods to create; vinaigrettes,  clickable links are also at the end of the book for you to check out.

The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages: a book marketing guide for authors and publishers
This book includes why the book is written yearly, author do's and don't when soliciting for a reviewer to read their book, author etiquette,
Top 10 reviewers, Book Reviewer Listings. Each reviewer has their blog listed, email and what types of books they prefer to read along with other information-if they charge a fee, etc.
Nice straight to the point book about where a new author can gain more exposure via reviews for their book.

The Lives Between Us by Theresa Rizzo
Have read the author's other works and know I am going to enjoy this read also. It's about some medical breakthroughs that my daughter had worked for a company waiting for FDA approval to be part of the stem cell research-that is one reason I wanted to read this book.
Skylar Kendal is a reporter and likes to do research, especially for her niece who needs a stem cell operation but no labs have the bone marrow nor do any match. Skye blames it on Hastings who is a Senator for the state and he's against stem cell research. She knows she has to reach him and persuade him to change his mind.
Faith and Peter have the cure for Niki but it's not in time and now a medical emergency has brought on seizures to Faith and she has to deliver the infants then... The Senator asks Mark to distract Skye and keep her off his back and Mark and Skye hit it off...
Mark and Skye help with the twins, never knew what kangarrooing was. Loved hearing all about the house Noelle and Ed and Jeff live in-very detailed descriptions as if I was there seeing it myself. Understand now why the Senator takes the position he does on stem cell.
Loved the travel to and during CO. Love it when I learn new words and have to look them up.
After the tragic accident they all bond together more to help with the surgeries and recovery. Technical terms and jargon leave me a bit confused as there are many aspects of stem cells that I never understood.
Still book continues with the personal side of the event.  When the story is leaked out from an unknown source she is blamed for ruining the senator's family and career and you wonder if they will ever figure out who really did leak the story.
Fast paced and lots of action and adventure, travel, mystery, learning new things wrapped inside a family story. Exc read!
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Dead Scary: The Ghost who refused to leave  by Sally Gould
Don't usually read this type of book (about ghosts and such) but I did enjoy another book by the author.
This middle grade children's book and starts out when the family arrives at their new house. Their mother's uncle had died and left the house to her. It's huge and so are the rooms, back yard, tennis courts, etc.
Emily hadn't wanted to move and we had all picked out our rooms on our first visit. The little boy is comfortable talking to ghosts, not using words but just thoughts. Adam also sees their auras.
The ghost tells Adam of the rules of the house and what renovations had been made.  Edward wants the family out of his house. Isabel, Adam's ghost friend takes him places to show him of the council and what they can and can't do. They all have rules.
Edward and Adam are finding way to compete with one another-Adam wants his family to stay in the house, Edward wants them all to leave. Grandfather might have some tips on what to do...
Lots of details on how things are done in the ghost world...a huge confrontation occurs and they realize they must get along. Like how the ending was because it proves ghosts can get along with humans.
Many other works by the author are excerpted at the end. Book was easy to follow along with all the ghost rules=gives you a good understanding as the story goes along if you can follow what's happening.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Along the Way, Book 1, Welcome to Alberta! by Teresa Schapansky
This colorful children's book is about when a family has to relocate for work.
This is the first book of a series but the book read like a stand alone. What I as a parent really appreciated was the tender care the parents explain
to the children why they have to move and that they will have new friends. Lots of helpful information about their feelings and the move itself. Like how they make it a family event as it does involve the whole family.
So many facts about the new place, Alberta, Canada and the most fun places-outdoor state and national parks. The way it's presented in the book
made it feel fun to learn, not like being in a class room. More from the author is highlighted at the end of the book.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

First Sight by Danielle Steel
Timmie, Clothing designer is just returning from her semi annual trip overseas shows.
Her two assistants, Jade and David really make her life smoother and they feel like a real family.
She becomes violently ill and calls a doctor whose card she was given. He's an internist and he checks her out at the hotel.
She must go for surgery and the doctor is the only one there. He learns of her past=in an orphanage.   Rejected from being adopted she moved in with nuns and she got jobs where she could create clothes for waitresses til she got discovered.
Dr. John Charles offers compassion.  They miss one another and like the bond they've created. Once back in town her lover has other interests so work consumes her once again. Her assistants set her up online dating. She's 48 already.
Love hearing of the sisters work for those who will never get adopted that she funds.  With the turmoil you wonder if they will ever be together.
Avalanche of emotions strikes them both on Valentine's Day in Paris and they know it can never come to much-their careers, his family and her charity work...Love how the title relates to this book.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Winner by David Baldacci
LuAnn Tyler is striving to escape her abusive life when she meets Mr. Jackson and guaranteed winner of the lottery.
False murder charge and the offer to leave the country takes care of her daughter...She comes back into the US with murder charges hanging over her head.
Mr. Jackson has sent others to find her also for the kill. Matt she befriends and hopes he is a true friend. Others are after her and she feels she has to open up to some...
Lots of twists and turns in this book really moving the plot forward.
Lots of travel, action and adventure. What a story, easy to follow and great information to tie it all together...
 I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Hooray for Hats by Brian Won
Audio children's story: Grumpy elephant wakes up and finds a hat. He puts it on and goes to see his friends who are also grumpy.
Love the parade of animals as they go from one friend to another with their new hats.
Reminds me of family photos we take: we take one silly hat one and a serious one. Always do the silly hat one first.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown
3 Andrea sisters return home to help their father. They return with their own problems and secrets.
Father speaks Shakespeare and in prose to the girls. Cordelia has left WA and traveled back home and she's pregnant...
Bianca is leaving NY having lost her job because she's stolen money...Rosa teaches but this is her last year with the school, her fiance wants her to relocate to England so he can further his career...
Her mother informs them she has breast cancer and needs surgery, chemo the whole 9 yards....as they tend to their parents they become familiar with one another and secrets and the locale everything from bars to the church and everything in between.
Small town Ohio is so different from their normal...liked their summer destinations...they all have choices and decisions to make while caring for the adults who also have choices...
 I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Hidden Riches by Felicia Mason
Wanted to read this book for the cover has a quilt on it and the story line sounded like it'd make a good read and it does.
Starts out with the funeral of a sister. the brother and sisters and their spouses all come to attend the funeral and the reading of the will tells them to find the treasure by looking at her legacy quilt.
Problem is one gave it away to a junkman. They get it back and scurry to find out what the blocks really mean. So funny at times, so sad. Family has to all come together to figure it out...so many secrets and twists to the plot.
Like how it reads and especially the quilt journals as they mean a lot. Other works by the author are excerpted at the end.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Mistletoe Memories, 4 authors Christmas anthology
Schooley's Mountain, NJ has a resort with miracle healing water that many flock to during the summer months.
Tis the Season by Carla Olson Gade
NJ 1920's Annaliese is the doctor's daughter and a tree branch falls just in her path on her way to bring clothes for the less fortunate. She tumbles out of the carriage and carpenter Stephen Yot rescues her. There is a sprig of mistletoe and he kisses her after making sure she's ok.
A boy runs through the field as he saw the doctor's carriage. They all go to Rory's uncle while Stephen finds the doctor to help. Love the mystery of the magnetized mine and how Rory is saved from his real father. Like how that all came about and mention of Bonaparte in the storyline. References to religion as he is from Holland and is of German descent.
hadn't realized I had read other works by the author-a quilt series she is part of.
Mercy Mild by Gina Welborn
Eziekiel is the deputy and he's in charge of bringing the orphans to Schooley Mountain where 4 of them have already been adopted. Nobody planned on the 5th child, Polly.
He elected Mrs. Plum to take care of her temporarily while he tried to track down other relatives of Polly to see if they wanted her.
Mrs. Plum has never had children and feels out of place with her, she's very nervous and is not used to having another in the house. Zeke lives next door with his mother and stops in from time to time til they are used to one another.
Love the glass house and all it stands for. Marianne confesses her love for Zeke and then he leaves to find guardians for Polly. She throws herself into decorating and shopping and Polly is only too happy to help. The mishap with the tree is the last straw til the town meets at the war memorial...
Midnight Clear by Lisa Karon Richardson
Olympia Paris is doing everything she can to save the orphanage from going to auction the day after Christmas. She waitresses and tends to the children and it's never enough.
Teddy has returned from when he was a boy growing up at the orphanage and he has plans. He hadn't realized how it'd effect Olympia and the kids. Can a Christmas miracle happen to save the place so they will have a place to live.
Comfort and Joy by Jennifer AlLee
Modern days and Joy has just been notified of Sam's passing away and he gave the house to his nephew. She's a bit put out as she doesn't know where the residents will live...
Evan Lancaster had told her she and the clients had to be out of the house in 30 days time. It's Christmas and she prays for a miracle. The people that live in the house are out of the foster care system and are learning how to do things with her help, by themselves.
Can a photograph of the original house save them all?

4 Ingredient Cookbook: 150 Quick & Easy Timesaving Recipes
Recipes from many categories that are easy to make and no cleanup.
No nutritional information but there are some pictures.  Recipes come with good instructions that are easy to follow and most of them ask for already prepared items, like crescent rolls or English muffins, rather than making them fresh.
Great ideas for when you need a quick dish. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Orangey the Goldfish: Side Story No. 1
Colorful children's book about a boy who is promised a pet. They go into a pet shop and he wants one of everything....
He finally decides on just one orange goldfish and the fish thinks he will like his new home...
Other books about Orangey are highlighted at the end.

Orangey the Goldfish, Book 1
Colorful children's book about a bright orange goldfish. Little boy, Billy has promised to take care of his new goldfish. The fish is so happy to be in a new home.
He didn't like the bag at all after being bought from the store.
Too funny when the boy tastes the fish food to make sure it's gonna be good for the fish!
Other books about Orangey are highlighted at the end.

Under a Summer Sky by Nan Rossiter
Have read other books by the author and love that they take me to Cape Cod where things are yet undiscovered there for me.
With the beginning there is a page worth of the characters-there's a bunch of them but don't let that fool you. It's easy to keep track of who is who. Love the secrets that come out, not only of the family relationships but the adventures into known jaunts around the cape.
Book is broken up into parts where the first one is how Noah and Laney met in the early years. Next part is about Micah's wedding where they will hold it on Noah/Laney's beach front along with their 5 boys and animals. Noah is a minister and the book is religious in helping us understand why things are what they are.
Such an easy going read. Love the tradition of reading of the poems, so cool! Life and death go on as another summer comes, Laney is done teaching and all the boys are home-2 from college. They all go their separate ways during the day, home for dinner at night...
What I really like about this book is that every generation is going through life events and they are brought forward. So you have aged adults going through chemo, mid adults going through raising kids of all ages, young ones just finding love for the first time and a family wedding.
Other obstacles face them and are dealt with, as they are everyday issues that can mean life or death to some. Some family recipes are included.
 I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Why be happy when you could be normal? by Jeanette Winterson
Accrington, England and the story begins just before she is adopted by the Winterson. The story follows the life of the girl and the struggles throughout the years.
When she turns 16 she leaves, she is a lesbian and the family is very religious. Each have their own routines and it's quite plain and boring. No car so they walk everywhere, usually miles per day.
Lots of quoting from the Bible and from literary works.  Troubled times as she doesn't fit in and manages to find her mother and they do meet. Lots of questions and lots of answers to those.

A Catered Fourth of July by Isis Crawford
In this mystery we find the sisters Bernie and Libby at it again. Catering a 4th of July reenactment of the holiday with muskets as props.
After the incident they find clues and question many others to find out who really did the killing.
Besides the reenactment group, there are a group of Wiccan's danced as fairies doing a circle ceremony, there is a pig involved as well. Hilarious at times as they round up the clues and suspects.
Recipes at the end round off this mystery. Can't wait to read more from this author.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

 The Alchemist's Daughter by Mary Lawrence
Wanted to read this book to find out exactly what her career is all about. Starts out near the city of London 1549's and Bianca is a person who mixes herbs and spices and creates concuctions to help cure people and to rid others of pests-rats. Loved hearing how and why she mixed things, She learned a lot from her parents when it came to the mixing.
Her best friend shows up one day as she's mixing things and is complaining about pains in her stomach. Their friend John is also there-he's a journeyman to become a silversmith. Jocylyn ends up dying but not before she tells of her suitor.
At the service they are able to figoue out who she was referring to. Probleem is she died at Bianca's and the cops think she is to blame. She avoids being arrested but is tailing another as the clues pile up pointing in the direction of a high power person.
She also is running low on time to figure out what posions killed her friend-she tries some on herself and lucky John and Meddlyt is there to help her. Devastation as she is dragged to jail and with her friends they are able to continue her clues and find new leads.
Rats feasting on piles of bodies sent shivers through me but I really enjoyed the story, plot and characters. Seems this is a series of Bianca's days but this read as a stand alone book. Look forward to reading more.
 I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Silver Thaw by Catherine Anderson
This new saga is about Amanda and her daughter Choloe, they have relocated to Oregon and are now away from her abusive husband.
She has little but she is able to dream a lot by writing down her wishes on pieces of paper and letting the wind take them. She has no idea where they land.
The story also follows Jeb who is a local man who works his ranch and likes to make things out of wood. He finds many pieces of paper with wishes and after talking to neighbors learns they also have found the papers.
Legend of the bridge sounds cool, similar to another author's works with a wishing well and cave.
With the storm Jeb and others combine their efforts to save those without heat and electricity. He is able to talk her and her daughter to stay at his house and he hires her to work cleaning and cooking til he discovers the pictures she has on her SD card.
It's the only proof she has to get the divorce from Mark who's abused them both.
Love how his whole family helps her to see the lawyer and file charges against her soon to be ex husband. He does find her and they thought they were prepared enough but he crashes through...
They all know he will come after her again and hope they have put up barricades and continue on with daily life, birthday parties, holiday celebrations...
Amanda is growing closer to Jeb and they have each told one another they love each other....things tense up as the court trial for divorce is near...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Banners of Silk by Roslind Laker
Very long audio book but worth it.  What attracted me to this book is the silk. Figured it would be design work and I was right.
During Paris civil war and after a woman is befriended and gets a job at a couture house helping with the sewing. She meets many people
that come in and out of her and her families life over the years. Love hearing of all the work and how it was accomplished being that I am a knit and crochet designer, loved the background story and learned so much.
Lots of travel and move in this book.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Kids are Natural Cooks
Audio book that is broken up into the 4 seasons. Based on farm to table items. Books has illustrations.
Kids are the ones who can make these recipes.  Norway recipes and tips for adults and teachers to work together.
Story follows how adults came along and helped inside the school along with bringing in their old equipment that the kids could use.
No nutritional information but fresh ingredients are used. Butter and vegetable oil you could substitute with a healthier choice.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

 Saving Mossy Point by Donna Winters
Captivated by the cover. Once I read the summary I knew this would be a good read.
Starts out with the new state of Superior and there is a state park that is need of saving as one in charge wants to sell it.
Betty has other plans and now that she's a widow she has a lot of time on her hands to do the work. She hopes to collect others who will donate their time in order for the park to have a folk school.
This is where they would learn different skills surrounding the area. If she can have the park run in the black this season he's agreed not to sell it right away.
Just within the first chapter I have learned what a lectern is and the device used to make a trail. Never knew the names and it's fun to learn new things. We are walkers and travel the northeast in search of fun places to walk and learn about the areas we visit.
She is continually asking God for guidance....love all the ideas and everything on the calendar to help promote the park and what it will offer. Problem is Betty's grandson stops in-from the west coast, unexpected and a neighbor falls on the park land and injures himself, threatening to sue.
Just when things are running smoothly, or so we think..... mayhem occurs and then some...
Easy going read and I appreciate hearing from different generations of characters in the book. So much is going against them keeping the state park.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.  Great blend of religion in this book, it's not overpowering or pushy.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Circle of Pearls
Love how the pearls keep her on track as she finds out what they really mean as she grows older. Starts when she is born and the story continues and parallels the world she lives in, the war times and struggles.
Julia and others are able to save one woman who was being hanged and they didn't believe the punishment had fit the crime.
She becomes a seamstress and her expertise is valued.   With the civil war there is much to lose. Love the parts of the inventions and learning sign language.
Travels are great to listen to, the sights, sounds and thoughts.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).