Saturday, May 28, 2011


started pulling weeds from vegetable garden. my neighbor brought us over a few instant packets of seeds from mcdonalds. i guess you jsut plant them in the dirt and cover them and water them. one tomato and one carrot.

also scrubbed down north side of the house with bleach. had to sop after a while, the spray from the bottle was too close to what i was doing with a scrub brush. looks nice again.

daisies in the front yard are very tall again this year.

charity projects, hospital

6 birght mint green booties and one pale blue set of booties. to the right shows how they double over the top edge to form the bootie/sock. also good for covering the infants little hands with sharp fingernails.

project completed

forest farm gave me this unfinished shawl so i finished the last 3/4 of it. it's white yarn and black fun fur throughout it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

new projects

got a call this morning from forest farm nursing facility and the administrator told me she had gotten some yarn and many unfinished projects, still on the needles. she doesn't know of anyone but me and i told her i'd take a look at them and try to complete them. i had planned on calling her to ask for more yarn as we were going to drop off 2 afghans i had completed.

the yarn, well it smells like smoke, she told me it would. there's some projects with instructions from 1955 jack frost books. one particular afghan pattern, called petal afghan is a knit pattern and sounded like something i'd like to try. there were many patterns for berets and slippers and 2 needle mittens. some of the finished sweater pieces must've been done using size 2 needles. but the unfinished prujects were on very large needles.

there was box of wood that slid open and it had knitting needles in it. similar to salted cod fish we used to buy. got talking to nana and she remembered it was a deeper box. it also had some long crochet hooks.

gonna be interesting as i go through the items.

new projects

one more glittery one to do in pink/purple. be nice to see these hanging as a mobile

new projects

glittery scarf and headband that can be used as a ponytail holder

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

charity projects, forest farm items

another crochet squares afghan for forest farm

charity projects, navy relief

6 afghans for navy relief in groton, ct. they are now out of yarn as is newport, ri station

charity projects, forest farm items

afghan for forest farm , 45 different squares

Monday, May 23, 2011

charity projects, navy relief

30 x 20 afghan, 6 oz of tlc red heart yarn

new projects

my blind friend made this afghan, it's over 10 feet long and at least 4 feet wide. told her i'd fix up the holes. ready to be shipped back to her now

charity projects, navy relief

this baby afghan will take another 2 hours to finish up the rest of the yarn. very tedious pattern, don't think i'll make this one again. if i do it will be with larger needles cuz it's just taking forever.

charity projects, hospital

3 afghans and 6 booties for hospital since i was there 3 weeks ago

sparkly neck ware for dinner party in june

plan on having this done before the dinner party in june. i plan to wear this black sparkly scarf under a collared shirt with black slacks, white shirt

Monday, May 16, 2011

charity projects, hospital

blue big blocks afghan, have 2 others done also in various stitch patterns, also some more booties. got a lot done on the plane and long car rides

charity projects, navy relief

pink big blocks afghan

light yellow basketweave afghan

another of the same

light yellow big blocks afghan

pink 3dc, ch3 combo afghan

Thursday, May 5, 2011

books read may 2011

books i read in may 2011
daniel's desire by sherryl woods
catering to nobody by diane mott davidson
trading places by fern michaels
the grilling season by diane mott davidson

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

charity projects, done

plimoth plantation, gunnister purses, just using same 3 colors of wool they look so different

precious feet dance studio for autism students, this 3d floral granny square crochet baby afghan will be auctioned off with a baby layette.

hospital, baby blue big blocks baby afghan for children who need to spend the night but don't have anything to comfort them.

Monday, May 2, 2011

charity projects, navy relief

pink crochet baby afghan for navy relief in Groton, CT

with shell border

charity projects, forest farm items

3 d floral baby afghan, have enough to make a good sized baby afghan, 6 x 5 rows

charity projects, forest farm items

pile of afghans for forest farm, i did get 2 orange wool ones done

movies i watched in past 2 months apr 2011

movies i watched:
greetings from the shore
please give
whre the wild things are
that evening sun
the box
miss march
life according to greta
taking woodstock
the jersey promotors
whip it
robin hood
autumn n new york
ager management
all the pretty horses
the brotherhood
tooth fairy
get him to the greek
the road
book of eli
vanilla sky
everybodys fine
leaves of grass
the tourist
yogi bear
green zone
the joneses
exit through the gift shop
sunners moon
public enemies
time travelers wife
the shipment
darian gray
a town called panic
how to be
dear john
black and blue the legend of the hip hop cop
the sicilian girl
mademosille chambon
kiss the bride
what if
kings of pastry
battle in seattle
the deal
the wildest dream
the good guy
the good guy
love hurts
all about steve
just wright

books i read apr 2011

Perfect Family by pam Lewis
knit one kill two knitting mystery eries book 1 by maggie sefton
All That Matters by stef ann Holm
Instant Temptation by jill Shalvis
instant attreaction
instant gratification
ryans place by sherryl woods
safe haven by nicholas sparks
honey by Stef Ann Holm
hooked by Stef Ann Holm
hearts by Stef Ann Holm
the development by john barth
pepping tom
toga party
The Lace Makers of Glenmara by Heather Barbieri
Chocolate for a Woman-s Heart- Seventy-seven Stories of love to Nourish Your Soul and Sweeten Your Dreams by Kay Allenbaugh
lucy gets her life back by Stef Ann Holm
Esther-s Gift- A Mitford Christmas Story by Jan Karon
the beach house by mary alice monroe
hot flash by kathy carmichael
sanctuary by nora roberts
Shepherds Abiding- A Mitford Christmas Story by Jan Karon
cold pursuit by carla neggars
cold river by carla neggars
happiness keys by Emilie Richards
Fortunate Harbor by Emilie Richards
Outlaw Hearts by rosanne Bittner
Killer Pancake by Diane Mott Davidson
Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove Cookbook by Debbie Macomber