Wednesday, July 28, 2010

jaunt around the cape

dunes and sand along the way

part of natural seashore

welcome to P town

lots of artists exhibiting their trade along the shops near the water, on commercial street.

anchor near road

store to buy tickets for a whale tour

bubble machine

tons of people just wandering around,

tons of shops to choose from

this has a lot

of very old army stuff

gas marks, torpedos, etc

rope for most uses

this is one of the shops where the artists are at work showing you

want their trade in. it's 3 floors now

and goes right out to the water, nice deck

funny lobster hat with claws

a toy store

on our way home we saw a sign for cape cod light just a short trip so we went and it pointed us to this: highland light. so we're not sure which light house it is yet

the light house in question

windmill outside of christmas tree shop in sagamore, right under the bridge.

and this doormatt at the christmas tree shop, caught my eye LOL

almost ran out of yarn on this trip

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

jaunt around ct

got a bunch of hats done while in the car

stopped at fenton ruby state park and wildlife preserve

beginning of the trail, we did register. there were at least 15 markers

very hot and severe walking, lots of roots and mud and rocks to climb over

next was:
wickham park and gardens (aviary and other formal gardens)

we didn't see everything but there are at least 10 formal gardens, all kinds of birds, all kinds of playgrounds for the kids, tennis courts, volleyball courts, softball fields and TONS of walking trails in very pristen atmosphere, places for weddings (they were setting up a tent and we wondered if it's where chelsea clinton will be married LOL

lots of statues

next was:
elizabeth park and gardens

rose gardens, 4 of these arches lead to the center covered home. there are very laid back gardens, all kinds of combinations of flowers. very pleasing to the eyes

snack bar we got a hotdog from and 3 mins later we went back to get an ice cream before leaving and they closed at 439pm

annuals, rock gardens also

dinosaur state park was closed at 430pm also, what gives with this LOL

gillette castle = this was closed by 5pm when we were there

didn't make it to devils hopyard either, next time

strange things along the way

a swing bridge that actually swings to the side to let boats go under the bridge.

if you look at this just right it looks like a small person scrunched up with his hands folded in front o f him behind the tree

i95 in RI, they actually have this divided rather than grass median

Monday, July 26, 2010

jaunt around the state

started out by

going to roger williams memorial park in providence.

lots of people there with drawing

pencils and easels set up.

headed over to roger williams park

rose gardens

paddle boat area.

saw merry go round

very nice scenery

strange branch at the park.

headed to iggys, seen so much about this place on tv we thought we'd try

saw this cow at dockside seafood. there was no dock, no water and they may sell seafood LOL

iggys was mobbed, typical i'm told.

the doughboys are kinda like portuguese fired dough but a bit sweeter. we selected the confectioners sugar to roll ours into.

i only wanted to sample the white chowder and have a clamcake. well i saw they had lobster rolls so i got a dinner of that (to compare it to 6 other places i've tried in the past week(.

we had enough for our dinner LOL

beavertail lighthouse in jamestown, RI

got a lot of knitting done in the car.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

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Friday, July 16, 2010

charity projects

ripple afghan for navy relief society