Thursday, December 31, 2009

books i read in december

dec books:
vision in white by nora roberts
knit the season (with patterns and recipes) friday night knitting club series 3 kate jacobs
the gold coast: john sutter series by nelson demille (500+ pages
wildfire (500+)that old cape magic by richard russo
breath of scandal by sandra brown
the crush
fat tuesday
the master fiddler by janet dailey
a rogue of my own by johanna lindsey
full house: full series by janet evanovich and charlotte hughes
full scoop: full series
total control a nascar novel by pamela britton

Monday, December 28, 2009

chairty, hospital, knit

various striped hats and booties. the booties have a braided cable running up the center. so easy to make that i don't even need a pattern anymore-ive made so many of them.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

jaunt around town

wheels on fire fabric to make tony a cover for his computer chair. cuz of the amount i got it was $25, think i need to do a few more surveys to pay greg back LOL
also cuz of the after xmas sales i did get some baby yarn, denim blue to mke a marvel sweater for myself. the light yellow is great for the spring and summer but this blue will fit in the following seasons. thinking size needles will take 5 months to finish.
went looking for Wii things but most stores were out so ordered online for a good deal, buy one, get one at half price. nobody was out today, stores were deserted.
forgot to replace my headphones that broke just the other night so ill be using the laptop to finish listening to books on tape from the net.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

navy relief

got a thank you note from a military family thanking me for the hand knit baby afghan for their new son. it came from IL.

nice that some people still appreciate a hand made item.

end of the year

lots more for me to read and finish up things for hospital.

end of the year

had a quiet christmas, got to watch the grandkids open gifts from across the world and down south. will be finishing up hospital things and reading more.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

jautnt around town

mom came to the mainland yesterday and we went to nanci smith's house for the annual christmas navy relief luncheon. what a huge house for just the 2 of them. they do now travel a lot and i hope to get them hooked up with my mom when they travel around prudence for the day. they've only been on the water. after a nice lunch, i had brought a pasta, chicken and broccoli with alfredo sauce 4 quart pan but they had barbecue pulled chicken and pork and a few salad greens. i didn't come home with much of mine but enough for dinner. met all kinds of new people that work at thrift store now. they are revamping the area and it's een closed a month. pat will take inventory but she gave us each 3 skeins of tlc to make blue afghans with. after we left we headed to sew nice ad mom spent a handful of money on lighthouse fabrics. we also were each given a zip up canvas type bag, just like the one the hospital gave us but a little smaller. got a nice place to put a bottle of water. i use mine everytime i go out. everybody loved my sweater and scarf and hat set. i worked on hats for hospital while there. her christmas tree had all handmade ornaments. she also gave us each a pasta angel that she had spray painted in silver or gold an put a halo on. very adoreable.
was on the phone for 4 hours today to get an item for the stove returned and my money back. will be working on more hats for hospital as i have small amounts of leftover yarn and probably go there this upcoming week as gregs' off again. they might have yarn LOL

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

mindless projects, my sweater

been working on hospita booties and hats, little barbie doll sweaters, hat/scarf for tree ornaments and will shortly restart my knit/crochet afghan resembling quilt patterns.
my self striping sweater is done. made wristers and a hat to match.its very light weight, good for summer as it's got short sleeves, they end under my elbow.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

what i've been up to

baking since day after thanksgiving. just now done and all mailed.
made a jacquard yarn hat to match my vneck sweater that is all done but the neck and assembling it. stated on wristers that will go a long way up my arm. also want to make a scarf in the same yarn.

there's been no yarn at hospital to make hats and booties.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

books i read in november

nov books:
just breathe by susan wiggs
matters of the heart by danielle steel
the alibi by sandra brown
love beyond reason
heavens price
the devils' own
the thrill of victory
sunset embrace
best kept secret
demon rumm
nature writings by john muir-900 pages
indy man by janet dailey
sonora sundown
to tell the truth
the master fiddler
the captains bride-northern lights series, book 1 by lisa tawn bergren

Sunday, November 22, 2009

more yarn

while shopping and getting the oil changed in the car we stopped in at joanns in north dartmouth, ma. they had pound of love for $2 off, so i picked up a white and a blue skein for under $10. just want it on hand just in case thought of making vinnie a scarf with puppet hands at the ends.

Friday, November 20, 2009

new yarn

caron yarn had a mail in rebate to get this yarn. i had to send the receipt and 6 labels from simply soft yarn. they sent me this sunset colored yarn. made in turkey, 3 oz, 75% microdenier acrylic, 25% merino wool. it's very soft and such a pretty color

Sunday, November 15, 2009

early grandkids xmas gifts

made this camo ski mask for my youngest grandson, couldn't find anything on the net so i made up the design myself. i also made one for my oldest grandson.
heard washington state got a lot of snow this last weekend, not sure if it was in their area. but it's coming soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009

jaunts around town

in our travel today i was able to get a set of booties done for the hospital. we frst worked outside, me in my flower garden and greg in the vegetable garden. then into the car and we went to 40 steps in newport. then to purgatory chasm, then onto sachusett wldlife refugee and saw cliffs at bird sanctuary and then onto lawton valley. some places i had never been to, othes it's been years since i was there last. refugee has a map an showed an aquarium just down the road at 3rd beach, gosh i didnt know that!

contssts is one contest that is giving away yarn,super colors

Monday, November 2, 2009

progress on sweater and backing up info

this lightweight self striping yarn that i've made into a vneck sweater is not finished yet. kept putting it off for the orders that came in and items to knit for laura-still no yarn.
notice how front match exactly. that took a bit of trial and error with the 2nd skein of yarn.

and here are the sleeves.well the stitches came off the needle but those will be easy to pick up. i don't write down patterns but i'll be able to figure it out as i go along. these are to be just covering the elbows.

this is my latest project that's taken a lot of time. i firuged if we had a fire i would not have time to grab all the pictures and albums in the house so i want them in this portable hard drive, that i can put into our fire proof safe. i've been putting all our pictures from cd and dvds on it, patterns, databases, cookbooks i made for nana and just all kinds of text files. ieven have dvd's of trips we took out west. then i can get rid of the vcr tapes and cd's, etc that's just lying around cluttereing the house. also i can scan in the kids old photo albums and put them onto this hard drive. it's so small it does fit in the palm of my hand. if i need another 500gid hd i can get em for $100 each now.


this is the old stretched out

irish fisherman hat that matches

gregs sweater. so i took it all apart
and with the same yarn

made this one and it fits him nice and tight.

this is the multi colored blue afghan-an order i got from the blind magazine.

hats for local hospital

some hats for susan

Saturday, October 31, 2009

books read in october

full house by janet evanovich
casting off by nicole r. dickson (super knit book about islands and knitting in ireland)
smoke screen by sandra brown
a treasure worth seeking
the body on the beach by simon brett
good in bed by jennifer weiner
goodnight nobody
certain girls
green mountain man by janet dailey
a lyon's share
for bitter or worse
fiesta san antonio
giant of mesabi
six white horses
night of the cotilition
secret hour by luanne rice
comfort food by kate jacobs
queen of hearts by jennifer duarte
whale island by cathy lamb
the honeymoon house (marthas vineyard) mary carter
the marrying kind by debbie macomber
and almost done with 900 page book by john muir about woods of the west coast and national parks of today

projects completed

20 hats for hospital

2 hats for susan for homeless shelters or troops

one blue afghan for an order i had

Friday, October 16, 2009

charity projects

got one hat done for susan b for the local homeless or troops project.

also got an order, 2 orders actually, and i have to still crochet a baby blue afghan for a boy-took all the leftover blue yarns (baby and sport weight) and will work a few rows of each color-it's coming out really good. also have to make a shawl in blue/white variegated. have rosary and pouch and the angel dishcloths done allready.

Monday, October 12, 2009

charity projects

headed to walden pond in concord, ma, it's a 3 mile hike around the lake, gorgeous day for it. on the ride up i did knit some hats for hospital.

this past week i made and will ship tomorrow 23 more helmet liners (that's 40 total) and delivered the hats and booties to local hospital.

got an order for a few items via my ad in blind magazine.

Monday, October 5, 2009


is listening to a new book on tape and knitting helmet liners for our troops. bummer about the blind magazine on tape no longer but they have a site on the net now my ad is listed there under special notices.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

books i read in sept

the last song by nicholas sparks
snow island (prudence) by k. towler
the blue bistro (nantucket) by elin hilderbrand
hero next door by irene hannon (nantucket)
that summer by sarah dessen
night fall by nelson demille 773
round robin by jennifer chavellari
cross country quilters
home safe by elizabeth berg
bronze mystique by barbara delinsky
more than friends 770
committments 770
second sight: arcane society series, book 1, jayne ann krentz
white lies arcane society series book 2
sizzle and burn book 3
the third circle, book 4
running hot book 5
show me by janet dailey
in her shoes by jennifer weiner
little earthquakes
the guy not taken
the deep blue sea for beginners by luanne rice
the last kiss
true blue
watched 2 seasons of jericho
14 shows of covington cross

Monday, September 28, 2009

trip to eye doc, charity knitting

left wed. sep 23 and got a lot of helmet liners done and after the eye doc i worked mostly on newborn hats for the hospital.
before the eye docs we went to rockport, ma, the end of the world - as far as i can tell (not counting the cape). it's very similiar to newport, along the wharves and the art and clothes shops. prices were very reasonable for t shirts and lobster rolls.
then onto hampton beach, nh, one of the only beaches on the atlantic ocean. we found a state park-the beach area. the inteesting thing is the broken beer bottles way up on the sand were very smooth to the touch. the sand whipping around them continually must've smoothened the edges.
both places also have web cameras that show exactly where we were, really cool to see it compared to the pictures i took. nh cam rockport, ma cam

i won't go into the report from the eye doc as nobody wants to know about that stuff.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

charity, hospital, knit

hats for the hospital

booties for the hospital

Friday, September 4, 2009

5 fancy fur scarves

electric slide

jungle print

chocolate sprinkles

bold black

tiger eye

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

fancy fur scarf

fancy fur scarf, one skein makes this, it's 30" long

Monday, August 31, 2009

garden updates aug 31,2009

grape tomatoes in the


beef steaks tomato


new crop of green beans, since first ones did so well, onions, purple cabbage, white cabbage, carrots, turnips and the tomatoes in
the back section of the garden

yellow wild flowers in the front of the house

charity newport hospital booties

waiting on the yarn shipments so i made 4 booties for newport hospital newborn program

books i read in august

a family christmas by caroline kennedy
eve's christmas by janet dailey
after the storm
calder promise
calder storm
shifting calder wind
home fires by luanne rice
firefly beach
silver bells
when the heart cries: sisters of the quilt, book 1, cindy woodsmall
when the morning comes: sisters of the quilt, book 2, cindy woodsmall
restless hearts by marta perry
home at last by anna schmidt
ain't she sweet by susan phillips
92 pacific blvd book 9 of cedar cove by debbie macomber
quilters apprentice by jennifer chavellari
started :
round robin by jennifer chavellari
home safe by elizabeth berg
bronze mystique by barbara delinsky

Sunday, August 30, 2009

progress on projects

stack of 17 helmet liners from 6 skeins of



from Laura for

quiet comfort


heart size 6 sweater for vicky. well she sent me some pieces i thought i could just assemble by seaming them together.

check out different shades of what she calls yellow (it's more orange than yellow) so it will be ripped apart and i will make another section. the sleeves were not good enoug to use either so i'll remake them. back was ok but the ribbing so will take that all apart also.

finished raglan sleeve sweater in boo berry jacquard yarn.

Monday, August 24, 2009

boo berry jacquard sweater

this bernat jacquard yarn is a self striping type of yarn. it's less than a sport weight yarn, would be
terrific for socks also. but my friend vicky wants a size 42 sweater for her daughter. she attempted it but i've had to do the whole thing over. she only got as far as the back. over the weekend i have all the pieces made, just not assembled and the neck finished.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

kites at ocean drive, hurricane bill ocean

just a few kites at ocean drive, the day of the hurricane bill passing our area

and the thunderous churning of the water on the south end of the island

also got yarn stormed from a group in ravalry!!

at least 6 balls of Boston purple yarn
8 classic elite burgandy pirma alpaca
2 lronas hand dyed yarn
2 skeins lornas shephard sock yarn

mod dea dream 5 skeins
plymouth yarn bamboo yellow shade 10 skeins
hanks of a light purple/mauve - 10 skeins

must be from all the charity work i do over the years. i don't even know the group on ravalry but am VERY appreciative of the package and it's contents. as it's the busy time of the year for me now i am concentrating on my projects and orders. i figure after thanksgiving i can really think of what i want to make with this yarn. thank you all so very much!

while on our 2 hour ride to see the wave action of the hurricane i was knitting helmet liners. my knitting goes with me all the time.

Monday, August 17, 2009

charity projects

forsusan for animal

shelters: 10 blankets

also 5 hats for

the troops

for laura: 3


helmet liners

Sunday, August 16, 2009

kites at ocean drive, wool helmet liner

trick kites
at ocean drive on aug 15th
newport, RI

more trick kites
at ocean drive

fran wearing the helmet wool liner

Monday, August 10, 2009

new charity project, quiet comfort

helmet liners for the troops, this sample is made out of regular acylic worsted weight. the real one will be using wool. this took 4 hours to make

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

charity projects i have a
local contact. susan dropped off
some homespun yarn and i made her 20 hats.

she also is involved with animal blankets. stand up for animals is located in westerly and she plns for me to make the blankets, 5 done allready and she will drive them up there and donate them and her time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

moms birthday party, hats

while at moms

75th birthday

party i was able to make some hats for the
soliders angels project. i think in total
i got 6 made. also talked to one aunt while there
and she wanted the pattern for newborn hats we
make for hospital. she gave me her email and i
sent her off a note last night. also told her of the
2 hospitals that i know of that want them. talked of
the other many charities i knit for.

i like how the homespun yarn is like self striping. i never realized that.

Friday, July 24, 2009

cushion covers for pillow forms, soldiers angels project

bight oranges, shows
cowboy hat, ropes and
cowboy theme

this one
is for halloween
dark background with
halloween themes moons and owls.

this one
is all about
dogs. the different varieties.

this one
has shiny blue
background with white clouds and yellow moons.

this shows yarn susan dropped off. she wants me to make hats for soldiers and sailors. it's all bulky weight yarn. bag to the right is just misfit ww yarns. bag in the back is bulky weight but has a lot of white, maybe slipper socks or hats, she's gonna check her guidelines to see what i can make that they will accept. i also had 3 hats done for her and soap/shampoo samples for the troops from our hotel stays this summer.

Monday, July 20, 2009

craft show on the island

strange flower mom found in her garden.

we figure it was a bulb plant. also in one of the geranium hanging baskets was a bird nest. we started pulling out the weeds and that's when she found the nest along with eggs. she put them back in and will keep an eye on it.

eddie's pumpkin,

only 100 pounds.

should be close to

1000 pounds by

time of judging and picking.

house took 4 years

to build. i's on the

edge of a cliff.

for the most part the weekend on the island was great. the transportation gettting to and leaving the island leaves something to be desired in the middle of summer-using the winter ferry. what was to be a 20 min ride ended up being close to 2 hours travel with the wait time.

the craft show : with only 5 vendors there was slim pickings. not many brought money to buy things, they were more interested in yard sale items, vs brand new handmade items.

i did sell the pig and monkey child hats, a pair of fun fur flip lops and an infant knit hat, scarf and mittens set.
lot of people but the had too many other activities planned for that day.
blueberry picking was at 9am-start of craft show and south end had a bbq at 11am for anybody who wanted to go. craft show ran from 9-11 and with ferry problems they had to run 2 boats per scheduled run.
new project i plan to start today will be the snsettter fish. we put up mms sunsetter on sunday and she hung the cloth fish from the edges. i figure with the plastic bags i have, bright orange, yellow, blue and green i can make a pretty neat looking fish to hand along with its fin. gonna be fun to do this and probably won't take too long.
can't wait for susan to bring yarn over to me for soldiers hats.