Friday, June 16, 2017

The Farm by Charles Anderson

The Farm by Charles Anderson
I had read book 4 in this series and loved it so much I went and bought the first 3 books and just now getting to them.
This story starts out with Josiah and his buddy Andy exiting a crashing helicopter but he doesn't make it. Carlson will still continue the mission and does on his own but doesn't find what he was expecting.
Later he's at his night job in the US at the ER and he comes across a few Saudi Arabia princes who have been beat up-they will be returning home now that classes are over for the summer months. Problem is his RN Lindsey will be going with him to the farm for 3 days and they discover something not quite right.
Thing is we hear Lindsey's side to the story also and Andy is clueless, so far but he knows things are not adding up.
Love all the technology, weaponry and discovering the hidden treasures at the farm.  Love the history in this book about the area.
Lots of action, travel, adventure and romance and I learn so much about things I don't have a clue about. US and other countries are involved and he is gathering the clues to solve the mysteries.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Books read June 15

Perennial Gardening by Susan Hollister
Really enjoy this book because it has flowers that I grow every year. Some I was unsure of how to care for so I would just leave them in the ground year round and they do great.
Chop them all down to ground level in the late fall-after the first snow so stems can take nutrients from the soil to be able to come up the following year.
Love how some are spread in the air-that explains how one plant got way over to the other side of the garden.
Also listings of perennial vegetables-which I grow a few of, including lavender. Has a section on flowering bulbs and how to care for them. Herbs and grasses are other chapters.
Great resource book.  Wish there were pictures to accompany the item being discussed. Section on berries also. And a section on design and what to consider when making your template of the area you want to transform.
Section on potted perennials and how to plant them near something that will help pollinate them.
Care and maintenance is also discussed and what the important things about any perennial.  Bonus chapter is about when you bring them indoors.  Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Delicious Summer Desserts (Delicious Recipes
Each recipe includes title, list of ingredients, how to make and bake.
There are NO pictures. There is NO nutritional information and I'm not sure if you could achieve the same if you substitute for healthier choices due to your dietary needs.
Some tell you the servings. Book works for about 27% done then I can't go any further. Have tried getting it again to no avail, even tried on the tablet.

Next day it goes further but recipes are the same format.

Perfectly Precious Poohlicious by Mary Elizabeth Jackson
Colorful infant story of a child and why they are special and compares it to other things.
They are perfectly made and why they are.  Has songs and lyrics included.

A Beginner’s Guide to Patio and Raised Bed Gardening (Gardening Quick Start Guides Book 6) by Martha Green
Have been gardening for many years and usually find useful information. Starts out with the introduction and why gardening is beneficial.
Free herb bonus book is linkable and why you should grow them.  Starts out with how to accomplish growing them.
Compost, fertilizer, plants, soil, sun and tools among other things to start out.  Has listing of some herbs and tells you how to grow them.
Has a large choice of herbs and how to tend to them, arranged in alphabetical order.
Has a section on mistakes growing and how to fix the problems. These are mostly for container gardening. Next section is on raised bed gardening.
Goes over all the information you'll need to make one and what makes them different but beneficial as well.
Very extensive chapters about what to use for borders and why. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

100 Best Berry Smoothies for Fat Loss by Jennifer Lee
Starts out with an introduction and summarizes each of the chapters.
First is blackberries and it states the benefits, storage, preparation, then goes into recipes. Everything is fresh and low fat variety. Has a list of ingredients and how to make the drink. No pictures and NO nutritional information available.
Even though all use the blackberry there are a lot that also use fresh vegetables, making it very nutritious.
Strawberry is the next section with the same concept from chapter 1. You should be able to substitute the yogurt for a low fat content.
Blueberry is next followed by raspberries then cranberries.

The Blue Elephant by Jeffrey Quinn
Colorful children's story about a father who goes to Africa to see the animals. There is a legend that if you see a blue elephant you will have beautiful talented daughters.
He meets many animals along the way noticing what makes them different than all the other animals.
Each one tells him of more attributes the daughters will have. He searched high and low and magic happens.
Cute story.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Parenting 101 series by Cheri Swalwell

Spoken from the Heart: Parenting 101 
Didn't think I'd like this series because our kids are over 40 now and not living at home but raising their own families.
They still need parenting and their children also so it's been a good source of renewal for me.
Love how this starts out with a letter from the author's grade two class which she states what she wants to do when she grows up.
A mother of children taking care of them all and farm animals. She's there now doing just that many years later with a devotion to God and teaching them.
What I like about this book is that I have gone through a lot of the processes, emotions, and feelings along the way as I sit here and shake my head yes that comes in handy still today.
Chores together-used to set the pile of laundry at each persons table setting so they'd have to put their clothes away first before having dinner til they also helped with the folding.
Like that she asks you a question and I am able to pause the reading to actually thinking and answering it to myself. Love learning about the habits of bison as we enjoy nature and how it all fits into the human cycles.
There's so much to this book, I can see reading one chapter a day for more than a month to devote to each one. Just because is a favored response when I would use it on my mother after presenting her with a gift, something as simple as daisies picked from my garden.
Scriptures are quoted that are relevant to what's being discussed and translated into words we can understand.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Spoken from the Heart: Parenting 101 Vol. 2
Like the opening part where the author talks about her connection with God and how he helps her raising the children and caring for those that are in her charge.
Loved the different parts of this book as the child grows older and goes through the phases of becoming a toddler. Comparison of that and how adults handle difficult things.
Love challenges that are presented and how the author strives to get you involved. Love the encouragement to keep going.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Spoken from the Heart: Parenting 101 Vol. 3
What I like about this book is the links inside that lead you to another's post concreting the evidence. Love learning the balance/moderate and how that came into play.
I sometimes also get things out of order in my priorities.
Love the questions that challenge me to answer. Like how each chapter starts out with a scripture passage and the remaining part of the chapter is based around that phrase.
Love the symbol that spaghetti squash represents-so cool!
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Books read June 13

Amore & More in Albuquerque by Philip Nork
Book starts out with a 50+ man who's an author and also works at his full time job in a store. He's sent to various locations to boost that stores sales.
He meets many women along the way who help to promote his works and he can't believe that although they are 10+ years older they love his looks.
Many know him from the past or his other works and touch base with him.  Being lonely and alone at his age and he finds memories and feelings that come out to make him feel his normal self again.
What I love about this book is that it's about an older man and has hot steamy sex scenes and how to sell his own books, dress the part, etc.
Love where this leads him and all the excursions are detailed. Can't wait to visit some of the places described. Love the twists and turns and can't believe the people he meets.
This is more my age than the regular romance books I read about 20 year old. Every book I read by this author turns into my best favorite-there are a bunch of them already and can't wait to read the others.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Rudyard Kipling
Story of a mongoose and he wants to protect the garden where his friends and their families live.
He is able to go inside the house and by strategy and help from others he's able to kill the snake and then venture out to get his mate.
Once he rids the garden of the snakes they can live in safety.

June 2017 Book Fun Magazine
Beautiful photos of the authors, their families and their books, past and present.
Found the stories enjoyable, was able to catch up with authors I've read and found some new ones that I want to read.
Has a book for everybody.
So much available and you are invited to join in the fun also, check out for yourself.

Kindle for IOS accessibility gestures-quick reference guide
I never realized how difficult it was to listen to a book on your tablet. Kindle wants you to purchase an audio book along with the price of the book itself.
I have some programs that will read certain books to me out loud, just not mobi's because of how they now come to me in a folder.
We attempted to try different IOS devices and got really frustrated-best to just let the tablet do it all.

Living Room Fitness: Home Workout Without Equipment – Learn How to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life by Sue Rose
What I liked about this book is that it not only has examples of exercises you can do in your own living room but also why
you don't need to pay money to exercise in a gym or other setting. This way it's always open and costs nothing. We don't have a couch in our house, we have an elliptical with incumbent bike and it keeps me very busy daily as I watch TV or listen to books on tapes.
It's for everyone, you can start out slow and go at your own pace.

Grill It! by Bonnie Scott
This cookbook is broken up into different kinds of meats/poultry to grill.
Has color photo for each chapter.
Each recipe includes a title,  ingredient list and how to make. Instructions specifically for the grill are included but there are no pictures and no nutritional information.
You might be able to substitute some ingredients for your dietary needs.
There are some pictures scattered about to show an example of a new technique.
Especially like the seafood section and there are some recipes that include servings.
Some dishes have to marinate for a few hours or even overnight so be sure before you start a recipe for that day that it's not required.
Also included is a section on marinades, sauces and salsas. Really like the section on grilled vegetables.
Desserts also on the grill-this is a surprise! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Books for Kids: There’s a Spider in my Shoes (Children’s Book, Picture Books, Preschool Books, Baby Books, Kids Books, Ages 3-5): Children's Picture Book by Michael Yu
Very colorful children's book about a boy who does not like some things. Each page has a color photo that goes along with what he is saying.
Worse are the spiders and he fins them in his shoe.  he has a solution to the problem, with help from others.

Dinosaur and Monster and The Magic Carpet (Dinosaur and Monster stories Book 1)
Colorful children's book. Was not able to increase the font size on the tablet and it's a bit difficult to read the font style.
This is about Monster and Dino wants to play but Monster needs to go buy a new rug.
He didn't like spending money but he found one to buy and they head back home.
While resting something magical happens....cute story.

34 Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes by Pamela Kazmierczak
Introduction and then the recipes. Each recipe comes with a title, summary of the dis and ingredients and directions.
There are notes at the end in some but there is no nutritional information and No pictures. You might be able to substitute for a healthier option in ingredients.
Has sections on soups and salads, sandwiches and finger foods along with traditional chicken dinners.

Country Baking and Desserts (Delicious Mini Book Book 8)  by June Kessler
This cookbook starts out  with the recipes, ingredient list and how to make. There is no nutritional information and no pictures.
You might be able to substitute some ingredients for a healthier option due to your dietary needs.
No real chapters, just a collection of recipes in random order.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Weight Watchers: A Quick-Start Smart Points Cookbook Guide - 31 Days Meal Plan + 25 Healthy Recipes  by Darlene Chambers
Started reading through this book but I'm not sure why the summary of the dish is not capitalized and are not even in sentences, just random thoughts.
The ingredients, are not really English terms so I'm not sure what you can buy at the store.
 There are no pictures and no nutritional information.
what is legitimate or ocean salt?  Not sure what real or ocean salt is either.
asks for 7 ounces spaghetti, damaged into little portions?
1/4 field bird soup, with out fat??? Some recipes actually have nutr. info, not sure why all of them don't, like did they just copy it from somebody elses book?
Poor excuse of a cookbook-the author needs a translator to put this into English.
Will check out her new cookbook for weight watchers smart points and hope I find a better product.
NOTE: Next book is even worse.

Smart Points Cookbook Guide - 31 Days Meal Plan + 25 Healthy Recipes
This book is just like the previous book by the same author.
The recipes are not in a uniform pattern, nutritional information offers many numbers but doesn't associate them properly with what they are.
The recipes do NOT always include the smart points. The ingredient list I am so unsure of: legitimate salt?  chicken bosom?  chook? so many more to list.
Directions are not translated properly from the authors native language. The summary and other introductions are not correct translation into English.
There are no pictures.  Don't waste your time til it's translated properly.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Books ead June 12

Poggibonsi by Dan Alatorre
Have read a cookbook by the author and his style continues on in this book.
Laid back, down to earth he got awarded the job of going to Italy for his work. He will take his wife and child.
Love all the details of how to pack, landscape and other details of the adventures. When things go wrong the whole day goes wrong in various ways.
Comparisons between different countries accommodations is enlightening.   Family vacation doesn't quite go as planned-he has to remain for business for several months. His secretary is faced with a dilemma and is being blackmailed so she has to lay low-have the flu..
When his associate gets deathly sick he's paired with a female, Julietta who is on his level and helps land the deals. He is able to find more adventures and new pleasures.
Like the male perspective because although there are details they are not girly girl ones. Love male bantering with one another.
Surprised not more chapters of the wife and daughter as they return home. Lots of twists and turns, very surprising how it all goes.
Hot steamy sex scenes and swearing. Reasons I like this book is because it's a romance, there is travel involved and I learned new things. Hilarious at times with words having a double meaning to the conversation.
Received this copy from the author and this is my honest review.

Christmas Gift for Everyone
5 chapter  the holiday. Monica missed her grandfather and it's Christmas time and her homework is to write a letter.
Hers will be to Jesus and not about gifts she wants. She does wish her grandfather was there to help her.
Her grandmother then tells her the true story of what the holiday means.
She is then able to finish the letter with what she really wishes for: a map for all.
Cute story, few pictures.

Baked Bean Recipes, back to basics: recipes for the savvy shopper by Liz MacGregor
An introductions about how to use a can on your shelf and about the health benefits of having beans.
Recipes are broken up into meals: breakfast, lunch, etc
Each recipe includes a title, servings and a list of ingredients which you should be able to substitute for a healthy option due to your dietary needs.
The Method of making is included but no nutritional information and no pictures.
Some recipes include a summary of what the dish is good for.
I think I would use my freshly baked beans rather than from a can so I can control the items that go into it.
Lots of ideas and interesting to find out the flavorings that go together. Treasure was finding a recipe for home made baked beans from scratch. Very flavorful to say the least.

If You Were Me and Lived on...Mars (If You Were Me and Lived in... Book 21) by Carole P. Roman
Thought I'd really enjoy this book and learn new things. and on my tablet I'm not able to increase the font size but just a bit by double tapping on the words.
I was able to listen to the summary as an audiobook.  Kindle app on my desktop works so I can increase the size of the font to read it. Problem is there are added spaces in words.
Starts out with a discussion of what to expect in the time it takes to get there, the time you'd have to spend there and why and the time to get back to earth.
Colorful pictures along the way help to show what's being talked about. Learning a lot about the planet Mars and why things are as they are.
The two planets are compared with one another and you can see the similarities and the differences.
Liked hearing about the discoveries. Like this series because it taught me so much about the planet Mars and was easy to learn with the words the author uses.
There is also a pronunciation guide at the end stating how to say the word and what they mean.
Can't wait to read more from this author.

Lazy Cook’s Guide To Making Good Food by David Duncan
Book starts out with introduction that describes briefly the chanters.
Recipes are very minimal and use only 3-5 ingredients. Basic techniques that you should understand.
Salt, is discussed in many forms and ways. Cooking along with a lot of tips for grilling, using a thermometer.
Chapter 2 starts with the recipes. There are no pictures and no nutritional information but you should be able to substitute for your dietary needs.
Recipe includes ingredient list of a handful of items, how to prep and cook and some notes included.
Like recipe for kale chips as I've tried a few and they've yet to turn out good.
No order to the recipes-not categorized and not alphabetized.
Lot to choose from but don't think I'd refer to this as a lazy cook's book because I know preparing meals is not a lazy thing to do.

Keyhole Gardening:An Introduction To Growing Vegetables In A Keyhole Garden (Gardening Techniques Book 7) by James Paris
Introduction talks about what keyhole gardening is all about.
Descriptive details on how to make your own and why.
Some pictures and diagrams along the way to help explain the process.
What I really like about this book are the sections on composting and how to do it and with what.
Also has signs that something isn't right and how to fix it.
Also really good section on what plants are companions and which to avoid planting near one another and why.
Section near the end talks about 10 different vegetables: an introduction, planting, care and harvesting along with other notes and some include how to store crops.
Also has a Q&A section along with highlighted section of authors other works.

The Tourist Trail by John Yunker
Starts out with Angela and she's viewing the penguins as they are going through mating season.
One is waiting for his mate and they know it won't return so he will find another next year. She is taking inventory of the penguins and the species there.
Alternating chapters and Robert is on his way to Buenos Aries. He has many nightmares about the ice and it envelops him til one wakes him on the plane.
He lands at the Argentina far southern parts at the research camp. He's an uncovered investigator and needs to keep under the radar.
Scenes go back in time to the present, alternating so you are brought up to date as to when they all travel together. Learned so much more about oil spill on animals.
Lots of action and adventure, mysteries and a bit of romance.
Like learning about the habits and habitat of the penguins, interesting facts.
Got this review copy via InstaFreebie and this is my honest opinion.

Breakfast Time on the Farm by Jeni Frontera
Colorful children's book that I listened to rather than reading. Starts out with a little boy who's going to spend the day with his grandmother and she has a trip planned.
They head to a farm where the boy will find out what some animals have for breakfast. He is always asking the farmer before they feed the animals if they will like what he eats.
He has to explain why they eat different foods. Like that it's just about 3 animals on the farm but there's other educational points you can use in this book. Counting and colors come to mind.
Got this review copy via InstaFreebie and this is my honest opinion.

Nuts: Every Family is a Little...  by A. J. Cosmo
Family visits the grandparents with their children and it's Christmas. Wally wants to open his gifts right away. Pistachio his sister wants to visit with the birds in the forest.
Few colorful pictures along th eway.
Other relatives arrive with their presents also to share in the celebration.
Wally has to help wherever it's needed while others are doing other things.
After dinner the presents are delivered to who they belong to...Wally does not get one and the grandparents take over after they figure out what happened and talk to him.
Cute story in the long run.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Book Review: Spoken From The Heart: Parenting 101 Vol 5 by Cheri Swlwell

Spoken From The Heart: Parenting 101 Vol 5 by Cheri Swlwell
Have read the other works by the author and have found them inspiring.
Starts out with dedication page and works of the author, then the table of contents.
To me this book is a daily devotional for more than a month. Each day has a different theme and what I really like are the connections between the real life events.
Used to attend classes when the kids were young and it really did help to hear from others and as a group we moved on.
Scripture quotations are noted as they present themselves with the discussions.
So open, honest about her life experiences, even if they are embarrassing. Such a good role model!
Authors work have such a calming effect on my day after reading and thinking about things discussed.
Can't wait for the next installment.  I connect in so many ways with the experiences presented here.
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Book Review: Winning Dr. Wentworth by Rebecca Heflin

Winning Dr. Wentworth by Rebecca Heflin
Have read and enjoyed the first book in this series surrounding Sterling University from the same author.
Book starts out with Shelby and she's working at the university now. She runs into an old friends car as she backs out-Nash who they've known since grade 4. He left to go play for the NFL and has returned to his family home to tend to his ailing father and is the football coach for the university.
They are friends with Sam and Ethan who are planning their wedding and they are thrown into the mix of things as they get to know one another again.
What I like about this book is you hear the story from his and her sides. Love the attention to details, whether it be inside or out. Like stats also and how they get one another to open up about past life events that still effect them.
Sex scenes that enhance the story line.
Excerpts from other books are included.
I received this book from the author and this is my honest review.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Books read June 5

Waking Up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly
Story starts out with Megan and she's in Las Vegas for a friends wedding and the night before she meets up with Connor.
Having many drinks they go off by themselves and next thing she knows it's the next day and she's in the bathroom getting sick, having no recollection of what happened the night before.
He informs her they are married and all the details but they've yet to sleep together. She is not sure she wants to stay married and he knows there's just something about her, he wants to stay married and try to work things out as they've talked for many hours the night before.
There are rules and then she goes along with the three month trial. Love the travel and the descriptions of the places.
She is out to make him want out but he's got a LOT of patience. So funny the things she tries.
Steamy sex scenes and she goes to other countries with him on business.  Their past lives catch up with them.....lots of twists and turns along the way.

Powerboat Racer by Thomas Hollyday
Have read other works by this author and have enjoyed the books.
This one starts out with John Loggerman and he's arrived in the USA in hopes of meeting up with his daughter who he's not seen in ten years.
His ex wife keeps her nearby and she lives in the Tinker community where they walk around with machine guns. John learns Stephanie, his daughter, is on a mission and not able to see him.
She does contact him via phone and tells him she has to do what she's told or her mother's life is in danger.
He just wants his products boarded so he can get out of there, with his daughter. The protestors don't want him to have the products nor leave..
Fond memories of one year's boat race on the water during July, a yearly event. Story follows many different angles and is still full of twists and turns. Lots of action.
Like learning how using codes the Tinkers sends messages about their events.
Like technical talk of how to balance the ship.  Brutal savage attacks-very detailed with descriptions.
Especially like that this book is good for a man or woman. It will hold their interests til the end. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Received the book from the author and this is my honest review.

Breakfast Recipes: 50 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes (Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes, Delicious Breakfast, Everyday Recipes) by Nancy Kelsey
Each recipe starts with a title, color photo, prep and total time, servings. List of healthy ingredients and you should be able to substitute for your dietary needs.
Directions on how to make the dish are included. No nutritional information.
Lots of bonus recipes at the end along with other works by the author. Most of the ingredients are fresh and healthy.
Not liking that you use hash browns out of the freezer to use-they are so processed and have too much sodium for our diets. Gonna try making them from potatoes where I control the spices and herbs used and store them in the fridge for quick useage.

Crazy, Wonderful Science (A Mia Book Book 4)  mary Lee   (Author)
Colorful children's book about a girl who needs to do a science project for school. Her mother encourages her as they think of possibilities.
The end has the recipes to do the projects along with sideline hints as to its success. Love rainbow bowl and plan to do that one with our grandson soon.
Quizzes at the end to see if you were paying attention to the story. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
What I like about this is that the projects can be done with help from an adult by a boy or girl. Give your young one courage to just tackle it.

Celia's Secret Recipes by Pat Martin
Like the categories even though there are just a few in some of them.
Such a list of healthy ingredients and you should be able to substitute for your dietary needs.
Wanted to make the zucchini bread but not all the directions are there.
Recipes include a title, color photo for most, ingredients and how to make. There are several that the recipe is not complete.
Chocolate peanut butter cookies sound good and too easy, good for a snack on the go.
No nutritional information.

Let's Discover Some Casserole Recipes: Chicken Tuna Taco, Rice, and Pasta Casseroles and a Lot More! by Martha Stephenson
Starts out with the introduction and talks about how different countries prepare a casserole.
Recipes include a title, color photo, list of ingredient-you should be able to substitute for your dietary needs,
servings, cook time and how to make the dish along with suggestions in how to serve the dish.
No nutritional information but try a lower sodium or low fat product.
About the author and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Like layout and large size of words.

Children's books - The Gift: Picture Books Bedtime stories for children 4) by Bea Balint
Colorful children's story about a gift a ladybug wants to make for her mother, for mother's day. She had a hard time deciding on what to make but with the help of other animals she is able to do a big present.
She doesn't think her mother will like the gift because she thinks it's not the same.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Cajun Recipes: 101 (for beginners) by Clara Taylor
Introduction starts out this book with history and I especially like the meanings of some of the cajun words and phrases I've heard as to what they really mean.
Has chapters for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.
Recommended books are listed at the end. There is no nutritional information although if you do substitute for your dietary needs the dish may not taste the same.
There are NO pictures but this is a treasure to have the recipes of the area.

Norbert's Nose by Stephan Schaffrath
Colorful children's book about Norbert and how he grows up with his family and what they are trained to do and how he does it.
He wanders off and finds a friend and they go their own way. Interesting as it tells a child they can do whatever they want despite what they are trained for.
With his training he is still able to make a good profit on the work he does do with the help of others in the business.

Book Spotlight: Cookbook Boxed Set: THREE GREAT COOKBOOKS! by Dan Alatorre

Cookbook Boxed Set: THREE GREAT COOKBOOKS!  by Dan Alatorre


 All three terrific cookbooks, UPDATED with more luscious, mouth watering pictures to show you how amazing food can be!

"35 Great Recipes You Wish Your Mother Made" PLUS the follow up "35 MORE Amazing Recipes You Need to Know" AND "Dan Alatorre's All American Favorites," ALL in one place, ALL with even MORE hunger-inducing pictures of restaurant-quality treats, and ALL with the same laid back, easy to follow, friend in the kitchen attitude that made them great.

Dan Alatorre brings the love of family and the importance of delicious meals together again!

There's more to it than just recipes, there's golden, in-the-family instructions and priceless advice passed down to us and noted in this book carefully for you.
"Use fresh ingredients and follow the recipe completely the first time you make it. Don’t rush. Experiment the second time."
Simple, yet we tend to forget them. Our mothers knew, we needed these instructions. They somehow always know, don't they?

Sip a glass of wine and enjoy cooking for your family while everybody gathers around the kitchen to chat and play like we did when we were kids. The reason our grandmas spent all day making food was because they got to spend the day with the entire family!
And the reason we loved the food, was:

It was made with love – that’s the Secret.

So Go Ahead, BUY THIS BOOK. You'll be in the kitchen with friends.
Enjoy the Pizza, Hot Wings, Grilled Crab and yes, the Love..
(Hint: Several Bonus Recipes included!)


International bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 17 titles published in over a dozen languages.

From Romance in Poggibonsi to action and adventure in the sci-fi thriller The Navigators, to comedies like Night Of The Colonoscopy: A Horror Story (Sort Of) and the heartwarming and humorous anecdotes about parenting in the popular Savvy Stories series, his knack for surprising audiences and making you laugh or cry - or hang onto the edge of your seat - has been enjoyed by audiences around the world.

And you are guaranteed to get a page turner every time.

“That’s my style,” Dan says. “Grab you on page one and then send you on a roller coaster ride, regardless of the story or genre.”

Readers agree, making his string of #1 bestsellers popular across the globe.

He will make you chuckle or shed tears, sometimes on the same page. His novels always contain twists and turns, and his nonfiction will stay in your heart forever.

Dan resides in the Tampa area with his wife and daughter. You can find him blogging away almost every day on www.DanAlatorre or watch his hilarious YouTube show every week Writers Off Task With Friends.

Dan’s marketing book 25 eBook Marketing Tips You Wish You Knew has been a valuable tool for new authors (it’s free if you subscribe to his newsletter) and his dedication to helping other authors is evident in his helpful blog.

 My Review:

Cookbook Boxed Set: THREE GREAT COOKBOOKS!  by Dan Alatorre
Had read one of the authors other works and he liked my review and redid the books to add in the suggestions I posted about.
Other works by the author are featured at the beginning of the book.

First book: 35 great recipes you wish your mother made. Lots of categories to choose from.
Each recipe starts out with a title, beautiful color photo, some include servings, and a summary and then the ingredient list. Instructions on how to make and a tip on how to serve is also included.
There's just a handful that do not have a photo. Like tips along the way that make some recipes just special.
Cole Slaw will be one we will make during summer months from fresh garden ingredients, looks similar to our recipe but this one has a bit more zing.
Love all seafood recipes as we live on the coast in the Northeast and can easily obtain them. No nutritional information but you should be able to substitute for your dietary needs.
Pizza dough sounds like a winner also as it's all within our meal plan. Chocolate cake recipe is a winner also but I'd use liquid eggs without frosting and pour into muffin pans as that is the size of a piece we'd be able to eat.
35 more amazing recipes your mother would be proud of!
Bonus recipes included with the different categories.
Each recipe comes with a title, summary, beautiful color photo and list of ingredients. Some also have servings.
There is NO nutritional information but you might be able to substitute for a healthier option.
Love the Ohio connection as I put together a recipe book for my husband's family who lived there.
Love the variations with the shrimp scampi, similar to one I used to make-it's so easy to put together.
Love tips about different kinds of cookies: crispy, chevy, puffy.
All American Favorites
Love stories of holidays and what food was available. Similar to how we grew up with relatives as neighbors.
Beautiful color photos, bonus recipes along the way. Even though it might be a basic recipe the author adds his creativity to make it for a special treat at a holiday gathering.
All little notes and tips and how to make it different. No servings or nutritional information but you should be able to substitute for your dietary needs.
Think I'd rather see 'about the author' at the very beginning because then I know who Michelle is, wondering if it's a sister or mother or wife.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
What I like about the recipes are the stories that go along with them about how they came about or why they love to experiment with new ingredients to make it better.
For the most part there are beautiful color photos only a small amount do not have one. My reviewers like to see a picture of the dish they are going to try to make. There is no nutritional information nor servings size so you will have to experiment but should know how much one pound of lean meat will provide a meal for. Very few repeat recipes.
Some of the ingredients you might be able to substitute for a healthier option  (low fat, low sodium) but it is not going to taste the same as what the recipe calls for.  Grew up making a lot of these recipes and don't have my mothers recipes any longer so these are a godsend although I probably won't make them much as they contain too much sugar or other foods we are not allowed to have any longer.
Great comfort foods for the day once a month you can cheat from your diet. . Like tips along the way that make some recipes just special.   Love the variety of categories-makes it so anybody can find a recipe to try no matter what lifestyle/diet they follow.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest review.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Books read June 2

Sweet and Savory: 25 Late-Night Healthy Snacks Recipes Under 150 Calories by Tina B.Baker
Introduction about the book and snacks made for one person.
Each recipe has a summary of the dish, color photo and servings.
Has nutritional information: calories, carbs, fiber, fat NOT broken up into good and bad,
sodium and protein. List of healthy ingredients,  and how to make the item.
Pumpkin spice mug muffins sound great, I'd substitute the sugar with honey and low fat yogurt for their Greek yogurt.
Kale chips sound great also.

Brownies The Favorites Collection by Cheryl Leonard
Introduction about brownies and how they can be made and how much of a variety is available.
Starts out with a bunch of sauces that you can make for toppings or fillings.
Recipes for the brownies themselves are next. The recipes contain a title, list of ingredients and how to make and bake them along with servings.
There are NO pictures. There is NO nutritional information and you might be able to substitute some of the ingredients for a healthier option.
Chocolate Morsel Delicacies would be one of the most healthiest if you use liquid eggs.

51 recipes for apple crisp by Pamela Kazmierczak
Each recipe includes a summary of the dish, ingredients, how to make and usually a tip on how to serve.
There are NO pictures, There is NO nutritional information but you should be able to substitute for healthier options.
I like the basic first recipe as I can control the amount of butter and sugars.

Homemade Southern Biscuits: The Ultimate Guide by Kimberly Hansan
Each recipe includes a title, prep, cook and ready in time, servings, list of ingredients,
and how to make the dish.
There are no pictures. There is NO nutritional information.
You might be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs.
Old cornbread with biscuit dressing would be a good one to try and substitute the one stick of butter for spray maybe.
There's nothing else we could even consider having with our lifestyle.

Ten Wiggly Worms: A Number And Color Recognition Book by Otto Scamfer
Colorful very dark with black words on dark background.
Like the fact that the numbers are listed under the snakes so kids can get used to seeing them.
Love color of the worms. Not so sure introducing a robin looking for worms is the right way to go, kind of frightening for a child.

Book Review: Daredevils by Anne Greene

DAREDEVILS by Anne Greene
Wanted to read this book about the dare devils once I saw the cover of the book.
It reminds me of the 1930/40's on the Waltons when they had wing walkers stop by their house for weeks on end.
This story starts out with Gloria and she's on her own. She has her dog, Daisy and relies on God. She's out of a job because as a wing walker she has no work when the pilot crashed his plane.
She didn't get paid and he left a wife with twin girls. She's able to at least share a meal with them while helping them.
Story also follows Rand Maitland and he's a pilot. She has to suck up to him to get a job although the first day was a bust. She tries the next day after he offers her coffee and explains she can fix plane engines also.
Without giving away the story the reasons I liked this book are for the fear she faces every time she does acrobatics on the wings, things I learned, the area and the surprises that await them and clambake on the sand-priceless!
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review