Monday, December 31, 2007

prayer shawl, crochet

Thought as i have so much yarn left over i can make a prayer shawl using the cirochet irish lace pattern. figure about 4 across the top then taper it down. so i gotta figure out how to make 1/.2 of a square. wasn't as difficult as i thought. folded a full one in half and used that as a template and only made 4 popcorns to start with. should have pictures tomorrow.

went for a ride around ocean drive and took my black paryer shawl with me, its k every row so not much thought goes into it.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Thread shawl

Thread on a cone we got at local senior center. Think I'll attempt a shawl. I've done one for plymouth yarn or knitpicks co. last year using their design.

progress on irish lace squares, prayer shawls, old magazines

Irish lace crochet squares, got enough, i think to make an afghan now, 24 of them. think a quick slip st with a crochet hook to join them will do it.

Old mccalls needwork magazines to go through to get ideas, patterns etc before i pass them along to others. there are over 75 magazines in total.
3 more brown colored prayer shawls done

Thursday, December 27, 2007

more prayer shawls

have 2 more shawls done, in browns this time for the men who need some comfort after a loss. have at least 25 irish lace squares done now.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas all

went to moms last night and noticed my neices' afghan so i picked that up and knitted a whole skein of the homespun while there for the night. it was a green/white tweed but the dye lots ARE different and you could knida notice the difference. got about 25 squares of my irish lace done so far. will work more on those today and rest of the week. Greg has to return to work tomorrow and 2 more days for work this week.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Prayer Shawl update, new books to read

got 15th prayer shawl done today, took it to the dentist, my mom and i both had our teeth cleaned. left there and went to senior center where we got mostly brown yarns, and a few grays. wanted to make some shawls for men they need to be given to. The church is St. Michaels in Bristol.

Also I had order a quilt magazine for my mom along with the perpetual caalendars, one for crochet, one for knit. For every day of the year there is a different project. I went through each of them and found at least 15 items i was going to make. a lot of them were just pattern themselves which i can incorporate into baby blankets, etc. I also have now submitted my own designs to them, one for knit and one fro crochet and hope to find out soon that they want to include my designs in their calendars for the year 2009.

Working on more of the irish lace crochet squares for this weekend, might sneak in some work on the red wrap around sweater.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

prayer shawls, other projects

This shawl was difficult to make, mostly due to the yarn. Was Lion Boucle but only 3 oz skeins so took 4 of them to make this. Yarn didn't slide as it normally does but grabbed onto other threads in the yarn.

Now working on another using Lion Colorwaves, these skeins are also 3 oz but the yarn glides along the needle. No particular pattern, just k every row.

I wasn't able to find the center easily thus the big jumble of yarn on the floor as i hurriedly knit it up before it gets tangled. pattern color is nice, carribean. pretty dark turquoise, blue and greens all mixed up, but at times forming a pattern.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

pattern, prayer shawl

got this prayer shawl done, using eyelet pattern. another eyelet pattern would be to use yo, k2tog across that row. then regular k/p rows.
7 squares done for the irish lace afghan. working on more this afternoon. might start another shawl for tonight.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Published design

This is called Rainbow Delight: like sprightly clouds in a spring sky, pearlized shells cascade across this heavenly creation fit for any little angel. Listen closely and you'll hear the dreamland express on its way.

To order you can contact the publishers at: Needlecraft Shop
23 Old Pecan Road
Big Sandy, TX 75755
903-636-4011, fax-903-636-4099

It was featured in the afghan calendar for the year 1998.

tuesday escapades

Left this afternoon to goto Sears, scrach and dent store to look at a new gas stove. Well didn't stay there long but headed to Ocean state job lot and got some lion brand boucle for $2 a skein, they are 3 oz sizes and should make good prayer shawls.

then went to walmart and looked at the yarns they had but not many had wrappers with prices and most were a tnagled mess so they stayed at the store. wish i had a 501c status so they'd donate all the yarn to me to use for charity.

worked on a knitting prayer shawl where i cast on about 120 sts, k3 rows, then started with the pattern. k3 for each border, then d2tog, across. on back side M1 in between each st. then knit for 4, 6 or 8 rows, your choice and rep the eyelet row again. this is what mine loks like after working on it in the car for 20 mins.

progress to date on crtochet irish lace afghan:

Have 6 done so far for this crochet lace afghan. this motifs are so fun to make, i can make them now without the pattern.

also got the check from a customer who i had made an irish fisherman knit afghan for along with a lighthouse one. sent a boiy layette to her grand nephew in CA also.

Monday, December 17, 2007

crochet irish lace afghan squares

3 squares done last night and this morning. they look really neat when put side by side.
also prayer shawl was completed, put scallop edge along 3 sides. got plans to make another in aqua color.

Hospital charity work

two skeins total to make hats for the hospital.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

crochet irish Lace Afghan

this is a new pattern to me, diamonds in crochet. never tried doing them, i know various ways to do them in knitting. got this pattern from herrscheners it was in a packet of yarn from local senior center. thought i'd make up this afghan for them to sell at their annual Christmas bazaar to raise money for the center and trips, etc.
i will have to rip this apart as the gauge is off but i wanted to see what the pattern would become. it's 9 rounds in total and another square will abutt the next one forming a diamond using popcorns. says it's to be 8' square and to make 48 of them. not sure if there's enough yarn for that but will make what i can.
starts out with popcorns and uses clusters for corners. while also making popcorns in the form of a diamond for the other ends of the square.
takes about 1 1/2 hours to do the full 9 rounds for one square. craft site catalog # 20-3803 for kit
it is an older pattern.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

prayer shawls

just worked on a prayer shawl most of the day. almost done with it.

Friday, December 14, 2007

cable on cable pattern

did this swatch last sunday while at a cookie swap party. on either side the cable is crossed making it universal. problem is it's very light weight yarn and i think it'd look a lot better using heavier knitting worsted yarn so this swatch will be unravelled. think i will use it for a diamoned popcorn motif afghan instead.

Prayer shawls

The prayer shawls

stack of shawls for church in Bristol, RI
some are crochetted some knit.

crochetted shawls: purple and white, aqua shawl and one done in black blue and aqua colors.

knit ripple shawl

3 knit shawls: a 2x2 ribbed one, k3, p3 pattern and a stripe red/white shawl which has attached bells on it.
recently listening to debbie macombers reutrn to shop on blossom street there was mention of what the k3, p2 pattern meant. the oclums stay intact so you can see them, but even if you mess up by a stitch or two it's not noticeable. They said the k3, p3 symbolized 3 things, to some it means, past present and future. others: faith, hope, charity. The added three stitches in this shawl pattern modification symbolize the knitter and recipient (side chain that is formed) and the group, church, or organization that is facilitating the gift (center knit stitch that unites all the parts of the shawl). You can make it work for you.

Lighthouse Cross stitch christmas ornament

This counted cross stitch picture was a moms day gift from my daughter this past year. Being blind I have a hard time doing cross stitch but wanted to do this and put it into a wooden ring to hang on the Christmas Tree this year. I am working on it, a few cross stitches a week, depending on the light. With snow outside I can see where I'm to put the needle a lot easier. Its a dark blue background. This could also be used for a bookmark.

The wrap around sweaters

Thsi Caron yarn, simply soft autumn red wrap around sweater is being worked on among other projects. I'ts going to be just like another one i made using SS blueberry color. I heavily modified it to fit my taste. This picture shows the sweater only about 14" long on back section, with needles stay attached. I work on this daily a few rows. It's done using size 4 needles. The blue one was done using size 2 knitting needles.

The pattern came from Maxon Dixon knitting and was to be a nightgown coverup. I didnt make mine as long as what could be worn for a dress.

The blue one shows the detail of the moss (seed stitch) for the border. I didn't make the reenforcing neckband. I did make slant pockets in the seams (not in the pattern.

What I'm working on today.

Prayer shawls for a local church. They do reimburse for the yarns used. They just really needed others to knit/crochet them.

my first day here

dec 14th, 2007

wow my first day at this blog.

too many ideas, not enough hours in a day

Hoping to show not only all my charity items but things for sale.