Friday, February 27, 2009

completed projects

rosary for melissa uncle who is dying of cancer. made this rosary in 1 hour, along with a pouch.
also have vinnie birthday sweater done but i won't post the picture here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

completed projects

christmas penguin cushion

covers for c.

critter hat, it's supposed to be a polar bear but i didn't use white fun fur. it also should have little bootie/mittens to go with it.

completed projects

valentine cushion
covers for c

st patricks day cushion covers for c

left here on friday to go to my local fabric store, it's over 30 miles away. well out of the 2 store clerks in thre that didn't want to wait on anybody after 20 minutes of waiting I and 3 other couples left the store. couldn't find valentines nor st paticks day material anyways. went to sears and they didnt have the VCR rape/DVD machine. so it was to swansea we went,. now that sears store had them. also that Joanns had plenty of different colors of maerial. finially finished that gift card from c from 2 years ago and got the sprinkly material.

saw a really nice fire truck design with ladder that i will put on a kids sweater starting tonight. thinking a dark blue for the background so the fire truck in red can show up.

also working on the raspberry twist hat and i think i will make long fingerless gloves to match that pattern.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

completed projects

earflap hat for vinnnie using camo yarn

cape cod blue raglan sleeve sweater=vickys son in la in MI.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

new and completed projects

bluew sweater i had to take out all of what was sent to me as it would turn out to be a size 68 and i'm doing this as a raglan sleeve sweater, very basic.

didn't like the ribbing so took that apart and am redoing that and decreasing stitches as i go along.

new project this is a valentine tine scarf. it has x's and o's around each side and honeycombs columns. then the center heart cable. it's featured in one of barbara walkers books. i did find several mistake in the pattern myself.

this is the center heart section.

this shows the x's and o's. i also found that 52 sts for a scarf, even on size 3 needles was just too wide. think i will remove the honeycombs and maybe the border stitches.

completed projects

long majestic (marvel) coat sweater. it's very light weight as i used pound of love, about 2 lbs worth.

like the drape and the comfortiness of it. one size fits all. its roomy.

child size 4 duck sweater. was fun to knit this one.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

pattern for crochet towel toppers

wolf knit hat

this is step 1, this is assuming you have cut the purchaed towel in half and what i do is sew down that edge at least 1/4 to 1/2"
this is where i then insert the needle with a bit of yarn on it. to start the project off

this is step 2 notice how you put the needle into the towel and where the ends of the yarn are.

this is step 3

this is step 4 pull tight

keep the stitches at an even pace. i go about 2 stitches per inch.

to start off crocheting you can use the top loop to work sc's across the row

or use the side stitch or a combination of both. i then work a few rows of dc's then at the start of the next row i work one dc, skip one st, rep til end. repeat this til i have about 9 sttiches then work til that is about 3" long. to make the buttonhole i work 3 dc, ch3, skip 3 sts, work last 3 sts. on the return work 3 dc in ch space. work a few more rows of dc and end off.

to make the button i use yarn and ch3, join and work 2sc in ea st. then work a row of 2 dc in ea st. end off and attach to towel topper.

Monday, February 9, 2009

bunny hat pattern

hi julie, got your comment and i wasn't sure how to reply.

i see the white bunny hats with pink ears but find it's more for a girl and my grandson is almost 3 so wanted 'boy' colors.

the hat can be done in either knit or crochet.
to crochet. it's a basic hat for kids. ears start out at the bottom, ch6, work for 2" then increase each side 2 times. work that for 2" then decrease down to 3 sts.
now increase back up so it matches widest part of the ear, then dec down so you end up with the original 6 sts. if you fold it in half it should match. what i did then as to crochet in the darker color of blue around the whole thing and attach bottom section to the hat. i also put a pipe cleaner in.
make another ear to match.

to knit it's a basic knit hat
for the ears co 6 sts, work for 2" then inc 1st each side eor 2 times til there are 10st, work for 2", dec down to 3 sts (one half of the ear is done). now work by inc up to 10sts and work for 2", dec down to 6sts and work for 2", bo and put in pipe cleaner and crochet the outer edging with sc n darker blue. you could also knit and bo at the same time around the outer edge.
make another to match.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

completed projects

boys bunny hat, made with pipe cleaners so ears are very bendable.

boys fish hat

this is the tail

and this is the head of the fish. it can be pulled down over your face and it really then resembles a fish.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

projects completed

hospital hats showing band of hearts in a contrasting color. hope they like the hearts.

candy corn hat

bunch of hats/slippers completed: cherry hat, snowman hat candy corn hat, frog hat and slippers and christmas candy corn hat.

projects completed

this is a pattern from austrailia, everything is in cm's. its a coat sweater but mine is done using sport weight pound of love yarn. they call for a 12 ply which i hope is about the same weight as our sport weight yarn. they want a 7" border but cuz i ran out of yarn the neck section is on a holder after i had done at least 5".

this i got in an email and liked it so much that i made it for my grandson. i changed the colors around a bit and thought after it was done that it was quite short so picked up the stitches along the bottom and made it longer.

theres even a star on each sleeve.

hats completed

my version of the nehalem hat

its a very bulky hat

2 hats for hospital, they have a section of hearts in a contrasting color.