Thursday, January 23, 2020

Book Review: Seeking Rachel by Josie Riviera

Seeking Rachel by Josie Riviera
Have read other books in this series especially about the gypsies and can't wait to learn more about them and their ways.
Starts with praise from the author's works. 
Rachel is caring for her young cousin as her father had made arrangements for her to live with them and earn her keep.
They both visit the gardens often as they love being outside and a man, Nash approaches them one day and before he knows it he's telling her all his hidden secrets.
He knows she's the one but others have him paired with another woman who's stood behind him forever.
Rachel has never visited the dances and balls but they are all invited to a birthday party and she learns Nash is to be there also. Kids have lots of things to do among themselves thus giving Rachel a chance to just walk around by herself.
He finds her after his mother told him she had left to get some air at night after her charge has gone to bed. They are able to spend a bit of time together and when she hears of his betrothal to another the next day she leaves.
Upon her return she learns also about her mother and runs away to seek the truth from her father, who raised her.
Things get so mixed up for them both and he travels the countryside til he locates her and tells her the real truth.
Enjoyed this read as it's an easy story with twists and turns and so much more to learn about the gypsies: their lifestyle choices, travel and mysteries.
I received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.:

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Book Review: Shot Down by Steve Snyder

Shot Down by Steve Snyder
Not a real war reader but enjoyed this one as it spoke of the war with our US bombers and what they went through overseas.
Liked how they talk about what things they are not able to get and I can compare with what is available in the states at the same time.
Day to day, hour to day details of the days flying, bombing, debriefings and meetings of strategy.
Also with letters from his wife in the US we find out how she's doing with her latest pregnancy.
Enjoyed the pictures along the way also.
Received this review copy from the publisher and this is my honest opinion.

Book Review: Lost in the Crowd by M J Santley

Lost in the Crowd by M J Santley
Book starts out with preface with why the book was written and the journey. Dedication page and then the start of the story.
Matt is the main character and we learn of his past growing up in NE England, coal mining, working for different employees and the kids in the neighborhood.
Many events he should've been hurt or killed and circumstances occur and he's just fine.  After the death of a girl at work he travels to Asia. Pictures along the way also of things/places he's been to.
Lots of swearing throughout the book. Like learning about the travel itself, what to expect visiting different areas around the world.
Like learning about the customs and traditions of the countries he visits.
Enjoy the poems that to me summarize the chapter and the happenings within.
Can imagine them as songs, they'd be good. More adventures with his friends and his brother that he steps up to help his parents out.
Venting about religion and Jihadists and his upbringing with Catholic school and the church.
Poems are explained and what they are about when they were written.
Parts of the book come across as a tv show or movie-great detail.
See this as a positive read, thanks for the encouragement.
Received this review copy from the publisher and this is my honest opinion.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Book Review: Brownout 666 by John Richard Spencer

Brownout 666 by John Richard Spencer
Starts with about the author. Love all the travel to the locations in the book as I've not been to most.
Interesting learning about culture and traditions of the lands visited.
Rick starts out running his own furniture business in the Philippines and he has Marilyn there to actually oversee it all. Story also involves sex and drug trade.
It's just a front and he ends up in trouble and is able to buy his way out of the country and lands in Australia where he finds works but again is in trouble.
The original problem is fixed and they deport him to the USA, NY where he finds some menial tasks til he heads out to Chicago to find his relative.
They introduce him to where they work and he does very well at the company.
Loved the yoga sections towards the end.
Repulsive part for me was hearing in detailed descriptions of the rapes and sodomizes, Really turned me off from reading but managed to drudge through it.
Just didn't seem to be so necessary to have THAT much detail.
Received this review copy from the publisher and this is my honest opinion.

Jan 21 Book Review: Her Assassin For Hire by Danica Winters

Her Assassin For Hire by Danica Winters
Have totally enjoyed this series and the books and stories just keep getting better and better.
Starts with a brief summary of the book and praise from other readers, Book listings are highlighted by series and I also find I can read them in any order and can start with the 3rd book and not be lost as you are brought up to date on past events...
Love the cast of characters as I just read a book in this series a month ago and have read some other 300 books so it's awesome to catch up with who is who.
Starts with Zoey and she's putting on a fashion show to not only highlight the garments STEALTH currently makes and is marketing but the weapons as well.
She does not let a minute slip by that she relates her story about her sister that is now dead and how some of the items would've prevented her death. She also notices her ex, Eli is in the audience when she takes a bullet. It's all a stunt as she's protected but she takes a hand from him to get up as she continues her speech to the audience.
After she leaves she is on high alert to be sure she's not being followed. On the ranch she heads to the barn and the horses and is captured but she's able to escape with help...
They combine forces and hightail it to Spain where she's noticed Chad was in a video.
Love all the action and adventures there and sensual romance and sex scenes, new places for me to discover the secrets that lurk behind them as a couple, update on other family members.
They are also tangled up in another mess of things when they summon help. Love the ending and the promise they made to one another after they were captured.
Love the tech work she is able to do to find all kinds of useful information-so so so observant.
Excerpt from The Final Secret by Cassie Miles is also attached at the end.
Next book is this series will be out in March.
I received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Jan 21 Book Review: Hero's Haven by Rebecca Zanetti

Hero's Haven by Rebecca Zanetti
Not really into vampires and other creatures but I do love the author's works so thought I'd give this book a try.
Like the things I learn as there is no diecast for what each of the creatures can do from author to author.
It's all in your imagination that makes it work. This author is very descriptive, enough so you can picture it in your mind and the scenes.
Found some parts I really liked and some I just don't understand-not being a reader of this genre.
Sexual scenes were a bit off the top and I really liked how they moved in their travels and used latest technologies to achieve it all.
Like meeting their relatives and we find out over time why each one has relationship problems from their past.
Like some of the scientific things-portals, traveling from universe and back and forth, blood letting and how it made they stronger with healing-wish it'd work for humans with the disease we have these days.
Toothpaste incidents are hilarious!
Finishes up with acknowledgment and other works by the author are highlighted. Wouldn't mind reading more of this series.
Received this review copy from Kensington Books, Lyric al Press via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.
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Monday, January 20, 2020

Books Read Jan 20

Easy freezer meals recipes and freezer cooking guide for
make-ahead Meals by Debbie Mason
This book starts out with links to other works by the author and
table of contents that tells you everything from start to finish
how to make these freezer meals and has recipes in meal
categories.  There is so much more information here. Convenience
of freezer meals is the start of the introduction and how to save
money and organizing your time, your freezer space, special
containers, cooking tips and so much more.
We already do this as we make extra meals every meal we have
to use for another day or another week, put them in a container,
mark them and put them in the freezer. Convenience of freezer
meals is the start of the introduction how to save money and
Also quick meals tells you to take the sauce out of the freezer
and thawed in the fridge for dinner that night.
It has a listing of foods that are good and will freeze well.
And it also has a list of what is difficult to freeze.
Has step-by-step guides showing you what you can do.
Another recipe I really like how to make tomato sauce for some
thing is easy as that and then I could use it in many different ways
 making spaghetti and other casserole dishes.
 I like the ingredients, herbs and spices: it's just so basic but you
 just want something that you know is going to work perfect every
time you go to use it. Another one that I am willing to try is
minestrone soup: I would not be using the sausage in it but I
would be using a low sodium chicken stock and crushed tomatoes:
Diced or ones in my freezer that I had from the garden.
Like cookie dough tips, slice and bake when you want just a few.
Several muffin recipes I want to try also. Good all around good for basic and
some special meals.

Crochet for beginners by Nancy Gordon
This book starts out with table of contents and it talks about
different items in the book.
 I like the introduction because it tells you a little bit about
everything to do with crocheting: how to read and understand
the level of difficulty, keep practicing, check the gauge, terms,
and abbreviations.  There's a lot of information.  There is also a
chart showing you abbreviations and what they really mean and how to work
the ones that have symbols rather than written words:  this is something
I've never learned and I'm a published crocheted designer.
This actually has a chart showing you what the symbol is and
what it means in the pattern so I hopefully will be able to pick up
more.  There are example samples and they explain why they
have you do what you're doing in the stitches is very good
practice rows and rounds are explained and how to do them and
then it also shows individual symbols for chart and what they
really mean in a written pattern.  Another chapter is all about the
supplies you will need, the hooks made of all different materials,
all kinds of Yarns, scissors and there's also a conversion chart that
is very very helpful.  Really cool to see that they actually have it
listed here it is a very teeny hook and it's not what I use often.
Summaries and pictures showing different types of crochet which
some of them I had never even knew existed or what they were
and never heard of this but it also tells you it's good for socks,
gloves and other items: bullion crochet, broomstick which I have
seen done and there is Rogues bridges, clothesline crochet, clones
lace: very fancy and dainty and then a cro hook crochet along
with filet crochet which I have done: finger crochet have done,
freeform crochet, hairpin you need a special hook for that and
micro crochet: it shows a little picture of a whale at the tip of your
finger and another form of crochet:  Granny square overlay crochet
is another pineapple crochet, stained glass, tapestry to clones lace.
Chapters specifically for right handed people and showing actual large
sketches and what they're telling you in the words.  They also
have a section on how to do all the stitches, the yarn over,
 the single crochet, double and triple crochet.
The sources are listed in here and tips and tricks.
Each pattern has a title, color photo and summary.
Notes and tips are included along with how to start and work the pattern.
A Keeper!

Where are the Numbers?
The book starts with an offer of a free gift and it also thanks you
for receiving this book and they're looking for a review.
Each page is written format with little clouds where the words are
there are other words as well and it's difficult to enlarge the page
It talks about how they count things but they're also telling you
different things.
I like the colorful pages: it's hard to enlarge the pages so you can
actually read them. I do not like the format of the comic book
things but I do love that they are also adding numbers together
by showing you pictures on the book.

My Big Brother by Michael Gordon
Story of a little boy and his mother brings home a new baby sister
for them.  She is not able to do too much but cry, eat and sleep.
He gets bored with her and they try to explain wait till she gets
older than you'll be able to do a few more things.
As she becomes older she is able to do even more things and then
pages show what she can do every year...
Colorful pages children's book.
About the author is included at the end along with a photograph
highlighting other works by the author.