Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Book Review: A Chocolate-Box Irish Wedding by Josie Riviera


A Chocolate-Box Irish Wedding by Josie Riviera 

Book starts out with praise and reviews. Info about author's newsletter.
Story starts out with Colum O'Brien and he's on his way to his father's wedding. He will be in the wedding party and he wonders if the girl next door will be there also.
The story also follows Keira (kiki) and she's her mothers choice at the wedding. They are able to reminisce about the days they were dating one another, getting to really know one another.
Love hearing of her sewing abilities and how they each followed their dreams-he to be on stage in plays, her on the runway and even a designer.
Like hearing what they do now 30 years later and how things were left when they fell apart.
You wonder if they will get back together. Like Irish theme in this one and have heard the Irish blessing many times. So touching.
Love that this book is about 50er's characters.
Recipes included at the end.  Note from the author is included.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Book Review: When I Lose My Cool by Michael Gordon


When I Lose My Cool by Michael Gordon
Book starts out with nameplate and the story.
Colorful children's story about anger and how to live with it and get over it.
It's about Deano and he's a dinosaur and he enjoys playing with toys but something goes wrong.
He is mad at himself, everybody and his broken toy. His face gets red and he loses control.
His mother knows what's going on and steps in to help him.
She gives him tips on how to handle the anger and what he needs to do.
This would also work with older kids and adults as well.
Really good suggestions.
Ends with listing of author's other works and about the author.

Book Review: Love is the Answer God is the Cure – Aimee Nikolov


Love is the Answer God is the Cure – Aimee Nikolov
Book starts out with dedication  page and table of contents.  About the cover is included.
Note about the story and how it all started.
Prologue with prayers. Love that the sisters get to spend time in Dominican Republic because the sister that got married wasn't able to use the trip.
Each chapter also starts with a verse or psalm scripture.
They both meet men they want to get to know better.
Story goes back in time to when Aimee was only 7 and the abuse starts. Hard for me 
So much pain, torture, suffering but there are good times also.
Like that Aimee stays in touch with newspapers so she can notify others of what the animal did to her and her family.
Like how religion plays a huge part in this story. Always reliable.
Received this review copy from the publisher and this is my honest opinion.


Book Review: Happiness Power – Robert Gill Jr


Happiness Power – Robert Gill Jr  
Starts with dedication and table of contents where power and physical health, mental health, gratitude self kindness, purpose family friends and community, giving, surprise ending are all discussed in further detail.
I always felt we are the only ones who can make us happy. sure others can help but it's our job. Love this book for pointing out so many things i do on a daily basis, especially charity work and donating to others less fortunate.
Like how one thing can improve your health but I had never associated the things together.
Starts with dedication realized it, put in the way the author explains.
So many examples of how to do things, make changes for the better and just plain motivate you to get it all done.
Appendix contains words of encouragement to help you.
Lots of tips and solutions and summary of the chapter is included. So much information.
Bibliography is also enclosed. About the author is attached also.
Other things that you will get along with Happiness secrets which you can click on the link in the book.
Received this review copy from the publisher and this is my honest opinion.

Book Review: Slave to the Dream: Forever in Pursuit by Gaylan D Wright


Slave to the Dream: Forever in Pursuit by Gaylan D Wright 
Book starts out with quotes from various famous people. Story starts when author became a civilian, 36 later.
Many recollections of his time on the road, coming up on head on collisions on the main highways and nothing left of the people involved.
Mostly drunk driver accidents. Because of the way he was trained he was strong in getting the jobs done along with paperwork. Just when you think you've heard it all he tells of other accidents.
Like the camaraderie he and other troopers had over the years. Hated to hear some bosses did not fight for them or pay increases.
I recall my father also going through state police training but he stayed on the local level. So informative to me and another part of my father's life I didn't know much about.
Pictures throughout the book and love that he brought up his kids like his dad brought up him. 
Received this review copy from the publisher and this is my honest opinion.

Book Review: Secret Kisses by Mona Risk


Secret Kisses Love you doc series by Mona Risk
Starts with book description then the story. Praise and awards are noted.
Story starts with Katy at kindergarten and she meets Hoda a new girl
They become friends with Sarah and Julia.
Story follows them through birthday parties also, some are Catholic, Muslim and Jewish.
Plans are made for Hoda to marry a man her parents had picked out for her when she was very young.
He shows up at the graduation party and things don't go as planned. Another is enticed by him....
Like all the different religions and learning about them and how they go about their everyday lifes.
At times things are confusing to me. Love the travel and all the new things for me to learn about.
Amazing who each of the girls has been matched with but is it to be with complications of custom and religion?
Ends with a note from the author and her other work and about the author.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Book Review: Back to You by Steve Bates


Back to You by Steve Bates
This story starts out with Eddie and he's hiding out in a food truck, no good food for him though. We learn he's in an AI equipped car and she warns him not to go outside.
There's a war out there from his vantage point. The vehicle is not his but he persuades the AI to turn the car into a 1974 pinto, I had one similar and nobody would ever steal it.
He's late for work and tells his boss of a new story line. He takes him for a ride in the vehicle and they select a time frame. The car travels in time, forward and backward.
There are others that join Eddie and they tape stories of inventions and other events. 
It's really educational then they bring characters in from Friends and other music stars. Gets way out of hand and comical at times.
Chris was the food truck operator and he does get back to the vehicle and now there are duplicates of characters. At some point some get left behind with hopes of them returning to get them.
Kim K and so many others make appearances. Ending is kind of open so another book in teh series could be easily added.
Lots of high tech, scientific, physics, space and so many other beyond this world things keep you busy keep them all straight.
Received this review copy from the publisher and this is my honest opinion.