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Book Spotlight/Guest Post/Giveaway: Out of Character By Molly Zenk

Out of Character
by Molly Zenk
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational
238 pages

After the loss of her brother, actress Harmony Jones struggles with daily life. Landing the lead role on the hit faith based living history show, 1700s Life, might be the perfect way to reconnect with her faith and be her big acting break. 

Tired of hiding his strong faith and convictions to get secular roles, David Hawkins jumps at the chance to play the curate on 1700s Life. It's the perfect vehicle to spread God’s word.

Elliot Banes’ career needs an image makeover, so he accepts the naval hero role on 1700s Life. Getting away from his overbearing mother is an added bonus. His true hope is to learn to speak his mind instead of always fading into the background.

When a scripted love triangle between Harmony, David, and Elliot becomes a real life love triangle, Harmony must make a difficult decision. . She hoped to find her wavering faith, she didn't count on finding love as well. If that was her only obstacle, the role would be a breeze. Unfortunately, there’s an on-set spy intent on causing drama. Can Harmony see through all the lies and secrets to the truth in her heart, or will she end up falling for the wrong man? 

MOLLY ZENK was born in Minnesota, grew up in Florida, lived briefly in Tennessee before finally settling in Colorado. She graduated from Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL with degrees in Secondary Education, English, and Creative Writing. She is married to a Mathmatician/Software Engineer who complains about there not being enough "math" or info about him in her author bio. They live in Arvada, CO with their young daughters, 1 dog, and 1 cat.

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Chapter One

Two Years Ago
“So which did you like best?” I ask Patrick as we drive home from college tours. “We probably saw the music and drama departments of every state school this side of the Pacific Ocean. Did any stand out or are you going to let them fight over you some more before officially deciding?”
“Which did you like best?” Patrick asks. His text message alert goes off, but he ignores it. He is always such a careful driver. Mom never worries about us when Patrick is driving. “The most entertaining thing about today was their spiels. I mean, come on, do people actually fall for those sales pitches? ‘You’ve seen the rest, now see the best.’ Who writes this stuff?”
“Really desperate recruiting guys?” I take off my wedge sandals and prop my feet on top of the glove box. That’s the last time I wear new shoes when we’re walking about a million miles. “It’s your fault for being such a catch. Everyone wants the teen violin virtuoso. I’m just window dressing. These places will take me if it means getting to you.”
“You are not riding on my coattails. You’re a fab actress.”
“If I’m so fab, how come I never get any of the parts I audition for?” I rub at an angry red blister on the back of my heel. “I can’t even get a commercial. Remember that Bright Smile toothpaste audition?”
Patrick shrugs. “So you threw up in the trash can after you brushed with it. Big deal. It’s their fault for making such a nasty tasting product. I say you’re doing the toothpaste buying public a favor by exposing the sordid underbelly of Bright Smile.”
“Sordid underbelly?” I laugh. “I’m cutting you off the next time there’s a Mobster Confessions marathon.”
“I could say the same with you and 1700s Life.” Patrick swats at my feet when we stop at a light to get me to move them. I do so… grudgingly. “Between you and Mom that show is on a 24/7 loop. Why don’t you send in an audition tape already? Mom would pee her pants with glee if you land a role on her favorite TV show.”
I shake my head. “They wouldn’t want me. I’m not good enough.”
“What are you talking about?” Patrick scrunches up his face. “They’d be crazy not to want you. You’re going to be famous someday. You’re going to be famous, and I can say I knew you when.”
“Yeah, you knew me when I was headlining at the local dinner theater. Coming to a stage and table near you — Harmony Jones!”
“You’ll make it. You’re too good not to.”
“In LA, it doesn’t matter if you’re good or not. Talent doesn’t matter. Not really. It’s all about who you know and what you’re willing to do to get ahead of every other good, talented actress out there.”
“So jaded for someone so young. What about those open casting call deals?”
I roll my eyes at the thought. “Cattle calls? Please. I’d rather not hang around in some hotel conference room all day just to be told no.”
“It only takes one yes,” Patrick reminds me. “I’m telling you, send in a tape to 1700s Life.”
I shake my head again. “I told you, they wouldn’t want me. I’m a nobody.”
“Every somebody starts out as a nobody, Harmony.”
“Yeah, I know.” I lean forward and fiddle around with the radio dial to try to hide the fact I really, really want to be on 1700s Life but, at the same time, I really, really don’t think I have a shot. The producers always make a big show over asking for auditions tapes from all over, but when it comes down to it, the casting director goes for experience over raw talent. It happens every time. They ask for tapes, I think about sending one in, I don’t want to be rejected, so I watch other people season after season on 1700s Life instead of being on it myself. I even went so far as to make an audition tape after my crazy popular run as Abigal Williams in our high school production of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible but chickened out and never sent it in. In drama club, I’m a big fish in a small pond. No matter how much I want to be a real actress on a real show, I don’t know if I’m ready to be a small fish in a big pond. My head shot may be impressive but my resume is not. I have the kind of blonde, blue eyed beauty that is common enough in California. Nothing special there. My supposed beauty landed me some child modeling gigs and beauty pageant crowns, but being the face of Lil’ Junior Miss when I was ten isn’t going to open any doors now.
“What are you thinking about?” Patrick asks.
“That this whole actress thing is just a pipe dream.” I prop my feet up on the dashboard again, but Patrick smacks them down just as quickly. “Maybe I should just accept that I’m never going to be anything more than a high school drama club darling and settle on a major with more market value, like education. Maybe I could teach acting. That sounds like a good plan, right? Or a smart one, at least.”
“And always wonder what could have been? Please. You’re too good to be one of the ‘what could have beens’, Harmony. If you have a dream, chase it. Don’t settle for what could have been.”
“Easy for you to say. You’re, like, guaranteed success. The more you play your violin, the more people love you. Acting doesn’t work like that.”
“Acting works however you want it to,” Patrick says. “If you need to be confident, act confident. If you need to act brave, act brave. Seriously, Harm, you can do anything you set your mind to. Just believe in yourself a little bit more, will ya?”
I kiss my index and middle finger and hold them up to the roof. “From your lips to God’s ears. I think I can do anything as long as you’re with me, Patrick.”
He playfully bumps my shoulder with his. “Good, cause you’re stuck with me.” Patrick motions at the radio. “Hey, turn it up! Nothing says ‘I’m fabulous and I don’t care who knows it’ like a little Kelly Clarkson.”
I crank up the radio. We sing Stronger at the top of our lungs, grooving along to the music, and laughing till there are tears streaming down my cheeks. This is the first day of the rest of our lives. We’re young, we’re free, we’re talented, and we’re invincible. Nothing can stand in our way or tear us apart.
Until it does.
The black pick-up truck slams into the driver’s side door like some linebacker looking to make a tackle, only we aren’t ready for it. How can you be ready for something like that?
I scream. It’s the only thing I seem able to do. I scream over and over and over again.
“Stay calm, Harmony.” Patrick grips the wheel hard and grits his teeth as he tries to take control of the out-of-control car. We pin wheel into the guard rail on the side of the highway. The metal rail twists and bends as if a giant crumbles it in one angry hand and throws our car into the mix.
I brace myself against the passenger side door with my right arm and foot. My stomach feels like it’s in my throat. Throwing up would actually be welcome right now. It would give me something to focus on other than this sickening fear that has my heart in a squeezing death grip and my whole body shaking. I try to calm myself by saying a prayer but all that comes out is “we’re going to die, we’re going to die.” Everything I ever wanted to do but never got to flashes before my eyes. Landing my first big role. Cheering for Patrick when he plays his first concert at Carnegie Hall. Getting married. Having kids. I want to be a good person. I hope I already am a good person, but what will people say about me if I die now? What have I really done with my life?
I clutch at the gold cross necklace around my neck — a present from mom for mine and Patrick’s eighteenth birthday. He has one, too, but he can’t reach for it now. He’s too busy trying to keep us alive. Patrick bites down hard on his lower lip and stares straight ahead through the broken windshield. Blood and glass from the driver’s side window sprinkle his strawberry blond hair but he doesn’t lose focus. Not once. I can count on Patrick to get us through this. He’s never let me down before.
The four points of the cross pendant dig into my palm. I focus on that, and suddenly my mind is clear enough to pray. Dear God, please help us. We need you now more than ever. Get us through this, and I promise to—
I never get to finish my thought. Instead, we slam into a concrete support column and everything goes black.

Out of Character by Molly Zenk
This book starts out with many chapters following different people in various places. They all have one thing in common that becomes obvious once you get to know them.
The auditions are in and the characters set for 1700's Life. I think I myself would enjoy this life as I like to use my hands and don't need the bells of whistles of today.
They want to stand for something, their life has a purpose and God is in the plans. Faith and purity are keys.
The show is a historic reality faith based drama show where nothing is scripted and it's on an island.
Alternating chapters of the characters so at times it gets a bit confusing til you realize who is who and what's going on.
David, Harmony, Elliott, Katie are the real life characters in the 1700's village. The plot is Harmony is to spend with the two men and select one.
Twists and turns and a major one at the end.  Like story line but wish there had been more of the 1700's day to day life descriptions of things there and chores to be done.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

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Book Spotlight: Once Broken by D. M. Hamblin

Once Broken by D. M. Hamblin

Once Broken is set in Metro Boston between 1970-2009. It's a story about a single mother, Jackie Martin, who has two objectives: First to raise her daughter, Gina with her self-esteem unscathed by her father’s abandonment; Second, to see her daughter’s father, Tony Salvucci suffer for his abandonment. Both objectives come to pass. With lots of twists and turns and memorable characters, Once Broken is an inspirational story about forgiveness vs. revenge and living one's life moving forward, no matter how painful the past.

Author Bio:

Since childhood, D.M. Hamblin always loved writing whether it was a paper for school or college, advocacy letters for herself or others, love letters, short stories or business communications. She was accepted to study communications at Boston University’s School of Communications to major in public relations, in September 1980. However, life interrupted. She became a single mother the following year instead. While raising a delightful daughter, she went from a short stint on welfare to finish college, start a paralegal career, send her daughter through private schools, began and finished the first manuscript of Once Broken from 1995-1996, abandoned it as her paralegal career excelled, married the love of her life when her daughter was fourteen, blended two beautiful step daughters, built two businesses in the legal industry, fell madly in love with three amazing grandchildren, suffered Lyme disease for seven years, sold two businesses –and in 2015 was blessed to have found the time and resources to resume the dream of writing. After twenty years, she unearthed Once Broken, converted it from floppy disk, revised and edited several times, and launched her long awaited writing career with the self-publishing of her debut novel, Once Broken.

My Review:

Once Broken by D. M. Hamblin
Book subject sounds interesting and I wanted to give this new author to me a try.
1993 wedding of Camilia and Tony.
Story goes back in time as it catches us up with the present day. Jackie and Gina on their way to the mall...jackie had once loved Tony and knows he's getting married...Tony is Gina's dad.
Tony's father stuck up for him no matter what bad things Tony had done.
Like how Jackie lives with the decisions she made in her life and have a bad feeling as to what really happened to her intended...
Happy to learn the grandparents want the child in their life...
Medical emergency gives them all a chance to stand back and think of what's going on and get it all in order.
What I like about this book are many things: music and lyrics of the time when I was growing up also,  locations of places visited as I live or have been to the same ones-magical, the career Jackie decides on and why-so brave! So many hidden treasures: charms, needlework, picnics.
Unpredictable, scary, romantic, sex scenes, travel, just an all around great read. Can't wait to read more from this author as she gets her point acrss without a lot of drama. Love how it follows their lives through the teen to adult years and those older-well rounded family life. Feel so much closer to this author after reading her bio as we have gone through so many of the same things in life.
Received this review copy from the author via Goodreads and this is my honest opinion.

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Book Spotlight: Marital Advice To My Grandson, Joel by Peter Davidson


When my grandson, Joel, got engaged, I decided to jot down a few words of marital wisdom for him, based on my vast experience as a husband. Then I thought, why share this wisdom with only one person when I can share it with the whole world. So, I started a blog, listing new marital advice every week. As the popularity of the blog grew, people suggested that the material should be turned into a book and, well, here it is! Sure, much of the advice is off-the-wall and wacky, but it's also an upbeat, humorous look at married life that any engaged or married person can relate to and will find insightful and fun to read. Even unmarried people can enjoy the book and, who knows, it might convince some of you to take the plunge, or perhaps confirm your belief that being single is a blessing. Advice to Joel, and to any man, includes: make sure that you buy a roll of electrical tape before you volunteer to do the vacuuming-and why, how to deal with your wife's steely-eyed, clinched-jaw scowl, known as "The Look," how to answer your wife's questions such as, "Does this dress make my ass look big?," the warning that your mouth will get you into a whole lot more trouble than your Willy ever will, and how to create the world's most powerful anniversary card for your wife. Virtually all of the material in the book is presented in the form of upbeat stories, scenarios, and examples. This is not the type of advice that you'll find in a textbook on marriage or in a book on marital relations written by some psychiatrist. This is the real stuff for real people.

Book Information

Book Title:  MARITAL ADVICE TO MY GRANDSON, JOEL: How to be a husband
                    your wife won't throw out of the window in the middle of the night.

Author:  Peter Davidson   -

Genre:  Relationships, Marriage, Advice, Humor

Book's Goal and Audience:  The original goal was to provide upbeat advice to the author's grandson about his role in his upcoming marriage and how to be a proper husband.  Now, as a book, the goal remains the same but the audience includes all men, whether they are engaged, married, or single.  Women will enjoy the insight and humor of the book and will appreciate the book's message.

ISBN 13:  978-0-692-99815-1    

ISBN 10:  0692998152

LCCN:  2017919313

Format:  Paperback  (6' x 9')   and   Kindle ebook

Number of Pages:  152  (The book is long enough to provide valuable information but short enough that guys might actually read it.)

Retail Price:  Paperback, $10.95  -  Kindle ebook, $5.25

Copyright Date:  2018

Publication Date:   January 5, 2018

Publisher:  Sweet Memories Publishing  –

Availability:,, Ingram, Baker & Taylor,  and numerous other sources


Author Information:  This is Peter Davidson's twenty-ninth published book.  His works include novels, non-fiction, college textbooks, and children's picture books that have been published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, Perigee/Putnam Publishers, Sweet Memories Publishing, Haworth Press, and others.


Marital Advice to My Grandson, Joel: How to Be a Husband Your Wife Won't Throw Out of the Window in the Middle of the Night  by Peter Davidson
What I like right off the bat is the male perspective about things females flock together to discuss: fashion, wedding planning, etc.
So much helpful advice to keep the marriage alive and on track.
Years of experience are the priceless part of life and so generous of the author to share it.
Hilarious events that occur that had me laughing out loud because they are 100% true! Take heed of the advice in this book, it's true north.
So much down to earth advice no matter if you are a male or female reader. I think females will find this as a book they'd want to gift to a male.
Compromise til you get your way, it takes time and patience like the toilet paper roll. LOL
Brutal at times and it's not sugar coated.  Brownie points ROFL. 
There are SO many great parts to read about I don't want to spoil them for you, you gotta read them firsthand and you will have tears in your eyes from laughing so hard.
Received this review copy from the author via LinkedIn and this is my honest opinion.

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Books read Jan 12

The Book No One Wants To Read: A funny interactive activity book that gets reluctant readers reading by Beth Bacon
Excellent read just like the last book I read by this author. So many things to do while reading this.
Some pages will make you laugh out loud. I can't wait to read this one with my grandson, we WILL have tears in our eyes from laughing so much!

Mystery at Dead Broke Ranch by Anne Greene
Have read other works by the author and have enjoyed the reads.
This one starts out  with Ashley, a special ed therapist and she needs a man. She is strong and lives on the ranch with Zach her brother in a wheelchair.
The job is still available: work at the ranch and the man riding up on the motorcycle wants it, Stone Hunter. He's done all kinds of jobs, interesting hearing about them all throughout the book.
She needed him to work because if they didn't have ramps for Zach and other things he'd go back to foster homes. They still have not solved the murder of her grandfather... She just wants a Christian man.
Her twin sisters are moving in and one is to be married at Christmas. Love the work she does with the horses for handicap kids.
Stone  just wants to find what he left behind and get out of there...
Past events are brought forward and she recalls why Zach is confined to the chair.
He tells the family the truth then he has to leave and he hopes to clear his past before returning... So many leads and clues as to who killed her grandfather...
There is so much more to learn about the characters and their careers, can't wait to read more about them. Handful of characters but easy to keep them straight.
Lots of action and more mystery and the authors other works are highlighted at the end.  
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

30 Day Whole Food Instant Pot Challenge by Anton Finch
What I liked about this book are the fresh ingredients. What I didn't like was the use of canned vegetables when you can just make them fresh and more nutritious.
Each recipe includes a title time and servings, list of ingredients which you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sugar, low fat, low sodium products.
I'd also use fresh tomatoes rather than canned one. Directions are given and there is some nutritional information but I'm not sure for what size serving and I am not sure why cholesterol is listed as that product is no longer added.
Maybe they mean sodium, that would make sense. Has calories, fat NOT broken up into good and bad, carbs, sugars, protein and cholesterol.
There are NO pictures. Didn't find anything new that I've not tried already.
Has conversion  tables listed at the end.

Stormy by Tina Gayle
Book starts out with Karen and she's arrived at his house one snowy night but hadn't been able to reach him by phone.
Daniel is surprised to find her in his home after leaving the bathroom and they find they have much in common-having held it all in for too long.
Hot steamy sex scenes. They each had lost their spouses and are overcoming their grief.
Story also follows the children and how they assume Karen will show up at the hospital with her ex's heart attack although he's got a new woman in his life.
He was her boss, now he's her lover. Gets a bit confusing as the other families come into play with their lives.
Like all the turmoil that goes with the story as the people are the older age and not much drama as 20s couples.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Soldier On by JD Wynne
This book starts out with Molly and she's gone trhough rough times after 9/11 and is now stationed in Afghanistan.
She's with other females and she just wants to get the year over with.
Daily things that need to get done are listed for her to do as a guard to the detainees locked in their cells. Some deplorable conditions but then there are breaks away from it all.
Adult situations and was happy to hear she had stuck to her guns and followed it through. Hadn't seen it coming.
Like relationships formed and with who during her stay there to help pass the time. Loved hearing all about the treats sent from the scout troops and relatives.
Like phrase of the title of the book and love what it stands for. Especially like the ending and glad it wasn't a cliff hanger.
Received this review copy from the author via Goodreads and this is my honest opinion.

Instant Pot Cookbook: 365 Day Super Healthy quick and easy pressure cooker recipes ( Pressure Cooker Recipes, Instant Pot Recipes Book, Healthy Cookbook) by Linda Thompson
This book starts out with a short intro and table of contents divided into meals.  Great info in the introduction that shows the pot dissected and why it's fun to cook with. Also has a measurement conversion chart and abbreviations..
Each recipe starts with a title, prep and cook time and servings. List of ingredients and you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: Low sodium, low fat, low sugar products.
Directions on included and there is some nutrition information: calories, fat, NOT broken up into good and bad, fiber, carbs and protein.  There is no serving size for the prior information and there are no pictures for individual dishes.
At some point the nutritional information is so different than how it starts out in first recipe.
Cook time is omitted also as the recipes go on. No consistency in the recipes, wonder why?
Don't really see anything new I'd want to try in this book.
Table of contents listed at the end again.

Andromeda's Reign by K. S. Haigwood
This one starts up where the last ended off. Very steamy at times and you really need to read the previous books to understand what's going on.
They have a bond, Ace and Andromeda although she as Nema loves Phoenix.  They must be together for each to survive and it's hard to fit Phoenix and Andromeda into it all. She must learn more about her powers and the bond with Ace and what's why she's in Vegas, with him and his clan.
She also learns of Ace's powers over her...
Lots of action, adventure and mystery as they try to find another witch to break the bond spell. More shifters and much more to learn about them and how they play with existing shifters.
Not really my genre but I like the style of writing as it's very descriptive.
I received this review book from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Living Room Yoga: An essential guide of yoga moves that will tone, stretch, and strengthen your muscles! (Living Room Fit Book 3) by A.K. Davidson
This book is about yoga and how you can do it in your own living room.
Table of contents and intro about what you should be able to accomplish once you start yoga.
What I like is that each pose has it's own pages: step by step instructions on how to do the pose and then a picture of a boy actually doing it correctly.
Have done yoga on the WII fitness where it's actually a game and you get points or something and you have to do so many per day or according to your program.
40 different poses.

Picky Ricky & The Food Fairy by Emily McLeod
Book starts with intro about picky eaters. Colorful children's book about Ricky and he really only likes a few foods. Others even try to pay him to try a new food. He's not having any of it.
He has a strange dream one night and the food fairy comes and takes him to foreign lands where he watches others eating the food they grew and he tries it and likes it...this happens every new place.
When he gets up in the morning there is a surprise for the rest of the family.

Top 500 IP Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes by Jamie Stewart
This book starts out with a table of contents with regular meal categories.
Introduction about the IP, instant pot pressure cooker.
Each recipe starts with a title, read in mins, servings and brief tip. Per serving nutritional information: calories, fat NOT broken up into good or bad, carbs, protein and sugars. NO sodium levels mentioned.
List of ingredients and you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sodium, low sugar, low fat.
Directions are included. There are NO pictures.
Might be difficult to locate some of the special spices needed as they are not common in most grocery stores.
Nothing outstanding as I've read through a lot of IP cookbooks, just like experimenting myself.

Easy One Pot Recipes: Appetizers | Soups | Entrees | Desserts . Delicious, Healthy, and Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for all Occasions! by Kathy Jenkins
Book starts out with table of contents with regular food categories.
Recipes include title, list of ingredients and directions. There are NO pictures. There is no nutritional information and I'm unfamiliar with some of the ingredients. I probably know them by another name.
You should also be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs : low sodium, low fat, and low sugar products.
Nothing really stood out for me to want to make.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Tame the Flame, Boost Immune System, Restore Health, and Feel Amazing by Andrea J. Clark
Book starts out with table of contents and intro about what this book can do for you.
Discusses the problems, solutions and how you can fix them. Meal plan for a week is included that contains a meal of 2 people with list of fresh ingredients broken up into food categories.
Recipes include a title, summary, total time and servings and list of ingredients and how to make.
There are no pictures and no nutritional information.
Fair resource book.

Budget Dinner Cookbook (2nd Edition): 35 Affordable Recipes to Feed Your Family Any Night of the Week!  by Olivia Rogers
This book starts out with a table of contends and a short introduction. Each dish has a title, color photo and brief summary. List of ingredients and you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: Low sugar, low fat, low sodium products.
You should also be able to substitute the canned items for fresh.
There are tips at the end but no nutritional information.

I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs By Rachel Branton and Tim Petersen
Children's colorful story of a girl and she is so hungry. Too hungry to wait for dinner.
She heads outside and some animals try to treat her to one of their favorite snacks...
What I like about this book is that you can see the lettering on the dark background making it easy to read.
She comes across many animals and their foods.  She gets a surprise after dinner.
Love end where it asks you to find so many items on the pages you've just read. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Handcrafting Artisan Salves & Lip Balms From Your Kitchen by Alan Bullington
What I like about his book are the fresh ingredients you can use and why you should not mix oils and waters.
There are recipes and pictures along the way. Like part where certain products are for your ailing skin or hair conditions.
Resource listing is also provided.

Thanksgiving Tales: True Stories of the Holiday in America
48 different stories about Thanksgiving. Each one by a different author and very memorable.
Can see me reading a few every night starting November 1 til the big day.
At the end of every story the author has a few words about their story.

Santa's Temporary Team by Ana Montoya-Wade 
Forced to turn the tablet sideways to read this book.
Colorful children's book about Santa and his team that help out every Christmas to deliver toys.
Print is rather small and photos are very colorful and engaging.
One year all the deer had colds and he had to think where he could get a temporary team to help out.
Good choice and love how the story goes. Great for a Christmas eve reading.
Quite comical as to who he finds to help out.

Delicious Crockpot Recipes: A Full Color Crockpot Cookbook for your Slow Cooker (Crockpot;Crockpot Recipes;Slow Cooker;Slow Cooker Recipes;Crockpot Cookbook;Slow ... Cookbook;Crock Pot;Crock Pot Recipes) by Katie Banks 
Book starts with offer of free gift and table of contents broken up into regular categories.
Intro from the author and then right to the recipes.
Each recipe includes a title, summary of the dish, and divided sections on the rest of the page that will leave you to have to turn the page to get through the ingredient list and then go back to see how to make it.
Levels, prep and cook time, calories per portion and servings.
List of ingredients and you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sodium, low fat, low sugar. There are a ton of ingredients because of all the spices. On the previous page you then have to go back to find out how to make the dish and there are cooking tips at the end.
There is NO nutritional information and there are pictures at the very end of the recipe.
Nothing really stood out for me.

Instant Pot Cookbook: 500 Most Delicious Recipe Collection Anyone Can Cook by Roy Fisher 
Book starts with a table of contents where recipes are broken up into food categories.
Free gift offer and an intro. Most info is about the machine itself.
Each recipe starts with a title, short summary, prep and cook time and servings.
Ingredients and you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sodium, low sugar, low fat.
Directions are included along with some nutritional information: no size specified, calories, fat-NOT broken up into good or bad, fiber, carbs, sugar and protein. NO sodium levels.
Nothing struck my fancy as I've read a lot of instant pot cookbooks.

The Mediterranean Diet: 101 Delicious Low Fat Soup, Salad, Main Dish, Breakfast and Dessert Recipes for Better Health and Natural Weight Loss (Free Gift): Healthy Weight Loss Diets (Fitness) by Alissa Noel Grey 
Book starts with a table of contents and different categories are just mixed in with one another.
Introduction about the diet plan and how this plan will help your overall health.
Each recipe starts with a title, servings and prep time. List of ingredients is included along with instructions.
There are NO pictures.  There is NO nutritional information but you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sodium, low fat, low sugar.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Mediterranean Cookbook: 16 Mediterranean Diet Recipes to Improve Your Health and Stay Fit by Ralph Foster
This book starts with a table of contents and intro. Recipe include a title, small color photo and a large summary of the dish.
Ingredients are listed and you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sodium, low sugar, low fat. Directions are also included.
There is NO nutritional information but the ingredients appear to be mostly healthy.
No servings sizes mentioned either. Some spices may be hard to find at your local grocery store.

Yoga for Women: 14-Day Beginner’s Guide
This book starts out with table of contents and intro about who the book is for.
Lots of benefits come from doing yoga-each is explained.
Free ebook gift is linkable.  14 day plan. Bonus 100 yoga poses and each is explained and shown.
Some of the pictures are distorted making it difficult to see exactly what is going on.

My Mom is the Worst: A Toddler's Perspective on Parenting by J.K. Coy 
Colorful children's story but print is very tiny. The mom makes her do things like wear clothes when they leave the house and how to protect her head in the rain and sun.
As we adult we know it's for their own good and they will come around in time.
Author bio at the end.

The Extraordinary Zucchini Cookbook: 25 Luscious Zucchini Recipes (Superfoods for Best Health) by Robert Pratt
This cookbook starts with a table of contents where recipes are broken up into major categories.
Free gift is offered.
Intro about zucchini is about how versatile you can make it in cooking.
Each recipe starts with a title and color photo, prep, cook times and servings.
List of ingredients and you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sodium, low fat, low sugar.
Directions are included. NO malnutrition information. Didn't see anything we'd make.

Mediterranean diet for beginners by gina crawford
Table of contents and an intro about the diet itself.
Other chapters go into more details about the food but also the sleep and exercise.
History of the diet is included and how to make it your new diet.
How to switch to better products that you will learn to love. Seven day meal plan is included.
Also 30 minute recipes.
Each recipe starts with a title, color photo, servings, list of ingredients and you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sodium, low fat, low sugar.
Directions are included and there is NO nutritional information.
More cookbooks are advertised. Only 30 recipes in this one.

Sigfried's Smelly Socks! by Len Foley 
This colorful children's book is about Sigfried and his socks stink, bad.
Print is not uniform in size but sketches are funny to look at.
He recalls everything that ever spilled on them over the year...
Seems each pair of socks has a strange smell to them. Cute story at the end...

Delicious Crockpot Recipes: A Full Color Crockpot Cookbook for your Slow Cooker  by Katie Banks 
This cookbook starts with a listing of other books for sale and table of contents divided by food category.
Intro about how the book came about. .
Easy recipe has a title, summary of the dish and other details :level, easy or hard
Prep and cook times, calories per portion and servings.
List of ingredients that is broken up with other information on multiple pages. Should keep ingredients together or directions on how to make. too much turning the pages back and forth to read the recipe.
Should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: Low sodium, low fat, low sugar.
For the first recipe for a stew there are 17 ingredients. Also has directions and cooking tips.
Color photo is after the recipe.
Some recipes also mix the measurements in the same recipe: grams for one item, but cups for other  ingredient and ounces for another. have to keep it all the same, too confusing

Children’s book about Cowboys Kurious Kid by Brian Smith
Table of contents and introduction. History of cowboys is included.
Tells what cowboys do in today's time. Color photos along the way.
Weather for cowboys, hard times, animal danger, fun times, stampedes and other chapters about famous ones.
Very informative, great book!  Everything you always wanted to know about cowboys.

Being Thankful: Thanksgiving Stories for Children  by Arnie Lightning 
This colorful children's book starts out with free gifts and table of contents.
Tom the turkey has its own special holiday, stuck between jack and Santa.
Love activities after each chapter because they relate to Thanksgiving.
Many stories about how others celebrated one year. Jokes are included.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Thanksgiving Stories: Fun Thanksgiving stories funny jokes and more! by Arnie Lightning
Starts out with offer of free gift and table of contents.
Cute stories about the holiday. Some are real funny.
Thanksgiving jokes are also included at the end. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Author bio included. 

Thanksgiving Stories: Fun Thanksgiving stories for kids by Arnie Lightning
Starts out with offer of free gift and table of contents.
Cute stories about the holiday. Some are real funny.
Thanksgiving jokes are also included at the end. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Author bio included. 

You Can Do It: Health, wellness, and weight loss for those who have tried everything else by Jasinda Wilder
Book summarizes the authors life to date and the obstacles she's had to overcome and has found a good solution for her life.
There are listings of healthier snacks than what you find in the stores. Lots of tried and true results that should work for you also.
Not too keen on the running part as my doctor told me that walking is better-easier on your knees and feet.
Photos are included. Has 8 week guide and meal plans and grocery lists.

Keep the Happy in Your Holidays: 21 Ways to Save Time, Money, and Your Sanity This Christmas Season by Cherie Lowe
Starts with an intro about some things you can do to free up your time for the holiday season. Gift tags are printable, included.
Budgeting for many aspects of the holiday are included by section.
Good deals and not only on Black Friday. Lots of links and blog postings to help you along.
Lots of talk throughout the book about faith and religion and God.
Tells you how to save money on car rides, hotels and airline tickets.
Other works from the author are highlighted at the end.

Jamaican Recipes by Jackie Swansen
This book starts out with a table of contents and has chapters broken up into meals.
Recipes include title, prep and cook time and ready in, servings and list of ingredients.
You should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sugar, low fat, low sodium products.
Direction on how to make are included. There is NO nutritional information
There are NO pictures.
Might be a bit difficult to find some ingredients in your local grocery store as they are native to the area.

Mr. Bunny's World: Funny & sometimes strange moments of wisdom told through the eyes of a bunny by Paul Angel 
This colorful children's book is sometimes hard to read the words as they are dark on a dark background. Tells the story of a bunny and I love watching the moon and sun expressions as things are occurring. Like the selection of animals in the story also.
How things are seen from a bunny's view.

The New Slow Cooker Cookbook: 600 Healthy and Easy Slow Cooker Recipes by Frank Morgan 
This book starts with a table of contents and intro and then chapters are broken up into meals.
Each recipe starts out with a title and brief sentence about the dish. prep and cook time and servings.
List of ingredients and you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sugar, low fat, low sodium products.
Use of canned items : why not just use real fresh items?
Directions are included for the dish and slow cooker. Some nutritional information is included: never states the size per portion, calories, fat NOT broken up into good or bad and carbs and protein. NO sodium is mentioned.
NO pictures. Some ingredients you may find it hard to locate in your regular store.

A Relaxing Country Christmas Cookbook: Holiday Recipes you Should have got from your Grandmother (Homesteading Freedom)  by Carson Wyatt 
This book starts out with a table of contents, introduction and recipes.
First are drinks and there is a short summary. Recipes include a title, summary and servings, time and list of ingredients and how to make. NO pictures and NO nutritional information.
You should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: Low sodium, low sugar, low fat in the recipes, NOT drink category.
Few photos.
Tips along the way how to decorate.
Like how it has a variety of main meat dishes so you can select which one you want to make.
Each recipe doesn't start at the top of a page making it a big hard to locate the recipes.
Also has jarred gifts to make.

Healthy Cooking Tips by Ralf C. Brauer 
This book starts with a table of contents and an introduction and why is it important. Lots of useful information.
Discussion of kitchen equipment and different methods of cooking.
Like the part about fats, good and bad and what they are.
color photos along the way as things are described.
Substitutions for healthier side dishes is included.
There are recipes but not written out like a recipe.  Just lists carbs saved per recipe along with a color photo.
Berry muffin starts out with all kinds of substitutions you can use but it also lists melted butter and heavy cream-I'd be substituting these two. A color photo and nutritional info includes carbs, fiber, protein, fat=NOT broken up into good or bad, calories and No sodium listed.
Like section on herbs and spices and what you can use them with.
Like the substitutions for baking also. Thought there'd be more recipes.

The Long, Wrong Trailer by Karen Musser Nortman  
This camping RV book is about a couple who buy an RV, not knowing what they are doing.
They decide around Halloween to travel to a local campground and others help them in many ways.
Like hearing of how everything works. Love the hidden spaces for things they need to bring with them.
Others warn them of the con who sold them the RV, problem is he is discovered, dead. What I like especially are the places they venture to.
Like the clues leading to who killed him and how the others at the camp help out. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Let There Be Love by Melissa Storm
Starts with offer of a free gift Lauren has just gotten news that her father had died and she thinks that is impossible. they had just exchanged Christmas gifts.
She quits her job because her boss wouldn't give her time off from work and prepares her fathers affairs.
Memory boxes of their life are in his closet but she finds one about Alaska and dog sledding which she knew nothing about.
All kinds of newspaper clipping and she starts to understand about his other life. One of Shane and his dogs but he's injured and needs a handler. Her dad was one of the top best.
Wicked funny he has rules set for her while she's living at his house tending to the dogs and training...
Love learning about the terminology of the mushers as she investigates her father and Shane's lives in Alaska.
Fire makes him fire her and she leaves ... she thinks she is good with the dogs and agrees to help him when he comes back.
They both have hidden pasts that come to light and they have a lot of turmoil to get through, alone or together?
Next book involves Scarlett. Loved how this story came about. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

The Christmas Cottage by Samantha Chase
This one starts out with Lacey and her lifelong friend Ava is about to be married in 7 weeks and spend her honeymoon night in the family cottage.
Lacey is burnt out with the details, daily of how to wear her hair, etc but she's tactful about it.
Ava wants Lacey-the maid of honor and the best man to get the cottage ready for them-she's got this huge book all about it.
Ava isn't on the same page as to the future and children...and there are other obstacles, her job...
Cottage is supposed to be magical and those who've been married in it have stayed together for a very long time, maybe NOT always happy on the outside...
Lacey will be decorating the cottage with Ava's brother Ean-who Lacey has a crush on....
Twists and turns and love hearing about the cottage first hand. They have their differences and they are older as they get to know one another again.
They do think Ava needs more time with Mason.
Love the locale and wish they had more time around the area in the book.
Pretty predictable.  Lots of drama. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Grilled Cheese :The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Delicious & Best Selling Recipes by Susan Hewsten 
This cookbook contains info on receiving free ebooks, table of contents, in no specific order and the recipes.
Each recipe contains a title, prep, cook and ready in time, and servings.
Ingredients and you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sodium, low fat, low sugar, etc.
Directions on how to prepare the sandwiches is included.
There are NO pictures. There is NO nutritional information.

Best WOK Dishes Cookbook: 25 Simple and Satisfying Recipes by Nik Holt
Book starts with offer of a free ebook, table of contents  and intro about cooking with your wok and what things you need to do to preserve the wok.
Each recipe has a title, color photo and prep time, cook time and servings.
List of ingredients and most include healthy ingredients, you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sodium, low fat, low sugars.
Directions and included and there is NO nutritional information.

Rejoicing at Christmas by Hilary Walker
Love all the inspirational things and how to change your outlook on stressful times.
Things to do to keep Christ as the reason for the season.
Scripture passages are quoted to help prove a point.
Other works by the author and bio are included at the end.

Memory Warp: How the Myth of Repressed Memory Arose and Refuses to Die by Mark Pendergrast
This book contains adult situations, abuse and other disturbing topics.
What I really like about this book is the research and much references that are quoted about repressed memory.
Had read another book by this author and he goes above and beyond to back up his statements.
He also gives the very medical technical side of things but in easy to understand language. The other book I had read about Jerry Sandusky is also quoted in this book as it refers to the repressed memory.

Like learning about sleep paralysis, I've had these and now I know why.
Body and mind memories, good to learn about these and about PTSD and flashbacks.
Cult and Satanic insistences that are similar to the memory problems mentioned prior.  Like link with hypnotic driving.
I got as far as the day care molestations and can't go any further. It's all so disturbing to me.
Gave this book a 5 because of all the intense research involved and the research on the memory warp diseases.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

When DNA is Wrong by Jeff Beckett
Have a few review chapters from the author.
Subject intrigues me as I've heard of many that have been wrongly accused and later in life while serving in prison they are released because the DNA proved it couldn't have been them.
Starts out with detectives and they are summoned to a crime scene. Lots of details come forth as they question the woman in the apartment about her boyfriend that is now dead.
Very descriptive you can picture the scenes as they are very detailed.
Would like to review this but not going to pay to do so.

Embers of Atlanta (a short story, crime, mystery)
Very descriptive book about a few different characters as they appear to be surviving the catastrophic demise of a city.
What some have to go through as they are bitten on the legs from dogs as they try to climb to higher ground.
Seems to be only the fittest will survive the hardest of times. Almost like when a bomb goes off, there's destruction all around.
Nothing is as it once was and will never be again.
from author for my honest opinion.

STILL LIFE WITH MURDER by Patricia Ryan/ PB Ryan
Have read other works by this author and have enjoyed the books.
1860's on the Cape and life at the summer cottage, more like a mansion.
Hewett's are about to have another in the family. The new nursery maid, Nell tries to adjust to living in the city and on the Cape during the summer months.  She also has to help raise the child under religion of the family.
She knows much of the family's dark secrets.  She's a great one to sketch.
She is asked to help save their son William after he's been found, in a jail accused of murder. Mrs. Hewett can only rely on Nell to help as her husband has banned her from doing so herself.
The jail is so much part of her past life and she tries to find clues and people who saw what happened to try to help William...
Very detailed descriptions of hard subjects as she is witness to some of the investigations of scenes of events that occurred.
Like learning about all their dark secrets and how things worked back in time.
Lots of twists and turns and unpredictable things and you won't know who was the culprit til the end and it won't be who you think it is, who all the clues are pointing to.
Excerpt from the next book is included along with author bio.
via Smashwords

The Earl's Defiant Wallflower by Erica Ridley
Have read other works by this author and have enjoyed the reads.
This one starts out in 1816 London and we find Lord Carlisle, Oliver York and he's glad to be back home, in charge of the family estate.
His father is dead by an allergic reaction to seafood from his new mistress. He needs to have a wife and very soon...
Story also follows Grace Halton and she's in charge of her mothers health and they travel to London and she needs to save her home.
She needs to find a rich husband as Oliver asks her for a dance....
Loved learning new words and finding out what they mean that are no longer used in today's world.
They confide in one another, he learning about her money woes and her learning of his estate woes. He may have a scheme that will help his best friends pregnant girlfriend that will solve all their money woes.
Oliver offers Grace his address so she can correspond with her mother without her grandparents burning them...
Lots of action, scheming and how can things turn out good?
Next book in the series is excerpted at the end. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Author bio at the end.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.