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Book Spotlight: Rebecca's Song and the Daughters of Riverton by Dawn Kinzer

Rebecca's Song by Dawn Kinzer
1905 This story in the Riverton saga follows Rebecca and she's the school teacher.
She has some problem children but for the most part she can get through the day with prayer and patience.
The Graysons son is the culprit, the bully and he's gone in front of the school board and wants her replaced with a man who can control the children.
Ten years she has taught and also taken care of her best friends children so the adults could spend time alone away from them.
Shocking news from the sheriff and the three children no longer have parents. 
Uncle Jesse comes to the rescue after the death and she hopes he can ease the children's pains.
He is angry with God for allowing his sister and her husband to die and leave 3 children as orphans.
Over time things change and a decision from Jesse.  Rebecca has helped the family with them moving on...
So depressed, desperate as to what to do they find the answers in praying to God. Love how the book got it's title and what it means.
Love hearing of the breakthroughs they are able to make with the children after the castrophe accident.
Hard book at times as we lost our older brother and he had three children that my parents were able to raise. We would help out when we could but it was a difficult time.
Jesse is not comfortable with his decision until he finishes his work first. Love all the action and adventure and mystery and learning new things to help others.
Q and a discussions questions at the end. Acknowledgements, meet the author, free offer of a ebook
Summary of the books in this series are included.
I received this review copy by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest opinion

Including the first two books reviews 

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Maggie's Miracle
Riverton, WI 1918
Memorial Day celebrations and we find Maggie Winters with her friend Louise and she feels like she's going to faint. There are so many there, to hear her sing.
Very descriptive details as to the weather and surroundings to make you feel like you are there with them.
Prayers to the Lord along the way to help her get through it all, she needs a miracle. She is to perform a song she wrote, to commemorate all those who fight for the freedom of citizens of US.
Maggie runs into a man, confesses things to her that make her feel proud of what she's done after talking about his time during the war and it makes him feel brave.
Very short story but you get the gist of how this author writes and what's impoartant. You will like the rest of her works below.
I received this review copy by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest opinion


Dawn Kinzer writes fiction because she believes in the power of story to comfort, challenge, and inspire. 

Her work has been published in the Christian Fiction Online Magazine, Backyard Friends magazine, The One Year Life Verse Devotional, A Joyful Heart: Experiencing the Light of His Love, and featured on the radio ministry, The Heartbeat of the Home. 

Dawn’s historical romance series, The Daughters of Riverton, takes place in the early 1900s. The setting and some of the characters were inspired by her rural Wisconsin hometown. Sarah’s Smile is the first story in the series, and Hope’s Design is the second. A third novel, Rebecca’s Song, will be released in 2018.

A mother and grandmother, Dawn lives with her husband in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Favorite things include dark chocolate, cinnamon, popcorn, strong coffee, good wine, the mountains, family time, and Masterpiece Theatre.

Readers can find her at

Sarah's Smile (The Daughters of Riverton, #1) by Dawn Kinzer
Riverton, WI 1902
Book starts out with Sarah and she's working in the store when she meets Peter's child. They had grown up and knew one another since the age of 8 and he left for college and met Lilly and married her. She had died and he decided to move back to town and stay with his sister with his child. He's now a pastor and Sarah's path crosses his often as she also leads groups in the religious learnings.
We learn about Sarah's past and she feels she's living her parents past and looked down on over the years as her mother had left her for her grandmother to raise her.
Lvve hearing the passages from the Bible and how they help to justify the decisions and outcome. She needs to overcome the hurt she's feeling and move on.
Like how she wants to match the music at the service with his sermon.
She has plans to follow other missionaries to Africa very soon... Like the connection Peter's sister Ellie have with Sarah and how he choose Rebecca the school teacher to tend to daily needs of his daughter.
Like that Will is also interested in her besides the pastor and he doesn't want her to leave the area.
What I do like are unpredictable scenes.
Asking for forgiveness-what a great way to make friends.
Easy to keep character straight as there are a handful of them. Like hearing of the everyday life and work they each do and their past-helps to understand why they have strong feelings towards different subjects.
Love how he's able to talk to the blacksmith and hear how he works his problems out.  Love also how Sarah helps others with money by sharing her plants at home.
When her whole world falls apart she continues to listen to God for guidance. She has her faith still. What I like about his section is that it's similar to things that continue to happen today, being bullied and how they overcome it.  Never saw this ending coming as it did.
Discussion q&a at the end.  Author bio included. Other works by the author are highlighted.
I received this review copy by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest opinion

Hope's Design (The Daughters of Riverton, #2) by Dawn Kinzer
Riverton, WI 1904
What I like from the very start is that Hope is a talented fashion designer and Ben, a secret has some hidden talents as well.
They are thrown together as his brother Jake likes Annie-Hope's cousin who she will be staying with for an extended time.
Like hearing of the Panama construction and the descriptions of what goes on there.
What I also like is connecting with others from the previous book, but you are brought up to date, not left in the dark about them.
I also am a fashion designer so this book is fascinating for me.
Hope has a huge secret that she doesn't want others to learn about-Annie knows and will keep her confidence.
Love how color strikes Hope and Ben also and it's a large part of the things they see in daily life.
Daisies-I also grow them myself and with my blue ktichen they fit perfect.
They find many of the same interests but she has to keep her distance because of her past secrets-she doesn't want to go through them again.
Hope becomes upset when Ben didn't stick up for others fighting...Jake informs her it is up to Ben to tell her....
Love all the discussions of the library and the fashion industry (Butterick and tatting, even memories of playing pinochle) and how Ben knows combinations of colors that go well together...through her tears (happy ones) she finds what he was hiding.
Like how they bring Rebecca into their circle. 
Hope takes it upon herself to promote Ben's work......then her ex fiancée shows up....
Love hearing how the youngest are kept busy along with everyone up to the elders in the community.
Thanksgiving holds special memories for those gathered around the table...
Discussions q&a at the end. Author bio included. Other works by the author are highlighted.
Free offer: Maggie's Miracle.
I received this review copy by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest opinion

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Book Spotlight: Journey to Respect by Lyn Cote


Some call him half-breed and she’s called a lady. Few in 1825 would judge them equals~ 

Rafe McKuen, the son of an Osage chief’s daughter and a successful American fur trader turned planter, has one foot in each world. Since childhood, he’s visited his mother’s tribal camp near St. Louis. And at his father’s New Orleans Plantation, he’s the “invisible” but beloved son. Where will he make his home--in which world? 

Miss Eve Holcombe is an Eastern beauty with influential relatives. Her father’s unexpected and sudden announcement that they are going West startles Eve and worries her. Why, she asks. But her father has a secret and a plan he won’t reveal. He insists she trust him and what other choice does she have? If she stays in the East, her ambitious aunt will try to marry her off to her aunt’s advantage. 

Both Rafe and Eve are on a journey, a Journey to Respect. But such journeys are rarely uncomplicated or without dangers. And falling in love is the most dangerous of all. 


Lyn grew up loving books. Her favorite night of the week was Friday night, when the Bookmobile came to her neighborhood in Illinois. She’d spend those two hours chatting with the driver of the Bookmobile and the librarian and making the big decision of the week — which books to check out! In those distant days, children were limited in how many books they could check out. Lyn could only take home six a week — and there were so many to choose from. Her favorites were Cotton in my Sack by Lois Lenski, The Little House series and the One of a Kind Family series. Later, she discovered Georgette Heyer’s Regency romances!
This love of books led to a desire to write. Lyn won prizes in high school and college for her poetry and, not surprisingly, Lyn became a history and English teacher. When she became a mother, she gave up teaching, and while raising a son and a daughter, she began working on her first novel. Then she wrote her second and third. Long years of rejection followed — as it does for most writers. Finally in 1997, Lyn got "the call." Her first book, Never Alone, was chosen to appear in the first year of the new Love Inspired line. Lyn has written many articles on writing and the emerging Christian Booksellers Assoc. (CBA) fiction market. In 2006, Lyn's book, Chloe, is a finalist for the RWA's RITA, the highest award in the romance genre in the inspirational category.
Now, Lyn spends her days writing books that show the power of divine as well as human love. Her nest is empty and she and her real life hero, her husband, have more and more time to spend together in their home on a lake in the lovely northwoods. And books are still dear to her heart.


Journey to Respect by Lyn Cote
First off I liked hearing about the vaccinations being administered during the 1825's.
Rather confusing at first when the alternating sections are about different main characters.
Ewe is living with her father and a woman relative that she refers to as a dragon. He's gone into politics and now she will stay in St. Louis while he heads further west.
Story also follow Rafe, he's white and part Indian.
He accompanies the Indian tribe and is welcomed by the US troops also. He finds a baby, his parents dead and Rafe been vaccinated he takes the child and gives it to the Osage Indian tribe's wife to nurse and they will care for the child.
Ewe has not found a man that respects her but she knows she will probably end up married and with children.
Love how she shocks them with her dress-she only hopes to accompany them to the Osage tribe so she can find out what's wrong with her father and help administer the vaccine to the tribe members.
Love legends spoken about the tribe, so treasuring a moment.
Lots of action, rich in Indian and American history, adventure, romance, believing in God.  Wouldn't mind reading more from this author.
Ending includes author bio and history around the book and events that took place and other resources.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

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Books read May 15

A Portuguese Christmas by Josie Riveira
Wanted to read this book because I am also Portuguese.
Starts out with Krystal and she lives in Newport, RI (on the same island as where I live) and she's in a surfing competition in Portugal and her cousin and her family are there with her.
The surfer cutting into her space causes her to go under the wave and get banged in the head from the surfboard-her angel. No more surfing til her concussion reside and she will be in Portugal for Christmas.
Love hearing of the traditional food as it was also served at our house in RI. My father and his family were Portuguese and lived within a hands throw from one another-like our own community, living on ancestiral lands.
Story also follows Adolfo who attended the surf competition and found himself tending to Krystal. He was just a farmer growing olive trees and her cousin had told him he needed a break from his work.
She also designs swimsuits and hopes that some day it will earn her money.
Love hearing of the sightseeing around the town, designs of the structures, food and decorations of the holiday season. Bull fight really intrigued me as I've yet to see one in person.
While she is stuck there she calls her brother Julio and hopes he will not put their father in a nursing facility til she gets back, she thinks he'd like to live with her, taking care of him. She just needs to win this competition.
She is still grieving the loss of her husband, a surfer himself. Adolfo is very senstiive to others needs and he is passionate.
Just recall an 80 foot wave that a man had surfed, off the coast of Portugal just a few weeks ago-the largest ever anyone had surfed.
Francisco is out of jail now and he will be hired on to help at the olive vineyard. He is very amorous and he takes it upon himself to bring her to practice surfing at the ocean.
She knows it will go against what Adolfo has to say about it as he knows she is not recovered from the injury. Same work ethics we were raised with.
Love hearing of the salted cod fish as I have one wooden container that the cover slides off. Misunderstandings and you wonder how things will turn out.
Concussions recently in the news also is brought up. Love the snowmen out of sand with the twins Descriptions are so very detailed you feel as if you are there.
Note from the author, a recipe! acknowledgements, about the author, and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Off the Grid Gourmet by Danny Gansneder, Duel City Books
Great book for camping out meals. Table of contents where it gives different methods of using things to make fresh water,  MRE's and equipment.
Pictures along the way in the introduction.
Each recipe starts with a title, summary of the dish and list of ingredients which you should be able to substitute for healthier dietary needs: low sodium, low sugar and low fat products but most are using fresh vegetables.
Directions are included but there is NO nutritional information. NO pictures of the recipes themselves.
Home canning and other preserving methods are included.
Going to try the granola bars, but cooking inside the house.
So many meals we ate as kids, love it!

The Ultimate Guide: Recipes of Massachusetts by encore books
This book starts out with an offer of a free ebook. Table of ocntents where recipes are broken up into meals.
Each recipe starts with a title, summary of the dish, prep, cook and ready times, servings.
List of ingredients which you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sodium, low sugar and low fat products.
Directions are included. There are NO pictures. There is NO nutritional information.
Like recipe for brown bread but we no longer use tin cans for coffee, not sure if it'd work in a regular loaf pan. Love reminiscing about lobster rolls, clam boils and other favorites we still make and eat.

Instant Pot Cookbook: Tasty and Easy Recipes Adam Cook
Table of contents and recipes are in no speicfic order but I found they went by meals.
Introduction about the instant one pot.
Each recipe has a title and list of ingredients which you should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs: low sodium, low sugar and low fat products.
Directions are included some with tips on how to serve it with and what dish.
There are NO pictures. 
There is NO nutritional information.
Lots of choices to select from.

May 15 Book Review: How to Walk Away: A Novel by Katherine Center

How to Walk Away: A Novel by Katherine Center
Story starts out with Margaret and she's excited about her date with Chip.
Things are going really well for her-a new job prospect and she thinks he's going to pop the question on the date.
The day starts out well, even the date til they arrive at the airplane hanger=he's a pilot, just gotten his hours in and he wants to share it all with her.
She's skeptical and terrified of going in the pane but she goes anyways and things don't all go according to plan. He takes her near the beach where he's done some prior work down there and then head back and is told a surprise is in the glove box-the family ring-for her!
Problem is bad weather plays a bad trick on them. The story follows what happens after the accident and how she struggles everyday to do everything. She's got a determined PT and she does succeed. She is also brought back in touch with her sister Kitty and she even comes to visit and she learns so many secrets from the past.
Troubling times are still arising from others around her circle and she's taken on a vacation to the cabin and Ian the PT comes to her resuce and things get out of hand.
She has a solution but he heads back to Europe without her. Kit has a plan and the girls and their mom head overseas to the wedding of Chip. She remembers him visitng her at the hosptial...
Loved reading this story, all the medical terms made easy for us to understand and it all falls into place. Twists and turns along the way and a lot of surprises.
Love the locations and so descriptive details. Didn't see this ending, very surprising! Would like to read other works by this new author to me.
Received this review copy via St. Martins Press via Netgalley and this is my honest opinion.
#HowToWalkAway #NetGalley

May 15 Book Review: The Portrait of Lady Wycliff by Cheryl Bolen

The Portrait of Lady Wycliff by Cheryl Bolen
Louisa Phillips has lost her husband and she finds out she has very little money, clothes and jewelry and no home at all. She learns of her living situation and her late husbands relationships with others that she doesn't know their names.
Lord Harry Wycliff just wants to buy back the house he had grown up with but nobody will divulge the information as to who really owns it.  He wants to get everything back that his family had lost: paintings and other articles.
Louisa and her sister Elle have been out walking with the lord and his cousin, Edward.
The Lord and her speak of writings that she mentioned and they discuss them. Lot of politic views then private matters.
The Lord wants to get the information and is willing to pay her.  She has been writing secretly for money about the rights of others.
Harry wants to not only find the benefactor and set Louisa up in a small house as her husband had swindled her out of everything and take his fathers seat in Parliament.
They come up with a list of Lords and set out traveling to visit each til they find the benefactor.
Some of their secrets are divulged as they travel. Mishap down a cliff and infection as time goes on...loved hearing of the Cornwall landscape.
Love castle detailed descriptions. They are from different classes and will never be together.
It's amazing how the women help.  They are full of surprises!
Love the action, adventure, mystery and clues that lead them all to get the answers they seek. Travel and a bit of romance are also welcome.
Love that the three men series will continue in the next book. An excerpt is enclosed.  Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.
#ThePortraitOfLadyWycliff #NetGalley  

May 15 Book Spotlight: 1-800-Cupid by Josie Riviera


A house flipper looking for quick profit. A survivor with a dream. Can two broken hearts find a place to call home?

Prepare for romance and fun with the first book in a brand new home-flipping series brought to you by USA Today bestselling author Josie Riviera

When a Miami investor calls in search of prime property flip prospects, North Carolina real estate broker Candee Contando expects to meet a balding, steely-eyed land shark. Turns out the first customer she’s had in months is a hot prospect in more ways than one.

Except his gaze has fallen on her dream house, a dilapidated Victorian she just bid her last penny on in hopes of creating a safe place for disadvantaged children—like the girl she used to be.

Teddy Winchester is adept at negotiating life’s curves, but Candee’s curves stop him in his tracks. She’s a warm spark in the emptiness he’s felt since his brother died, leaving him with a beloved nephew to raise.

Attraction glows in Candee’s eyes as well, but there’s also wistfulness as she points out all the reasons an old, tumbledown Victorian doesn’t fit into his tried-and-true house-flipping plan. Yet the more he looks at the house—and at her—he begins to think some things are worth the risk.

Now if only he can convince her that building a new life often starts with tearing down some walls…

When the heart flips, there’s no telling where the walls will fall.


USA TODAY Bestselling Author Josie Riviera writes contemporary, inspirational, and historical sweet romances. She lives in the Charlotte, NC, area with her wonderfully supportive husband. They share their home with an adorable Shih Tzu who constantly needs grooming and live in an old house forever needing renovations.

Send her an email at: josieriviera  @

Visit her website and sign up for her newsletter. You'll receive a free sweet romance ebook!


1-800-Cupid by Josie Riviera
First time reading this author and loved all the details. Love learning about different locations in the book, felt as if I was there also!
Story starts out with Candee (works at the local hardware store) and she lives with her sister, Desiree (works at country club) and she's into real estate. She bids on the mansion at the end of the street and noone has lived in it for many years.
She  hopes no one else wants to buy it-it's in Roses, NC.   Story also follows Teddy and his friend (Rob) in FL and they are into helping his nephew who needs medical surgeries.   Teddy meets her and expects a woman over 50 as the real estate business has been operating for over 30 years.
Candee shows other places in the area to Teddy and he shows an interest in her mansion-she thinks it's hers already. She plans to redo the place for disadvantaged children.
He and his friend hope to flip a house for a living. She is heavily into beagle dogs and volunteers also at no kill shelter.  Misunderstanding and you wonder if they will ever be together again...
Lots of surprises in this book and like how they change plans and just go with things.
Love ending did NOT see that coming. Recipe at the end-another surprise!
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end. Can't wait to read more from this author.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

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May 14 Book Review Soccer Training: A Step-by-Step Guide on 14 Topics for Intelligent Soccer Players, Coaches, and Parents by Dylan Joseph

Soccer Training: A Step-by-Step Guide on 14 Topics for Intelligent Soccer Players, Coaches, and Parents 


if you are NOT interested in being a better player, coach, or parent of a soccer player, please consider another book. This is NOT for you.

With game-proven methods to score more against any team, this is your manual for soccer success! How teams play is unpredictable... or is it? Through countless hours of practice, training, and experience, soccer's elite have shown consistent patterns of in-game skills that when applied, will lead to predictable outcomes - more goals, more assists, and more wins!

Learn the keys to being a better soccer player through knowledge. In other words, there are warm-ups, instructional drills, and workouts to sharpen your skills that take advantage of the human anatomy, an unshakable mindset, and proper form in soccer.

In Soccer Training, you'll have 14 topics, with well over 100 tips from scoring to defending, fitness to nutrition, and on-the-field tactics to boosters for your free time. Each is explained to answer the question, "How can I use these steps to prepare for and use during every game that I play?"

Learn what coaches do not teach, not because they don't care, but because they just don't know. Often, coaches only emphasize the team's abilities, while giving little to no time and minimal volume to the skills of each individual. It is just as essential to develop the players within the system as it to strengthen the squad itself.

This book is a high-level overview of the areas that can take a player from being a bench-warmer to MVP. In a day and age where many so-called experts' advice is to improve your conditioning, get more touches, try harder, and you need to want it more, this book stands out on delivering the steps to turn any player into a top performer.

Who this book is for:
- The defender who does not know which direction to push an attacker or how to position their body correctly.
- The midfielder who does not get enough assists and is not considered to be the team's playmaker.
- The striker/attacker/forward who does not score at least 2 goals a game.
- The soccer player who needs a confidence boost that comes from game-ready knowledge.
- The parent who loves their child, but hates to see them struggle with a lack of confidence on what to do.
- The coach who focuses on team drills, but knows that their squad can go further if their shooting power, passing form, and foot skills improved through correct methods and increased IQ.

Outcomes of applying the facts in this book:
- Understand how to beat a defender every time.
- Know which skills to avoid.
- Condition your mindset to become one of a winner.
- Remove the toxic habits you need to break.

Correctly understand soccer to unlock what you need to know for boys, girls, kids, teens, young adults, men, and women. You may ask "why should I order this book versus watching free YouTube videos?" Well, though YouTube can be used to supplement this book because videos are great ways to show visual representations of skills, each video is often unorganized, and there is little structure on the order in which you watch the videos. This book provides that structure so that you are not just getting a little information in one area and some knowledge in another without being able to know how everything works together.

It gives every player the ability to know that (1) your team will win (2) you will lead them to victory and (3) you have the knowledge to perform! Soccer Training contains the facts that will empower every youth player, trainer, mom, and dad who cares and wants more for themselves, their kids, and their squad.

It is time for the countless hours of SOCCER TRAINING to pay off. Become the player, coach, and parent that changes every game from here on out. Pick up your copy today by clicking Add to Cart and BUY NOW.


Visit for more details.

Dylan Joseph is devoted to the world's favorite game: SOCCER. A soccer player for over two decades and a trainer for over a decade, he has countless hours of experience developing trainees to become top performers. He has worked with tens of thousands of players, many of which have have gone on to play for major universities across the United States and even the U16 U.S. National Soccer Team. 

Formerly, a defensive center-mid who averaged about two goals a season, he sought the expertise that would turn his game from bench-warmer to Varsity starter. Having applied what he learned, Dylan now scores about two goals and provides an assist per game as a forward. 
Whether he is training students, playing on organized teams, watching this weekend’s EPL game, or joining a pick-up game with some friends, he spends his time learning more about getting better at all things related to soccer. 


Soccer Training: A Step-by-Step Guide on 14 Topics for Intelligent Soccer Players, Coaches, and Parents by Dylan Joseph
Have an interest in this game as I like to know how games are played, the rules and other information that is important.  I didn't participate in school.
Offer of free spreadsheet and more.  Comes with warnings to get checked out and given the ok by a doctor before you start the regiman that will turn into good habits. 
Book is geared more towards an individual  training and that makes it easier to be a team player.
So many different positions and uses for the parts of your body that I hadn't even realized. A lot of strategy is explained with detailed information about how to do the move from beginning to end.
Lots of coach and parent tips. The author's site also shows pictures and video's of the moves and positions. Nutrition, sleep, yoga and exercises etc are also discussed and why doing different things on a daily basis will improve your body to be able to play the sport.
What I liked about this book was the down to earth easy to understand and words are showing the encouragement the coach uses in a loving way.
Examples of things that happened are also detailed.
Favorite part was realizing the sandwich method of praise while at the same time tweeking the position of the outcome to be achieved. Doesn't then feel like you are getting yelled at or cut down.
Glossary of words are explained at the end. Next book in the series is highlighted at the end but you have a vote in the matter.

Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.