Friday, October 18, 2019

Book Review: Soccer Coaching: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Lead Your Players, Manage Parents, and Select the Best Formation (Understand Soccer Book 7) by Dylan Joseph

Soccer Coaching: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Lead Your Players, Manage Parents, and Select the Best Formation (Understand Soccer Book 7) by Dylan Joseph
Book starts out with bonus material information and details of what's included.
Table of contents where each chapter concentrates on certain aspects of coaching.
About the author is next. and highlights other works by the author.
Dedication page and preface are included.
Photographs are included showing what is being discussed as some learn by visual aids.
Intro is included then the chapters.
What I love about this book is that there are resources and quotes from other famous ball players that might make a difference in how you coach.
Especially like the chapter on parents as I recall when my husband was a coach and had a parent who was a local cop and wanted his son to play a certain position in baseball.
In the same regard how to deal with difficult players is included.
Love the sketches and graphs. Sections on topics include: topics unrelated to practice, topics relating to practice and formations.
Like also how the sections are broken up with specific themes to concentrate on.
Very detailed formation strategies are discussed and shown and why they should be used during play.
Conclusion ends this book where the author tells you to apply what you've learned on the field.
Bonus gift is linked at the end of the book and a free book.
Glossary of terms is also included at the end along with acknowledgements.
What's next asks for your help in what the author wil write about next.
Received this review copy and this is my honest opinion.

Book Review: Baby's First Knits 20 Irresistible Knits For Babies by Debbie Bliss

Baby's First Knits 20 Irresistible Knits For Babies by Debbie Bliss
Knit and crochet a lot of charity baby items so always looking for new ideas.
Lots of patterns choices and techniques to learn and use.
Contents are listed also with things you will need. Intro talks about the author and her works and how and why she creates the projects.
Book is created for the beginner and also an expert knitter.
The techniques are alpha listed and linked to their own section further in the book.
Beautiful colorful photos throughout the book.
Next section is yarns and why the ones chosen will work best. Lots of technical information about the patterns in mind.
Buying yarn and how to substituent yarn  and garment care is discussed.
Equipment is next and how to read patterns.
Lots of explanations of knitting term and gauge is most important for wearables.
First steps are shown with diagrams of how to hold yarn and needles and what to do.Projects chapters are next
Each pattern starts with a title, summary of the item, measurements, materials needed, gauge, abbreviations used with link for more information on how to make them.
Pattern starts with row by row instructions. So easy for anybody to follow along.
Techniques are shown in between patterns with very simple easy to follow instructions showing in diagrams.

Such cute cowl for a child, too precious!
Lace blanket and patchwork blanket
is up my alley, can't wait to start on it.
Basic patterns but with a flair.
Some of the wearables also show finished sketch with measurements.
Like that most of the patterns can fit up to a 2 year old baby.

More techniques are shown  at the end and further explained how to make them with pictures.
Even includes animal shapes.
Resources and index are also included at the end along with acknowledgements.
Received this review copy from Dover Publications via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.
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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Book Review: Odell's Fall by Norman Bacal

Odell's Fall by Norman Bacal
Story follows Dee and she arrives at her parents home.
She informs her mother of her recent marriage and her mother has NO clue as to whom or any other detail.
Odell is the other main character, Dee, her spouse, where they married in Vegas and went to Paris for their honeymoon.
They had met the past winter at her father's dinner party.
Chronological order of chapters also follows other men and their spouses who want to get ahead and do most anything to become  a partner in the firm.
Like mystery of the amulet ....when he questions his wife about that and other things she was photographed with Michael-his college buddy, things get out of control and we then find him in jail.
He had been wandering around and doesn't recall a thing. We know at this point some things that did occur but not them all.
FBI and local cops are involved due to who died. His wife is in the hospital with her mother and she's stable..He can no longer go home as it's a crime scene and his lawyer helps him find new clothes to wear, a place to stay, etc.
Like who they talk to -people at work so we get to know Odell more from their angle of succeeding at all costs and what they will do to throw him or others under the bus to do so.
Like that the details are so very well described, you can picture yourself there, in the scene. Feel like this is almost two books in one as each part couldn't been their own book. Great they combined what happened with how they investigate and how you find out what really happened.
Bit lengthy but well worth the time to read this one! Has a bit of everything in it: travel, roman, legal, murder, jealousy, and so much more.
Acknowledgements and about the author end this book.
Received this review copy from the publicist and this is my honest opinion.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Book Review: Blind Trust by Debra Parmley

Blind Trust by Debra Parmley
This brotherhood protector book starts out with Brian and he's new to the brotherhood.
Cecilia is a blind secretary there as she works through her problems.
The things I love the most about this series are the protection that is given to the women and the classes they take to protect themselves.
The complex is getting repaired and with her being blind she almost walked right into it but Hank spoke to her before the accident happened.
Brian is fascinated by her and her voice. She finds him appealing as well and knows his scent and touch already. He asks her out but she declines-she's fearful of being abused again-from her past...
Like location for Three C Ranch and all it stands for.
He drives her to San Diego to see her friend and that's 3 days one way that he looks forward to.
Author has done her homework on one being blind as I am-so informative and correct information is given to her abilities.
Love hearing of the road travel-so cool!
Scary moments when she is taken against her will. Brian fears they will take her to Mexico...
Love how he calls his brother from another mother (LOL) to help him...
Love all the action and adventure and travel and sights visited-as a blind person it meant so much to me!
Can't wait for the next one in his series.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Oct 15 Book Review: Christmas in Vermont by Anita Hughes

Christmas in Vermont by Anita Hughes
Starts with Emma and she's pawning her ex's jewelry he had given her a week ago as he jetted off to Hawaii for Christmas holidays, without her.
Her bestie gives her a week long stay in VT and she has nothing to do in town so she heads up there from NY. Lovely descriptions of the area and activities to do.
She's agreed to take over 'kids club' at the inn for room and board. She runs into her first love-Fletcher who is there with his daughter and new fiancee.
Chapters go back in time to when they first met and the things and places they'd go. Then you are back to the present and then the past...
Cool winter activities to do and with Fletcher's help they can run a fund raiser for the inn owner who is struggling to keep it open.  Like all the discussions about overseas locations, can't wait to visit myself.
Rather predictable how this is gonna work out by the end.
Synchronicity and fate make this story work.
Received this review copy from St. Martin's Press via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.

Oct 15 Christmas Angels by Nancy Naigle

Christmas Angels by Nancy Naigle
Acknowledgements start this book out first.
Starts out with Liz and she's so good at her job she's stockpiled money for the right time in her life.
She works with Dan as he has many contacts to help make her job easier. She coordinates and makes things happen, faster and cheaper than quoted prices.
She learns her grandparents house will be for sale and she places and wins the bid online. When she arrives she sees just the shape of things-she goes on temporary leave-at least til after the Christmas holidays and lines up workers to fix everything.
She has the money to cover it all but it's all the small things that made the difference to me.
Snow bowling-who knew! Angels in the snow are memorable as my mother was a quilter and a major collector of angels in all shapes and sizes. The contractor goes above and beyond...
Love the night before Christmas similar to when Joseph and Mary went looking for a manger or anywhere to stay and Liz has that solution. What a connection to the real meaning of Christmas.
Love how the village all come together to make not only her dream come true but so much more...So many memories of our childhood is in this story-priceless!
Can't wait to read more from this author.
Other works by the author are listed at the back
Received this review copy via publicist via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Seven Letters by J. P. Monninger

Seven Letters by J. P. Monninger
Story of Irish folklore about an island and man wants to go back to his birthplace and he knows once he touches the ground he will age. On the island they stay the same age. She'd not be able to help hmm return to her if he left....
Each phase of the story comes to light from a letter that is written.
Similar to a movie i watched about aqua-man where his mother is the fairy who leaves...
Love the technology and how it's used to introduce others who are not tech inclined as to how it works.
She's on a path to do her doctorate and heads to Ireland and meets many on the way and they come to take her to tie island with a picnic lunch.
The men take her around the island walking and talking about history and how people lived back then.
Interesting: Rock charm and purifying her new space at the university.
Feel as if I'm on a tour of Ireland, so cool that so many details are given.
Kate finds herself attracted to Ozzy,  gram's grandson...
Endless days and weeks on the water, new islands to explore to help with her dissertation and she finds time to spend back at her university apartment.
They live like nomads and decide to just go for it. I was surprised!
Not much time for bicycle girls but others she keeps attracting.
Adult situations.  Storm at sea does things to their relationship....
News about her research and tragedy strikes as she had just begun her new life and she heads back to where they met to find out the details....
Her BFF comes to her rescue being with her.  Lots of travel and very descriptive details of places to visit...
Miracles do happen and love how the ending comes full circle.
Acknowledgments at the end.
Received this review copy from the St. Martins Press via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.