Friday, February 26, 2010

fnished and ongoing projects

hospital booties with jacquard yarn, self striping :}

hats for hospital. heart in center front

charts for olympic hat. moose each facing one way, tree and bottom rim pattern. also will do a USA using duplicate stitch on the center back section.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

jaunt around town

monday after going to nursing home to see if nana was ok, did some knitting for hospital.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

feb 10 snow and kitchen towels

snowstorm of feb 10th, 2010

starting on 4th of july kitchen towels. had a nice heavy wet snowstorm so it's super bright out, great to work on sewing projects with natural light.

here are some towels that just need tops.

Monday, February 8, 2010

valentine cookies and crochetted towel topper

got v day cookies done today so i can mail them to the other side of the world in time for valentines day, LOL

and the 4 orders for towels got the crochetting done while listening to the super bowl.

Friday, February 5, 2010

jaunt around town

ok 3rd doc in 3 weeks time, now i get to take steriods. think i need to tell my knitting buddies that fact? LOL
got an order from some repeat customers of 2007, they want 4 more towels. so after the doc we went to the dollar store and found some pretty good ones. cut them up tonight and sewed that raw edge. now onto the crochetting part of it. should have them done in a few days time. need to find the real instructions for my marvel sweater so i know how long to make it. i need to stop just jotting down notes and going by that.
talked to several people for the oven part, they will reimburse me next week.
called to get on a waiting list to get a digitial talking book player-like a kindle and theres no waiting list. i'll have it next week. and i told them i'm allready signed up with the national library to get any of 50,000 books that i want. the state library can loan me 2 a month but NLS should have the ones i want to read. and greg says i can use his thumb drive, even the 4g one will do fine. be nice to take on our plane trips w/o the laptop.

back to towels at the dollar store. they had some out for 4th of july allready. no i'm not kidding LOL rite aid had easter thngs out allready.
everything is so commercialized now adays.

Monday, February 1, 2010

books i read jan 2010

tempest at sea by iris johansen
dylan creed family by linda lael miller
comfort and joy by fern michaels
A High-Kicking Christmas
the perfect christmas by debbie macomber
Suzanna's Stockings by cathy lamb
Family Blessings deborah j. wolf
what i did for love by susan elizabeth phillips
the gate house by nelson demille (700+)
the lion's game (700+)
the generals daughter (500+)
to the limit by pamela britton
22 indigo place by sandra brown
not even for love
full blast by janet evanvich and charlotte hughes
picture perfect by jodi picoult
unspeakable by sandra brown
adams fall
bed of roses brides book 2 by nora roberts
light in shadow by jayne krentz
all night long
lakeshore christmas book 6 by susan wiggs