Thursday, December 31, 2015

Movies watched fall/winter til Dec 31, 2015

Movies watched
 vehicle 19
least among saints
grantham and rose
through the woods
can you canoe
black or white
gun woman
stash house
the last passenger
longmire season 3
12 Mile Road
single moms club
front terror
transporter series
wild horses
take care
last ounce of courage
san adreas
fast and furious 7
the gunman
terminator genisus
time lapse
You're not you
10.0 earthquake
Robo rex
the ridicilous 6
charlie brown all i want for christmas is a puppy
Fericious Planet
The Timber
The Bag Man
Delores Clayborn
The Christmas Star
Sleeping Beauty
A long Way Off
The DaVinci code
The Gift Horse
The Transporter 2015
boyfriend for Christmas
Ted 2
Train Wreck
Turnaround Jake


754 books read and reviewed for the year 2015

I can't thank the publishers and authors for sending me books to read and review. Have read too many to just have one favorite. Lots of new authors that will remain on my list of those to watch for new releases.

My favorites this year have been:

Jan 2015 Best is Gooseberry Island by Stephen Manchester
Feb 2015 The Day the crayons quit, The Silent Sister
Mar 2015 The denim blue sea by Joanne DeMaio
Apr 2015 Ten Days in Paradise by Linda Abbott
May 2015 What she really wants by Barbara Delinsky, Pegasus by Danielle Steel
June 2015   Blueprints  by Barbara Delinsky, The Taming of the Bachelor by Jane Porter
July 2015 The Lobster Kings,  A vintage Year
Aug 2015 Sea Keeper's Daughter
Sep 2015   A vintage year, Nantucket
Oct 2015   Vacationland by Nat Goodale, Snow deer and cocoa cheer by Joanne DeMaio
Nov 2015  Patterns of Change by Terri DuLong, The Christmas Tin, Once Upon A Nightmare by Nat Goodale
Dec 2015  Winter Stroll by Elin Hildenbrand

Books read Dec 2015


Winter stroll  by Elin Hilderbrand
Like how she brings life to Nantucket Island, MA.  This holiday treat is about the Quinn family and many are gathering for the special winter stroll.
Immediate family and their kids, boyfriends, girlfriends, ex spouses, etc. Hard at first to figure out who is who but it gets easier as time goes along.
Love the parts about the ugly sweater contest...this book starts up where last years holiday read left off so I'm familiar with a lot of the characters.
Some deal with the stress using alcohol, prescribed drugs, having sex with other than their intended, and illegal drugs as the drama goes on. Each chapter is from a different viewpoint.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

When I first read about this book I quickly scanned the summary and thought it said the Robinson Crusoe family celebrations. But I am also familiar with the Robertson family as our friends love to watch their series.
We have viewed it for a few minutes at a time at their house as we don't get that channel.  Sounded like a good read and was glad to get it to review.
Starts out with Stacey and she'd entered a contest to send her son to experience Christmas holidays with the Roboertson family. She can't believe she won the contest! Now to break it to Hunter, her son who's lately taken it upon himself to not follow the house rules any longer and has been caught with drugs...
Hope and pray and all she could do is thank God.  Hunter arrives at the Robertson's and they make him feel at home but he's got a dark cloud over his head. So many lend him advice and some of it sinks in.
He does start to be like the others after a time. So many things happen to him along the way. Great idea of not only hear Hunter's side to what's going on but Korie's side to what's going on as well. It makes you feel like you are there.
Faith and hope and passages from others in the family preaching about the good Lord really fit into this novel. Glad I was able to read this book, shed a light on what the Duck Dynasty is all about-not what you see on TV.
Love all the 'firsts' he's able to experience that will last a lifetime.  Family traditions, old and new are treasures.
Chapter headings have so much meaning! Mystery surrounding where Willie is during the whole book and what he's up to is funny.
Beautiful story! Glad I'm able to understand the family and what they are all about.
I received this book from The Book Club Network ( via Tyndale Publishers  in exchange for my honest review.

Christmas on Bramble Lane 
This book contains two new stories of the town of Marietta, Montana.
I'm familar with a lot of the characters already from different authors works and know I will enjoy these stories.
A Bramble House Christmas by C. J. Carmichael
This story starts out with Willia and her son Scout as they arrive at  the top of the snowstorm to spend a week at Bramble House in Montana.
She was a private nurse to a man who died, giving her a sapphire ring and the trip around the holidays. She had no clue as to the $50k when he had died.
Her son has just beaten cancer and is on the mend but she still mothers him. Love the traditions of the area as I've read of them in other books by other authors of the same town.
The story also follows Finn who is not only an illustrator of kids books but it was his father who had died. He and his sisters want to find out more about the nurse that tended to him when they didn't know how sick he really was.
Problem is they fall in love with one another as they get to spend a lot of time together doing fun things with the other townsfolk. Loved the mystery surrounding not only the ring but the family history.
Can't wait to read more of this series as the descriptions were very detailed I felt a part of what was going on.
A Christmas Miracle for Daisy by Jane Porter
 This Sheenan family book is about Cormac, Mac to his friends.
He is a single dad to a beautiful girl Daisy. He's just gotten a call, school lockdown, shooter on site.
His worse nightmare-he can't get to her....he's decided to just up and leave CA and head for Montana. He'd move his company and family to a safe place.
Story also follows Whitney who's part of the Sheenan media company. She's learned about her sick leave return that the boss had something to inform all of them.
She's been through many company takeovers and it's always Sheenan media company who is doing the buying-bringing in their own people, putting her out of a job.
She does date Mac for several years but broke up when her BFF and husband died leaving just Mac to take care of their daughter, Daisy.
What I like about this book is that she is able to keep in touch with Daisy with the girlygirl gifts she's been sending over the years, not letting the fact that she didn't get custody/guardianship take control of Daisy
Love the fact he's willing to move heaven and earth to make her safe-with family and relatives around.
Love how they participate in small town traditions to bring everybody together to share in the holiday joy.
With Kris Krinkle in town maybe a little magic, hope and faith, will find it's way to unite them all together, once again during the Christmas season....
When the book starts out it is with a school tragedy and it's great the author can turn the story around so you don't even think about the tragedy by the end.
Feel good story that you will treasure with all the turmoil these days in the world.
I received this book from the author  as a gift.

Evergreen by Susan May Warren
Wanted to read this book because it's about a married couple who are now empty nesters and it's the holiday season.
He has a secret trip for her and she's in the dumps and just can't find the holiday cheer as all the kids will not be around for the holiday.
We have experienced this ourselves and try to make the best of it. Interesting to see the chain of events, very similar to ones we have had in the past. Further crises occur and you wonder if they will ever have a happy holiday again.
Enjoy hearing of the picnics while watching the game.
Real start to Christmas is told and the live nativity and much more does happen...Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
I received this book from The Book Club Network ( via Tyndale Publishers  in exchange for my honest review.

99 Crochet Flowers: Awesome Flowers for Embellishing
Easy to follow instructions for making flower tops that you can put on your clothes, bag, knapsacks, etc.
Color photos of all kinds of flowers that you can crochet.
Abbreviations at the end, very pretty flowers. My favorite would be the rose.

The Fish That Got Away
Colorful, rhyming, children's story of Jack and he's the youngest of the boys but he dreams he can catch the big fish like they can.
What he has on his line does cause him to struggle...
Many other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Furmaid: Free Audio Book Inside
Brilliant colored children's story of a minnow and his mom is going to read him a story as he gets tucked inside his coral bed at the bottom of the ocean.
The story of the mermaid seems to be the same as all the other stories but it's not....
A fur tail on a mermaid? wow! The minnow was sad the fur mermaid couldn't do things the other mermaids could but his mom said to be patient and listen to the rest of the story...
Some pages are hard to read as the color of the font is black on a dark background.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end along with a link for a free audio book.

Allie's Yellow Jacket
Colorful children's book about Allie the bee and she's tired of her yellow jacket. She goes to the tailor to get another coat in red.
It makes her feel differently and she wants jackets in other colors as they also make her feel different depending on which one she has on.
Some pages are hard to read, black font on dark background.
She is able to fly at night to help her family in the woods to save others from the fire. They realize something after the fire is out about Allie's jacket...

Flippy the Fly (Flippy the Fly Children's learning series Book 1)
Colorful rhyming children's story that starts out with the fly family having a baby boy.
Good examples of opposites on the pages. He wants to visit the carnival to ride the ferris wheel. He's been warned to be very careful.

Petey and the Bee: A Dog's Tale (Sami and Thomas)
Colorful children's story of Petey the dog and how he is able to play with the cat. He can go and do things Petey can't but they are able to play once Petey saves the cat.
The cat gets the ball out of the birdbath, that Petey couldn't get to, so they can play ball. It will help Petey to not think of the pain at the end of his tail, til the bee lands on his nose...

 The Rabbit Ate My Homework
Story about Drew and his Dad is going to find time so they can ride bikes this weekend. Problem is he needs to do the lawn, and now it's broken.
He takes off on his bike and he knows the rules but after he's ridden up the same road for a while he wants to venture elsewhere so goes just one street over...
Some illustrations but no color photos. Lots more adventures Drew gets into...

 Zippy and the Stripes of Courage
Colorful children's book Zippy and he's not like the other zebra. He has no stripes. He drinks water from the lake and then he sees a ghost next to him. He is frightening but not scared. He realizes it's his reflection.
He plays with the pack of zebras til they cross the water. He doesn't go and they come back asking for his help. He has a plan to scare the other animals...
He shows the others how brave he is without stripes...

 Children's Books: PLAIN JANE CELEBRATES (Funny, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers About Being Yourself and Self-Confidence, Ages 2-8)
Colorful children's book about Jane and she's arrived in the city, leaving her home where others are calling her names. She is so different than they are.
The people in the city are also different. One lady will take care of her and they help celebrate on the 4th of July with everything patriotic.
At the picnic and beach she gets to decide what she wants to tattoo on her body, she notices all the images on others.
Like her decision and there are other works by the author at the end.

Big Sister (A rhyming story about sibling jealousy and love)
Colorful rhyming children's book about Molly who meets her young baby brother.
She helps out a lot and neither parent have much time to spend with her because of the infant.
She knows what she can to help him grow up faster to be more like her-walking and talking....
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Mediterranean Diet for Beginners: 30+ Mouthwatering Recipes To Keep You Healthy & Slim (Easy to Make!)
Although not a diet, more a lifestyle change to eat better, this book explains what it is and why it's good for you.
Lots of categories and why the amount of each is important per day or week.
Recipes start out with breakfast, lunch and then dinner. Nutrtional information at the ends of the recipes of fresh foods along with herbs and spices.
No color photos. Dessert recipes and week long meal plan is included.
Other tips to keep your heart healthy along with other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

"Dance Little Monster, Dance!" (Children's Picture Book for Beginner Readers 2-6 years) ("Little Monsters Bedtime Series for Beginner Readers" 3)
Colorful rhyming children's story of a monster who doesn't want to get out of bed to go to dance class.
The little girl talks to him and he finally does get dressed to go...and what he is able to do...
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

5 Ingredients 15 Minutes Prep Time Slow Cooker Cookbook: Quick & Easy Set It & Forget It Recipes
Each recipe not only comes with cook/prep time but has nutritional information. No pictures but lots of categories to choose a meal from.
Technically there are more than 5 ingredients, if you count the water and spices and herbs in some recipes.
Lots of other books by the author are highlighted at the end and through advertisements throughout the book.
A keeper because of the nutritional information provided per serving.

Kids Books: The Lost Kitten: (Animals & Values Children's Books) (A Going to Sleep Ebook) (Bedtime stories) Picture Books Series for Kids Ages 2 4 8 (Beginner ... Readers Children's Books Collection Book 1)
Colorful children's book about Emma who has a lot of nice things and a kitten. Problem is her room is always messy and she keeps promising to clean it but never gets around to actually doing it.
One day her kitten is missing and she can't find him in her messy room....
She started putting things where they belonged....
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

IF YOU FOUND A LITTLE MONSTER" ( Beautifully Illustrated Rhyming Picture Book for Beginner Readers ages 2-6) ("Little Monster Bedtime Series" for Beginner Readers 1)
Colorful rhyming children's book about things that could happen when you find a monster.
Like especially the one where you find him sitting in your chair!
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end. Bonus of a vegetable smoothie recipe is included.
Another bonus of coloring page link is included.

I could fly around my ceiling
Illustrated children's book a girl who asks her brothers to keep a secret. When she was younger she could do things that nobody else could.
I wasn't really impressed by this story, rather silly at times what she does when she's flying overhead.
Coloring pages are available. Hard to read as you are not able to increase the font size. Some letters is hard to read with background on certain pages.

 A Merriment of Children
Colorful children's story about what happens prior to Christmas morning.
Houses all in a row, elves go down the chimney, plates of cookies waiting...
Hard to read some of the words as they are on top of dark areas on some pages.

 Cheyenne autumn by Mari  Sandoz
This book is about  the Indians that were told to leave and head west to Yellowstone but they just wanted to go back to their places and survive.
Many battles and you get to hear what the Indians as well as the army troops were contemplating. At one point the army was told to kill all Indians 12 years old and higher, that would make them extinct and not be able to survive with just females.
Broken treaties, skirmishes throughout the years and how they are able to survive.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).
 Gifted (Rockstar Christmas Romance) (Lost in Oblivion, 4.2
Adult language with each having their own chapter to talk about Christmas.
Nick starts out hoping this year will be different, maybe spend time with family or a girl.
He prepares by shopping for the band members and his girl-well she's not even divorced yet...
Next chapter is from Lila and she's so into Nick but can't lead him on....she knows where he was shopping for her gift...
Hot steamy sex and the next scenes will be in the next book.

MR. GETAWAY AND THE CHRISTMAS ELVES (Adorable, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers About Working Happily and Giving Freely, Ages 2-8)
Colorful children's book about an adventure. Their regular teacher is sick and Mr. Getaway is the sub. He loads them on the bus and takes them on a journey.
Beats being in the classroom doing math. Rhyming phrases and a good lesson to learn that will help them with giving more than they receive.

 One Strange Christmas (A Christmas book for children)
Older child book about one Christmas where Jake wishes for snow. He gets snow and it's blue and just on their street.
The whole day is strange as his dad also has to work, the kids don't rush to open gifts and Mum is just busy with meal preparations for the whole family.
The reporters are outside also and it even made the news.  So many strange things happen after the blue snow, quite a story!
Part I like best is the snowglobe as I treasured them from my parents when I was young. So pretty and calm.
Lots more action after that and more to come next year. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Ho Ho Humbug: Two Odelia Grey Holiday Short Stories
Ho Ho Homicide by  Sue Ann Jaffarian
Odelia Grey is just trying to get her shopping done and she needs to pick up Gigi. She won't stop talking and the day drags on til finally a stroller tire runs her over, she sits down and a Santa sits next to her. He asks for help and collapses and she realizes he's dead as a doctor tried to help him and others.
Her detective friend and the local cops tell her to just go home and don't try to solve this case-as she's done to many cases in the past.
On her way out though the woman who was the doctor persuades her to go in a different direction-she has a gun to Odelia's ribs.
Ho Ho Hell by Sue Ann Jaffarian
In this story Odelia is with her mom at the mall and they are heading after circling for a while into a parking spot.
Another car also wants that spot and the mall police want her to leave the spot and give it to the man in the sports car....
Til they find out who the man in the sports car is and then the gears turn into action as they find themselves again in trouble with the mall cops...
Lots of other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Homemade Christmas Gifts
DIY items you can make at home. Inexpensive and artsy.
Color photos of finished items along with some that show the step by step instructions.
Some items are just glued, others are sewn.  Cool section for kids gifts.
They look easy that kids could even make them for their friends gifts.
 15 Recipes For Gourmet Food Gifts: Edible Handmade Gifts From Your Kitchen
Unique gifts to make from your own kitchen. Each recipe has a color photo along with difficult level, prep time and ready time along with ingredients and how to make it.
Links in the ingredients to show you what size jar is needed.
Besides dressings for salad you can also prepare coffees and teas.
Homemade chocolate truffles sound real good and easy to make.
Lots of other spice bags to create and gift.

 Grandma, What are teddy bears made of?: A story of love shown by a grandmother to her grandchild through a teddy bear
Colorful children's story of a little child that asks his grandma where teddy bears are made of.
She explains all the parts of the bear: eyes, better to see things people miss, arms and legs to hold and protect you all night long.
Added bonus gift is also included at the end.

 Freezer Meals: 55 Healthy Recipes That Are Easy And Enjoyable (quick meals, crockpot, meal plan, slow cooker recipes, food weight loss, natural food, freezer meal)
Starts out with the benefits of cooking meals and then freezing them for later use. Saves time and money.
Starts out with breakfast meals and there are no pictures and no nutritional information.
Meals for lunch and dinner are also included.
From the list of ingredients not all meals are healthy enough for us-being on a heart healthy diet.
Meals have a LOT of ingredients so it's going to take some time gathering it all together to even start to make.
ABIGAIL and the North Pole Adventure ": (Teaches your kid to explore the world) (Values eBook) Action & Adventure,Sleep (bears for kids) ... Books for Early & Beginner Readers Book 7)
Colorful children's book about Abigail and her adventures on her new red magical bike from her grandparents. She has previously gone to the Sahara Desert and other places.
Her magical book takes here there on the bike and she's able to see igloos and seals and so much more. What a trip!
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Italian Cooking in 3 Steps: Cook Easy And Healthy Italian Food at Home With Mouth Watering Italian Recipes Cookbook
Healthy meals that not only give a list of ingredients and how to make it but color photos and nutritional information.
Can make most of these but nice to have the list of herbs and spices to get the added flavoring that was missing from my recipes.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Incredible Mug Cakes by Donna Lane: Cookbook on How To Easily Make Fantastic Desserts and Recipes for Cakes In Your Microwave - Perfect for Valentines Day
Ideas of new combinations of hot drinks to try.  Gives you the list of ingredients and how to make them. No pictures and no nutritional information but a great gift idea.
Also cakes to put into mugs to bake.
 Children's Books: EVERYTHING HAS A HEART (Fun, Adorable, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers, About Hearts and Love, ages 2-6)
Colorful children's book showing you what has a heart.  Not only your favorite animals but fruits and vegetables.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: Mediterranean Diet Cooking Classics; Revealed! 65 Delicious Mediterranean Diet Recipes Sure To Delight and Amaze All While ... Diet Cooking) (Cookbooks of the Week)
Lunch items for the Med diet. Each recipe comes with a color photo and ingredient list along with how to make the dish. No nutritional information but you can tell from the ingredients they are on the healthy and fresh side.
Lots of new combinations of food to try. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end along with a bonus gift.

Books for kids : Did You Know My Mom Is Awesome? (Beginner readers, Bedtime story, Kids Books, Children's Books): Series Books For Kids Ages 4-6 6-8 (Bedtime stories children's book collection 1)
Colorful children's book about a girl that loves her mom so much. She does so much for her all the time. The day at school doesn't go quite as planned but she knows her mom is home.
Fractions at school is also continued at home baking a cake with help from her mom.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end along with a free gift.

Meals for Later: Freezer Meals
Tips of making and storing meals for later use. We do this already as it's much easier to make a bigger batch once every 2 weeks rather than the same dish every week.
Starts out with recipes that include make ahead prep time, make ahead cook time, cook time, servings and the ingredients along with how to make the meal.
Tells you how to store in the freezer and how long safely you can leave it and how to prepare it once you decide to take it out of the freezer.
No nutritional information and no pictures. Some of the dishes can be done healthier by substituting some of the ingredients.
My favorite would be beef vegetable soup as the variety of what to put it in for vegetables is limitless.
Desserts look appealing also.

Country by Danielle Steel
This story is about Stephanie and she's in the marriage for the sake of the kids.
At a ski trip where her husband  Bill and other couples meet at Squaw Valley every year without kids enjoy the time together.
She was there for the perks, visits with her daughter and everything she wanted, he was cheating on her. After the ski accident that kills him, she gets through helping the kids struggle without him.
Now I understand what my mom went through, feeling like she was the fifth wheel and no longer a couple.  Love hearing of her charily work.
She is able to just seize the moment and do what she wants. That's how she ends up in Las Vegas! Recall our trip there and good to reminisce about the area, sounds, and sights.
Love her other travels as we've visited some of the areas and enjoyed them. Like hearing of the CW singer's life and how lyrics are written for the songs and their friendship.
Interesting as the story also follows her son, who's in a relationship and he knows it's not going anywhere...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Dragon and the Santa
Found this book strange as the world of the dragon meets the world of the Santa.
It's just two things I'd never think would be in one book. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

A Coloring Book for Adults: Remember the Joy of Coloring and Reduce Stress (Volume 2)
Have enjoyed viewing other coloring books and this one I found so different. Not only the patterns, to help relieve stress but more intricate
designs of plants, flowers, butterflies and images from playing cards. My favorite one is the poinsettia as the colors are so brilliant. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

The Best Donut Recipes In History: Secret Step-by-Step Formulas For Delicious Donuts Your Family Will Love
We have our own baked donut recipe that is healthy so will be interesting to find other such treats for us to eat.
Each recipe has a list of ingredients-some not so healthy, and list of instructions that also come with the icing recipes and other tips to get the perfect item.
Not all are deep fried. No pictures and no nutritional information but I like the icing ideas.

Maureen Gets Crafty (A Maureen short story)
Story of Maureen and while she's spending her time creating a Christmas card she's sipping sherry.
Things go wrong on all accounts and it's a wonder the card gets made at all. To begin with she's not in a festival mood to be doing it.
Louisa comes to exchange a handmade card with her and Maureen gets a surprise. Also chapter on carolers and another bonus story.
Can't wait to go caroling tonight, should be fun! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Cookies: The Top 100 Most Delicious Cookie Recipes (Cookie Baking, Dessert Recipes, Cookie Recipe Book, Cookies and Cookie Bars, Making Cookies, Best Cookie Recipes
Starts out with history and items you'll need to bake the cookies.
Different types of cookies but no pictures and no nutritional information but does have list of ingredients and variations of flavor along with how to make them.
Not very healthy options but you might be able to substitute for healthier.
Glad to look through this as I found my lost recipe for chocolate crinkles.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

All Time Cookie Favorites: Christmas desserts Everybody Loves
Recipes start out with servings and ingredient list where some of the items are mixes. Not very healthy but would taste good as a treat.
Categories of different styles of cookies to make, even a section for kids favorite ones.

Grandma's Christmas Baking: Perfect Sweets For Your Holliday Gathering
Recipes that start out with Christmas holiday and very detailed instructions on how to make.
No pictures and no nutritional information. Very festive dishes and time consuming to prepare but worth it.

One Day Crocheting Projects For Babies: Over 15 Crochet Projects for Babies to Play, Wear & Snuggle (one day crochet projects, crocheting , knitting, cross ... to crochet, crochet patterns, baby crochet)
Art of crocheting is discussed and how to start out.
Blankets and accessories for baby are included with pictures and full instructions.

Clean Eating Guide: How to Keep Healthy and Fit: Includes New Clean Eating Recipes For 2015 With Natural Ingredients 
Starts out with what clean eating is then moves onto what is beneficial.
Next chapter is about unhealthy eating habits, drinks, smoking, and food that is not considered good.
Detox is mentioned and how to do it before you start your clean eating diet.
Lots of factors are also discussed to gain the most benefits.
Next book is Recipes for Recovery which goes over many of the same things in the first book. This one has actual recipes, no pictures and no nutritional information.
Although fresh and healthier meats are selected, not all the ingredients are nutritious.
Daily meal plans are also included. Smoothie drink recipe book is also included.  Bonus gifts are also discussed.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

How to Reduce Food Waste: Especially fruits and vegetables
Since we are now using more fresh fruits and vegetables we are able to compost what we don't eat and there is hardly any more garbage we need to get rid of weekly.
As the book instructs you have to know what it is you are buying and how often so there is no waste.
We do this ourselves by shopping for fresh things two times  a week.
Although this book quotes a lot of England resources some of the same things, just different names effect the US components.
Lots of recipes for food that is stale or about to go bad, but still good in some heated processes.
Pictures are included but no nutritional information.
States what each fruit/vegetable is high in vitamins and other nutrients.
Lots of common fruits and vegetables and how to use them if you bought too much so they don't go to waste.

A PONY FOR CHRISTMAS: A Holiday Novella 
Story of Suzy and it's just a few weeks away from Christmas. She's walking home alone after school, trying to hide from the boys who will throw snowballs at her and she sees the old man who carries a garbage bag.
Her mother said they could go to the free fair the next day and all she can think about is a pony she wants for Christmas. She plans what she will feed him.
Love learning new things while I read a story. She overhears the men talking about the fairgrounds barn where Carl lives and they fear he will freeze to death.
The boss finds her mother fun and they laugh as Suzy is led to see Oreo, the goat where she also sees where Carl lives.
They are being treated like royalty! Like the ending how things all fall into place. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Home Baked Bread: How to bake bread at home and get perfect results (Home Baked Bread! Book 1)
Starts out with a bit of history about bread making and then moves onto what you will need, along with ingredients and why.
Mixing and kneading processes are explained. Very few pictures, most are dark.
Importance of glazing and when to use it.
Common doughs are listed with ingredients and how to make them.
Troubleshooting guide at the end will help with what did go wrong if your bread isn't perfect.
Measuring charts and other resources are listed at the end.
Liked this book because of the detailed instructions of kneading and the different stages that are explained.

Cute children's colorful story of what happens to a mom when she asks you to do something and you avoid it and her and do what you want.
This one child explains to the other kids to watch out for their own MOMSTER as it will happen to them. When the child is nice and apologizes to her you won't believe what happens next.
Very difficult to read when they put words over dark background pages and other items on the page. You can't increase the size of the font either.

Luna the Night Butterfly
Children's colorful story of a moth that is different than the other butterflies. She wants to be like them and realizes she has special magic also.
Another book is about Gracie the gourd. She is different than her sisters, pumpkins. She tries to find out what crop she is a part of: tomatoes, corn, and other vegetables...
Princess tooth fairy is also another book that is shared here. She explains to the girl who captures her that if she continues to eat candy and not brush her teeth, they will faill out and they won't need the tooth fairy any longer. They come up with a solution...
Princess Maddie Mouse is another book. Maddie has many brothers and sisters and she wishes she was princess of something more important.
Other stories are also included.

Glass house by Chris Wiltz
She has inherited her aunts house in New Orleans.
The wealthy are the only ones behind their security systems with fear of low income housing after the murder of a black man.
Thea renews old friendships. Project life is right there, changed but not.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

DIY Holiday Gifts On A Budget: Simple And Inexpencive Gifts You Can Make At Home
Really great cheap thoughtful gifts you can make with time and a little money, if not free.
Soaps, candles, and food gifts.

Slow Cooker Recipes Quick & Easy Cookbook - Mouthwatering Recipes Prepared in 30 Minutes or Less! (Slow Cooker Cookbook 1)
Starts out with my slow cooking is important.
Recipes start with a photo, servings and how long it will take to prepare, before cooking it.
Next comes ingredients, all fresh ones! along with detailed instructions on how to make the dish. At the end is the listing on nutritional information. Bonus content and other works by the author are highlighted.

Stinky Santa - A Very Smelly Christmas Ebook for Kids
Have read other books by the author and have enjoyed them. This colorful children's rhyming book is about Santa and we find him not at all like he appears to us at Christmas.
The book compares Santa to smelly things, wet dog, food left out for days, etc til the day Santa is getting ready to load up the sleigh and he takes a bath! Silly story
Funny how the elves help to do the dishes! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Piddles the Penguin - A funny wee ebook for kids
Colorful rhyming children's story about a penguin. He shows up at the door and needs to go to the bathroom. Problem is he doesn't make it there right away and ends up peeing on the stairs, on the floor, on a chair, etc.
The man puts him in the car to bring him to the zoo. They won't take him so back home and the penguin uses the garden to go pee. There is pee all over the house again and the man looks outside at the flowers, they weren't there the other day.
He has an idea of how to use the pee to become rich...
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Don't Juggle Bees! And Other Useless Advice For Silly Children: A Silly Rhyming Picture Books for Kids
Colorful children's rhyming book about not only manners but good things to do.
Don't let your hippo jump on your bed, too funny!
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

A Bear of a Christmas
Children's story with few color pictures of a bear and his family. He wonders why they never get Christmas gifts and his mother and sister try to explain.
He keeps waking up out of hibernation and his mother gets him back to sleep. Until the year he was awake Christmas eve...
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Paper Crafts (5th Edition): 99 Awesome Crafts You'll Love To Make!
Book showing how to make your own crafts for many occasions. Problem I have with it is the photos are not included, when you go to the site it's so overcoming with pop-up ads you have to scroll down to find the image you want to see.
Lots of good ideas with commercial ads with bonus content during the book.

Love in the Library: The Brides of Bath Book 5 Written by: Cheryl Bolen
First book read from this author and series. This is an audible book and I find the speaker is like talking to you as if you are there. The English accent is precisely clear and right words for the time. Easy to follow, especially being the 5th in a series, I am not out in the dark as other series.
Mrs. Catherine Bexsley confides in her friend about her deceased husbands missing article of fortune.
She may have to marry, maybe one of the identical twins. He learns her one year of mourning is up and she's ready to associate with others again.
She needs his help as he's seeking a post at the library. They work together, her confiding in him about her finances and the missing treasure.
In just 2 hours Melvin Stephington (the smart one) finds out so much more about her, her life and what she wants out of life. He hopes he's comforting her when she starts crying, he has no clue to females.
Like hearing of the places their search leads them to and what they do the discussions of the books themselves, bindings, etc.
Misunderstandings get in the way and draw them apart. Will he be able to make her laugh again? Few characters, easy to track of them all.
Free gift from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Silent Night: The War On Christmas: A Christmas Novel by James T. Dalton 
Book cover looks good as does the story line, something to put me in the spirit for Christmas, the true Christmas, not the materialistic, commercialized Christmas.
This is the perfect story. Starts out with a couple that are heading to court to take on the separation of Church and State and will stop the Bethlehem festivities in town.
The story also follows their lawyer and a family that consists of a father and daughter. The daughter is deathly ill, in need of a kidney transplant.  I was part of a charity event to raise money for my cousin who is also in dire need of a kidney transplant, so this part of the story also appealed to me.
The judge says they can hear the case in March but the couple want it finalized before Christmas, this year. The little girl and her now deceased mother had treasured the festivities, singing in them together and she appeals to the Town Council to keep the festivities going.
Love how the town comes together. A miracle is what they need after the little girl is rushed to the hospital...
Loved the ending, didn't see that coming! All around good read that will touch your heart.
I received this book from Story Cartel  in exchange for my honest review.

Checkout Girl: an angel short story
Story of a man who's reliving his last day. He recalls going through the checkout line at the local store. He's short a few pounds and the clerk tells him he can pay next time he comes in. He's a regular.
After he leaves he gets in an accident and she's there to help them as she clutching the doll for her baby girl. It's Christmas eve and because she's short she is fired. He sees all this from above.
He is the angel in their life as she explains to her mother she no longer has a job now....

Best Pancake Recipes: The Ultimate Pancake Recipe Handbook For Kids And Adults (With Photos)    
Colorful cookbook with recipes for pancakes, all varieties. Recipes include pictures, ingredient list and how to cook them.
Healthier pancakes are also highlighted. My favorite to try would be the chocolate ones, never thought about them.
Other countries best pancake recipes are also included.

Children's Books: WHO NEEDS TEETH? (Adorable Rhyming bedtime Story/Picture Book About Caring for Your Teeth, for Beginner Readers, Ages 2-8)
Colorful children's rhyming book about a girl who sees different animals and knows they need teeth or they'd not be able to eat their favorite foods.
She then selects her favorite foods and knows she'd not be able to eat them if she had no teeth.
Good book for promoting a child to take care of their own teeth.
Other works by the author are excerpted at the end.

Homemade Potato Chips :The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes
Hoping to find a healthier chip that we can make. Husband's father used to deep them the chips himself til one night he caught himself on fire.
Although the recipes are easy I think I could substitute the vegetable oil for olive or canola oil and microwave them for a much healthier option.
Each recipe comes with prep and cook time and servings along with ingredient list and how to make them. No nutritional information or pictures.
So many different varieties, not sure I could do the chocolate chips.

Cornbread :The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes
This cookbook has recipes that feature prep and cook time, servings and ingredient list along with instructions in how to make the item.
No pictures and no nutritional information but I think some substitutions for a healthier option would work.
Lots of different methods for making the bread and varieties.
One as a dessert sounds real good. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Homemade Frosting :The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes
Have experimented over the years to find a recipe that will allow me to freeze decorated sugar cookies in the freezer and not have them stick together. I made one up myself and it works. Still interested in other recipes for other foods.
This recipe book comes with each recipe that has prep and cook time, time item will be ready in, ingredient list and how to make the item along with servings and yield.
No pictures and no nutritional information.

Shopping & Cooking Frugally
Starts out with the author telling us of her upbringing, getting married and his lifestyle and how he grew up during the Great Depression.
Basic tools to help you, planning meals ahead and making a list of what to get are essential.
Taking others needs into consideration along with coupons and sales are important to being able to save money.
Also sections on using the internet to get the deals along with having your own garden.
Basic bulk recipes are included to give you a start to saving time.
Different ways to cook potatoes, beans and rices also.
Resource listing at the end.

Arthritis Relief Cookbook --- Quick and Easy Delicious Meals for Arthritis Relief (Arthritis Diet) (Arthritis Relief Series 2)
This cookbook starts out with what to stay away from that will aggravate the inflammatory disease and what to eat.
Listing of fruits and vegetables and what they can help do for your body along with herbs and spices.
Healthy appetizer snack recipes are included, no nutritional information but ingredients look healthy.
Soups and salads and breakfast food recipes are only a small portion of what's in this book.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Tight Budget, Tight Stomach: The Top 50 Foods for Busting Belly Fat on a Budget
Tells you what you need to do to get rid of belly fat. There are key nutrients in some foods that they talk about in depth.
All kinds of advice with useful information.

Tea at Downton - Afternoon Tea Recipes From The Unofficial Guide to Downton Abbey (Downton Abbey Tea Books)
History of afternoon tea and how it came about.
Different teas as explained along with the proper way to make it.
Different sandwich recipes, along with others.

30 Family Meals To Prepare On Weeknights (Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes - The Easy Weeknight Dinners Collection Book 1)
Easy meals and healthy but no nutritional information or pictures.
So many categories to select from along with such a wide variety of foods.

We're Going to the Farm  by Nancy Streza
Story using Old MacDonald theme that they sing about animals they will see at the farm.
Colorful children's book about animals on the farm.

Mangia! Classic Italian Recipes
Each recipe comes with a paragraph about what is being made,  color photo, servings, prep time and ingredient list.
Detailed instructions on how to make the dish.
No nutritional information.

Knit: How to Knit. Knitting Patterns for Beginners  by kathy wiliston
This book starts out with equipment you will need and the differences.
Yarn and needles where they tell you the differences. Detailed pictures of how to cast on the stitches.
Also diagrams to help you figure out how to do the stitches. Also parts on making cables, along with explanations of abbreviations.
Easy to make patterns are included with color photos.
Resources of clickable links at the end. Great book even good for a refresher.

101 Facts... Cats! Cat Books for Kids - Amazing Facts, Photos & Video Links. (101 Animal Facts Book 2)
Colorful photos that help get the fact across about the cats. There are many aspects of the book
along with video links to help you understand all about cats.
Different breeds are also discussed. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

HOW THE GOLD GOT IN THE GOLDEN RULE (Very Funny Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book About 'Thank You' and Doing Unto Others, for Beginner ... with 30 happy Illustrations Ages 2-8)
Colorful children's story about a newcomer to town that forgets to say 'thank you'. The townsfolk have a meeting to decide what can be done.
You won't believe the ending...
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

African Animal Facts For Kids: Non-Fiction Book For Preschool, Kindergarten and First Graders (African Animal Picture Books)
Free activity pack as a gift.  Species of African animals are shown along with facts
about them, in alphabetic order.  Colorful children's book. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

From Mother to Daughter - Family Recipes
Colorful photos accompany each recipe that includes ingredient list and detailed instructions on how to make the dish.
Soups are first and very appealing with fresh herbs and spices. No nutritional information.
Like the idea of this Ukrainian women giving this gift of family recipes to her daughter.
Although I've never made any of them myself some do look healthy.

How to Crochet: Volume III The Final Complete Advance Guide with More Advanced Patterns, Stitches and Squares for the Advanced Crocheter. Includes Step- by- Step Instructions with Detailed Pictures
Colorful book advanced crochet stitches, not only in color but diagram wise as well with written out instructions.
Patterns included for afghans, clothing, baby clothes, vintage bedspreads, fancy squares and how to make your own.
Flower motifs and edgings are also highlighted.
Other sites on the net are listed at the end.

Freezer Meals: Delicious and Easy Make-Ahead Meals
Starts out with what a freezer meal is and then how to plan to make them, a bunch at a time.
Talks about what foods can be frozen and for how long.
Recipes do not have nutritional information and no pictures.
The recipes do include the list of ingredients, how to make the meal and freeze it and how to prepare it once thawed out.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

WHEAT FREE COOKBOOK- QUICK AND EASY: Flat Belly Diet - No Wheat No Fat (healthy food cookbook Book 2)
Book starts out with why our diets would be better off without wheat. Explains what to use for substitutions.
Starts out with drinks-that don't contain wheat-did they ever?
No nutrional information and a handful of pictures.
Other recipes include a lot of substitutions rather than flour.

Meet The Bugs!
Colorful children's book showing all kinds of bugs. They each get their own page that includes a color photo and facts about them.
The book is all about sharing space with them. You don't like them, they don't like you but be kind.

Hiking Survival Guide: Basic Survival Kit and Necessary Survival Skills to Stay Alive in the Wilderness (Survival Guide Books for Hiking and Backpacking Book 1)
Hiking is not only good for your mental health but your physical health. Book starts out with planning, for things that could happen while you're out hiking.
We do go hiking but in highly visible trails, a few miles at a time.
We are prepared for the longer jaunts with what we carry on our backs, just in case.
Color photos and tells you what to do when you do get lost, first is not to panic and stay calm.
Tells you what to pack in your survival kit along with pictures and why you should bring these items.

The BBQ & Outdoor Grilling Cookbook: 110 Recipes for Everything from Appetizers to Desserts
We grill outside at least two times a week throughout the winter even. Always looking for recipes to use.
Starts out with the different methods of grilling: gas, charcoal, etc.
Each recipe comes with time to prepare, and cook times along with servings.
Ingredient list also has nutritional information.
Sauce recipes and drinks and desserts.
Fish recipes really interest me along with other ways of cooking hamburger and other meats.
A Keeper!

Children's Books: "7 Principles of Inspiring Kids to Be Leaders" A parenting kids Guide with Leadership Tips & Education for children in all ages
This book is written so parents can get a start on teaching their children how over the years they can become a leader.
There are many tips and sections to concentrate on.  Praise their behavior I think is the most important way to teach them.
Good advice all the way through.

Practical Solutions to Everyday Household Problems
Like all the ideas in this book as they are ones we would use.
Substitutions for running out of eggs and other things you need to bake with is also included.
Uses for denture cleansers and WD40, who knew!
Other works by the author are highlighted.
A Keeper!

The Honk of Zagonk
Colorful children's imagery book about dragons and the yearly games they are in.
They come from all over the world.  Frost giants freeze the dragons flames.  The dragons all laughed at Zagonk.
Will Zagonk be able to use his flames. Reason I liked this story was because even though they laugh at him one time
he can prove they won't be laughing any more at him.

Slow Cooking Done Right (Easy Slow Cooker Meals Book 1)
Each recipe comes with list of ingredients, detailed instructions on how to make, nice color photo and no nutritional information.
Not all the ingredients are healthy ones, you may be able to substitute.

The Best Prank Book - Prank Your Friends and Family!
Funny pranks to pull on others. Warns you to try them first and to be sure there is enough time for the one getting pranked to become clean before they head off to like work or school.
Silly pranks and so many of them. Hope they don't get mad.

Tip of the Toes (A Ballerina Story) (Fun Rhyming Children's Books)
Colorful children's book about ballerina's and how they practice.
Different parts of the body and the way they move them.
She feels she is not ready for the recital til the teacher gives her a glittery bow to wear.
She then feels more confident. Magic bow... other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

My Spring Day: Children's Book For Ages 6-8, Reading Level 3- Seasons Book For Kids (The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year)
Colorful children's book about Gabi and has just woken up and hears the birds outside singing. It's the first day of spring.
The other children get dressed and can't wait to also go outside. They dress for the weather and look for a four leaf clover together.
Their parents surprise them after digging for earthworms. First they wash their hands and come out to a surprise. Like this book because they all
work as one and enjoy the time they spend with one another, no matter what they are doing.
Other books by the author are highlighted at the end.

60 Ingredient Substitutions To Help You Cook Healthy Foods While Eating What You Love
Great source of knowledge. Instead of frying try other methods and they tell you how.
It's all about cooking healthier.  Tells you how to substitute white flour and why it's beneficial to your body.
Substitutions for even pastas and meats.  Other works are highlighted at the end, by the author.

Rabbit Run: An Illustrated Story about Friendship
Colorful children's book about 3 rabbits who are the best of friends.
They play with one another all the time and never argue or fight.
They are challenged to find out who is the fastest and word spreads around the farm to the other animals.
Winning was not the important thing at all.
Free ebook gift at the end along with works by the author are highlighted.

Flat Breads and Pizza and others
Looking for find a healthy bread to make, for pizza or calzones and this is the book.
Although no nutritional information the ingredients are the healthy ones that we use in our new lifestyle.
Lots to choose from.  Love the pita pocket style as we do use those for sandwiches and these would be very much healthier for us to try.
Also wraps and English muffins, what a find!
Bagels and pretzels, all healthy ingredients!
Oven charts and measurement ingredient charts are included.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
A Keeper!

Children books:IT'S A BABY(new baby books toddlers)Emotions Feeling(funny)Values(bedtime fiction stories picture book)bedtime short stories toddlers(Family)beginner ... best beginner reader picture books stories)
Colorful children's rhyming book about a mother having a baby. There is already a child in the family and this is their way of
explaining a new baby will be with them soon.  He dreams of his mother carrying a present around in her tummy for him and he can imagine all kinds of things.
He worries and then has no fear as they will play together.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end along with a free flip book as a gift.

Mediterranean Cookbook:: A Tasta of Greece (culinary journey cookbooks Book 3
Starts out with beautiful pictures of the area and history. Categories of food are broken up into sections featuring lots of healthy choices.
We eat mostly a Med. diet and am always looking for new ideas for meals to make.
Each recipe has a list of fresh ingredients and instructions on how to make it, serving size is included. No nutritional information as it's not needed with this lifestyle.
Even has desserts!

Pirates of the Alphabet: Pirate ABCs (and activity book) (Packrat Tales Book 2)
Colorful children's book about everything to do with pirates, using letters of the alphabet
to help explain all the pirate terms. Very colorful and imaginative.
Fun puzzles and mazes at the end. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Learn to Cook 101 -- Step-by-Step Cooking Lessons for All Ages, by the Cooking Dude
Like this book because it allows you experiment. They start out with boiling water and then boiling eggs and what you can make with that.  Has photos.
Then other steps if you prefer a different type of cooked egg. Then onto pasta, where it gives you the ingredients and tells you to add what flavors you like.
Next step is using the microwave, very easy to follow instructions for making tuna casserole.
Using potatoes and vegetables next with lots of recipes to try and different methods for cooking.
Very useful information about how to cut an avocado, make hollandaise sauce, separating eggs, cutting up chicken and stew meat,
Lots of cooking terms I've never tried, brining, making a roux,
Other methods of cooking are explained along with more recipes. Also a section on place setting and what utensil to use when.
Family feasts and their instructions are also given. Like the listing at the back: culinary terms.  Love section all about herbs and spices.
How to fix disasters and even clean the burned pans!
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Summer Cookbook: Easy Everyday Dinner Recipes you Can Make in Minutes! (Recipes for Every Season Series)
Like this cookbook because it has salads for hot days. Not all of the recipes are very healthy but you can substitute for your healthier choices.
No pictures and no nutritional information but great combinations of food is used.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Children's book: I am the best (children's books - Series about friendship, values and confidence) Book 3)
Colorful children's book that starts out with Camille the clarinet and she goes outside to practice. Others join her and even new instruments.
Some tell Camilla that she sounds bad, but others they meet up with and play with says she plays nicely. She still tries to find another school to play in.
They go back to rehearsal and others hear her and do tell her how nicely she plays.
Like this book because if only one person tells you that you don't do something right, get others opinions first.

How the Fairy Discovered Her True Magic (Fun Rhyming Children's Books)
Colorful children's book about Faye the fairy. She can make others laugh with her jokes, but her wand is broken and she's lost her glitter.
Her fairy godmother helps her understand she is really magic inside. She helps others and that makes her really see what good she can do.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Fresh from the Garden Recipes:: A Bounty of 120 Dishes Featuring Fresh Produce
Like this book a LOT. Starts out with benefits of using a Julienne peeler. Then right to the vegetables, in alpha order.
What they are-how to identity them, buying tips,  prep, cooking and storing tips along with yield.
What a treasure of a book!  Then each vegetable highlighted has a handful of recipes using that vegetable.
Pictures, nutritional information also!

Get Skinny Stay Skinny (Eat Better Feel Better Book 1
Like this book because it not only has some pictures, but very healthy ingredients and a very detailed list of nutritional information.
Love cookie and snack recipes!  Lots of categories to select from and very wide selection of a dish to make.  To me it's not important to stay skinny but to stay healthy  which this book will do. Eat right and you will stay skinny.
A keeper!

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes for Everyone
Starts out talking about different slow cookers and their benefits along with explanations of the features.
Some of the recipes could be made with more healthier choices of oils. Does not have pictures, nor nutritional information.
Most of the ingredients are healthy.  Large variety to choose from.

Mommy is Not (funny bedtime story collection)
Silly children's colorful story of what your mommy is not. She's not a chair or a swing.
List goes on and tells you then what your mommy will do for you, no matter what.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end, along with a link to get a free gift.

Day Digital Photography Mastery - Learn To Take Excellent Photos And Become A Master Photographer In 7 Days Or Less (Fast Guide To Learn Photography, ... Master Photographer, Photography)
Starts out with why the book was written and what to expect from digital photography these days.
Talks technically about how the cameras works, depth of field, lighting and how to capture the right moment to take the photo. Other tips are mentioned and there are other excepts from the author of their other works.

Beanstalk Talk: Written by Marie Shelly
Colorful children's rhyming book about a boy who gets some beans from an old man and plants them in the ground.
He is able to climb the beanstalk and the giant is at the top and he's angry his gold egg is missing...
The giant follows him down to show him what he has: the lands are much more than his gold egg he states.

Planets (The Quaint and Quizzical Cosmos)
Colorful children's book that is sometimes hard to read the print because of the dark colors of the page.
This one is about being on Earth and seeing it as a ship where we have oceans, forest and other things.
Talks about the solar system and planets. Use your imagination and discover what is out there.

Bedtime Stories! Old Owl's Fairy Tales for Children: Short Stories Picture Book for Kids about Magical Forest Animals (Bedtime Stories for Kids, Early Readers Books for Ages 4-8 2)
Very colorful children's story about Old Owl and he lives in a magical forest. The stories are about rabbit, bear, donkey, pony, raccoon, giraffe and other animals.
Some of the animals are not used to where they now live, leaves falling etc.

SNOW ALLIGATORS (PICTURE AND RHYME COLLECTION / Ages 4 to 6 (rhyming, bedtime, reading, children, kids, short, stories))
Colorful children's rhyimg book about alligators in the snow.
All 104 children had a cold and although there was no school because of all the snow they were not playing outside because they had a cold.
The rules said they needed to build snowmen or the snow alligators would invade their town.

Dress Up Day
Children's book showing a little girl and it's dress up day as she goes about not only dressing up but other facts about the person she has dressed up.
Favorite is the farmer who she shows what kind of work she'd be doing in the vegetable gardens.
She dreams of other careers when she goes to sleep.

September Sky by John A. Heldt
Have read the previous series by the author and enjoyed the books. This is a new time travel series.
Starts out with Chuck who's lost his reporter job and will be going to collect his son Justin who's left college after 2 years.
On the cruise ship to Mexico they have a lot of time to talk, to figure out what they will each do with their lives.
They attend a lecture and agree to follow through on a commitment to time travel. They take extra things with them and have done research on the area they will travel to and know of hurricanes and other disasters that will fall on the area.
They want to also stop a murder from happening but don't really know who the people are. Love hearing of the scenes as they see them firsthand themselves of the 1900's.
So many differences from what they left behind in 2016. They also know of the time restraints and must come back with proof of certain places.
They are also there to prevent a murder. They think they have altered enough events but they have not and the murder occurrs and now they must find out who the real killer is.
Decisions as to who to bring back to the present time as they each fall in love...liked how the old meets the new and the new meets the old...the impending hurricane that will wipe out the area....
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review

Crochet Patterns For Babies (2nd Edition): 41 Adorable Patterns For Baby Hats, Blankets, & Clothes!
Pictures that are clickable don't match up to what they should be.
Cute and useable ideas, car seat blanket, hats for infants with ears.
Very easy instructions and list of materials needed.
Very confusing as there are lots of ads and other things the author wants you to sign up for, in the middle of the patterns.

Tovi the Penguin: goes away for Christmas Kindle
Children's colorful book about Tovi the penguin and they are all going on a holiday.
They wake up to find Santa was not able to find them so there are no presents, not even in their stockings.
They are still able to enjoy the day with a nice dinner and the whole family singing.  When they go back in to pack to leave they find a surprise!

Merry Christmas, Little Hoo!: Volume 3
Colorful children's story about Hoo and he's trying to figure out what the sounds are that he is hearing outside.
He imagines they are Santa's sleigh bells, the reindeer and other Christmas related sounds.
On the next pages it does tell you what the sounds are from...

Children's Books: WHAT'S FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER? (Delightfully Fun, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers About Making Friends and Being ... Ages 2-8) (Happy Children's Series 5)
Story of a duck just walking around til a goose comes up and they collide and get into a discussion about what to have for Thanksgiving dinner: duck or a goose or a turkey?
Funny colorful children's book about how they save one another.  They combine their knowledge of what others really want for Thanksgiving and go see about the pumpkin in the garden...
Author's Christmas story excerpt is also included at the end.

Christmas On Mars
Colorful children's book about spending Christmas on Mars. Not only that but they travel to other planets for other holiday treats.
Mercury for hot chocolate, Pluto for candy canes. After they decorate Mars they fall asleep waiting for Santa.  Love the scavenger hunt type of book.

Twelve Days of Fruitcake
Story of an old woman who's now in senior housing and she bakes fruitcakes and knows her next door neighbor likes them. She doesn't have many friends.
Liked sharing parts of this book.

How to Knit an Infinity Scarf + 9 Fashionable Cowl Knitting Patterns
Starts out with introduction about the patterns and gives you a list of materials needed and instructions. Each pattern also has
a color photo and a link on the web. Love infinity scarves as I've lost too many long regular scarves just walking around although I've tied them 3 times in knots.
Love that I can put them at the top of my head, cover my ears, twist at the bottom and flip it over my neck and flip it again to make it tighter.
Love that you can use any pattern, any color you may have.

Knitting in the Round: 10 Knit Sock Patterns and Knitted Slipper Patterns
Starts out with links to go see the photos and popup ads to join mailing list. The pictures are there. Instructions and list of materials needed are included along with the photo so I'm not sure why you'd click on the link to see the photos.
Also pictures of knitting new techniques are shown and described on how to do them.
Socks and coverings for all ages. Charts are included with patterns Fair Isle patterns.
Tips along the way to make it
easier for you to use needles.

A FROSTY CHRISTMAS (Children Christmas Books, Bedtime Stories, Early Readers): Christmas Stories, Christmas Jokes, and Christmas Coloring Book for Kids! (Christmas Books for Children)
Free gift from the author. Colorful children's book about how Frosty came about but it goes on to Christmas skating party.
Other stories that also highlight Frosty coming to the rescue.
Also Christmas jokes at the end.

20 Beautiful Christmas Stories for Kids 2-6 (Bedtime Stories for Kids)
Cute colorful children's book about the Christmas season. Silly things like green nosed reindeer and a penguin that wants to be an elf.
Santa's brother the abdominal snowman who they call Bones and thinks it is Halloween.

Prairie night before Christmas  by James Rice
Rhyming story of the night before Christmas for those who live
on the prairie. Cute and surprising comforting.

Grandma Moses, painter of rural America  by Zibby Oneal
Interesting audio book about the painter. Starts out when she was just a girl and didn't realize a lot of things, like birthdays.
Liked memories of my past as well, times outside with friends and family during winter months, on the lake, skating and sledding.
Liked hearing of how she painted the walls in her house when she had no money for house paint.
Loved hearing of how she played with dolls, dressing them and knitting.

Margaret Wise Brown, awakened by the moon by Leonard S.  Marcus
Story about Margaret, her life, her relatives and what interests they had while she grew up.
Different places she visited and lived and books they read and games they played.
Moves onto her adult life also and her book writing. Like stories she's written and the way she uses furry animals.
Loved hearing of her island house and all the struggles with her books, makes you appreciate them a lot more.

Hold me  by Susan Mallery
Have read most of the author's series works and was even on street team til i decided not to give a book 5 stars.
I was dropped and now I read them when I want to.
This book surrounding Fool's Gold is about Destiny Mills. She's part of the search and rescue team.
Her firm had written the program for the computer and she trains those who will be using it, how to use it.
Kipling, an Olympic athlete makes her feel welcome. His career is over since the accident but he runs S&R in FG.
Good to catch up with all the regular residents also. FG is a town where all the major roles are run by women.
Destiny's half sister Star is staying with her since her father's death. She's a teen. Destiny loves music and playing instruments.
They had just met 10 days prior to arriving at FG. Struggles raising a teen and other secrets come to light. Sex scenes and lots of drama.
Typical you know what's gonna happen, they will end together by the end. Unprotected sex, really?

The scam   by Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg
Kate and Nick are on the trail to find others that can't be caught through a regular source.
Travel and more cases come up along with finding out who blew up her father's friends trucks in HI.
Liked hearing about all the technology they use to physically catch the bad guys in the jungle and on the gambling tables.
Others think they need to make the next time and spend more quality time together-in bed.
Like how it ends, didn't see that coming. First book I've ever read from this author.

Losing the moon  by Patti Callahan Henry
Have enjoyed the author's other works. This story starts out with Amy and Phil and they are traveling to visit their son at college and to meet his new girl and her parents.
Amy meets her longtime lover-Nick but he's now married and has a daughter-who her son is in love with.
Story goes to the past and their dating years and back to the present where we are able to learn about their connection.
Things fall apart for all the familys and you wonder if they can ever get back to what they had. Like the parts about preserving the land and what is involved.
Love what title stands for.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Practice makes perfect by Julie James
8 yrs Chicago lawyers and now only one will be promoted. They are paired to work together and the boss will decide.
Payton wants the new position and is willing to work with JD.
JD born to succeed and has everything. Problem is they start to become familiar and physical with one another....
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Christmas Secret
Mikey has gone through the store catalogs and he needs to come up one item that he really wants.
Like the traditions about the pickle and giving old toys to charity.

Holiday Baking - Easy Sweet Treat Recipes: Cookies, cakes, pies, squares and bars, barks and brittles, candies, chocolates, appetizers, holiday drinks
Each recipe comes with a color photo,  servings, ingredient list and detailed instructions on how to make the item. There is no nutritional information.
coconut chocolate candy would be my favorite to try, and gingerbread cake.
So many different varieties along with types of cookies, bars, cakes, etc.
Also includes holiday drinks and punches.
Bonus recipes at the end. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Simply Fleece  by Bonnie Scott
This book tells you how to use fleece to make simple easy gifts. Some you have to sew, some you do not.
Pictures of the projects and other drawings showing measurements and how to do certain things. Easy to follow step by step instructions along with list of things you will need.
Hats interest me as they are very versatile.
Items for your pet are also included along with Christmas ornaments.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

My Christmas Soldier by Elizabeth Rose
Lana volunteers at the nursing home at Christmas because she doesn't want to deal with Christmas herself after losing her husband.
With the snow storm and her fast driving she lands in a ditch and walks to the nearest house. Nobody home so she makes a fire and when she wakes the soldier is there,
the one from the snowglobe. The older woman had told her, only shake it if you want magic to happen.
Surprise awaits her when she goes to return the snowglobe the next day... Other works and excerpts are highlighted at the end.

The Twelve Days of Christmas  by Rick Yuzzi
Book starts out with Brett leaving FL to travel to Vegas where he hopes to lose himself for the holidays and all its memories of a happier time.
Before he even leaves FL he sees a pregnant woman with a military shirt on and hears her story and agrees to take her westward as she's going to surprise her mother for this Christmas.
Each day they come across others who are in need of a ride or help and after Grace volunteers them he picks up and offers his help first. He feels good about helping others, he had forgotten that feeling...
Like how after they've each been helped they pay it forward by helping another in need. Sad that so many today are in need to help from all walks of life.
Liked hearing of all the programs out there to help others provide not only food and shelter but gifts for children at Christmas.
Wow didn't see the ending that took place, love how it all ties together!

No Bed for a Crib by Deborah Heal
Book starts out with Robin and she's going over a letter to the editor about the pregnancy center she helps run.
She can't find the time to write a letter to educate the man and others of their circumstances.
The police drop off a woman and her child and she's pregnant. She just wants to have an abortion til she talks to
Birdie who explains and shows her there is a baby in there. She also tells her about the help they can give her after the baby is born.
References to Mary and Joseph when she's about to give birth to her son.
Received this as a gift from the author.

Wrap with Love: Holiday Gift Giving with Less Stress and More Joy  
Wanted to read this to gain insight into anything else that might help at this time of year.
Starts out with the plan: ready, select and wrap and how to go about doing all those things in those categories.
Good sections on if you don't have the money, the time or just not in the spirit of things.
Lots of tech tools to help shop online, shop early and find the perfect gift for the right person.
Like the idea of even personalizing a gift card!

Bone Broth ELIXIR: All Natural, All Healthy and All Renewing: (Bone Broth Power, Improve Your Health,Lose Weight, Bone Broth Diet Recipes
Knew my brother in law always requested the Thanksgiving turkey bones, now I know why.
He made his own broth. Very informative book about health and specific ailments and how to obtain the right bones to make broth.
Some recipes come with a picture and all use fresh ingredients and no nutritional information but it's all pure, healthy.
Great source of information and gives you ideas of how to use different bones for making your own broth. Never thought to use shrimp and crab shells!

Holiday Cakes, Pies, & Cookies
Lots of dessert holiday recipes. There are some drawings, and no nutritional information.
Have made many of these over the years and nothing really stands out as I continue to bake these.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Memoirs of a Snowflake
Love just looking at snowflakes as they fall onto the ground and the light shining through them as they fall.
Interesting take on being a snowflake. It's just as I pictured as it's described.
Author's blog is mentioned.

When light breaks  by Patti Callahan Henry
Have enjoyed the author's other works and know I will enjoy this one.
Story starts out with Kara and her teen years when she first touches his face. Years later she is still grieving for the death of her mother and meets Payton the local golf PGA player.
They date a few times til he asks her to marry him. She's now volunteering at the nursing home where an Irish woman quotes her phrases that make her think of her first love, Jack.
She is also the tour manager that handles every tiny detail of making sure things go smoothly for the golf tournaments.
Like this book because it's two stories in one book. Kara's life and Mae's life/Irish legend.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The penguins by  Lynn Schroeder Stone, Howard Baker Street Productions
Story for children all about the facts about penguins. Not only do they tell you about unusual penguins, they are birds but don't fly
what they eat, how they stay warm, how they stay cold, colony living, captivity and much more.
Tell you the differences between other animals and how some are similar.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

How to start a fire  by Lisa Lutz
Story of 3 women who befriend one another at college and the book follows them throughout the years.
Listening to the book is hard to follow as the years go back and forth leaving off where they left off prior but other stories also clutter the tale.
College life, drugs, marriage, divorce, infidelity and choices one makes. It all fell apart one night that changed all their lives forever.... 
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Ellis Island, gateway to the New World  by Everett Fisher Leonard
Great book about the history of Ellis Island, who owned it when and what they used it for and how they gave it or sold it to others.
Talked of the immigration and how other countries had failed at their crops and wanted to try in the US, along with political and religious migrations.
Interesting to learn of all the diseases they were turned away from the US and also if you could not provide work for yourself. you were also sent back to your country.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Wicked women whodunit by MaryJanice  Davidson and 3 others
This anthology hot stories that surround a mystery, a dead body.
Sensual and hot along with mysteries are a good combination as the women gather clues to help solve the murders.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

My village in Germany by  Sonia Gidal and Tim Gidal
Mural art and legends as two boys celebrate how they are dressing up for Crazy Thursday to scare off the ghosts of winter.
One boy wants to be a violin maker, another wants to also leave being a journeyman apprentice mason to be a mountain guide.
Their parents know they must have a career that will earn them a living. Love the details of the descriptions of the village, I can just picture them in my mind as if I am there.
Lots of history as times go by...loved hearing how they do their job of mason. 
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Paris winter  by Imogen Robertson
Story of a woman who is studying art in Paris and how she got there through abuse. Opium and other rumors make others think she is dead.
Especially with the tiara being stolen...lots of mystery surrounding the diamonds and suicide attempt...
Love the images of Christmas holidays and decorations.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The children's crusade by Ann Packer
This book is about a family in the 70's as they grow up. The story goes back in time to when the parents met and got married.
The father is a doctor and the mother takes care of the kids. Events are told also as the children get older. The changes not only in their parents but the grand parents as well.
Remember myself where I was when Jim Jones and the cult was around and how it effected us, interesting to hear what the children thought.
Advances to when the children want to sell the family house and reminisce about the times spent there. Some don't want to sell, others want money so they can move on with their lives.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Most Effective Anti-Inflammatory Diet Recipes
The book cover interested me from the start as it shows fresh vegetables, very colorful. This is the healthy lifestyle we have adopted for the past 2 years.
This one starts out with a free clickable download of kindle ebooks.
Chapters start out with what you can expect by reading this book and what ailments it will mostly help.
Recipes come with prep/cook times, servings and ingredient list along with instructions on how to make the dish.
Very fresh ingredients are used and the most healthiest of oils. At the end of the recipes there is further explanations as to why you should eat more fiber and fruits and vegetables.
Very tech but also very understandable.
 Received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

The 9 steps to financial freedom by Suze Orman
Love the author's advice, have seen her on TV her own show and PBS. She's straight forward knowledge and caring.
Although a bit outdated as laws and rules have changed the basic advice is the same. Good to review yearly.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Things you won't say by Sarah Pekkanen
Jamie Anderson worries about her husband who is a policeman.  Then she gets the call a policeman has been hurt, but it's not her husband but his partner. Mike struggles to go on with a new partner but nightmares keep him from getting good sleep.
Her sister Lew works with animals and lives with an ex boyfriend who's dating a new girl.
Story also follows Sandy and her husband who's laid up in the hospital for months....
Also it follows Christy who shares a boy with Mike and he gets to visit with Jamie and the 3 kids her and Mike have together.
She was a receptionist and now works for a PI, Elroy trying to find unfaithful husbands for a lot higher wage.
Lots of references to elephants and their habits.
Another call and now her husband has pulled his trigger and the teen died. There was no gun but he says he saw it. She needs to stand by him but she has her own doubts.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The festival of insignificance by Milan Kundera and Linda Asher
Four friends talk about all things around their lives, serious things along with things like do angels have navels.
Love parts about Hemingway and other authors.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Christmas comes to Little Hickman Creek by Sharlene MacLaren
Wanted to read this book first of all because of the cover. I've trekked many times in 3feet of snow to go to the shed to get something wearing my big boots.
Next thing that appealed to me was the timeframe, enjoy how some local villages replicate the same time and we visit often to see how things were done in their time.
Story follows Sadie Bennett who works at Grace's tearoom and is trying to just get by the Christmas season by herself, now that her spouse was killed at the sawmill last winter.
Also follows Reed Harris who runs the local livery and is on the Christmas committee to haul the town tree to the square. Sadie has gotten roped into helping others select the perfect tree.
She had gone out with Reed a few times and wanted to cool things as she was a recent widow...
Story is filled with quotes from the Bible as they each study the verses and ask God for guidance.
Love the KY holiday small town atmosphere and what community means. Recipes included.
I received this book from in exchange for my honest review.