Friday, December 21, 2007

Prayer Shawl update, new books to read

got 15th prayer shawl done today, took it to the dentist, my mom and i both had our teeth cleaned. left there and went to senior center where we got mostly brown yarns, and a few grays. wanted to make some shawls for men they need to be given to. The church is St. Michaels in Bristol.

Also I had order a quilt magazine for my mom along with the perpetual caalendars, one for crochet, one for knit. For every day of the year there is a different project. I went through each of them and found at least 15 items i was going to make. a lot of them were just pattern themselves which i can incorporate into baby blankets, etc. I also have now submitted my own designs to them, one for knit and one fro crochet and hope to find out soon that they want to include my designs in their calendars for the year 2009.

Working on more of the irish lace crochet squares for this weekend, might sneak in some work on the red wrap around sweater.

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