Friday, December 14, 2007

Prayer shawls

The prayer shawls

stack of shawls for church in Bristol, RI
some are crochetted some knit.

crochetted shawls: purple and white, aqua shawl and one done in black blue and aqua colors.

knit ripple shawl

3 knit shawls: a 2x2 ribbed one, k3, p3 pattern and a stripe red/white shawl which has attached bells on it.
recently listening to debbie macombers reutrn to shop on blossom street there was mention of what the k3, p2 pattern meant. the oclums stay intact so you can see them, but even if you mess up by a stitch or two it's not noticeable. They said the k3, p3 symbolized 3 things, to some it means, past present and future. others: faith, hope, charity. The added three stitches in this shawl pattern modification symbolize the knitter and recipient (side chain that is formed) and the group, church, or organization that is facilitating the gift (center knit stitch that unites all the parts of the shawl). You can make it work for you.

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