Tuesday, December 18, 2007

tuesday escapades

Left this afternoon to goto Sears, scrach and dent store to look at a new gas stove. Well didn't stay there long but headed to Ocean state job lot and got some lion brand boucle for $2 a skein, they are 3 oz sizes and should make good prayer shawls.

then went to walmart and looked at the yarns they had but not many had wrappers with prices and most were a tnagled mess so they stayed at the store. wish i had a 501c status so they'd donate all the yarn to me to use for charity.

worked on a knitting prayer shawl where i cast on about 120 sts, k3 rows, then started with the pattern. k3 for each border, then d2tog, across. on back side M1 in between each st. then knit for 4, 6 or 8 rows, your choice and rep the eyelet row again. this is what mine loks like after working on it in the car for 20 mins.

progress to date on crtochet irish lace afghan:

Have 6 done so far for this crochet lace afghan. this motifs are so fun to make, i can make them now without the pattern.

also got the check from a customer who i had made an irish fisherman knit afghan for along with a lighthouse one. sent a boiy layette to her grand nephew in CA also.

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