Saturday, February 2, 2008

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ok get ready for the novel, it's been SO long so i've updated the site.
Jaunt around town: Mom came to the mainland on Wednesday and we went to drop off things I had made at senior center for their craft sale in December. We found out that they did not want them, nor do they want us to make anything more for them, nor can we take yarn due to not making items for them any longer. What a major disappointment, now what do I do with afghans, shawls, covered hanger and kitchen things.

I keep a lot of my knitting tools in this loose leaf binder.

First the needle guides, they tell me exactly which US/English needles I'm using.

There are many envelope clear plastic sections, one for each size needle that i've marked with black marker in bottom right hand corner.

The Land line method

shown here with white yarn threaded through each stitch, but continue knitting along incase you have to revert back you won't lose any stitches. This is the black knitting tote bag someone ordered recently.

This picture shows 6 crochet angel dishcloths from a recent order.

Knitted tote bag, front, back sections.

Idiot cord used for the tote bag shoulder length straps. I'm using my size 14 needles, these needles should be screwed into a cable needle but i just wanted to make the cord so i need the real short needles only. To make the cord, co 3 sts, * k 3 sts, push sts to other end of the needle and k3, rep from *, you are getting yarn from behind the sts on the needle and it will be pulled together to form a braided appearance.

tote bag completed.

gregs irish fisherman sweater with one landline, back section here, almost up to the armhole decreases.

the IF afghan in background it's an order i recently got. 3 skeins of yarn from hospital for booties. Also Joanne dropped off bags of yarn for Navy relief afghans also yesterday. That and an order for 2 afghans will keep me busy while completing Gregs sweater. No way can I have it done for our anniversary but I did manage to make his favorite oatmeal raisin cookies.

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