Friday, March 7, 2008

contest, pattern, knit, prayer shawl, flowers, seashells enter a square for the chance to win. i won't show the one i'm submitting but i've sent an email to them allready.

this is a knit prayer shawl using bamboo sample from Granny's Garret in Austria. There were many different stitch patterns there that I thought would make a good shawl.
notice i have two landlines, even though it's not a lacy pattern if you do miss a yo here and there the whole thing gets messed up.

spring has arrived in RI. it's way early LOL Some parts of TN are getting snow today, it could be us but storm goes the northern most route for past week or we'd have 3 feet of snow now.

More flowers to come, can't wait to see the tiger lilly tulips.

sea shell pencil holders. these are fun to make, even getting the shells on the beaches. the problem was what to use for the putty stuff. some stuff i had bought never hardened. this stuff does and i do have spray to use to keep it shiny. hope it doesn't discolor and turn yellow. We got reservations to goto the island for the 15th.

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