Sunday, June 8, 2008

our trip to TN

on our trip to TN to spend time with our granddaughter who's 8 this summer, we play to do some fun free things at home.

went to a site my friend vicky told me about where they have hundrrds of suggestions of things to do.

i have an old white round tablecloth that we can spread out and draw things on with fabric paints. then we can use it for a picnic cloth or on the table itself.

lie down and look at the clouds and talk about what you see.

also take photos of everything we do to make a scrapbook.

decorate a t shirt with fabric paint by drawing what we want on it, along with the bling

aquarium at the mall if shes' not allready been.

the eiffel tower in paris along with picnic lunch with my son who will be working in that town this week.

making ice cream

singing and playing jump rope and hopscotch

hobby lobby has sidewalk chalk on sale and tshirts and flip flops along with yarn. we'll even get to bring some yarn home to RI.

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