Tuesday, July 1, 2008


whew got the knitpicks sweater done now to block it. Will point to a picture once it's in their catalog. 12 days to make this 42 1/2" fair isle sweater. Had to take 3 days off due to eye doctor and tests.

Now to ifnish up the noahs ark afghan, irish fisherman afghan and one more market bag for the craft show in july. always working on hospital booties (they are great for in the car).

and yet another wrap around sweater in that dark red color again. although i didn't care for the larger size of the first one i made i would consider taking it apart again (i think this would be #9 time) and reusing the yarn for something else.

hoping to get more work from the yarn companies this summer as they prepare for winter catalogs and outwerwear. Also have been in contact with 2 other woman about charity knitting. one is they want to sell the layettes I make, first she says they are exactly what she's looking for (price range also i guess) and next i send her a picture and she says they are too dainy. but its now 2+ people. so the details are continually changing so that set up the red flag to hold off. even though i'd want to get $17 she'd probably sell them for $40 and keep the profit. other woman wants o start up a charity to supply stillborn and sudden death newborns in the hospital with a layette of sorts. My mom has done some work with this type of organization before but in quilting that can easily be adapted to knit/crochet. she's working on getting the charity status. i hink then yarn companies would donate some yarn for her to get going. we'll keep an eye out on this one.

last item was about a designer that wants to only spend her time doing that and thus needs model kniters. think i turned her off by telling her i was blind.

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