Thursday, August 14, 2008

crochet seashells, sand dollars

crochetted sand dollars

outside view of the sand dollars

did research on the net and got a copy of the lengend of the sand dollar. it's a very religious symbol but i won't bore you with it here.

ive had to modify the pattern i originally got in crochet digest. i wonder if there were any corrections to the pattern from the book.

also tried the peaches and cream afghan but i didn't care how they made the cable you chain 3 sts and then work 3dc in that spot, then on way back you work the regular sc in back of the stitches.

tried also the carnival afghan and i can make cluseters that look like popcorn stitches so i got bored with that one and ripped it out.

ended up making some booties for the hospital.

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