Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the island, quilters and charity work

jaunt to the island

joanns quilt of the year 2007, my mom is just now finishing this one up as she didn't have all the blocks. its called paisley garden. very fallish colors. looks really really nice

went to the island and attended the quilters club meeting.

a woman by the name of billiejean rice started this quilt but passed away. her husband donated all her quilting to the quilting club and they just recently completed this quilt and all agreed to give it to one of her relatives as she's dying of pancreatic cancer. it will be very much appreciated.

this shows bluework quilting. the seashells on this quilt are exquisite and i'd love to have one of these for myself, LOL

this is one quilt that each member took a square home with them and quilted it and added the center of their own design. it will go to a veteran or his family.

this wool was donated by a shop in RI and we were to make things for children of afghanastan. i made mittens. the white is a helmet liner for the troops--that's another charity but the wool was donated to make it.

these two pictures show the progress of the pumpkins in my moms neighbors yard, his name is eddie and they grow to be about one thousand pounds each year. he covers them with quilts and afghans.

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