Saturday, September 27, 2008

jaunts around town

left here to do a few errands, stopped at ac moore and got some yarn on sale at 50% off, could only get one. but i had hubby buy me a set o bamboo circular needles (usual price of 9.99) for only 4.50

went to michales after that for 20% off total order and got a few skeins of yarn. my granddaughter wanted a blue scarf and a purple hat so got simply soft and will mix and match for mittens, scarf and leg warmers.

then onto walmart to find anything on sale, they had simply soft 2 for $5 but only one skein left so i left it there, tiny portion of the store had yarn. like 1/18th of an aisle.

ac moore had most yarn selection from many different brands, also a table set up about crochet things, i couldnt get close enough to see what demo was about.
working on the elephant afghan now. takes forever with double strand of yarn

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