Thursday, September 4, 2008

jaunts around town, wrap around sweater, other projects

started out at the dollar store and no yarn there.
then onto walmart and there is no more fabric but one quarter of an aisle that has homespun yarn, needles, crochet cotton and not much more. (very disappointing that they took this and other depts out to make room for more food turning this into a super walmart.) typical how just like walmart to put all other local stores out of business and then remove what got them there.

now i am forced to 95% order online - thank you walmart.

one more time with the wrap around sweater.

heres one view of the back of the sweater showing the detailed neck area.

also not shown here i did pockets that i can sew into the seams (one for each side) a bit different shape than the first wrap around sweaer.

two fronts of the sweater. thought what i'd do this time is instead of making the sleeves i would sew shoulder and side seams (to a point) where then i can pick up the 85 ss and work sleeve downward with decreases the reverse of the original upward increasing rows.

left a message on a free recycle in my local area and my mom in law went to pick up this bag of yarn in june for me, as it's just a block from where she lives. i just now got the yarn as my MIL fell and broke her shoulder and went through multiple surgeries and stays at a local center where she had rehab. she's now back home and on the mend faster. hope to be able to reteach her how to knit and give her afew more tips with her crocheting.

my grandson loves hats, wears them around the house all day long so i thought i'd make him one where the tassles stick out at the top edges.

baby hats for local hospial made from the recycling yarn.

hats, and booties for local hospial, made from recycleing yarn

will keep you updated on the sweater project.

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