Thursday, November 6, 2008

crochet pattern, noahs ark, fish

start with a circle, i chain 3 and join, work a round of sc-about 8-12, using dc make one round, work 2dc in every other stitch. join

to make the tail ch4, tr 1, 3 dc 2 tr in same stitch, end off.

with black yarn make an eye in circle portion by attaching yarn and then work 1 or 2 chains. end off.

you can make a fin by attaching the yarn to the bottom part of the circle and work through 2 loops of stitches there, work sc in 3 stitches. turn, work 2sc in ea st. turn work sc in ea st, end you can make another fin on the opposite side.

attach fish to afghan in the water (bottom section). can put some stuffing under the fish to make it bloated looking. make sure to leave fins floating freely.

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