Tuesday, December 16, 2008

projects done, free pattern

free pattern:
triangular crochet shawl, start with 3 stitches, inc in ea end every row. work til 126 sts across or til desired size.
i put a scallop edging around entire shawl

this is my christmas quilt that i made when i had more vision than i do now. it's called a cathedral window and i remember starting out with a 10" square and ending up with a 4" square after all the folding.

got this order on sunday and finished it at 11am monday

different style of diamond than what i normally make.

different view of the same afghan.

call came in at 10:45am for a light blue irish fisherman afghan. this is a repeat customer so i started it as soon as above afghan was done, lucky i had the yarn at home. finished it 7:30pm tuesday and we dropped it off at the automated post office machine.

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