Tuesday, January 6, 2009

kids hats

ok hat done using simply soft brites yellow yarn. its SO much different than caron worsted weight.

have wiggly eyes that i will probably put on as this will go to my grandson and he wont put things in his mouth anymore.

webbed slipper. i don't do socks well and really need to practice.
did i tell you what my problem was with the first one i made? brought the pattern to my friends house this past weekend and she pointed out how she interpreted the german womans directions. to begin with i was seeing the word 'rnd' (round) but it was really ndl (needle). that made a whole different stitch count, etc. still the idrections are a bit lacky when it comes to gettting her point across. they just aren't the english way you find in magazines. i got spoiled.

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