Monday, February 23, 2009

completed projects

valentine cushion
covers for c

st patricks day cushion covers for c

left here on friday to go to my local fabric store, it's over 30 miles away. well out of the 2 store clerks in thre that didn't want to wait on anybody after 20 minutes of waiting I and 3 other couples left the store. couldn't find valentines nor st paticks day material anyways. went to sears and they didnt have the VCR rape/DVD machine. so it was to swansea we went,. now that sears store had them. also that Joanns had plenty of different colors of maerial. finially finished that gift card from c from 2 years ago and got the sprinkly material.

saw a really nice fire truck design with ladder that i will put on a kids sweater starting tonight. thinking a dark blue for the background so the fire truck in red can show up.

also working on the raspberry twist hat and i think i will make long fingerless gloves to match that pattern.

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