Sunday, April 26, 2009

sleeved shawl and quilt

link to sleeved shawl (knit)

how it should look before the armhole bind off and 'laddering' starts.
how laddering should look
one strand unraveled

laddering but found a problem spot.

started making the above sweater and got up to the part where you bind off for the armholes, then ladder down (drop a stitch and unravel) in about 8 different places. well it was going along fine til i realized that on one row i had combined a few sts to get the ight count but forgot about the ladder stitch. as you can see the outcome, this whole thing is been unravled and is being knit again.

wing and a prayer quilt. pretty easy quilt to ssemble as my mom did it all. i did sew the outside border. trimmeda few of the blocks and sashing.
it shows many crosses, bibles, doves, stained glass window. the sashing is aso stained glass fabric.
very brilliant in colo. backing is a soft beige with pink, light browns.

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