Sunday, May 17, 2009

trip to west coast

wow, super good time with my daughter and her family. we did go out to several stores and found some bargains. i won't bore you here with the other things we did.

dollar store had ribbon and fun fur balls for $1 each so i picked up a few colors i didn't allready have.

one of their walmart stores had a regular price of caron simply soft for 2.49, can't imagine what the sale price would be! also regular red heart was a super good price but all i bought was the spring green to make a frog hat and webbed slippers for my grandson.

looked at other stores -joanns, etc but didn't find what i wanted at a really good price. craftstar store is now closed :{

got detailed measurements for my 2 grandsons now and plan to adjust some ats i had made for my youngest one. got smaller hats back to sell at the craft show in july. those i will remake for my youngest grandson also.

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