Friday, June 19, 2009

books in June moon by luanne rice
.x souvenir by theresa fowler
x summer of roses by luanne rice.
x babyville by jane green.
x. girls like us: joni mitchell, carly simon, carole king. a journey of a generation.
x The Gods of Newport, john jakes.
x beware of the stranger by janet dailey. .
x. big sky country by janet dailey .
x the letters by luanne rice.
. x mr and miss anonymous by fern michaels. .
x echoes by danielle steel is a book on tape
.x calder born calder bred by janet daley is a large print book 800 page book.

x.evening ferry by katherine towler is a reguar size hardbound book, about prudence island
x. reunion by theresa fowler
x. eclipse twilight series #3 is an online book
x . The last noel, heather graham
.x proofing pirate tycoon .have 2 other books to proofread
x the family he watned by karen sandler
x indicates i've finished them

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