Sunday, August 23, 2009

kites at ocean drive, hurricane bill ocean

just a few kites at ocean drive, the day of the hurricane bill passing our area

and the thunderous churning of the water on the south end of the island

also got yarn stormed from a group in ravalry!!

at least 6 balls of Boston purple yarn
8 classic elite burgandy pirma alpaca
2 lronas hand dyed yarn
2 skeins lornas shephard sock yarn

mod dea dream 5 skeins
plymouth yarn bamboo yellow shade 10 skeins
hanks of a light purple/mauve - 10 skeins

must be from all the charity work i do over the years. i don't even know the group on ravalry but am VERY appreciative of the package and it's contents. as it's the busy time of the year for me now i am concentrating on my projects and orders. i figure after thanksgiving i can really think of what i want to make with this yarn. thank you all so very much!

while on our 2 hour ride to see the wave action of the hurricane i was knitting helmet liners. my knitting goes with me all the time.

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