Monday, September 28, 2009

trip to eye doc, charity knitting

left wed. sep 23 and got a lot of helmet liners done and after the eye doc i worked mostly on newborn hats for the hospital.
before the eye docs we went to rockport, ma, the end of the world - as far as i can tell (not counting the cape). it's very similiar to newport, along the wharves and the art and clothes shops. prices were very reasonable for t shirts and lobster rolls.
then onto hampton beach, nh, one of the only beaches on the atlantic ocean. we found a state park-the beach area. the inteesting thing is the broken beer bottles way up on the sand were very smooth to the touch. the sand whipping around them continually must've smoothened the edges.
both places also have web cameras that show exactly where we were, really cool to see it compared to the pictures i took. nh cam rockport, ma cam

i won't go into the report from the eye doc as nobody wants to know about that stuff.

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