Monday, November 2, 2009

progress on sweater and backing up info

this lightweight self striping yarn that i've made into a vneck sweater is not finished yet. kept putting it off for the orders that came in and items to knit for laura-still no yarn.
notice how front match exactly. that took a bit of trial and error with the 2nd skein of yarn.

and here are the sleeves.well the stitches came off the needle but those will be easy to pick up. i don't write down patterns but i'll be able to figure it out as i go along. these are to be just covering the elbows.

this is my latest project that's taken a lot of time. i firuged if we had a fire i would not have time to grab all the pictures and albums in the house so i want them in this portable hard drive, that i can put into our fire proof safe. i've been putting all our pictures from cd and dvds on it, patterns, databases, cookbooks i made for nana and just all kinds of text files. ieven have dvd's of trips we took out west. then i can get rid of the vcr tapes and cd's, etc that's just lying around cluttereing the house. also i can scan in the kids old photo albums and put them onto this hard drive. it's so small it does fit in the palm of my hand. if i need another 500gid hd i can get em for $100 each now.

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