Wednesday, July 28, 2010

jaunt around the cape

dunes and sand along the way

part of natural seashore

welcome to P town

lots of artists exhibiting their trade along the shops near the water, on commercial street.

anchor near road

store to buy tickets for a whale tour

bubble machine

tons of people just wandering around,

tons of shops to choose from

this has a lot

of very old army stuff

gas marks, torpedos, etc

rope for most uses

this is one of the shops where the artists are at work showing you

want their trade in. it's 3 floors now

and goes right out to the water, nice deck

funny lobster hat with claws

a toy store

on our way home we saw a sign for cape cod light just a short trip so we went and it pointed us to this: highland light. so we're not sure which light house it is yet

the light house in question

windmill outside of christmas tree shop in sagamore, right under the bridge.

and this doormatt at the christmas tree shop, caught my eye LOL

almost ran out of yarn on this trip

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