Monday, July 26, 2010

jaunt around the state

started out by

going to roger williams memorial park in providence.

lots of people there with drawing

pencils and easels set up.

headed over to roger williams park

rose gardens

paddle boat area.

saw merry go round

very nice scenery

strange branch at the park.

headed to iggys, seen so much about this place on tv we thought we'd try

saw this cow at dockside seafood. there was no dock, no water and they may sell seafood LOL

iggys was mobbed, typical i'm told.

the doughboys are kinda like portuguese fired dough but a bit sweeter. we selected the confectioners sugar to roll ours into.

i only wanted to sample the white chowder and have a clamcake. well i saw they had lobster rolls so i got a dinner of that (to compare it to 6 other places i've tried in the past week(.

we had enough for our dinner LOL

beavertail lighthouse in jamestown, RI

got a lot of knitting done in the car.

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