Friday, November 26, 2010


done with helmet liners for the troops and th medic hats. laura is to send more yarn.

Forest Farm nursing center gave me some more yarn and this time there was a lot of cotton yarn, also a CONE, yes i said a CONE (cakes are good to in yarn) of off white wool yarn. it's gonna be geat to make diamond if pocket scarves and i started one while visiting with nana today. met the director finally. shes got a car full of yarn due in today which i'll get some this weekend.
got pics of the other dining room where they had the pilgrim upside down flowerpot boy and girl set up on each table. just spray paint them and glue some felt on and they are done. so cute

started baking and within a weeks time i will finalize my own cookie recipe for this year. i should publish a book from the past years i've been making up my own recipes

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