Saturday, January 1, 2011

books i read dec 2010

bitten by cupid by lindsey sands and others
vampire valentines by lindsey sands
hearts untamed by pamela palmer
kiss and kill cupid b jamie rush
out of control troubleshooters series 5, by suzanne brockmann
indiscreet by candice camp
1022 evergreen road by debbie macomber
good girls do by cathie linz
a magical christmas by heather graham
the divorce party by laura dave
a little fate by nora roberts
the witching hour
winter rose
a world apart
INTO THE NIGHT by suzanne brockmann
ask anyone by sherryl woods
along came trouble
fairy tale weddings by debbie macomber
cindy and the prince
some kind of wonderful
the google story by david vise
wishing and hoping a christmas story by wally lamb
a rumpole and the angel of death by john mortimer
and the way through the woods
and the rights of men
chasing fireflies by charles martin
pasendena by david ebershoff
the bachelor by carly phillips
a newberry christmas by charles greenberg
thunderstruck by eric larson
are you there vodka, its me chelsea. by chelsea handler
that holiday feeling by debbie macomber and others
silver bells by debbie macomber
perfect holiday by sherryl woods
under the christmas tree by robyn carr
a christmas carol by charles dickens
nickel mountain by john gardiner
instant gratification by jill shalvis
instant attraction
break point by joann ross
sea escape by lynne griffin
living green ed begley jr
call me mrs miracle by debbie macomber
the cinderella deal by jennifer crusie
secrets of a shoe addict by beth harbison
family honor by robert parker
FLASHPOINT by suzanne brockmann
moonlight mile by dennis lehane
shoe addicts anonoyous by beth harbison
nascar holiday three by many
a family for christmas by jean pershears
have a beachy little christmas by liz alllison and wendy atherton
winning the race by brenda jackson
all they want for christmas by marissa carol

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