Thursday, May 26, 2011

new projects

got a call this morning from forest farm nursing facility and the administrator told me she had gotten some yarn and many unfinished projects, still on the needles. she doesn't know of anyone but me and i told her i'd take a look at them and try to complete them. i had planned on calling her to ask for more yarn as we were going to drop off 2 afghans i had completed.

the yarn, well it smells like smoke, she told me it would. there's some projects with instructions from 1955 jack frost books. one particular afghan pattern, called petal afghan is a knit pattern and sounded like something i'd like to try. there were many patterns for berets and slippers and 2 needle mittens. some of the finished sweater pieces must've been done using size 2 needles. but the unfinished prujects were on very large needles.

there was box of wood that slid open and it had knitting needles in it. similar to salted cod fish we used to buy. got talking to nana and she remembered it was a deeper box. it also had some long crochet hooks.

gonna be interesting as i go through the items.

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