Sunday, October 2, 2011

books i read in sept 2011

brandon's secret by Lizzy Stevens
strong and to the point in a nice way, with the ocean as a back drop.
this book given to 5 others each would come up with a different meaning and
how it effects them. ending took me by surprise and really appreciate how the
reader is informed that things don't always appear as what you thought. love the
explanation. i rate this book a 4.5 as i'd want more background and more for the future of the same characters.

note: also now that I know the author has done other stories I want to read all of them.

a surprise for christmas by lizzy stevens
and what a surprise it is. wow what every single waman dreams of finding,
a baby on the doorstep to raise as your own. kinda reminded me of the baby in a basket
among the grassy reeds-a religious story. this story a year later has upheaval as the
father comes to find his daughter-not knowing the mother was pregnant. magic happens
and they fall in love to make it a memorable Christmas for them all.
I rate this a 5, it's just the right length and not too heavy, just a light story.

kiss me crazy by ednah walters in this book of the family we again are in the art world but a different aspect of it. really cool when they paint murals on the walls. this one has
a big twist when a 10 year old murder is brought up and attempted to be solved with new information that does come out in spurts. The love and family scenes are also welcome reading. The escape for me
is when they travel to ones' hometown and are given a back door guided tour. makes it seem like i'm there with them. and the long trek to the mountain house to do some work and have some play time was also
a most welcome trip, to yet another place i've never been in my travels. Love the escape this series brings me and the strong family oriented family and relationships. Can't wait for more.

a voice from old new york a memoir of my youth by Louis Auchincloss
summary of his life, mostly in ny but in newport, RI and to Jackie O, along the maine coast at Mount Desert Island is the place i found that I liked the best.

Secrets, the Glenbrook Series Book 1 by robin jones gunn, lady just arriving in a new town w/all her belongings, end up down a ditch, in the hospital.
on her birthday! she does recover with the help of the local firefighter and others go way out of their way to make her feel welcome. there is a reason she
doesn't want anyone to know her last name. the man who hired her knows what it is but hes' in the hospital and there's a different principal at the school she'll be teaching English.
she finds faith in God when on a religious retreat to help build a church in Mexico. Her faith aids her in getting through some horrible things that occur and especially
when she confronts her problem from her previous life.

one last dance by Eileen Goudge two sisters come together at the family home, just 5 days shy of their parents wedding anniversary
to bury one of them. the other is locked up in jail. they go through the process of the burial services and trying to help the one in jail.
it brings up secrets that each of them was holding for over 30 years, that just does not clear up what happened.

deep dish by mary andrews
two people who are losing their cooking shows will combine to form one. the winner of an extreme weekend using only the outside elements to cook up a
feast for the judges will win. there are mishaps along the way, nothing can go right.

in dreams by nora roberts antique shop owner is on tour in ireland and gets lost in a forrest. crashes her car and makes her way to the castle's light.
Flynn is just back to being normal for a week after a century of being frozen in time. Not sure what is real and what is mystical and magic but they find a
lot of common things. she wakes up the next day, no clothes are torn, car is no longer smashed against a tree and she has no injuries. he gives her a tale
of what has happened to him, he has dreamed of her for centuries. the week of magic goes by fast. i won't spoil the ending but it's the stroke of midnight
on the last day when the Keepers have come to a decision as to if they will give Flynn back his life as a mortal.
I rate this a 5 as I enjoyed the escape into the fairy land that was created.

the long road home by mary alice monroe: an author who writes very well about all kinds of problems and how the characters in her books solve them.
I love this author. this book is about a woman who relocates to vermont to the sheep farm after her husband has used all his money and others and
commits suicide leaving her with nothing. the workers at the farm really are her family now and pitch in at any time to help out. she finds out that one
is not who she thought he was and he goes out of his way to change the things that happened in the past to clear her husbands name an the debts.
really great nature scenes that as a northeastern i treasure.

the four seasons by mary alice monroe, sisters travel home to bury their youngest sister. different thoughts, different lifestyles all mingle
to come together again in the family house. good and bad memories are brought up and each deals with them differently.
reading of the will brings forth a last request, deliver the
time capsule to the child that one of the sisters had as a teen.
the book takes you through the journey to search and find the child. i love how the
realizations bring them all closer as a near drowning occurs.

the mischief of the mistletoe: pink carnation series by lauren willig
the school gives a Christmas performance with live animals. it's quite comincal with the romance that is under foot as well.
Love holiday season and everything it means to all. pudding with ribbons with a note written on them help lead them in the right direction to solve the mystery.

living the fantasy by joanne rock
wow love the escape this book brings with the exotic locations
and the detailed descriptions. 8 years apart as they went their own
ways and now their paths cross again. she's a teacher in a remote
area of Fiji and he owns hotel properties there, in control of the
school she teaches at. the school has had to close down when he took
possession and now they will attempt to work things out in 3 days
time til she goes back to teaching the poverty stricken children
in the southern island. frist day is TOO fantasic, she is given
everything a woman would want in her own beach side bungalow.can one
have their cake and eat it too? great read!

the tycoons runaway bride by christine rimmer
she bails on the wedding and lands in montana at a nice resort.
he tracks her down there and confronts her...

she's gone country by jane porter, wow packed book about a lot of things going
on. a mom recently divorced from her husband who is now a gay man. kids go to new
york at thanksgiving to be with him. one stays behind. 2 come back and one is
enthralled with bull riding=he starts lessons. another is being bullied at school
and she finds out. a housebreak on thanksgiving and she's calling a lifelong friend
who comes to her rescue. she is a model to boot and takes off to exotic places a few
times during the timeframe, always has her mom nearby to watch the kids. she does it all
and then some. nobody can kick her down. a lot of things from the past come back to be
dealt with so she and others can move on. really liked the book but not a lot of dialogue,
i felt. i rate this a 5 of 5 and will now look for more books by this author.

promise canyon a virgin river novel by robyn carr
series continues as two native americans find hope in one another, another family struggles with
their brother coming back from the war in one piece but broken inside and out, also the most
fascinating part of this series is the one who whispers to breaks the horses. riding a horse is
still on my bucket list and it's just so cool to learn of new things that hold an interest for me.
The Indian customs are so refreshing to learn about.

defying convention by abby niles
sci fic writer has to attend a huge book signing for a week and he has killed off his main character and
the readers are furious and attack him with their nerf swords while dressed in their costumes at the convention.
a female photographer who's in costume comes to his rescue and learns about his series of books and about him and
the career suicide he wrote. when she learns more personal things she thinks this is just what her boss wants, it
better be or she's out the door. her brother is along on the trip to the convention center and everybody has secrets
that come out. some hurt more than others but can they get through it?
i know nothing about the role playing games going on but it was fun to read it. hoping there is another book to add to make this a series.

deep in the valley the grace valley trilogy by robyn carr
lady doc returns to town and learns things she must keep to
herself. she gets another doc to help in the practice and is
unsure of if what he's told her is true. it's fun to follow the
families in the valley, there are not many and it's easy to keep
them straight. there are magical things that occur with no explanation as to
how they happen. i know there is another book at least, in this series
so i hope it will continue with all the people in this one.

just over the mountain, the grace valley trilogy book 2 by robyn carr
same as deep in the valley, but more births, deaths, and general every day
living. what a treat!

One On One Time With Wendy Williams in Jelly Land by Alcala, German
talk show host, one has adream he is being interviewed by her and his
blue care bear. hes 41 years old

love for sale by joe brewster, yard sale very day for the the past 10 years
joe finally stops in altho his dead wife betty would marvel at yard sales he was
never into them. ends up in ladies bedroom where her art studio is and he realizes
she is the one who painted betty in an adult costume for a gift for him.

The christmas Angel by Abbie Farwell Brown
an old woman remembers her years at christmas when the maid brings in the play box with all the
childrens toys in them. she sets out to do an experiment, by putting out a toy on the curb to see
who will take it. she puts out several toys that are taken til she comes to the angel. she puts that
on her mantel and it comes to life. the angel tells the woman to sit back and watch what happened to
the toys she had placed out on curb. she learned the fate of each one.

nineeleven by Donald Capone
his wife was in one of the towers, heading down from 80th floor. he rented a car and drove from FL to NY
listening to news on the way. he had dreams, so he saw what happend in this case and other events in his life
and the outcome.

Sagan's Law A "Digital Sea" Short Story By Thomas K. Carpenter
husband dead and she's close to delivering her second child.
tax on having a child. law was to only have one in the City.
she watched a replay of what happened prior to his death on the digital and
found he had left something in the peep show.

Paintings on The Father Wall by Ami Braverman
3 different stories, quite diverse.

a callahan carol by emily march. what a nice soothing christmas tale
of faith, hope and love. the oldest of the clan gets sick and everybody
looses faith he will come out of it, nor do they really want to celebrate
christmas. a miracle happens to bring them all together. this opens up the
series for me to start reading it. i'm very happy with the family relationship
and want to know more details of their past and future lives.

bird cloud by annie proulx. the highlights of this book are the building from scratch of a house
in wyoming. the full process of permits, etc and how tough it was to even find the right people to
build it. the nature and background of who settled there first was good. the nature really enthalled
me to keep reading, such beautiful things in life. this sets me up to read the wyoming series that i
have put together in various media forms for the upcoming week. should be fun to sit back and read.

bad dirt, book 2 of wyoming stories by annie proulx
harsh rural life in wyoming

fine just the way it is book 3 of wyoming stories by annie proulx
harsh rural life in wyoming

against the wind by kat martin, i am used to darker side of books by kat so when i first started reading this one
i was happily surprised to find out it's a family type novel. a woman returns home after her dead husband leaves
her in so much debt she can't recover. she brings her daughter back to where she grew up also and got a job at the local
newspaper. it's a wyoming setting which i touched on a few days ago with a different author and love the descriptions of
the scenery and nature. this appears af if it's going to be a series set in the same town, just differnt family members.
i love this type of series. just when they were what they thoughtt to be close to finding out who was at fault they uncovered
way too many more things about the companies her husband had swindled. love how this story shows how much one loves another
without words but by doing things for her and her daughter.

Almost Perfect by Julie Ortolon 4 college girl friends, now later in life are remembering their earlier lives. one of them has
written a book with the other 3 kiinda mentioned in it, no by names but what they did in college. as the ladies sit around and
chat about it, they realize the author is right. they challenge one another to overcome their fear, leading them off in different
directions to accomplish them within a years time. this book is about Maddy and how after she looses her husband after 6 years her
friends tell her to go accomplish her career goal of being a painter/artist. she gets that opportunity while being the craft director at
a camp. she meets up with an old boyfriend and after a bit of loving she decides to stick around to help him with his other camp project.
but then her paintings take off. to the point where the gallery owner wants to promote her career hoping to recope what she's put into it
within a years time. that means traveling and maddy isn't too sure now what she wants to do. glad this is a series so each woman gets
her own book. i rate this a 5, very interesting things and places

a reason to believe by cathleeen eagle
native american marries a white woman and they have a child together. when the girl is a teeager she starts getitng into some serious trouble.
the parents are divorced now so everybody blames it on that.
they agree to go to the big foot/wounded knee memorial ride by horse-2+ day travel and it brings them together again. and Indian ways, things are passed down
to the next generation.

Moon Shell Beach by Nancy Thayer, childhood secret beach where they'd get together and share their private secrets with one another,
book follows 3 girls as they grow up on the island,
one leaves for more schooling, one to get married, one stays. years later they are all
back on the island, brought together again after apologies are made for various reasons.
love small community living on an island.

it's all about him, finding the love of my life by denise jackson, memoir about her song artist husband alan jackson.

the last time i saw you by elizabeth berg
40th class reunion brings a bunch of people together to think and talk about their lives and
growing up attending the same school.

seasons of yesteryear by rachel ryan/ sandra brown
widower Lee has left the girlfriends party and pulls over to the side of the road. chad stops and helps get her
into the back of his truck and delivers sarah. drives them to the hospital and contacts her relatives and
then he's gone.he reappears later and they try to get past their earlier lives but his job/work haunts her to
the point where she can't marry him. can she learn to live with it ?

then came you by lisa kleypas, good book, a woman tries to stop her sister from marrying a man who she's really
interested in. can she plot to make it happen and live with the consequences. and there's a twist, somethiing that
happened in the past resurfaces.

trouble don't last always by Francis Ray
woman leaver her abusive husband but the car breaks down and she walks to a house within 3 miles of where her car is.
she ends up getting a job there taking care of a neurosurgeon that has recently gone blind. they discover that he can
do other things and do them well. she proceeds with her divorce long distance and does get her car out of the shop.
she enjoys helping him live with his blindness with aids available.. she pursues her career and schooling while he
is praying for his sight to come back supporting her with everything she does.
rate this a 5 for the vision problems as i am blind they hit home. also not one but several romances n the book.

chasing fire by nora roberts
love to learn about other careers=smoke jumping. sounds so dangerous but at the same time something you'd get an extrme adrenaline rush doing.
ah all the romances from the many in the group. very interesting twist at the end to discover who was setting the files and killing others - never
saw that ending but it fit perfectly. book bout not only the bad things about fire but the other side of fire.
Nora never disappoints in any tale she tells, rate this a 5 out of 5.

in this mountain by jan karon
life goes on with many people in town. father tim has now retired and needs something to get energized about.

devils food cake murder by joanne fluke
LOVE THIS SERIES, gives me ideas of how i can change my cookie recipes. love creating a one of a kind cookie recipe once per year, the
experimenting with just the right ingredients comes from the books i read from this author. love hearing about the close family members
of the baker in this series and how they combine to solve the murders. i wonder if this series will ever end and hannah will pick one
for her husband.super cookie recipes, vinegar raspberry cookies sound over the top! love how the next book has allready started as some
thi9ngs were divulged in this one, WTG!

home at rose cottage by sherryl woods, hearts do heal and love blooms
three down the aisle
whats cooking= another unsuitable affair

mike lives in the cottage next door. his daughter is so deprived as his wife was into drugs and left them
melanie was in her grandmothers cottage to recover from a bad love affair, with a married man. he appraches the house
thinking an intruder is there, he had never met her. he lets her know how appauled he is at the state of the garden. her
grandmother would be appauled at its state. he's a landscape designer and wants to help restore it to its original state.

gardenias for breakfast by robin jones gunn
a daughter and her mom on vacation from Hawaii, come to seattle and with her brothers van head to see the US, on their way to have the daughter meet
the grandmother in louisianna for the first time. they get to experience a lot of new things, snow, birth of a llama, death of a dog, getting her brothers car
to lousisanna, desert and other terrains, car problems,
they also get to bond while on this trip staying with other family members for a night as well.

lessons from the mountain by mary mcdonough , tales of background scenes while filming
different episodes of waltons mountain. all the things i learned, wow just in time for my
trip south to visit the waltons museum in a few weeks.

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