Friday, December 16, 2011

books dec 15

Christmas in Lucky Harbor by Jill Shalvis
This book there is actually 2 stories included along with a knitting pattern that goes with the first story and a recipe that goes with the second story.

Simply Irresistible
The story starts out with the 3 sisters meeting at Lucky Harbor to look over the resort their mother has left them. The girls had not seen each other in years and didn't stay in close touch with their mother.
I all ready love this book and know I will love it further as the decriptions of the ocean meeting the sea in the state of Washington has a special place in my heart.
Maddie arrived at the inn and her sisters were allready there. The plan was for them to go to the store to get some food for a few days. She walked and found the local bar and again she met Jax who she had run off the road earlier. They exchange a few kisses and he brings her home.
They use a tree that fell in the yard for their Christmas tree and things around the house to decorate it.
Maddie even found yarn and a book called knitting for dummies along with a scarf she and her mom had attempted to make. She's all for refinancing and getting the inn going again-she even called a few local contractors.
The others want to get back to their lives.
Maddie asked Jax for a bid on renovations.
She heads into town one day and there is a flyer for a shrimp feed, games and one gets to kiss the mayor.
Towns' shrimp feed sounds like so much fun, the parade, games and dancing and eating.
She's a bit shocked when she finds out who the mayor is.
Cards in the recipe box are priceless.
They hear back from the bank and Maddie has decided to stay and do some of the work around the house, like paint and other small tasks.
Oh hidden secrets from their mother, promises to never tell, it's not gonna go good here, a fire diaster, giving a baby away when a teenager.
Sex scenes at times are a bit hot, spicy and steamy-very good mix.
Fears and triumphs, what a treat this book is to read. And there's more.
I so love the directions for the boyfriend scarf are in this book, that was my major bond to this book.

The Sweetest Thing
This part of the book is about Tara, the one who cooks at the local cafe: Eat Me Diner.
The town is always having a festival, this time it's the Summer Arts and Mustical Fest
where the whole town comes out to participate in.
The inn is almost ready to open and she's giving away peach muffins with the inn's flyer on them to all who are on the pier. Tara had been married to a NASCAR driver but had gotten a divorce before moving back to Lucky Harbor.
Ford owned the bar with Jax and was also a world class sailing expert, gone for many weeks/months at a time. He also took care of the boats moored at the inn's dock, where his boat was kept.
Even though this book is mainly about Tara the other sisters are mixed in with everything as well. Great we can keep up with the whole family and new neighbors and townspeople.
Tara's ex husband is back, injured from racing and going to spend the whole summer there trying to win her back.
Things are just moving along and out of left field: Someone else is back in Tara and Ford's lives also and she's only got 7 weeks with them. Lot of heartwarming truths come to the surface.
Competition to win her over, accidents, ER visits to name a few things that make this a 'never a dull moment' at the Inn.
Can't wait for the next one head over heels as we get to check out Chloe's story along with keeping up to date with her 2 sisters and townspeople and other family members.

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