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books read in may 2012

 books read in may 2012

 Wicked Lies by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush
Laura just now pregnant is getting divorced from her husband Bryon Adderly.
He had relocated them to Oregon and he had gotten his way. He cheated on her and wanted to make amends.
She had abilities and knew he was lying about cheating on her.
Justice Turnbalt was in the mental instituion, had murdered many women and he had escaped and was tracking her down.
Love the Oregon coast and the little hiding places that Justice hides, one is a bait shop, an apartment above the shop.
He is after those who have left the gates and belong to the sisters colony. He can smell the ones who've become pregnant.
Harrison Frost is a newspaper reporter and he's hot on the trail to make sense of it all.
Also the story follows the police investigation as well. Love how it all synchs together and as things are revealed it all makes sense.

Angel of the cove by Sandra Robbins
The description of what this book is about first struke me as one I had to read. Reminds me of
Mary Ellen of the Waltons and how she wanted to get on her horse and visit all the mountain people
as they had no means to get to town to see a doctor.
Anna is on her way to her a midwifes home, Uncle Charles the country doctor in his buggy are taking her
to the Cove where Granny Lawsom lives.
The descriptions of the flowers along the way sound beautiful.
She's only going to be on the mountain til the fall when nursing school starts. Or if God has another
path for her to follow.
Such a simple life, self sustaining and you trade food with others for the food they have.
Granny knows enough about the plants and how to use them to make medicine.
Ah love the explanation of a honeymoon cabin, barn raisings, like to learn new things with each book I read.
Lot of praying to God, inspiritational moments and bible scriptures.
Simon the preacher has also taking a liking to Anna and hopes she will stay at the cove and not go to NY.
Anna doubted she could do nursing after a wounded man comes to Granny's to get stitched up. She left the
area and sneeked back into her bedroom, she just couldn't face them.
The man's son the next day brought a loaf of bread in lieu of payment.
The lessons in herbs and what they could do to make a person feel better was a tremendous help to Anna.
God provided the plants to grown.
Bible stories are told to the children who are in Anna's care after their mother gave birth and the father
travel to get the mothers sister to help out.
After birth the baby is wrapped in the fathers shirt, what a legend/tradition, 4th of July pitching silver dollars.
Carefree lifestyle but when work needed to be done there was no whining, everybody pitched in.
When Simon kissed her she sent him away and they rarely now met at others houses.
She's got the healing hands as she breathes life back into a lifeless body, an angel they call her.

Summer Nights by Susan Mallery
ISBN:         9780373776870
Annabelle Weiss was the dancer on the bar, in real life, she's the librarian, showing her friends the happy dance of the virgin. She had to raise money for her bookmobile at the festival and knows the dance of the horses might be the thing to learn and do it herself. She had divorced her author husband and had moved on.
He witnessed the dance but Shane Stryker was only on the bar for a beer and a burger, then he left. He is the horse whisperer and that is what attracted me to this book. Have seen many shows on documentary tv about them and what they accomplish.
It's just so fascinating. He was now divorced, having married the woman he thought he loved. He moved his horses from TN to Fool's Gold, stabling them at his mothers barns til his house and barns were ready.
His mother was gonna set him up with the librarian. he just wanted a regular woman to love him til he found out she was the red head dancer from the night before, the one who haunted him and his dreams at night.
Montana who was due any day with Simon's baby led the dog into the library. He was a tutor and helped relax himself when the children read to him.
All the females of Fool's Gold are helping Heidi with her wedding plans.
Jo's Bar should have the other room finished for such things as bridal showers and even weddings.
Annabelle was taking horse riding lessons using Charlie's horse and she did grasp onto the killer stallion and they went around the corral a bit til it was time to end the lesson. She couldn't believe the horse was a killer horse. He was so gentle with her on his back.
She was getting tingles when Shane caught her upon unmounting from the horse.
The deal: Her choice of household accessories for him and he was to teach little girls how to ride ponies.
He needs to reword most of what he says to her, he learns in time...
Subplot about Charlie and her past and her wishes arise and she talks to many about it.
Steamy hot sex scenes like riding a horse top off this novel that make it complete.
Love learning about the horses, races and other facts.

Midnight Promises by Sherryl Woods
SubTitle:         A Sweet Magnolia Novel
 ISBN:         9780778313489
Once again we find ourselves back in Serenity. This book concentrates on Karen and her marriage to Elliot. She still works in the kitchen of Sullivan's restaurant and he works at the corner spa helping where needed.
He's neglected to tell Karen, his wife about the funding he's going to get to start a man's gym in town with backing from the woman's spa.
Her ex mother in law, Frances is going through forgetfullness/Alzheimers and her friends are concerned.
There are other problems with the finances with others in the group also.
His sister is also going through marital problems. Others come to her aid in hopes they can fix them.
What a concept. the trip of a lifetime!
The Letting go of the past, forgiveness and moving on with your life and that of your family...
Love how the title of the book says it all.

 ISLAND APART by Steven Raichlen
ISBN: 9780765332387
Story of Ed and Claire. He lives on the island and everything he eats and uses is from the island. Nobody knows much about him as the tale goes on so he's known as the hermit.
Claire and her friend are summering at Sheilas house when Claire informs her that divorce from her husband and police charges against him make her not want to go back to NY. It's agreed she will stay on into the fall months to catch up on her reading for her publishing job and travel to Boston for chemo when needed.
Brings back memories of what it's like to live on the island where I grew up. Summer months and the island growing to 5times the population. Love the winter months the most where you get to learn about your neighbors and you barter with one another.
Love to hear of the history lesson as to the first inhabitants to the island.
The hermit travels the island on foot and we discover all the hidden treasures.
He found her on the beach knocked out after a bike accident and carried her miles to the ferry where ambulance was called. After she was better she would make food for him, breads, pies, etc and leave them just past the cemetery, he would arrive and get them and return the empty sack to her mailbox at the post office.
The ingredients used to make their lavish gifts came from the island where they probably were just a few feet from one another as they foraged for the fruits or nuts to make flour. Cooking and combination of what goes into a dish is just outstanding!
What Claire does is what I'd want to do, live on the island year round and read. And add in that Mary knits, I'd like to do that also. And being that it's on an island the smell of the ocean would be super.
Tender sex scenes are very loving and passionate. Like how they spend time investigating the island by car.
They each have secrets and the other finds out in time...
Medical and other studies cited are like a mystery solved.
Love and mysteries, nature scenes and island living got to me, priceless.

Against the Sun The Raines of Wind Canyon by Kat Martin
ISBN:         9780778313502
Jake Cantrell's job was to watch over Ian Dumonds granddaughter while the Saudia Arabia sheik was in town with his family.
Sage Elizabeth didn't think she needed a bodyguard.
She's engaged to Phillip so Jake is not a threat to getting serious over.
Interesting to learn so much about Muslims and their customs.
Sage has them lined up to shop one day where the stores they want to visit will shut down to the public while they are there.
Another trip is to the family ranch to ride horses and stay overnight. Then onto the talks of the sale-the main reason why the Sheik is there.
Jake follows some of the son and cousins talk about drugs, shipment and money and doesn't like the sounds of it. He thinks as he's been away from
the country for a long time that he's gotten the words translated wrong.
His other ex Marine friends are close by and have helped with guarding and escorting when he's needed them.
Sage's friend Rina likes Alex, one of the extra men but she's living with Ryan who's away for a few days.
Sage was slowly but surely forgetting about Phillip and concentrating more on Jake, she had only kissed him once.
Missing person, drugs, betrayals, bombs going off and sex are just a few more things to look forward to in this book.
Just when you think the whole book is done, finish has been written, other things have come to light ...

 Summer Days By Susan Mallery
Rafe Stryker has come back to Fool's Gold, he just couldn't say no to his mother.
Heidi Simpson came to get her goat that had blocked Rafe from going any further.
She sold goat products and that made the mortgage payments.
Fool's Gold is a town where the fire chief is a woman, the police chief is a woman,
lawyer who is a female, Judge is a woman, baliff is a woman, you get the picture.
This is the first Fool's Gold book I've read and didn't realize there was a lack of
men in town.
His mother had given Glen $250,000 to buy his ranch, he never owned it and the money
went to a friend for medical expenses.
Never knew the things I learned about goats in this book, and about wine, glad they explained.
Judge has given them a few weeks til she can reach a decision.  Her lawyer thinks
the solution is for Heidi to have sex with Rafe.
Glen and May, Rafe's mother have romantic tendencies. They are all living in the farm house
as it's a waste of money to stay at the lodge for indefinite length of time til the judge
gets back to them.
They decide to build up the ranch, fences, barn building and inside of the farmhouse to bring
it up to standards.
Spring festival sounds great, food, crafts and the locals all getting together and on Mothers Day
May was bringing in more animals to the farm, sheep, llamas and others to arrive she said.
Rafe had looked over the new casino and 300 room hotel and was hoping when he won the ranch back he
could build a 100 home complex for the workers of the casino.
After spending the night together Heidi discovers the plans and thinks she has been betrayed. she will end up with nothing because he will win the ranch. Love the decision the judge did have to make.
His mom surprises them all with her purchases and he has no idea where that money came from.
All this and steamy hot sex makes this an excellent read and I will now go find the others in the series because I know they will just as good as this one.

 The Summer My Life Began by Shannon Greenland
A few things struck my interest: an island, word summer and sky is blue.
Just two things I like to get out of every book I read: learn something new and to be
taken away to a new place. This book has that and much more.
Her whole life was planned out for her, as were her other brothers and sisters lives.
College, law school and then the family law firm. Just before graduation she had gotten
a note that Aunt Tilly wanted her to spend the summer with her at the Outer Banks in NC.
The island with the bed and breakfast is in the outer banks, loved hearing of the wild ponies
when Nicholas Sparks wrote about it.
They never talked about Aunt Matilda but they agreed to let her go for one month and then she
could come back and work a month as an intern.
She and her sister were planning on what she could do there, cooking was a high priority and a summer romance.
She loved to cook but her mother when caught, would scold her and tell her she's never to cook, always to be served.
She hopes to be able to cook this summer and meets a challenge when she can pick out what spices were in the fish the first night she was on the island.
When she arrived some bad things happened and some good things. It was not at all like she
expected and there were other family secrets as well. Why had no one even talked about the secrets so deeply hidden....
Love detailed descriptions of all the lush vegetation on the island.
Wow and to learn about surfing, never knew about a guard before.
And I love the indepth secret of the family, as more is revealed and more is hidden.
Love combinations of foods and spices, gives me an idea of what to use in my own homemade muffins.
I did laugh out loud when she answered the phone thinking it was her sister and it was her mother and she told her where she
was. I never laugh out loud, it was SO unexpected.
Glassblowing, love to watch the artist do this craft in person, such a treasure to hear the objects being described.
Love the ending and wish there was another book as in a series, the next part...

 Snowbound with a Stranger by Rebecca Rogers Maher
ISBN:         9781426893803 
Danie, a nurse, divorced, 38 was on her way up the mountain with several other regulars and one she had never seen. She needed the time to clear her head of all the deaths, sickness and sadness that went with her job.
She let the last in line know she was going to find some underbrush to go pee and rejoin them. When she returned to the trail the footprints in the snow had vanished. She was there alone, a fork in the path, hours later she figured she had taken the wrong path.
Hours later the newcomer had found her and walkie talkied to the others who were at the hotel that they were heading to the cabin, an hour hike away in the blizzard conditions.
Lee is an social working dealing with oncology patients and has watched many die. He loves the cabin and spends time there often to get away from the misery and pain.
They pass the time by playing scrabble and talking to one another. Each has thoughts of sex as they will be there for several days and each finds the other attractive.
Sexual hot steamy sex makes this a perfect read, any time of the year.
Love the scenery and facts about hiking as I like these things also.
Cabin is to die for. I could live there forever!
Awesome read!

 Shelter by Frances Greenslade
ISBN:         9781451661101
Starts out when Maggie was being told from her dad how to build a shelter. He used to work in Oregon but traveled north to BC to live off the land and avoid the Korean draft. He had come over from Ireland and had enough battles.
He knew many ways to make a shelter and she watched.
Scene at the homefront reminded me of when we first moved to the island-we had to carry our 5 gallon buckets of water up the hill 300 yards and we had no heat for the first several months, outdoor bushes for the bathroom.
After their fathers death they move to a camp where Irene, the mother cooks for those who come to camp. After summer they move in with a local woman who can do/fix anything. After a time they have to leave there and Irene puts the
kids in a home with friends of the family-The Edwards while she goes to the logging camps to cook. no kids allowed but her kids will be able to attend school.
When Ted develops cancer she spends time with him in the hospital where he's on morphine for the pain. He tells her all about her father. She and her sister now work after school and their mother's last letter stated she wasn't feeling very well.
They stopped receiving money after that.
Maddie plans a weekend trip to try to find her mother, along with her sister and meet up with some crazy people while hitchhiking.
When Jennie gets pregnant from a boy who's left the area. Bea makes a call and ships her out to a home for unwed mothers run by nuns.
She finally tracks down someone who knows Irene's past and divulges secrets to her in hopes it will lead her to find her mother...
Love all the descriptions about the meadows of flowers and other nature. Also learning what they used to keep the deer out of the garden, gonna have to try it.
Canasta talk is cool to read about. Quilt making and the patterns from the Indian tribe women.

A Secret Wish Book #1, Wish Series by Barbara Freethy
ISBN:         9780983651789
Liz is having a birthday celebration, she's just 30, a nurse when she meets a man while taking a break, lighting her birthday cupcake when John scares her and she drops the cupcake. Her wish is just for someone to love her.
They arrived at a hotel where Carole Prescott was having a huge party for her 40th. They walked in as if they belonged and had been invited. Her husband Blake was running for Senator and more than 1/2 of the people there were for his election, not her birthday. Her wish is to have her family back. She finds her husband in the corridor with a much younger woman.
Angela is celebrating her 35th birthday. Family throws a surprise party but she just wants another try at IVF for a baby but her husband Colin had spent his bonus on a cruise for them, a second honeymoon.
All birthdays are linked together at the end. The book follows how each celebrates.
They all dwell where they grew up and want to make amends with family or their past lifes.

 Just A Wish Away Book #2, Wish Series by Barbara Freethy
ISBN:         9780985199739
As kids: Alexa was back at Sand Harbor for the summer months again as in previous years.
Braden lived there year round and was so sad his dad was being postponed from coming home from the war.
Love the descriptions of the seaglass, glassblowing and looking for seashells along the shore.
Adult life: Twenty or so years later Alexa was back in town to help her dads sister Phoebe with her antique shop as she had gotten robbed.
Braden is back after the military and divorced and he's got a background in investigating. The local sheriff talks him into checking things out at the store that got robbed, see if he can find any leads.
Something they had seen on one of their last nights as kids could also be the clue to the breakin.
They are both determined to solve both mysteries.
Love the direction this book takes and the ending was just perfect.
The places, details this book took me away to are awesome.

Future Perfect by Suzanne Brockmann
Julianna Anderson, bed and breakfast owner with historical period costumes makes meals with longtime ovens.
Webster Donovan, writer was a guest at the B&B. Although late arriving but staying for 6 weeks, Julianna though he was rather rude for not even calling to say he'd be late.
She realized how enticing he was when he had bumped into her before she crashed into the very expensive bowl that adorned a corner table.
Alesha is her aunt that also owns the B&B.
Jules takes care of him when he comes down with the flu and they both learn a lot about each other. Her past: tattoos, Harley, etc.
Her friend loans her a book he wrote that she's fallen in love with.
He agrees to dress in costume and help her entertain the guests as they have no TV or radio. Reading poetry and playing cards as they stay in character.
They get an afternoon off as Alesha is back and making dinner, so they go to ride the horses and are caught up in the heat of the moment.
Country songs of Nashville friends along with hot steamy sex make this a really good read.
Julianna is afraid to tell him her secret, once he knows he will leave, she knows that is what will happen, or will it?
He has some secrets from her also but before he can tell her there is an emergency and mother nature has her say.

Delicious by Susan Mallery
Penny Jackson is going to work for her ex husband in his restauart to turn it around.
Cal Buchannan and his family owned a lot of restaurants.
She wants more than just a salary and a job. She wants to take what she creates with her, her name on the menu, a week off and the one to select the general manager and a percentage of the business.
This would give her what she needed to start her own in a few years time.
She's got a secret and she's not told her new boss.
His brother Reid, just done with baseball due to his arm injury didn't think it was such a good idea for her not to tell his brother.
Danni Buchannan is the sister who has worked her way up in Burger Heaven-another of the busineses. She is upset because she wanted the Waterfront but Cal's ex wife is going to be the chef there.
Hugh and Danni are having problems also.
Cal is hididng things from his past as well that may break up the whole business idea.
Naomi, Penny's best friend is now also working at the business due to Penny's advice. She been hooking up with one of Cal's brothers.
Walker is back and on the search for 'ashley'. his best friend died in the war and he wants to tell her how much he had talked about her. he searchs all over Seattle to find her from yearbook leads.
The taste tasting of what Penny wants to offer is amazing-he can't decide what spices she had used but they are just great.
Things heat up extremely as her hormones are out of control and he finds her just so much more sexy now. He knows her body well even when it was pregnant before. Cal then decided he didn't want kids-she had had a miscarriage and had witnessed the pain.
Things are also out of control at work, problems arise that continually need looking after til they discover who's behind it all.

Sizzling by Susan Mallery
Reid Buchannan is the star in this series of books.
He had adored woman his whole life, always had a new woman every night of the week. He loved playing the field.
He's out of the baseball field now and runs one of the companies food businesses.
Laurie is a therapist and is going to take care of Gloria Buchannan. She is a problem patient, nothing is going right, she complains about everything.
She's talked to the grandmother of the family and is helping her get better after her heart attack. She's got her being nice to the rest of the family
and others can see the major difference in her.
He's getting a bad rep from others on the radio, tv and magazines and tabloids. He takes it upon himself to donate sports equipment to those in need without others knowing his name.
Reid and Laurie hooked up and things heat up a lot.
Also the other family members we get to visit with again as their paths cross.
Love how the whole family comes together with the need is upon them.

tempting by susan mallery
Dani Buchannan knows the truth now and she goes to talk to her real father.
Mark Canfield, a Senator running for President is her real father.
Alex is Mark's adopted son, known as Dragon Boy, and he puts himself in between anyone and Mark. Mark and Katherine have adopted their children, they all
have a disability.
Walker is back from the war and with Gloria being disabled for a bit he's running the empire.
He's found the love of his life and she wants Danni to be a bridesmaid in their wedding.
As she tries to blend in with the rest of Mark's family, his wife has opened her arms to her, reluctantly.
Alex's ex wife, Fiona wants him back-she just wanted the money and name that went with the man so she had cheated on him.
Fiona tells Dani some things and shows her pictures and that leaves Dani reeling.
She's also been offered the opportunity of a lifetime, decisions, decisions...

 Night Road by Kristin Hannah
Lexi was finally out of the foster care system as they had found an aunt of the family. She's just starting in high school and Eva gives her a new shirt to wear for the first day of school. No one had ever done that for her.
Pine Island on the west coast contained everything the town needed.
Lexi met another outsider, Mia and they became best of friends. Mia's twin is Zack and he's the all around American best football player, top of his class.
When Lexi and Zack hook up he has lied and left football practice til his parents find out.
This story is also about Mia and Zach's parents, Jude and her doctor husband Miles their life, work and love life and what to expect once the children head off to college.
Zach  was to be the designated driver but hours later they were all drunk and it's past curfew and he drives them home but they crashed.
Mystery is who was the one driving so they could blame them for the one that had died. The town wants to make them an example and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law so others won't have to die rather then drinking and driving.
After that is another major thing that arises that must be dealt with.

 Kiss the Bride Anthology
Love that you can get to read 3 different authors that you've never read before. I will now search for their other books, because they are so good!
Early Bird Special  by Deirdore Martin
Dana Fine is back in the states, staying with her grandparents in Palm Beach, Florida as she opens the latest new boutique for the company she works for.
Josh Green owns his own landscaping company and they are thrown together and hit it off.
They have a dance date but something goes wrong and it's going to be hard to get them back together.
Dana concentrates on her boutique and Josh on the landscaping jobs.
The grandparents of them both try to intervene...
Weddings, Ink by Christie Ridgway
Charlotte Bond, as the writer of nupitals she must go away with the whole wedding party to Palm Springs to get to know the groom so she can write the special words for him.
Luke is the groom's brother, who she had dated in the past. He's to be her partner for the weekend.
Things don't quite go as expected and they end up in one room for the weekend.
During the weekend the couples are able to compete in games, races, etc and the prize is usually a ballgame ticket. Great games for Jack and Jill party, too hilarious!
One of Charlottes' step fathers wants to hook up with her for a coffee but she convinces him she needs to stay at the activities.
Other adventures and hot steamy sex round off this book.
All's Fair in Love and Chocolate by Laura Florand
Eloise Layne is a blogger and writes about food. She's in Paris and hopes to meet up once again with Simon Casset to sample his chooclate and find out all his secrets, then move onto another to find out and write about their cooking secrets.
At her meeting with Simon she tells him her fiance can't make the meeting. She has drawings of gargoyles and dragonflies that she wants incorporated into chocolate for her wedding. He's been reading her blog and she says he's HOT!
He can't help fantasize about her. He offers for her to watch and photograph him with the chocolate.
Quite a few French phrases that are not translated make it a bit diffcult to get the gist of things.
She's now told Simon her fiancee has met with an accident and while in the hospital he's been with a nurse. She goes for a ride on the quay and meets Simon as he is out for his nightly jog. She takes him back to her apartment and he tells her to forget about him.
He rubs the tension from her body and she heats up to his touch.
It's finally come down to the end: he's finished the chocolate centerpiece and now her fiance has to approve it, or she'll leave him.

 inside by Brenda Novak
Virgil Skinner is ready to go back to prison to find the information the departments need and try to calm the gangs down. He had just gotten out and hoped the dept. was going to live up to their end of the bargain-keeping his sister and family safe.
The prison warden, Payton Adams was in charge, not by her choice but Fischer didn't want to take the fall for when it failed. She had worked 16 years there and was not ready to retire. She went to investigate Virgil where he stayed at the hotel prior to him arriving at the prison.
Laurel had gone to pick him up at the prison when he was first released after 6 years of being accused/tried and locked up for killing his step father. They finally found proof it was not him. But he had gotten a ride by someone else by the time she got there.
She noticed others watching her every move.
In the prison there are a lot of guards that are corrupt that comes to light and Payton must deal with them with suspensions and she still fears for the prisoner that she must also protect.
THe situation is comprised when she has sex with Virgil. She does find times to meet with him and pass him notes unnoticed by others.
Conversations from the gangs, the feds protecting Laurel and the kids, inside the prison, among the guards and prisioners.

in seconds by Brenda Novak
This book follows Laurel and her new identity in another state, far from where Virgil and Payton now live and work in NY. They are ready for the next baby to be born when things come up and they learn the gang is after them again and/or his sister.
Laurel and her two kids live in Wyoming and she has started a handbag business that is thriving. She fits in with the residents of the town and the local sheriff lives just next door. She's noticed his body on numerous occasions as he has noticed hers.
Keeping up to date with them and their lives the gang comes and tracks them down.  Virgil leaves NY to track down the gang to be over and done with them once and for all, in hopes he gets there in time so his sister won't have to go through any more hiding.
The gang has contacted their mother as well for information.

Folly Beach by Dorothea Benton Franks
She returns to the past and it has brought her to the low country of SC.
Kate Cooper never thought she'd be back but her husband has died, she is broke and homeless.
Told with stage directions but written like a book as we get to hear the rationalization of why
she made the decisions she did to move back to Folly Beach.
She is a playwright and also got in a fender bender with a professor that she strikes up a relationship with.
Her son's wife is also expecting and they are there to give her comfort along with her sister of Aunt Daisy who has landed in the hospital.
Her sister is a gourmet chef and is considering moving back to Folly Beach also.

where she belongs by Cindy Procter-King
jess is back home to help her ailing mother. She's comfortable with friends in town and her quiet life.
Adam love and works in Destiny Falls.
Their lives have once again crossed and they renew their friendship and it grows as time goes on.
Jess only planned to stay a month then she would go back to her job in the city but the lure of the logging community and people who live in the area have special appeal to her.

Irresistible by Susan Mallery
Walker is back from the military service and lives at the top apartment. Under him is Zoey and her mom, Elissa.
She does beads and works at a local store. He comes to the rescue when she has a flat, but she has no spare so he bought her one.
Now she pays him back with $5 a week and food.
Walkers mom intervenes with their relationship and she ends up with major health problems that alter Walker's plans with work.
The past catches up with them both and they open up to one another.

These Animals Don't Want to Wash by J.N. Paquet
Illustrated very colorful childrne's book written in English and the other half in Swedish. It shows different animals who don't want to wash certain parts of their bodies.
Then the little boy didn't want to wash till his mother told him the story of the animals and then he had no problem and took his bath, scrubbing all his parts clean.
Eight different animals are shown.

How To Be Strong by Molly Pepa
Illustrated very colorful children's book about how an elephant, Ruggy, becomes strong. First he works his trunk with a pebble. Then we find him using
a stone to make himself stronger.
Then even bigger stones and rocks. He hopes to be as strong as his dad.

I'm Squirrely by Brenda Lochinger
Illustrated very colorful children's book.
Rhyming every two sentences per page the squirrel tells us and shows us about squirrel things as if he is a person that
goes to school and has to get dressed himself and other daily activities.

Sight Word Alphabet by Chris DiPaolo
Colorful children's book that is part of a flash card system.  Although each letter as we know it is associated with a sound, this book shows how each letter has a word that is associated with a word beginning with the letter.
The other books in the series also concentrate on using sight words to read, rather than sound words.

Discover Series: Ocean Animals by Xist Publishing
24 illustrated very colorful children's book showing sea life near the seashore: shells, fish and mammals.
The other books in the series look just as simple and to the point as this one. Very educational if you do not live near the shore.

  Little Night by Luanne Rice
ISBN:         9780670023561
Book starts out with Clare attacking her sisters husband because of what he's done to them all. She ends up in prison and her sister Anne and the kids, gilly and grit are still left behind to endure his torture.
While in prison she's had a lot of time to herself and thinks about the past and ends things with her Central Park ranger boyfriend, Paul. She is depressed and comes to life once again after a visitor has left with the promise of a job, with conditions.
After Clare gets out she does seek out Paul again and they resume their bird watches and rescues in the hopes of seeing an extinct laughing owl.
Grit comes to live with Clare and the truth comes out as to why she is there.
The symbolism of the bog, the accident and how it brings them closer makes all that's happened come together as one.
Just when you think you've learned all you can about a topic: snowy owls, Central Park, variety of birds, rather than shoving it down your throats like other authors might do, Luanne knows exactly when to move onto other things. It's just a super blend, seamless.
Like that Grit knows how to cook elegantly from scratch and can do wonders with barely anything.
What happened at the bog landed Grit in the hospital. While there she knows her mother stood over her bed. She's seen other signs of her mother being in town, and so has Clare.
   Love the mystery as to why Anne couldn't contact them in the city.
I like a book that takes me places and learn new things. I am really into this book: the ferry to the statue of liberty-never knew about the rooms at the bottom; the glassblowing; all the birds and facts; the scenery, different named areas, and atmosphere of ny central park, very detailed architecture and the cooking.
Countries overseas have an appeal all their own.
Like how when the book has stated a Danish remark the translation is the next line-won't leave you guessing or have to look it up on the pc.
Love the idea of the special picnic and how the book got its title from it and opened the web page.
   Learned so much in this book, as I do follow our local snowy owl and have seen one in Oregon at a refuge for birds.
Clare compares her life with some of the extinct owls.
   Love the ending and how things have gone full circle.

 Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble
ISBN:         9781595547811
Love that this takes place on a barrier island in the Outer Banks of NC. Have only seen movies in the same location and it's beautiful.
Libby Halladay and her friend Nicole own and run the historic preservation company.
Nicole set out to look over an inn on Hope Island
Libby's father left her most of the island in his will. She has a step brother and a step sister who got money from their father upon his death.
The senator wants to buy the property and had a deal with the previous owner and wants to bulldoze it to build a resort.
Nicole was taken while Libby watched via the web camera on the island.
There are a few others that come into play in this book: a Coast Guard rescue worker, Alec Bourne and his teen nephew just a few weeks ago came to live with him.
The local sheriff Tom as he investigates the disappearance of Nicole.
God and faith have a huge part in this book, how things work out.
Love the necklace Libby got from her father and the inscription says it all: WWJD
All sounds pretty cut and dry and you know the ending and all the outcome but a hurricane touches down and things begin to get even more complicated as the days go by.
Mystery of the caves is very interesting to hear about.
Articles of clothing and other things that Belong to Nicole have washed up on shore and that makes those in charge put the investigation forefront.
There is a family with a search and rescue dog with them that agree to help out while on vacation to the island. They try a few islands off the coast to no avail.
Letters from Libby's father come to light which bring more heartache to her and others in the family.
Aunt Pearl helped them to understand what had happened and to show Libby what her father loved to do with his time.
When some have questions about death and hurt, others have the response of God and certain scriptures thus making it all add up.
Just when they think they are getting close to solving the mystery other things hamper them and more comes into play where you think it will never get solved.
Besides helping to find Nicole, Libby is also being pressured to sell the inn for 10 million dollars that would help with her step brother as he's disabled on the mainland and the rest could go to her company. There is just no way she'd be able to afford to fix the inn up.
Love the things I learned in this book and the places I was taken to.

  Pop-Up Cards Over 50 Designs for Cards That Fold, Flap, Spin, and Slide by Mari Kumada
ISBN:         9781611800043
You don't need to know a lot to make beautiful cards. This book not only shows you how to spruce up a card but make them in different styles.
Best part is you can make them 3d, pop-up to really put a bg smile on the recipient.
Just basic materials are needed to make greeting cards for all the important occasions.
The really good information about how to create them is at the back of the book where the templates are included for the shapes you will need to cut out.
Fun book for a child on a rainy day. It also includes all the shapes in the colors shown for the cards. The instructions do really look easy enough for a child to do, as shown.

Tempest in Eden by Sandra Brown
Shea is a nude model and she drives to visit with her mom and her new husband. She also now has a brother via her moms marriage and she likes what she sees as he steps out of the shared bathroom at her moms house.
Over the weekend they become friends and even more than that as the wine flows freely. She goes back to the city and he comes to visit and she attends his service to find out about his job.
Ian is a minister.She can not see the relationship going anywhere, He, on the whole is against her profession and he is a man of God.

    pub 7/1/12  At Last by Jill Shalvis
ISBN:         9781455503742
Amy works at the local diner but loves to hike and draw landscapes. She was on her way to find the diamond her mother wrote about when she must've taken a wrong turn and hours later deemed she was lost. With her cell she called a friend in town and shortly there was a ranger coming up the path. She didn't need rescuing she told him although when she saw the bear she stepped back into his body.
Due to a natural disaster they could not leave the area so had to camp out but Matt Bowers was prepared with supplies from his truck. He had to rescue her from not only that but a fall during the night that left her at the bottom of a hill, then he had to patch her up. He also kept her warm while they talked the night away.
Love the reason why she wanted to go to the meadow where the diamond wall is, it's quite to motivator.
A few of the local females who are now attached will be giving her good girl lessons so she can catch a man also, while eating chocolate.
Although this book is about Amy and Matt there are places we get to catch up with the regulars and what's going on in their lives.
Mystery of a hiker keeps them on alert for more trouble.
She can have a new career and he could lose his. Love how the town helps in any problem that arises.
Recipes at the end and a preview of the next book in this series!


Summer Brides by Susan Wiggs
Love this anthology as it contains 3 of the best romance writers out there. The places they take you to and the things you learn make this a very worthwhile read.
The Borrowed Bride by Susan Wiggs
Isabel Wharton lives on Bainbridge Island in WA and has a nursery business.  Anthony is who she is to marry.
At her bridal shower She is whisked away by past love Dan Black Horse to the Cascades Mountains for an overnight stay. At least they will finish the business they never finished.
He tried to explain about the Indian reservation and his family roots and what he wanted to do with his life besides being a #1 singer. He tells her she is making a mistake marrying Anthony and he hopes to show her why.
They both have secrets not many know about and he didn't have to bring them out again, they caused so much pain.
A nature disaster keeps her there another night where she learns more about Dan and his lodge.
A Bridge to Dreams by Sherryl Woods
Karen is planning her first ever in 26 years of life in San Francisco a vacation.
When her car stops working her mechanic talks to her into getting another car and waiting for the vacation til the following year.
Brad Willis came to her rescue with the little amount she wanted to pay for the red hot convertible.
They share the same thing: they talk to their cars like a true trusted friend and have names for them.
He has had to take over for his father due to his medical condition and has found he's got a liking to her and wants her to go on her vacation, but stay in the city.
He will show her the city for a whole week as he needs time off also.
She has many overprotective brothers that watch over her all the itme. Trying to explain to them about her vacation is gonna take some work.
6am on Monday he showed up at her apartment ready to show her the city, before the sun rose.
Reminds me of when we first stopped to take pictures of the bridge at the overview spot. Got all layers of it in one shot.
Trip around town is priceless, wish we had spent more time there. Very detailed descriptions while they get to know one another.
She is being smothered by not only Brad but her brothers and the tabloid photographers and relases it when she talks to her mother.
Sister of the Bride by Susan Mallery
Katie McCormick sister Courtney had taken her boyfriend Alex from her and their wedding was happening.
She was to get set up with Howie, her moms best friend son who Katie didn't get along with him.
It was only a front for the stay at the hotel for the wedding, and she was the oldest of the daughters.
The hotel was in Fool's Gold, at the Gold Rush Lodge and Spa so I am excited that we will run into the
residents of the town and catch up with their latest news in this book.
She writes the sports section of the local newspaper, sometimes other stories.
He wrote a computer program for an inventory program that went viral.
A lot has changed in their lives since they first met when they were teens.
Disasters arise and Howie comes to the rescue, not only once, or twice ...
Fun and games for the couples are in order, poodle skirts and the men in white oxford shirts.

Nursery Classics by Paul Galdone
Classic children's stories: the three bears, the little pigs,
the little red hen, cat goes fiddley fee. Told at a good rate for kids to ask questions that you can stop and answer as the reading goes along.
Just the right length to hold their attention.

 Beach Season by Lisa Jackson and 3 others
June's Lace by Cathy Lamb
June is going through a divorce but he wants half of her new wedding dress business. She is so distraught she heads down to the beach and she turns her back on a wave. It's raining and she falls under and an arm stretches to reach her. Reece is only renting a house for 8 weeks and he sees to it that she goes to get checked out at the hospital.
They have a survivors lunch for a few dates and she finds out he is staying right next door to her house. She has to sell that and give half to Grayson or he wants 1/2 of the business.
June concentrates on her sisters: August and September, they each keep a journal of things to worry about and compare them with each other.
Love reading about her design work and the process she uses. She is taken aback of what Reece does for a living and he's very sensitive when she tells him about her life, marriage and now the divorce and he feels like she's been let down for too long.
He just uses simple things to get to her: flowers, french toast on the deck one night for dinner, finding her the perfect unbroken butterfly shell.
Love also that this is located in Oregon as we have visited there a few times on our trek out west, so beautiful.
Such devotion to family, traditions and legends and what they symbolize.
Second Chance Sweethearts by Holly Chamberlin
Thea Foss, divorced has left and traveled to a resort town near Wells, Maine, rents an apartment for several months and loses herself in the town activities.
As a waitress to keep busy she's run into her old college boyfriend, Hugh Landry and they share several meals together and have other dates and just remember their whole lives together.
She talks to her landlady Alice when she shows up with fresh baked goodies.
After their long talks they figure out why they had split up before-who had caused it and each is forgiving and they fell they still have enough time in their lives to try it again.
What's to say the people who split them up before just won't do it again... but something else stands in their way.
Love the locale of the lighthouses, blueberry picking, beaches, just walking around parks
Carolina Summer by  Rosamind Noonan
Jane Doyle has left the city on her way south to visit with her brother in FL. She's made it past Virginia and he's talked her into heading to the outer banks in NC where he has a friend that runs the hotel.
She's within an hour there and the rain downpour starts and she gets rear ended. The local sheriff is able to talk her out of the jeep that she's rented. She finds out her brother, TJ, his friend has relocated to Myrtle Beach.
The doctor and others talk her into staying at the local motel for the night, she walks around a bit and in the morning will say goodbye to them all on her way further south.
Problem is somebody is looking for her and has contacted her brother so she has to go into hiding. She rents a place and the sheriff is her landlord and she's happy that she will have protection so close by.
She opens up to Cooper and he tells her of his past.
Love this book because of the location, never been and have always wanted to after reading Nights in Rodanthe.
New thing for me is the windsurfing lessons.
The Brass Ring by Lisa Jackson
Parker Harrison is about to be married to the girl of his dreams. Night before they are at a carnival and he gets the brass ring while on the ride, also a fortune teller states that Shawna will lose him.
The day of the wedding and it's just about time when her brother, Jake comes in stating there had been an accident the night before. Parker had left to drive Brad home. Parker was the tennis coach for Brad.
Shawna McGuire has everything planned. Not only medical problems but other people.
Love this story for the location of Portland, Oregon.

Heat Wave by Nancy Thayer
Carly, a new widow is on Nantucket Island with two children to raise.
Book starts when Carly had met Gus and they got married due to her upcoming pregnancy. Gus ia s lawyer on the island and live there year round.
She was only there for summer work and had done many other jobs over the years.
She was finding out she had no money in her husbands accounts as he had invested unwisely but she had the big old family house.
She has friends and they brainstorm cuz she doesn't want to have to go live with her in-laws and have them pay all the bills.
She starts up a Bed and Breakfast, she knows how to do the job allready.
She gets a lot of help from her husbands partner, Wyatt, who's a divorcee. The B&B is a lot of work and with raising the kids it's enough.
Carly gets caught up with her friends love life as it splits up another friends family. Lot of interesting twists occur in this novel.

Somebody's Knocking at My Door by Francis Ray
Kristin hopes to gain attention for colored painters. She goes to dinner but Maurice's wife is not present and he can give her the money and paintings she wants but she does not want to go to bed with him at all to get it.
Rafe had come to the rescue but had punched Maurice in the nose. When Maurice and Claudia wen to the director of the gallery they forced him to fire her after they listened to Rafe's answering machine tape of when she was in the bathroom.
Rafe felt so bad that after 7 years Kristin was not working at the gallery.
She not only gets a job but one she loves with help from her friends. The revenge of Maurice is going along well with no help from them.
Kristin gets Rafe involved with teens who need to work with their hands for a cause and she's been able to sell items he's made at the gallery.
There is a subplot of Kristins friend Angel and her love interest and her work as a stripper doing research for college.
And her boss and his love are showcased here as well.
Love how she is able to get the boys into a sponsorship with something they can do good for others in their lives.
Love to hear about another and their craft, working with their hands and mind.

Copper Beach by Jayne Ann Krentz
The mystery of the lost treasure map is within reach. Lander lets his dying father know that he didn't die and that he couldn't get away with the deceit.
The crystals are dangerous and shouldn't be opened. He has a lead on one who can read the crystals so he can claim what is owed him.
Abby Radwell goes to Sam for protection.
Sam Coppersmith knows crystals and powers that go with them and lives on his own island in the northwest. Abby has traveled there for help in someone trying to get money out of her for keeping her secret of the powers that she can use with the crystals.
He was very taken with her and has agreed to help her with the problem.
She can read auras and energy is her best friend.
Intruders, step brothers and other complications arise in solving who is blackmailing her.
Sam will be her bodyguard til they find out who wants the book. He has a plan that will work, it just means relocating her.
He becomes educated as to her past escapades so he knows what he's up against.
Love this book for the travel, romance, paranormal and new things I learned about magical powers.

Solid Soul by Brenda jackson
Tiffany Hagan and her friend Marcus Steele agree that their parents would make a great pair and would get them off their backs.
Problem is Mr. Steele has confronted Tiff's mother at the florist shop where she works telling her that she has to keep her daughter away from his son.
Quite the tale of how the kids attempt to get the parents to even talk, like one another while they go on with their relationship.

Silver Touch by Rosalind Laker
Follow the life of a woman, Ester who loses her parents and she has to go live with a relative who run a tavern and she learns the trade.
She meets up with a married man, John Bateman and ends up having his child. They move and live together. His trade is a silversmith and as hard times come they have to find other work to just get by. His old employee had blacklisted his name from the trade but they had traveled far enough away.
After his grandfather dies they move into a bigger location where he can work his trade at the same location as their house. They finally have a real church wedding to make their union complete. He teaches her the goldsmith trade when she has time.
He finally gets work from an old source that brings them in a lot of money and he's able to show Ester how the piece is made. He sources out some of the work as he knows it's a hard job that will make you die due to chemicals that get into your lungs.
She was also trained from her mother how to use herbs to cure everyday things.
Josh is a happy baby.  The second baby is a girl. Tragedies have come and gone.
The ex wife keeps coming up in their lifes although they've been married for four years.
She was also getting lessons from John in how to read as their son was ready for school and he was also helping but she just couldn't get it.
She has talents in drawing the new projects he wants to create.
She accuses him to spending time with her husband and she's correct. He has accepted work for Caroline and has to spend time with her when he delivers a piece. The blacklisting band had been lifted. They almost burned the paneling in the hallway.
Caroline closes her shop and gets married and moves away. Ester feels relief and being in the new house along with having another baby. Her oldest son was being admitted to a school where he would live-away from them. When he's 14 he's due to return home to learn the goldsmith trade.
When he does get hom he finds his 4 yo brother is already creating pieces. He's to become a journeyman in his new trade.
Her son comes home and brings his new bride to be and he's bought a house and has his life in order. He needs to study under a goldsmith to get the full knowledge he needs to learn.
The saga continues with each of Ester's children and their schooling, love lives and careers.

Christmas Wedding by James Patterson
Gabby Summerville is about to be married and it's Christmas and all her children and their families will be attending at her house in Stockbridge, MA.
She decorated the place from top to bottom, cookies made and there is another surprise for them at the time they are all assembled.
She sends each of her kids a video of the invite for Christmas.
Her next video tells them that she's had numerous marriage proposals and she's not even told the groom who it will be yet.
The book is about the daily life struggles of the family to get to the mom's farm house for Christmas.

Gypsy Winds by Lisa Jackson
Becca stared at the news cast of the plane that had crashed with no survivors.
Jason Chambers-oil magnate was dead. 
She is a horse breeder and was almost destroyed by Brig Chambers.
She goes to see him after the funeral is over and done with and ends up confessing to him about the horse and money and the deal she made with his father.
There is so confusion as to the horse race that ended the racing life of the hourses mother and there were drugs involved.
They have it out and is wondering if they can go back to the love they have for one another.
Her brother Dean had come to her aid and brought her back to wanting to live back then.
Becca heads back home to try to find out who was behind the mystery of that he had called-she never got the messages, the drugs given to the horse, missing checks and a housekeeper that had suddenly disappeared.

 Inseparable by Brenda Jackson
Madaris Family novel, this one concentrates on Reese and Keena. They are the best of friends and even share food from the same fork, drink from the same bottle.
When others question them on how they can not be sleeping together they are no longer the boy/girl friend. Keena is living at his ranch til her condo is ready
and she starts a new job at the local police station. He has had to hire one new guy to help at the horse ranch.
There is also somebody going around killing woman and only leaving them with one shoe on. There are over 12 now and they police are not close to capturing them.
I found this book very difficult because I don't care for the killing scenes and I as this book is the first in the series that I have read and I felt so out of
touch with all the others who kept out of the woodwork. There are way too many of them to concentrate just on one couple.

The Proposal by Brenda jackson
This book of the series is about Jason Westmoreland who owns a horse ranch.
He meets up with Elizabeth Boatswick who has just lost her grandfather and others are consoling her and other family members at a charity he had started.
She does not want to lose the ranch nor the horse so maybe she will just have to run the place herself.

Johnny Duwell and the Silver Coins by Cleve Taylor
Illustrated colorful children book about Johnny who wants to help his whole family and then he finds a silver coin.
He wants to get his mother a new dress and when he looks in his purse there is another coin. He keeps wishing for
other things for the rest of his family and more coins show up.
He ends up spending all the money on himself.
He is sad and thinks if he could turn time back he would buy the things he wanted for the others in his family.
He finds something else that is just as special.

Spot The Difference by Jen TUrner
Illustrated colorful children book, 24 fun puzzles for kids, 10 differences in each puzzle and comes with answers at the back.
Shows a lot of everyday items and some holidays.

Dana Dinosaur Ties Her Shoes by Leslie Garland
Illustrated colorful rhyming children book about a dinosaur learning how to tie shoes.
When she first tried the strings would all get tangled. This is a great book as I had
attempted to teach my grandson how to tie his shoes when we last visited.
I forgot about the rhyme about the bunny ears, this book has that in here.

The Turkey in the Tree by Dea Taylor
Illustrated colorful children's book about how a turkey hides up in the tree when the colors of the leaves can hide it.
Many animals come by and she is hiding from a girl playing hide and go seek.

Sight Words Learning Adventures of Buster Bee (The Complete Series Omnibus) by Robert Stanek
Illustrated over 275 pages broken up into books.
One is about emotions showing how one becomes happy or sad.
One is about being a large sized child and all the outside sports one can do to remain healthy.
Sarah gets angry is another showing why she is angry and how to get happy again.
Another is outside in the snow and all the things you can together out there to have fun.
Another book is about jobs and shows what jobs others can do.
There are 8 different sets of flashcards.
Sight words level 1 is another book, showing opposite words: big and little,
Besides words is shows many different colors so that's something else that can be taught.
What a super book!

Why There are Rainy Days by Eric Pullin
Illustrated children book about why things are the way they are. Also sees the rain as from a child point of view. Imagination and how the rain can mean many things to many others.

Dusty Dog by Kevin Asher and Karissa Heard
Illustrated colorful children book about the life of a dog and what happens during the day. The dogs paws can become dusty and different things 'if I was my dog' pages.

Everyday Colors (A First Picture Book)   by Kay de Silva
Illustrated baby book about colors. Shows the baby with colorful items in their every day lives.
Not just your everyday colors.

No Tan Lines  by Kate Angell
Shaye Cates lives and runs the broadwalk side of the town.
Trace Saunders runs the other well to do side of the town.
Their grandfathers founded the town and always had a feud but both loved fishing.
They made a deal about the volleyball tour that was to take place and each of them has to give a little to make it work.
I really like this book for all the memories and games of years past that I remembered from my own childhood.
Nice to know others also can stop and smell the roses.
How is it possible for each of them to combine their lives when they are at opposite ends.

The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber
Love this book just for the knitting mentioned and how I can totally relate to having more than 3 projects going at one time.
Jo Marie had relocated to run the existing B&B after her husband Paul passes away in the war.
The book follows her life and interactions with other local people and protectors.
Josh Weaver is a guest at the inn and is in town for just a few short days to reclaim things his stepdad has kept at the family house. He is on his deathbed and a nearby neighbor has watched out for him for months.
He just wants his letterman jacket and his mom's bible.
Abby Kincaid is back in town after leaving when her girlfriend dies in a car crash that she was the driver. Her brother is getting married and her parents and aunts and uncles will also be at the wedding. She has a few chores, left undone to complete.
Seems as if Jo Marie will return for more guests. It's a house that leaves one in peace, all that cross its door.
Look visiting again with just a few locals-a little at a time so as not to be become confused. It's at a nice easy pace but moves along.
Comes with extra things at the end of the book.

My Little Pet Dragon by Scott Gordon
Illustrated colorful children book story about a Christmas gift a child got, not just any dragon.
A special smart one called Ness.
He helps with homework and fixes my computer and brushes my teeth. He can do everything.
This Christmas he gets a dragon, Neka. The dragons fall in love.

 Only You Sierra Jensen by Robin Jones Gunn
This book follow Sierra as she returns back to the US from a religious retreat and her family has relocated to be closer to her aging grandmother in Oregon.
The whole family moves in with her as she is losing her mind at times. Follows Sierra as she goes to a new school and she's sure she's not going to like it.
Love how the father is the one to go to for any problem and it's discussed and then the mother comes into the picture as a solution comes about.
She's met a boy on the plane home, Paul that she keeps having returning daydreams about-he attends the catholic school that she wants to relocate to.

In Your Dreams (Sierra Jensen, #2)  by Robin Jones Gunn
This book follows Sierra as she finds new friends at her school, searches for a job, and takes care of her grandmother while the rest of the family is away.
Health issues arise and she deals with them every way she knows how. She also has a first date and we catch up with what's going on with the rest of the
family and her religious retreat friends that she wants to visit.

pub 7/12  Forever And A Day by Jill Shalvis
ISBN:         9781455503698
Love the little 'chocolate' quotes at the beginning of every chapter, giving you a bit of insight as to what the chapter is about.
Grace Brooks has been around Lucky Harbor a bit but still no full time job. She does a lot of little errands or part time work for others. Her latest is a dog sitter which is Dr. Josh Scott's dog, Tank but she lost him when he hightailed it into the ocean.
Josh is an ER doctor and works at his fathers practice as well. There's just not enough hours in the day to do that, and exercise and have a girlfriend he was thinking when he first saw Grace come out of the ocean dripping wet.
He has his college aged sister living with him and his son Toby and she wants to use her settlement from being paralyzed in the car crash to go with Devon to Europe.
They talk again while she's modeling cuz he needs her to watch the dog really bad, apologizes and kisses her with the promise of triple the pay. Problem is, other things arise that cause her more work and aggravation and just plain craziness.
Her chocolate loving girlfriends are there for courage hope and to persuade her to go get some.
Hot steamy sex along with catching up with the happenings of Lucky Harbor make this a fun, laugh til you have tears in your eyes from the mishaps that happen book.
Love to hear how they trade chocolate items for real things. Such an easy going book to read, love this series.
She started looking forward to walking the dog and the other chores he had for her... They start leaning on each other a lot more often as circumstances arise. Love how she gets close to Anna with some solid advice and how she can talk to the little boy.
Love how when the night turns bad the whole town shows up to help with the recovery at the hospital and police station.
Love the extras at the end...

The Aspen 2-Million Winner-Take-All by John Morris
Like this book on many counts: the golf, how he just falls into financial gain and his so easy going life style.
Morgan inherits the other half of the apartment complex when the owner dies. He is able to rent it out and a hot chick rents it with her little dog.
The dog gets on his nerves with the constant barking. She is to be a lawyer but he wouldn't be able to prove what she does for work as they don't talk much.
The building is falling apart, electricity is so old it needs a major upgrade. When he is away on motivational good worth trip her dog dies when Morgans friend drops the weed pot from the balcony hitting the dog.
He is being sued for killing the dog so he has a few choices: get the $1 million she wants or fall in love with her so she'll drop the suit. He is in touch with other golfers who know of a competition for $2 million and he wants to enter so he and his friends daughter, Debbie who was just released from the hospital head south to try to enter the golf competition.
I've never seen so many calamities in a book, i found them hilarious after a while. Just when you think nothing else could go wrong it does and then some.

 knee deep from tribute email.
Ronnie and her girlfriend share their diaries and what's goes in them. At the beginning of every year there are milestones or goals to shoot for.
They have in the past shared secrets like a pregnancy, a miscarriage, first kisses, first's of other sexual things.
Ronnie is now with Shawn and she feels he is moving too fast as she does not want to have sex with him and just wants things to go as they have been, nice and slow and smooth.
During the past encounters we learn other friends families are not so happy and can understand now why they did certain things and there is no hope in how to fix it.
They have already accomplished all they had written down in their notebooks. Ronnie has pursued going after theater and has landed a spot there. Luke, their best friend also has the male lead.
Things become scary as she becomes injured and she knows he didn't mean to grab her that hard.
Ronnie devotes a lot of her time with the play and is even paired up with Luke in a kissing scene that puts her on edge.
Because of family problems fights break out and anger rules those effected.
She stands up for herself and does get help from her dad, mother and other things help.
Love the meaning of the title of the book.

The Harder They Fall by Trish Jensen
ISBN:         9781611941265
Darcy Wellington is the owner's daughter and although she holds a masters degree in business she is a wreck when it comes to physcially working in one of the chain restaurants her family started.
Everything from a flood from the dishwasher to a fire, to just daily mayhem of dropping food and usually on a customer. Tom the manager of the current one she was working in just told her
that the investor that wanted to buy them out was in the dining area and she was the one who had probably broken his nose, after dropping his lunch on his chest, thus causing the cloth to move, thus causing the candle to go out, thus making it all fall on the floor, thus making her land on her butt.
Michael Davidson tried to stay clear of her after the mishap and once the papers were signed he'd make sure she was the first one to fire.
The platitudes are hilarious!
He wants to streamline the business by using their own supplies that they have bought into but the company first started out making their own desserts and that's what they are famous for. He also learned who was the one who did the various combinations of the pies and she didn't even cook.
When Michael and her father meet over a meal that she serves them he asks Michael to find out what her dreams on. They start dating after he's watched her in the pool, just as graceful as can be.
He starts to teach her, a virgin about love and sex and ends up with a medical problem.
Very long love making scene, hot and spicy!
He has a family medical emergency he has to hurry back to NY ... and he's told his accomplish in crime that he may give up the idea of acquiring the chain.
Love that this book is only 200 pages long and so much happens during the book. There is also an excerpt of another of Trish's book at the end.

The Purple Coat by Amy Hest
ISBN-10: 0689716346
Gabrielle travels to the city to visit with her grandfather while her mom works. He is a tailor and makes her coats every year, a blue one always.
They have lunch and get exactly what they always have. They try to pursuade her to just try something different.
She tells him she wants a purple coat rather than a blue one, to just try something new and different.
It reminds the grandfather of an orange dress the mom wanted with ruffles. He has a fantastic idea about having a blue coat that goes with everything and a purple coat as well.

Farm Fun by Peter Lawson
Illustrated very colorful children's book about life on the farm. First page shows all the noises the animals make.
Book turns into a mystery type of book. The next page you see the noise the animal makes and you have to try to find it hiding on the page.
Next page shows the animal along with the sound they make.
Six different animals and one farm tractor are showcased.

Deadline by Fern Michaels
The women of the sisterhood are summoned to CA in hopes to treat the first lady and rid her of the nightmares she's having about the death of her uncle, JFK.
After arriving via private jet, really loved the airplane terminology about how to land, they are brought to the governor's mansion to perform the seance.
Toot's daughter Abbey is not the editor of The Informer and she's hot on the trail of a missing actress.
Her stepson Chris clay was the last to see the actress.
Was happy to learn of what happened to Chris. I was fearing the worse: blood, murder, etc.
With others having health problems their friends come to the rescue, better than family.

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