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The Aspen 2-Million Winner-Take-All by John Morris Blog Tour

 The Aspen 2-Million Winner-Take-All by John Morris 

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The Aspen 2-Million Winner-Take-All Summary

Morgan thought he had it made.  He owned a cozy if dilapidated house in Aspen’s otherwise-fashionable West End, had lots of friends, a great business, threw the best parties in town.

Then his beautiful-but-aloof neighbor Risa sued him for a million bucks-- for killing her dog.  (Seriously.  And he hadn’t even been there.)  She was asking the judge to throw him out of town, too.  (It’s a local tradition.)

For Morgan, the money didn’t matter.  He didn’t have a nickel to his name.  But he couldn’t imagine not living in Aspen.

His only hope: to win a 2-million dollar golf tournament (held on the sly at the local links) and pay Risa off.

Either that or discover her deep, dark secret and blackmail her.

Until his best friend/lawyer suggested Option #3: “Why don’t you just get her to fall in love with you?”
My  Review
 The Aspen 2-Million Winner-Take-All by John Morris
Like this book on many counts: the golf, how he just falls into financial gain and his so easy going life style.
Morgan inherits the other half of the apartment complex when the owner dies. He is able to rent it out and a hot chick rents it with her little dog.
The dog gets on his nerves with the constant barking. She is to be a lawyer but he wouldn't be able to prove what she does for work as they don't talk much.
The building is falling apart, electricity is so old it needs a major upgrade. When he is away on motivational good worth trip her dog dies when Morgans friend drops the weed pot from the balcony hitting the dog.
He is being sued for killing the dog so he has a few choices: get the $1 million she wants or fall in love with her so she'll drop the suit. He is in touch with other golfers who know of a competition for $2 million and he wants to enter so he and his friends daughter, Debbie who was just released from the hospital head south to try to enter the golf competition.
I've never seen so many calamities in a book, i found them hilarious after a while. Just when you think nothing else could go wrong it does and then some.

John Morris' Bio:
John Morris lives in Aspen, Colorado, with his loving wife 
and two wonderful children.  Having worked many of the
 same cowboy / construction / bartender / ski-patrol jobs 
as his fictional counterpart Morgan, he can vouch for how 
easy it is for a good-looking guy to get in trouble there.

Price: $6.99
Pages: 281
Release: May 10, 2012


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